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Sunlight Foundation

The final stretch: Spending in key Senate races tops $800 million
The final stretch: The chaotic super PACs supporting Donald Trump
Foreign money could be flowing into U.S. elections — will the FEC act?
The local projects that are making police complaint data open and accessible
How much gun violence occurs in your congressional district?

Economics Policy Institute

Twenty-Three Years and Still Waiting for Change: Why It’s Time to Give Tipped Workers the Regular Minimum Wage
In May, Job Openings Up, but Quits Flat and Hires Down
Missing Workers: The Missing Part of the Unemployment Story
Top Restaurant Industry CEOs Made 721 Times More than Minimum-Wage Workers in 2013
The Short- and Long-Term Impacts of Infrastructure Investments on U.S. Employment and Economic Activity: Executive Summary


The GOP’s Tax Dilemma
President Trump Shouldn't Give in to the Solar Industry’s Drama
Short of Nuke Strike, Removal of Prez a Long Shot
Digital Realty Trust v. Somers: Hasn't Chevron Deference Gone Too Far?
The Progressives Are Cheating in the Argument against Donald Trump's Tax Cuts
Surveillance "Reform": the Fourth Amendment's Long, Slow, Goodbye
Health Care Order Expands Insurance
If Anyone Is in Need of a Nudge, It’s the Politicians
China and Japan Should Seize the Moment and Repair Their Relations
Americans Don't Mind High CEO Pay — Really
Abandoning the Iran Deal Is Just One Example of Irrational U.S. Diplomacy
Our Halting Progress toward Maximum Economic Freedom

Urban Institute

Should the charitable deduction be expanded to all taxpayers?
When does a social program need an impact evaluation?
Student loans work, but not for everyone
Exposing and addressing child asthma in HUD-assisted renter households
Priorities may change, but the fundamental challenges of federal higher education policy remain the same

Global Labour Rights Institute

Kathie Lee Gifford, anti-sweatshop activist, compares the Oscars red carpet to a sweatshop
Nike Boasts of Empowering Women Around the World
Will the Dhaka attack halt progress for garment industry workers?
Gap, H&M’s Supply Chains Promote “Precarious Work,” Says Report
World Bank Woos Western Corporations to Profit from Labor of Stranded Syrian Refugees
Primark Responds to Alleged Abuse Claims
‘The True Cost’ Investigates High Price of Fashion Bargains
14 Powerful Photos Show What Your Smartphone Is Really Doing to the World
Bernie Sanders to Obama on Nike trip: Just Don’t Do It!
Obama's Scheduled Visit To Nike Has Trade Deal Skeptics Scratching Their Heads
Reflecting on Pope Francis' 2015 World Day of Peace message
Long days a staple of garment industry in Bangladesh

Center for Media and Democracy

Election Losses Don’t Stop Corporate Efforts to Block Voter-Approved Minimum Wage Hikes
Bayer Makes Deal With GMO Giant Monsanto
Exposed: Most CEOs Support Paid Sick Leave, Increased Minimum Wage, and More But Chamber Lobbyists Told How to "Combat" These Measures
How Charles Koch Backed the John Birch Society at the Height of Its Attacks on Martin Luther King
Scott Walker's Day One Plan to "Wreak Havoc" Lifted from ALEC

Center for Media and Democracy-Banking

The Wall Street Bonus Pool and Low-Wage Workers
Failing Up to the Fed, A Reporters' Guide to the Paper Trail Surrounding Larry Summers
The Homeland Security Apparatus: Fusion Centers, Data Mining and Private Sector Partners
Ghost in the Machine: Pete Peterson Haunts College Campuses
Tax Day Repurposed To "Illuminate" Corporate Tax Evaders

Center for Media and Democracy-Corporations

Secret Scott Walker John Doe Leak Inquiry Underway
Scott Walker Backers Defend Lead and Wisconsin's Poisoned Politics
Undisclosed Dark Money Reigns Supreme in Wisconsin Campaigns and Elections
The Koch Connection in the Scott Walker John Doe Documents
Supreme Cover-Up: How the Wisconsin Justice System Failed in the Walker John Doe

Center for Media and Democracy-Economy

Independent Women's Forum and Independent Women's Voice Use "Independent" Brand to Push Right-Wing Agenda to Women Voters
The Dark Money Is on a Contested Convention and Paul Ryan
Honeywell's String of Dangerous Close Calls Doesn't Stop Flow of Taxpayer Dollars
TTIP of the Iceberg: Consumer Concerns Could Sink the US-EU Trade Agreement
Right-Wing Network Puts Friedrichs v. California Teachers in Samuel Alito’s Lap

Center on Budget and Policy

Health Insurance Coverage Reduces Number of People in Poverty
Republican Plans to Cut Taxes Now, Cut Programs Later Would Increase Homelessness and Hardship
A $1.5 Trillion Tax Cut Could Trigger Entitlement Cuts This Year – or Later
Republican Plans to Cut Taxes Now, Cut Programs Later Would Leave Most Children Worse Off
Republican Plans to Cut Taxes Now, Cut Programs Later Would Harm Students and Schools
Republican Plans to Cut Taxes Now, Cut Programs Later Would Leave Most Elderly People Worse Off
Greenstein: Alexander-Murray Agreement an Important Step Toward Bipartisanship on Health Care
In Case You Missed It…
Repatriating Multinationals’ Foreign Profits Wouldn’t Likely Boost Private Investment
Cohn’s Faulty Excuse for Opposing Child Tax Credit Boost for Poor Working Families
In Case You Missed It…
Misguided Child Tax Credit Measure Would Hurt 1 Million Low-Income Children
4 Steps to Building Thriving State Economies
Medicaid Expansion Essential to Address Opioid Epidemic
Trump Administration Undermining Community Efforts to Help Marketplace Consumers
5 Key Points About the Budget Before the House This Week
Commentary: Republican Tax and Budget Agenda Would Leave Most Low- and Middle-Income Children Worse Off
Child Poverty Falls to Record Low, Comprehensive Measure Shows Stronger Government Policies Account for Long-Term Improvement
Don’t Repeal IPAB
In Case You Missed It…
Greenstein: Senate GOP Budget’s Regressive Tax Cuts Would Swell Deficits, Likely Lead to Budget Cuts Hitting Most Americans
Trump Budget Gets Two-Thirds of Its Cuts From Programs for Low- and Moderate-Income People
Ornstein on SNAP: A Model of How to Make Legislation
Republican Leaders’ Tax Framework Provides Windfall to High-Income Households, With Working Families Largely an Afterthought
TANF Ill-Equipped to Respond to Recent Hurricanes


Employee Tenure Trends, 1983–2016
Health Savings Account Balances, Contributions, Distributions, and Other Vital Statistics, 2016: Statistics from the EBRI HSA Database
2015 Update of the EBRI IRA Database: IRA Balances, Contributions, Rollovers, Withdrawals, and Asset Allocation
After Years of Erosion, Mid-size and Some Small Employers Added Health Coverage in 2016
401(k) Plan Asset Allocation, Account Balances, and Loan Activity in 2015
The Impact of Offering Free Coverage on Enrollment Choice and Risk Selection in an HSA-eligible Health Plan
Trends in Health Savings Account Balances, Contributions, Distributions, and Investments, 2011-2016: Statistics from the EBRI HSA Database
EBRI to Hold July 12 Policy Forum on HSA-Eligible Health Plan Enrollment
Consumer Engagement in Health Care: Findings from the 2016 EBRI/Greenwald & Associates Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey
Importance of Individual Account Retirement Plans and Home Equity in Family Total Wealth

Pew Research

After Las Vegas attack, Democrats in Congress were far more likely than Republicans to mention guns on Facebook
Wide Partisan Gaps in U.S. Over How Far the Country Has Come on Gender Equality
Amid decline in international adoptions to U.S., boys outnumber girls for the first time
A growing share of Americans say it’s not necessary to believe in God to be moral
How people in Asia-Pacific view China

Corporate Social Responsibility

Webinar Tailored to Social Entrepreneurs Offers Free Copy of Business Sustainability Modelling Tool
Helping Youth Build a Healthier East Durham Community With EDCI and GSK
Malnutrition Mapping Project Featured by Harvard Kennedy School
The Resource Foundation to Host 30th Anniversary Gala on November 1st
oekom Impact Study 2017: The Impact of Responsible Investment on Companies Is Increasing
SC Johnson Provides Support for Earthquake Recovery
EICC Becomes the Responsible Business Alliance
Walmart Foundation Commits $500,000 to Operation Homefront to Support Military Families Impacted by Recent Hurricanes
World Monuments Fund Announces 2018 World Monuments Watch
Euroloan and Finlayson Partner to Deliver World’s First Circular Economy Solution for Home Textiles
76 Billion Gallons of Water Saved: How Toto USA Helped Make This Possible
CR Magazine Announces 2017 Responsible CEO of Year Award Winners
Textile Exchange Releases 2017 Preferred Fiber and Materials Market Report at Annual Textile Sustainability Conference
What Works in Employee Financial Wellness Programs
Tetra Pak Sustainability Update 2017
Symantec Educates One Million Students in STEM
Aurora Organic Dairy’s 2017 Corporate Citizenship Report Demonstrates Its Passion for Organic, and How Its Commitment to Animals, People and the Planet Drives Its Cow-To-Carton Model
Performance and Commitment: the Two Facets of Value Creation for Orange
Being Fearless Live Online
Freeport-McMoRan Releases 2016 Working Toward Sustainable Development Report “Driven by Value”
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Publishes Its 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
The 2017 Corporate Philanthropic Practice Conference
Cargill Boosts Positive Impact for Customers and Communities
ACCP Contributions Academy Forum
Singtel Group Publishes Its Third Group Sustainability Report 2017
Marathon Oil Corporation Releases 2016 Living Our Values Corporate Sustainability Report
Hess Corporation’s 2016 Sustainability Report Shows Continued Progress in Safe, Responsible Business Practices
ACI Sustainability Report: “Bold Collective Actions” Needed for Transformational Change
Corporate Activist Employees: What You Need to Know to Empower Your New CSR Team
Experian Unlocks the Power of Data to Help Create a Better Tomorrow
Textile Sustainability Conference
Must-Attend Event: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Resilience Forum 2017
Shape Up Your Sustainability Strategy! June 27 in San Francisco
U.S.-India CSR Symposium: Making Economies Work for Women and Youth
Sustainable Brands ’17 Detroit
CSR/ESG/Sustainability Reporting Training GRI G4, CDP, SASB - Indianapolis
GreenBiz 17


How the Oil Fund is run matters more than who wins Norway’s election
Brexit - What next?
Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Faces Big Risks from Tax Havens
Why Greece never got a fair chance
Why a Grexit should (and would) be vetoed

Financial Task Force Blog

Unequal Exchange – how poor countries are blindfolded in the global fight against banking secrecy
Financial Transparency Coalition Appoints Interim Director​
Lawmakers take first step to revealing anonymous companies in the US
Transparency in Corporate Ownership Key to Breaking India’s Financial Secrecy
We surveyed our stakeholders, and here’s what they thought

Center for Equitable Growth

Must-Read: Jason Furman: Wage Increases Under the Unified Framework
Should-Read: Sandy Black: U.S. pattern looks very different. Suggests institutions matter and potential role for policy
Weekend reading: tax “reform” edition
Tax Reform and Equitable Growth
Should-Read: The Spectator Index on Twitter


CHina CHat 2017: What makes a good KOL?
Happy Birthday, Doctor ERASMUS!
Mail d’Europe # 51 : Les Tchèques iront voter. Pour renforcer les populistes.
Three Takeaways from the China Chat 2017
Mail d’Europe # 50 : Catalogne – et après ? Scénario pour une Espagne plurielle.