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Economics Policy Institute

Twenty-Three Years and Still Waiting for Change: Why It’s Time to Give Tipped Workers the Regular Minimum Wage
In May, Job Openings Up, but Quits Flat and Hires Down
Missing Workers: The Missing Part of the Unemployment Story
Top Restaurant Industry CEOs Made 721 Times More than Minimum-Wage Workers in 2013
The Short- and Long-Term Impacts of Infrastructure Investments on U.S. Employment and Economic Activity: Executive Summary


A Giant Puffing Sound
Gambling Away Federalism
Understanding ‘Net Neutrality’
Continuing Crack down in Hong Kong Risks China's International Reputation
"Hey California, Stop Telling Us What to Say at Work!"
Exclude Puerto Rico from Tax Reform
Tax Breaks for the Wealthy Make True Tax Reform More Difficult
An Aluminum Lining in a Darkening U.S.-China Trade Cloud
It's So Embarrassing When U.S. Clients Feud
About Our Creepy Saudi 'Friends'
A Wedding Cake with a Message Comes before the Court
Maduro's 'Petro' Cryptocurrency Will Join Chavez's Bolivar Fuerte, in the Graveyard

Urban Institute

As we face a growing threat of natural disasters, why is the administration chipping away at resilience efforts?
How Would Spending on Children be Affected by the Proposed 2018 Budget?
Children’s education and health programs face deepest cuts in Administration’s budget blueprint
Effects of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Representative Families
Federal uncertainty could threaten progress in combating veteran homelessness

Global Labour Rights Institute

Kathie Lee Gifford, anti-sweatshop activist, compares the Oscars red carpet to a sweatshop
Nike Boasts of Empowering Women Around the World
Will the Dhaka attack halt progress for garment industry workers?
Gap, H&M’s Supply Chains Promote “Precarious Work,” Says Report
World Bank Woos Western Corporations to Profit from Labor of Stranded Syrian Refugees
Primark Responds to Alleged Abuse Claims
‘The True Cost’ Investigates High Price of Fashion Bargains
14 Powerful Photos Show What Your Smartphone Is Really Doing to the World
Bernie Sanders to Obama on Nike trip: Just Don’t Do It!
Obama's Scheduled Visit To Nike Has Trade Deal Skeptics Scratching Their Heads
Reflecting on Pope Francis' 2015 World Day of Peace message
Long days a staple of garment industry in Bangladesh

Center for Media and Democracy

ALEC's Corporate Sponsors Top Nation's Lawbreaker List
Election Losses Don’t Stop Corporate Efforts to Block Voter-Approved Minimum Wage Hikes
Bayer Makes Deal With GMO Giant Monsanto
Exposed: Most CEOs Support Paid Sick Leave, Increased Minimum Wage, and More But Chamber Lobbyists Told How to "Combat" These Measures
How Charles Koch Backed the John Birch Society at the Height of Its Attacks on Martin Luther King

Center for Media and Democracy-Banking

The Wall Street Bonus Pool and Low-Wage Workers
Failing Up to the Fed, A Reporters' Guide to the Paper Trail Surrounding Larry Summers
The Homeland Security Apparatus: Fusion Centers, Data Mining and Private Sector Partners
Ghost in the Machine: Pete Peterson Haunts College Campuses
Tax Day Repurposed To "Illuminate" Corporate Tax Evaders

Center for Media and Democracy-Corporations

Spike in Private Equity Political Spending Spares Loophole in GOP Tax Plan
ALEC's Corporate Sponsors Top Nation's Lawbreaker List
Secret Scott Walker John Doe Leak Inquiry Underway
Scott Walker Backers Defend Lead and Wisconsin's Poisoned Politics
Undisclosed Dark Money Reigns Supreme in Wisconsin Campaigns and Elections

Center for Media and Democracy-Economy

GOP Angles for More Campaign Cash, Less Disclosure
ALEC Corporate Members Lay Off Over 12,000 Workers in 2017
Koch Demands Corporate Welfare From One of America’s Poorest Cities
Independent Women's Forum and Independent Women's Voice Use "Independent" Brand to Push Right-Wing Agenda to Women Voters
The Dark Money Is on a Contested Convention and Paul Ryan

Center on Budget and Policy

In Case You Missed It...
GOP Tax Bill Threatens Housing Assistance, Just as Many Workers Struggle to Pay Rent
Yes, Medicaid Improves Access to Health Coverage and Care
Insurers’ Arguments for Shortening Grace Period Don’t Withstand Scrutiny
House GOP Spending Bill Falls Short on CHIP, Community Health Centers, Puerto Rico
The Truth About “Welfare Reform”: TANF Is Disappearing
New Homelessness Count Shows There’s Still Work to Do
In Case You Missed It…
Republican Leaders’ Broken Promises on Taxes, the Budget, and Health
Sequestration Deal Should Avoid Harmful Offsets, Divide Funds Equitably
Delaying Health Insurance Tax Would Give Windfall to Insurers, Do Little to Reduce Premiums
Taxing College Endowment Income No Way to Pay for Regressive Tax Cuts
GOP Budgets, Statements Make Plans Clear: Costly Tax Cuts for Wealthy Now, Program Cuts Later
Last-Minute Changes Worsened Already Bad Senate Tax Bill
In Case You Missed It…
JCT: Millions of Households Face Tax Increase or No Tax Benefit Under Senate GOP Bill
“Trigger” in Senate Tax Bill Flawed, Inadequate, and Unrealistic
K-12 Funding in Some States Still Far Below Pre-Recession Levels
Senate Finance Committee Tax Bill Even More Skewed to Top Than Bush Tax Cuts
Reinsurance Proposal Can’t Fix Damage From Individual Mandate Repeal
A Punishing Decade for School Funding
How Is Food Assistance Different in Puerto Rico Than in the Rest of the United States?
Roundup: CBPP’s Analyses of the Senate Tax Plan
Study: Medicaid for Parents Boosts Preventive Care for Children
Interactive: How Does the House Republican Tax Bill Affect Your State?


New EBRI website and email coming soon
401(k) Employee Contributions Above $2,400, A Possible Rothification Threshold
U.S. Job Tenure Ticks Down to 5.1 Years
Most HSAs Rolled Over Money at the End of 2016
Overall Withdrawal Levels From IRAs Are Driven by the Minimum Distribution Rules
After Years of Erosion, Mid-size and Some Small Employers Added Health Coverage in 2016
New Comparison Across Two Generations of 401(k) Savers in Their 20s Shows Contrast in Asset Allocations
Premiums the Big Factor in Health Plan Choice
How HSAs are Being Used Over Time
Reminder: EBRI to Hold July 12 Policy Forum on HSA-Eligible Health Plan Enrollment

Pew Research

Government Gets Lower Ratings for Handling Health Care, Environment, Disaster Response
U.S. Senate seats rarely have flipped to other party in recent special elections
Nearly half of Americans use digital voice assistants, mostly on their smartphones
For the first time, more Americans say 2010 health care law has had a positive than negative impact on U.S.
Mixed Messages about Public Trust in Science

Corporate Social Responsibility

Do You Have the Right Staffing Levels to Manage Your Companies EHS & Sustainability Risks?
Ecuadorians Demand Action on Chevron’s Bribery and RICO Fraud From U.S. Department of Justice
The International Society of Sustainability Professionals’ Credential Program Turns One on Heels of the Organization Joining Forces With Green Business Certification Inc.
SC Johnson Goes Above and Beyond Regulatory and Industry Standards With Skin Allergen Transparency
Sustainable Brands: Americans Want Brands to Help Them Live The Good Life
ING, Verizon, Mars and Siemens on Transforming Business
OppenheimerFunds Named a Best Place to Work by P&I
DICK'S Sporting Goods Saves Houston-Based Refugee Soccer Team With Surprise Donation
CBRE Group, Inc. Named One of Fortune’s 100 Best Workplaces for Diversity
Allstate Enhances Sustainability Reporting
Nominations Open for 2018 CR Magazine 11th Annual Responsible CEO of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Awards
Canada’s National Indigenous Federation Backs Ecuadorian Amazon Communities in Lawsuit to Hold Chevron Accountable for Environmental Damage
UN Honors Global Competition Winners for Ideas on Protecting the Environment - Inaugural Young Champions of the Earth Celebrated
Marsh & McLennan Companies Releases 2015-2016 Corporate Citizenship Report
ITV Recognised as Top Community Investor
Marathon Petroleum Corp. Expands Safety and Greenhouse Gas Data Reporting
Opportunity Forward: 2017 Corporate Citizenship Conference
The Home Depot Strengthens Forestry Protection and Improves Chemical Standards in 2017 Responsibility Report
20 Years on 14% of Wild Seafood Engaged With the MSC Program
TransCanada Releases 2016 Corporate Social Responsibility Report
Stockland Releases Its 2017 Annual Review and Sustainability Reporting
American Express Aligns Its CSR Efforts Toward Its North Star, Service
Hormel Foods Surpasses Water Reduction Goal and Has Record Year of Giving
Telstra Releases Bigger Picture 2017 Sustainability Report
Disaster Coordination Call for Hurricane Harvey
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Publishes Its 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report
The 2017 Corporate Philanthropic Practice Conference
Cargill Boosts Positive Impact for Customers and Communities
ACCP Contributions Academy Forum
Sustainable Retail Summit
Food Forward
Honor Great CSR Work – Nominations for #Citizens2017 Close June 23!
2017 Circular Economy Summit: From Aspiration to Implementation
A Peek Under the Package: Disruptive Technology Innovations Changing the Future of Sustainable Packaging
2017 Women's Empowerment Principles Forum
2017 Institute for CSR
Health Means Business National Summit and Healthy10 Awards


How the Oil Fund is run matters more than who wins Norway’s election
Brexit - What next?
Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Faces Big Risks from Tax Havens
Why Greece never got a fair chance
Why a Grexit should (and would) be vetoed

Financial Task Force Blog

Financial Transparency Coalition Appoints Permanent Director
Unequal Exchange – how poor countries are blindfolded in the global fight against banking secrecy
Financial Transparency Coalition Appoints Interim Director​
Lawmakers take first step to revealing anonymous companies in the US
Transparency in Corporate Ownership Key to Breaking India’s Financial Secrecy

Center for Equitable Growth

Notes on Gerald Friedman
Should-Read: Brink Lindsey and Steve Teles: The Conservative Inequality Paradox
Should-Read: Barry Eichengreen: Two Myths About Automation
Should-Read: James Kwoka: U.S. antitrust and competition policy amid the new merger wave
Weekend reading: “It’s been a taxing week” edition


The wealth of territories. Anne Musson shares insight on cooperations.
Mail d’Europe # 53 : Le gagnant rafle tout (y compris les problèmes)
Conference on the Belt & Road Initiative: call for papers open!
Understanding the Catalan deadlock: three articles by Miguel Otero Iglesias
Le rôle du sport dans l’intégration des refugiés