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Sunlight Foundation

The final stretch: Spending in key Senate races tops $800 million
The final stretch: The chaotic super PACs supporting Donald Trump
Foreign money could be flowing into U.S. elections — will the FEC act?
The local projects that are making police complaint data open and accessible
How much gun violence occurs in your congressional district?

Economics Policy Institute

Twenty-Three Years and Still Waiting for Change: Why It’s Time to Give Tipped Workers the Regular Minimum Wage
In May, Job Openings Up, but Quits Flat and Hires Down
Missing Workers: The Missing Part of the Unemployment Story
Top Restaurant Industry CEOs Made 721 Times More than Minimum-Wage Workers in 2013
The Short- and Long-Term Impacts of Infrastructure Investments on U.S. Employment and Economic Activity: Executive Summary


NAFTA Needs Reforming -- Just Not in the Way Trump Thinks
Trashing the Conventional Wisdom on North Korea
De-Railing the Bad Economics of Immoral Train Subsidies
President Moon's Anti-Corporate Policies Jeopardize South Korea's Future
Desire for Liberty in China Will Outlive Liu Xiaobo
Washington Should Step Back in Korea: Is Donald Trump or Kim Jong-Un More Dangerous?
U.S. Drone Strikes in the Philippines Would Be a Massive Mistake
Legal Background Might Have Shaped Incentives for Google In Memo Case
North Korea Does Not Trust America for a Pretty Good Reason
The Real Victims of Class-Warfare Taxation
The Government's Hidden Housing Subsidy for the Rich

Citizens for Tax Justice

Tax Avoiding Companies Well Represented at Tax Reform Hearingg
South Carolina's Gas Tax Deal: Could Have Been Worse, Could Have Been Better
Gas Taxes Increases Continue to Advance in the States
Key Resources for Digging into the Trump and GOP Tax Reform Agenda
Nebraska Vote Is Latest Defeat for Tax-Cut "Trigger" Gimmick
State Rundown 5/3: Lawmakers See Value in State EITCs, Danger in Tax Cut Triggers
Time to Repeal State Deductions for Federal Income Taxes

Urban Institute

A tale of two cities: Why there is no “one solution” to combating spousal abuse
Where rents are driven by quality of public services, not proximity to transit
Can we make the fear and hatred stop?
Cutting Taxes and Making Future Americans Pay for It: How Trump’s Tax Cuts Could Hurt Many Households
Immigrants feed America, but lack legal protections

Global Labour Rights Institute

A Sweetheart Becomes Suspect; Looking Behind Those Kathie Lee Labels
Free Trade and a Textile Fire Tragedy
A San Francisco Grassroots Campaign Asks "Who Made Your Clothes?"
How Can Lidl Sell Jeans for £5.99?
The Shameful Secret Cost of Many Christmas Toys
Don’t Let The Scariest Thing About Your Costume Be How It Was Made
Obama's Advance Team Should Be Fired
The Trans-Pacific Partnership will lead to a global race to the bottom
Barack Obama steps into sneaker war
Nike Criticised over Vietnam sourcing ethics
TPP: Just don't do it
The Factory Workers Behind Your iPhone Are Too Tired To Eat, Report Says

Center for Media and Democracy

Pruitt Emails Reveal Communications with ALEC and Koch Groups
Trump Urged to Put Nation Before Family Profits
Highlights of Luntz Poll of American CEOs Shows Broad Support for Progressive Policies
Anti-Muslim CEO Is Key Walker Ally
Kochs Hit the Airwaves in Support of Corruption Measures

Center for Media and Democracy-Banking

Bernie Sanders' Plan to Tame Wall Street Riles Team Clinton
Congress to Reinstate Taxpayer Subsidies for Reckless Derivatives Trading
"Operation Tripwire" -- the FBI, the Private Sector, and the Monitoring of Occupy Wall Street
Dissent or Terror: How Arizona's Counter Terrorism Apparatus, in Partnership with Corporate Interests, Turned on Occupy Phoenix
End Too Big to Fail: New Bipartisan Bill Aims to Prevent Future Bailouts, Downsize Dangerous Banks

Center for Media and Democracy-Corporations

The ALEC Swampland
Reince Priebus Promotion Another Big Win for the Koch Caucus
Exxon and ALEC Running Illegal Lobbying Scheme, Watchdog Groups Charge in IRS Complaint
New Grants Announced: ED Continues to Pour Millions into Charter School Black Hole
Leaked Documents Show Court's Dismissal of the John Doe Was Based on a False Premise

Center for Media and Democracy-Economy

New Study Undercuts Trump FCC Chair's Justification for Rolling Back Net Neutrality
Policy Matters, but RNC Has Little to Say to Cleveland
ALEC Touted "Transparency" in Pushing for the Panama Free Trade Agreement
Remember When Scott Walker's Reforms Were Going to Deliver a Booming Economy?
Koch Daddy and the Nazis, a Revealing History from Jane Mayer

Center on Budget and Policy

In Case You Missed It…
Fighting Hunger at the Store: Retailers’ Important Role in SNAP
Gap Between Federal Rental Assistance and Need Is Growing
CBO: Severe Harm If Trump Halts Health Cost-Sharing Payments
Research Note: Contrary to Maine Officials’ Claims, TANF Time Limit Leaves Most Families Without Work or Cash Assistance
In Case You Missed It…
State EITC Wins Help Spread Prosperity
Housing Choice Vouchers Strengthen Families and Communities in Every State
Greenstein: 3 Key Principles for Next Steps on Health Care
Florida’s Medicaid Waiver Won’t Improve Coverage or Access
House GOP Budget Cuts Programs Aiding Low- and Moderate-Income People by $2.9 Trillion Over Decade
Why You Should Care About Social Security Disability Insurance
Trump Move Would Boost Premiums, Raise Federal Costs, Destabilize Insurance Market
Shortchanging the Census Would Shortchange Many Communities
After Failed ACA Repeal, Time for Bipartisan Effort to Strengthen – Not Weaken – Our Health Care System
Commentary: House GOP Appears Set on Making College Less Affordable for Millions of Students
Pell Grants — a Key Tool for Expanding College Access and Economic Opportunity — Need Strengthening, Not Cuts
Trump Reversal on International Taxes Could Hurt U.S. Workers
House Should Reject Cuts to CBO
Tracking the Senate Floor Debate on Health Care Repeal
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Includes Earnings Incentives
$200 Billion Wouldn’t Provide Affordable Private Coverage for Medicaid Expansion Enrollees
What the 2017 Trustees’ Report Shows About Social Security
In Case You Missed It...
Latest CBO Analysis Shows Senate Bill Can’t Be Fixed


New Comparison Across Two Generations of 401(k) Savers in Their 20s Shows Contrast in Asset Allocations
Premiums the Big Factor in Health Plan Choice
How HSAs are Being Used Over Time
Reminder: EBRI to Hold July 12 Policy Forum on HSA-Eligible Health Plan Enrollment
High-deductible, Consumer-Driven Health Plans Continue Growing
Home Equity, Retirement Accounts Key to Most Families’ Financial Assets
Olivia Mitchell Named 2016 EBRI Lillywhite Award Winner
Consumer Engagement in Health Care and Choice of Health Plan: Differences Among Millennials, Baby Boomers, and Generation X Have Implications for Plan Sponsors
Value of Workplace Benefits: Findings from the 2016 Health and Voluntary Workplace Benefits Survey
Health Plan Switching: A Case Study--Implications for Private- and Public-Health-Insurance Exchanges and Increased Health Plan Choice

Pew Research

6 trends in international public opinion from our Global Indicators Database
God or the divine is referenced in every state constitution
Publics Worldwide Unfavorable Toward Putin, Russia
How Pew Research Center surveyed 1,000 U.S. Muslims
Like most Americans, U.S. Muslims concerned about extremism in the name of Islam

Corporate Social Responsibility

2017 Corporate Citizenship Conference: Opportunity Forward
DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation Pledges $500,000 to Support Local Little League® Baseball and Softball Programs
Seventh Generation Introduces a New Disinfectant Spray
Hudson Booksellers Selects New Book on Socially Conscious Business for National Airport Promotion
Black & Veatch: Renewables, Distributed Energy Resources Driving Investments in Power Transmission Assets
New Grantmaking Guide Releases Tactics to Streamline Grants Management
4 Million Low-Income Americans Have Crossed the Digital Divide Through Internet Essentials
3Degrees Expands Partnership with CDP
Corporate Responsibility Association Presents Innovation Events Series: ‘Giving Back, Getting Results,’ with Causecast COO Laura Plato, Sept 27
Nominations Sought for Corporate Responsibility Impact Awards Presented by Silicon Valley Community Foundation
On National Safe Digging Day, Consumers Energy Reminds Public to Notify MISS DIG 8-1-1 Before Digging
The 2017 Corporate Philanthropic Practice Conference
Voya Financial Releases 2016/2017 Corporate Responsibility Annual Report
ViiV Healthcare Expands U.S. Commitment to Youth Living With HIV Through Its Positive Action Program
CBRE Releases Tenth Annual Corporate Responsibility Report
AMD Demonstrates Corporate Citizenship in Action with 22nd Annual Corporate Responsibility Update
Caesars Entertainment Publishes 2017 Citizenship Report with New Strategic Framework
What's Hot - and What's NOT - in Workplace Giving Technology
Doing Better Together: EDC Releases Its Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Report for 2016
Arçelik to Reduce Energy Use in Production by 45% in Line With Its "2020 Sustainability Goals"
Sustainable Retail Summit
Done and Said: Gas Natural Fenosa Publishes Its Corporate Responsibility Report
Marshalls Plc: 8th Annual UNGC Communication on Progress Report
Pearson Releases 2016 Sustainability Report Showing Progress Towards 2020 Plan
U.S. Dairy Community Releases Sixth Sustainability Report
Edmond de Rothschild Group Publishes Its 2016 Sustainability Report
Coca-Cola European Partners Releases 2016 Stakeholder Progress Report
Sustainability at Kingfisher: Making It Easy for Customers, and Part of the Everyday for Colleagues
UPS Commits to More Alternative Vehicles, Fuel and Renewable Power
Must-Attend Event: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation's Resilience Forum 2017
Shape Up Your Sustainability Strategy! June 27 in San Francisco
U.S.-India CSR Symposium: Making Economies Work for Women and Youth
Sustainable Brands ’17 Detroit
CSR/ESG/Sustainability Reporting Training GRI G4, CDP, SASB - Indianapolis
GreenBiz 17
2016 Corporate Philanthropy Institute: Be Courageous
Weekend in Boca Civil Society Leadership Symposium


The New York Times to host Athens Democracy Forum this September featuring statesmen, policy leaders, economists and other influencers
Making sense of the UK's EU referendum
#ThisIsNotACoup - Dispelling some myths about the Greek agreement
The Greek Deal – A game changer or a mere name changer?
Syriza may be doing the Eurozone a big favour

Financial Task Force Blog

Swiss Politicians seek to block automatic exchange of banking information with developing countries
Coalition News: Transitions at the FTC
The 3rd International Conference on Beneficial Ownership Registries in Buenos Aires
Parliament’s tax transparency compromise leaves back door for corporate secrecy
German parliament votes to put the brakes on transparency

Center for Equitable Growth

Must: Justin Wolfers: Evidence of a Toxic Environment for Women in Economics
In defense of the statutory U.S. corporate tax rate
There is more to equal access to a good education than sound school budgets
Inequality of educational opportunity? Schools as mediators of the intergenerational transmission of income
Should-Read: Fardels Bear: Was James Buchanan a Racist? Libertarians and Historical Research


China’s Role in the Changing World Order
Raising intercultural curiosity among Chinese children
Change of mood on the Euro. Even in academia!
Green pedagogy for European Sustainability Policies class
Cambridge hosts 8th ESSCA Space Policy Workshop