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CFR - Daily Analysis

Iran Nuclear Deal’s ‘Implementation Day’
Issue Guide: Iran Nuclear Talks
Issue Guide: 2015 State of the Union Address
Issue Guide: What's at Stake in Hong Kong?
Issue Guide: 2014 State of the Union Address
Issue Guide: Year in Review, Year Ahead
Issue Guide: What German Vote Means for Europe
Issue Guide: Egypt's Escalating Crisis
Issue Guide: Iran's Presidential Elections
Issue Guide: Boston Bombings and Terrorism
Tracking the Iraq War
Issue Guide: Venezuela Under Chávez
Issue Guide: U.S. Presidential Transition
Crisis in Euroland: Year in Review
Ten Foreign Policy Quotes from the Candidates

CFR - Transcripts

Remarks by Bundesbank Executive Board Member Andreas Dombret at CFR Roundtable
Saudi Arabia: A Look Ahead
The Future of American Power and Influence
U.S. Policy Options in Ukraine
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humans and Robots in the Economy
Geopolitical Implications of the Oil Price Plunge
Low Oil Prices: How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Headed?
The Role of Religious Environmentalism
Media Call: Measles Outbreak in the United States
Xi Jinping's Economic Reforms and Consolidation of Power
The Arab Uprisings: Four Years Later
Falling Oil Prices, Europe's Quantitative Easing, Nervous Markets: The Global Economy at the Start of 2015
Protecting Retirement Security: The Future of Public Pensions
United Nations' Valerie Amos on Accountability and Intervention in Humanitarian Work
Media Conference Call: North Korean Cyberattack on Sony Pictures

CFR - Special Reports

Rebuilding Trust Between Silicon Valley and Washington
Repairing the U.S.-Israel Relationship
Xi Jinping on the Global Stage
Revising U.S. Grand Strategy Toward China
U.S. Policy to Counter Nigeria's Boko Haram
Reorienting U.S. Pakistan Strategy
The Future of U.S. Special Operations Forces
Countering Criminal Violence in Central America
Partners in Preventive Action
The Drug War in Mexico
Congress and National Security
Internet Governance in an Age of Cyber Insecurity
Strengthening the Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime
The United States in the New Asia
Enhancing U.S. Preventive Action
The National Interest and the Law of the Sea
Global Imbalances and the Financial Crisis
Eurasian Energy Security
Sovereign Wealth and Sovereign Power
China, Space Weapons, and U.S. Security
Global FDI Policy
Climate Change and National Security
The Case for Wage Insurance

CFR - Task Force Reports

A Sharper Choice on North Korea
The Emerging Global Health Crisis
Delivering on the Promise: Advancing U.S. Relations with India
U.S.-Turkey Relations
U.S. Trade and Investment Policy
U.S. Strategy for Pakistan and Afghanistan
U.S. Immigration Policy
Confronting Climate Change
U.S.-China Relations
Russia's Wrong Direction
More Than Humanitarianism
In the Wake of War
Building a North American Community
Iran: Time for a New Approach
Renewing the Atlantic Partnership
Nonlethal Weapons and Capabilities
Finding America’s Voice
Iraq: The Day After
Burma: Time For Change
Meeting the North Korean Nuclear Challenge
Threats to Democracy
Terrorist Financing
Testing North Korea
Beginning the Journey
Strategic Energy Policy Update

CFR - First Take

Bringing the Foreign Policy Debate Home
Iran's Marginal UN Moment
The Legacy of the 9/11 Terrorists
Syria: Beyond the UN Veto
U.S. Strategic Signals in Southeast Asia
Aligning U.S. Health Care with U.S. Foreign Policy
NATO Tries to Pivot Past Afghanistan
Afghanistan: More Questions Than Answers
Partial Progress on U.S.-Afghan Front
Guantanamo Bay Justice on Trial
How to Read North Korea Deal
Franco-German Misstep on Eurozone
Iraqi Rivalries Spell End for U.S. Troops
Libya's Quixotic Despot Meets His End
Weighing U.S. Response to Iranian Plot

CFR - Expert Briefs

Understanding South Korea’s Tense Election
South Africa’s Cabinet Reshuffle Reflects Leadership Crisis
Better a Stalemate Than Defeat in Afghanistan
Why Is Iran Imprisoning Iranian-Americans?
Abe and Obama: Reconciliation and the Rebalance
South Korea’s Leadership Crisis
What to Watch at the Climate Conference in Marrakech
North Korea’s Testing Decade
The Zika Threat Moves North
The Warsaw Summit: NATO Examines Itself, Again
Russia’s 2016 Parliamentary Elections: A Putin Scorecard
For Japan, a G7 to Remember
What Makes Boko Haram Run?
CRISPR: Transformative and Troubling
Will China Change Its North Korea Policy?

CFR - OpEds

France's Election Proves It—America Is Now an Example of What Not to Do
How to Clean Up the Mess in Venezuela
I Will March for Science on Saturday — So Should You
Don’t Abdicate America’s Leadership Role at the IMF
Women’s Empowerment Starts at the Bank
France’s Turmoil Makes Brexit Seem Tame
"Mother of All Bombs" Reminds Us That America Is Still at War in Afghanistan
The Second Year of Europe
How Will Trump Get Us From Tomahawks to the Peace Table?
Don’t Count on Russia to Get Rid of Assad
How Trump Can Help Cripple the Iranian Regime
What Was the Legal Basis for the U.S. Air Strikes Against Syria?
Putting Pressure on China Probably Won’t Help U.S. Workers. Here’s What Might.
How Trump Can Get Xi to Yes on North Korea
Trump Is Making a Huge Mistake by Giving VIP Treatment to China

Atlantic Council - New Atlanticist

McMaster Accuses Russia of Subversion, Kremlin Reacts
Tillerson's Takes on US Foreign Policy: A Year in Review
Reconstruction Funds Will Not Change Assad’s Behavior in Syria
Here’s What the New NDAA Means for Missile Defense
Iranian-Backed Houthis Just Caused a Self-Inflicted Wound by Killing Yemen’s Former President

Atlantic Council - NATOSource

Secretary of State Tillerson on Strengthening Western Alliances
Mattis Briefs NATO Defense Ministers on Russia's Violation of the INF Treaty
NATO Preparing New Doctrine for Cyber Operations
NATO Faces Serious Shortcomings in Command Revamp
How US Army Europe’s Outgoing General Got the Pentagon’s Attention

Atlantic Council - EgyptSource

Freeze Assets to Halt the War in Libya
Iraq: Managing Economic Reformation and Fighting Corruption, with an Eye on Election
The Precarious Kurdish-Israeli Relationship, Post-Kirkuk
Protecting Civilians: A Humanitarian Responsibility and Necessity for Ending Yemen’s War
Out of the Streets and Into the Boats: Tunisia’s Irregular Migration Surge

Atlantic Council - MENASource

Freeze Assets to Halt the War in Libya
Iraq: Managing Economic Reformation and Fighting Corruption, with an Eye on Election
The Precarious Kurdish-Israeli Relationship, Post-Kirkuk
Protecting Civilians: A Humanitarian Responsibility and Necessity for Ending Yemen’s War
Out of the Streets and Into the Boats: Tunisia’s Irregular Migration Surge

Atlantic Council - SyriaSource

Abrams Tanks and the Banner of Hussein: Syria’s Kurds Nervously Watch Ongoing Events
HTS Continues to Evolve
Setting Priorities: Getting the Cart and Horse in Order on US-Syria Policy
Russia’s “Syrian People’s Congress” in Sochi: Goals and Realities
As Turkey Places New Restrictions on Aid Groups, Syrian Refugees Pay the Price

Atlantic Council - TTIP Action

TRADE IN ACTION October 6, 2017
TRADE IN ACTION September 21, 2017

Atlantic Council - Defense Industrialist

The Military Implications of Catalonian Secession—an update
An EU Navy Is Impossible; Fortunately, It’s Not Necessary.
Can Defense Industrialists Work with Trump?
Maybe Not So Rare After All
You Can’t Call the Cavalry on Two Percent

Atlantic Council - SouthAsiaSource

India and the Emerging World Order
This Week in South Asia: October 25-31
This Week in South Asia: October 11-17
This Week in South Asia: September 27 – October 3
This Week in South Asia: September 13-19

Atlantic Council - FutureSource

Why Blockchain Could Build a Steel Curtain Against Public Corruption
The Fourth-Term Challenge
Using Machine-Learning to Improve Policymaking
The UK: In the Midst of a Train Crash
Can Technology Fight Corruption in Violence-prone States?

Institute for the Study of War

Al Qaeda Clearing the Path to Dominance in Southern Syria
Southern Syria Deal Fails to Constrain Iran, al Qaeda
Turkey’s Silent Al Qaeda Partner in Syria
Syria Situation Report: October 10 - 24, 2017
Catherine Harris

Stanley Foundation - Global Leadership

The Practice and Craft of Multistakeholder Governance
Understanding the Future Actors in Transnational Governance
Order and Disorder in Today’s Global Order
Back to Reality: India’s National Interests and Multilateralism
G-20 Action on Vehicle Efficiency and Emissions
The G-20 and Food Security: What Is the Right Agenda?
Domestic Constraints on Global Cooperation
Shifting Coalitions and Potential Blocs for Asian and Pacific Leadership in the G-20
The Roles of South Africa and the United States for the 21st Century International Agenda
Nuclear and WMD Security and Summit Diplomacy—Leveraging Top-Level Engagement
How Are Key 21st-Century Powers Arranging Themselves: For Competition, Coexistence, or Cooperation?
Making the G-20 a Reservoir of Global Leadership: A Maximalist Argument
Evolution of the G Groupings: A Progress Check
Multilateral Counterterrorism: Harmonizing Political Direction and Technical Expertise
The United Nations and the G-20: Ensuring Complementary Efforts
Challenges in Global Governance: Opportunities for G-x Leadership
At the World’s Summit: How Will Leading Nations Lead?
The US and Rising Powers
The United States, Pivotal Powers, and the New Global Reality
Africa at Risk or Rising? The Role of Europe, North America, and China on the Continent
America's Uncomfortable Relationship With Nationalism
A Realist Policy for Managing US-China Competition
Accepting "Our Shared Responsibility"
The G-20: The Committee to Not Save the World
'We're going to need a lot of statesmanship'
Leaders Must Effectively Use Various Global Venues
Fifty Years Later, Lessons Remain From Khrushchev’s Iowa Visit
Something New May Rise From Group of Eight's Ashes
Try Multilateral, Pragmatic Approach in Africa
India Rising: Promotional Audio Featuring David Brown
Mumbai: Post 26/11 (from "India Rising")
The Real Slumdog Millionaires of Dharavi (from "India Rising")
An Interview with Ambassador Princeton Lyman
An Interview with Danny Jordaan
An Interview with Jessie Duarte
"Brazil Rising"
India's Economic Growth
Urban Breakthrough
International Order at Risk
China’s Passive-Aggressive Strategy

Stanley Foundation - UNSCR 1540

Beyond Boundaries in South Asia: Bridging the Security/Development Divide With International Security Assistance
Strengthening WMD Security: A “Whole of Society” Approach
1540 in Practice: Challenges and Opportunities for Southeast Asia
Beyond Boundaries in Eastern Africa: Bridging the Security/Development Divide With International Security Assistance
WMD, Drugs, and Criminal Gangs in Central America: Leveraging Nonproliferation Assistance to Address Security/Development Needs With UNSCR 1540
The Next 100 Project: Leveraging National Security Assistance to Meet Developing World Needs
Beyond Boundaries: WMD Nonproliferation in Africa
UNSCR 1540: A Critical Tool for a Safe, Secure World
Nuclear Security: Cooperating to Prevent Catastrophe

Stanley Foundataion - Preventing Genocide

Human Protection: Strategic Opportunities in a Challenging Political Environment
The Power of the Private Sector in Preventing Atrocities and Promoting the Responsibility to Protect
Putting Environmental Stress (Back) on the Mass Atrocities Agenda
Allies Against Atrocities
2015 Annual Report of the Latin American Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention
Violent Nonstate Actors as Perpetrators and Enablers of Atrocity Crimes
Economic Drivers of Mass Atrocities: Implications for Policy and Prevention
2014 Annual Report: Activities of the Latin American Network for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention
Ten Years Since the World Summit: Developing Civil Society’s Strategy for the Responsibility to Protect in the Asia-Pacific Region
The Responsibility to Protect in the Next Decade
A New Multilateralism for Atrocities Prevention: A Global Fund and Development Agenda Advancing Rule of Law
Advancing Transatlantic Linkages on Responsibility to Protect and Mass Atrocity Prevention
Strategies and Next Steps for the Responsibility to Protect: A Conversation with UN Member States
From NonInterference to NonIndifference: Reflecting on the Implementation of the Article 4(h) Agenda at the African Union
Civil Society Perspectives: Building State Capacity To Prevent Atrocity Crimes
Building State Capacity to Prevent Atrocity Crimes: Implementing Pillars One and Two of the R2P Framework
Structuring the US Government to Prevent Atrocities: Considerations for an Atrocities Prevention Board
The Role of Regional and Subregional Arrangements in Strengthening the Responsibility to Protect
Atrocity Prevention and US National Security: Implementing the Responsibility to Protect
Wider Lessons for Peacebuilding: Security Sector Reform in Liberia
The Challenges of State Fragility for US and Global Security in an Interdependent World
Afghanistan: Thinking Through the Basics
The Responsibility to Protect and Foreign Policy in the Next Administration
Actualizing the Responsibility to Protect
Surveying the Civilian Reform Landscape
Peacekeeping and the Responsibility to Protect
Beyond Libya: A world ready to respond to mass violence
Sudan, Ivory Coast underscore need to prevent large-scale killing
Core Values
Healing Colombia’s War-Ravaged Landscapes
Cooperation and Collective Action

CNAS - Topics

Voices from the Field
U.S. National Security and Defense Policy
Terrorism, Irregular Warfare and Crime
National Security Leaders Forum
Natural Resources + National Security = Natural Security

CNAS - National Security

U.S. AID Supports Disaster Risk Reduction, Resiliency and Climate Adapation Engagement in Asia Pacific
Photo of the Week: Because No One Should Read Too Much on Fridays
GAO: Climate Change Puts U.S. Agriculture at High Risk
National Security Advisor Tom Donilon's Speech on Foreign Policy in the Modern Energy Era
Drivers of Instability and Conflict in Africa
Photo of the Week
Energy and Water Security Priorities Move Ahead at U.S. Military Installations
Photo of the Week: Because No One Should Read Too Much on Fridays
Signing Off
Photo of the Week: Because No One Should Read Too Much on Fridays
Reforming Mexico’s Moribund Oil Industry

Harvard International Law Journal

Moroccan Entry to the African Union and the Revival of the Western Sahara Dispute
The Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards in Vietnam: Overview and Criticisms
The Renco Group, Inc. v. Republic of Peru: An Assessment of the Investor’s Contentions in the Context of Environmental Degradation
Discussion: The Work of International Law
The Work of International Law
Response: Coexistence, Cooperation, Conflict: What Role for International Law?
Response: Tim Meyer on The Work of International Law
Harvard International Law Journal Online Symposium 2017: Accountability for the Illegal Use of Force
The Crime of Aggression Under the Rome Statute and Implications for Corporate Accountability
The Crime of Aggression and Modes of Liability – Is There Room Only for Principals?

International Crisis Group

Dura aterragem na Venezuela
China Hardens Position on South China Sea
Venezuela’s hard landing
Testimony to the UK Parliament's International Development Committee on the Humanitarian Situation in Burundi
The South China Sea Needs ASEAN More Than Ever
Bangladeshi Leaders Must Stop Politicizing Counterterrorism
The Kurds: A Divided Future ?
Теракт в Стамбуле: россияне под подозрением
Agreements on the End of the Conflict and the Referendum Bring Peace in Colombia Closer
In Memoriam, Ambassador Wu Jianmin 1939-2016

Foreign Policy Association

US Withdraws from Global Compact on Migration
The Other Palestine
Bibi and Bibi-ism Victorious on Jerusalem
Kurdistan’s Prime Minister seeks dialogue to end the present crisis
North Korea, Trump, and Underlying Dynamics
Time for Reckoning a Long Hidden Massacre
The End of ISIS is in Sight. What is Next?
How Innovation Can Drive Stability in the Middle East

Foreign Policy at Brookings

Trump’s Jerusalem decision is a victory for Evangelical politics
The year in failed conflict prevention
20171212 Vox Elgindy
What would an honest National Security Strategy say?
El súper ciclo electoral latinoamericano

Peterson Institute of International Economics

Corporate Tax Reforms Will Lead to International Tax Battles
There Is No Inflation Puzzle—Japan Edition
Venezuela Cryptocurrency Scheme: No Way Out of Its Crises
There Is No Inflation Puzzle
Business Tax Cuts Will Boost US Competitiveness
Stumbling Blocks for Brazil’s Economic Recovery as Election Looms
Yes, the German election has created a problem for euro area reform.

Institute for Policy Studies

The GOP’s Tax Breaks for the Private Jet Set
She’s The Poster Child for Estate Tax Repeal, but Her Sad Family Saga Doesn’t Add Up
Kristi Noem Is Cashing Millions in Taxpayer-Funded Subsidies While Claiming the Estate Tax Hurt Her Family
If the Trump Revolution Is Possible, So Is a Progressive One
Everyone Hates This Tax Bill

International Committee of the Red Cross

Statement: 20 years after the historic treaty on landmines, we cannot afford to lose momentum.
Procuring from China: The human side of the supply chain
Invitation to bid for Sleeping mats 180x90cm – 180x270cm – 180x360cm
India is a Lively and Innovative Country: Christine Beerli
Migration: Our work in the Americas
Central African Republic: Emergency assistance for displaced families in Paoua
Migration: Our work in the Middle East
South Africa: Helping migrants maintain contact with their families
Internally displaced persons and international humanitarian law – Factsheet
How law protects persons with disabilities in armed conflict
Tajikistan: Workshop on the role of religious leaders in emergencies
Australia: War in the media sphere - lessons learned from Syria
Every parent's worst nightmare
China: Humanitarian principles and practices, ICRC's perspective on emergency management
Trees uprooted: In the West Bank, a struggle to harvest
Young Humanitarian Writers competition: Winners announced
Enhancing protection in armed conflict through domestic law and policy
Traineeship in the Water and Habitat Unit
Collaboration with judicial institutions promotes international humanitarian law expertise among African students
War in cities: Towards a holistic response
India: International Conference on the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons
ICRC trains Explosive Ordnance Disposal police in DPRK
Falkland/Malvinas Islands: ICRC presents Argentina and the United Kingdom with results of humanitarian forensic identification project
China: Law schools vie for top spot in humanitarian law competition
Conference of the States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention - 2017
Moscow Humanitarium: in dialogue with Russian officials and experts on de-escalation zones in Syria
Missing on the road
ICRC calls attention to overlooked humanitarian tragedy of missing migrants with powerful new website
Traineeship in the Social Marketing unit
Traineeship in the Assistance Division
Indonesian Borneo: Exploring religious principles and local traditions in conflict
Mozambique: Helping communities affected by armed violence rebuild their lives
Nepal: Experts in South Asia discuss protection of cultural property during armed conflict at regional IHL meet
Cairo: Building emergency response teams
Yemen: Border closure shuts down water, sewage systems, raising cholera risk
Pakistan: Stranded in Somalia, fishermen finally return home
Meet the psychologist helping people heal in Ukraine
Sahel: Security concerns obscuring five-country humanitarian emergency
Nigeria: Capturing hope in the face of despair
Shaping the future of the world’s largest humanitarian movement
Georgia/Abkhazia: Homecoming for the missing, closure for their loved ones
Humanity Knows No Borders: ICRC Participates in International Charity Sale
Choosing humanity: new video and online game challenge us to confront how numb we have become to abuses to the rules of war
Malaysia: IHL comes alive at 3rd IHL Role Play Competition
My message to the Movement: It’s time to awaken the giant.
Central African Republic: ICRC condemns killing of staff member
ICRC hands over 3 physical rehab centres to Indus Hospital Network
“In death, people should still be treated with dignity”
Ten must-see films and series for IHL buffs
Myanmar: Law and order, community trust needed to overcome humanitarian crisis

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty – At the Heart of the Global Nuclear Debate
The Drivers of Insecurity in Mauritania
The Unspectacular Future of the IAEA Additional Protocol
French Elections and the Eurozone: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Mafia States
Chinese Oil: An Evolving Strategy
Tribal Governance and Stability in Yemen
Myanmar’s Five Economic Priorities


Election Commission Declares Pinera's Victory in Presidential Election in Chile
Taliban militants kill 11 policemen in separate attacks in Afghanistan's Helmand
U.S. Hails Afghan Forces' Battlefield Gains, Urges Taliban To Seek Talks With Kabul
Taiwan Sends Aircraft, Ships to 'Monitor and Deal With' Chinese Transport Plane
Submarine tragedy prompts Argentinean government to fire navy chief
Japan Mulls Reinforcing Missile Defenses to Intercept Cruise Missiles - Reports
Syria retakes village in Idlib, make gains against militants
Fresh Saudi airstrike leaves 3 more Yemeni civilians in western Ta'izz
Libyan National Army Commander: Government of National Accord Lost Legitimacy
Palestinian Authority Calls For 'Angry' Demonstrations To Protest Pence Visit
Senior PKK terrorist killed in anti-terror operation in eastern Turkey
Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh Unprotected from Cold Winter Ahead
Skirmishes In Kyiv As Protesters Demand Poroshenko's Impeachment, Top Prosecutor's Resignation
Putin thanks Trump for CIA tip used to thwart St. Petersburg terror attack
Kremlin on Putin-Trump Talks: CIA Gave Russia Intel That Helped Foil Terror Act
Militants attack church in Pakistan, kill 9
Pentagon SecDef Mattis Claims DPRK Missiles Cannot Strike US Mainland
Australian Police Arrest Man Suspected of Brokering Missile Parts for N Korea
Mattis: Iran Working to Destabilize Middle East
Mattis Emphasizes 'Diplomatically-Led Effort' In Dealing With Iran
Russia warns US against escalation of tensions over North Korean nuclear program
President Zuma blames factionalism for failure of South Africa's ANC
Turkish Banker Denies Helping Iran Evade U.S. Sanctions In High-Profile Case
Saudi military ineffective force despite colossal budget: Report
Trump Set to Unveil First National Security Strategy
INS Kalvari Commissioned into the Indian Navy
DOD Releases Report on Enhancing Security and Stability in Afghanistan
Capable and committed': U.S. Army, allies provide collective security, stability in Europe
Total Proficiency: Truman Excels Above, Below Decks During 11-day Underway
NMRC Researchers Return Home -- USNS Comfort Completes Hurricane Relief Mission in Puerto Rico
NATO Levels Missile Accusations Against Moscow, As Treaty Dispute Escalates
UK military chief says Russia can cut NATO undersea cables

Long War Journal

Long Island woman allegedly used Bitcoin to fund ISIS
Taliban features its ‘Umari Martyrdom Battalion’
AFRICOM strike halts Shabaab car bomb attack
Bomber targets New York City transit system with improvised device

Small Wars Journal

SWJ Admin Note For The 2017 Holiday Season
Afghan Local Police, Controversial Force That Fills Security Gap
U.S. Troops Lack Support Despite Expanding Mission in Africa
Social Media Field Manual: The Iraqi Ministry of Defense Learned to Take the War to Facebook
Afghan Officials: Islamic State Fighters Finding Sanctuary in Afghanistan

Institute of World Politics

Civil-Military Relations in the Age of Trump
Why can't world leaders think outside the box'
Thoughts on Hilaire Belloc
Cyber experts from West Point and Annapolis speak at IWP
Deporting Russia's Past: The Anti-Polish Operation of the NKVD
Carwashing in the Arabian Desert
Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz appointed to editorial board of “Polish-Jewish Studies”
The IWP Internship Experience: Midshipman Dean Williams
IWP alumnus Gene Poteat comments on attacks on American diplomats in Cuba
Is There an Emerging ‘Trump Doctrine’'

European Council on Foreign Relations

Navigating the Eastern Flank without Germany?
Curtain comes down on Balkan Hague tribunals
Resolving the Macedonian Name Dispute: Prospect for Transformative Mutual Recognition
Tories sleepwalk towards soft Brexit
German public says ‘jein’ to European security
Saleh’s dramatic death returns Yemen to the spotlight
Europe’s crisis starts at home
Debacle in the Donbas
The Zarrab affair
Jamaica sunset leaves German politics in the dark
Pesco, the impotent gorilla
Not only a pawn in their game
EU defence efforts miss the open goal again
How to avert the looming Brexit crisis
The long and winding road to Jamaica

Asia Pacific Forum

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October 9, 2017 Show: Download Audio
September 11, 2017 Show: Download Audio
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