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The Foreign Desk

Protests muted this time as Austria’s far right joins government
South Africa ANC vote too close to call, markets on edge
Rush for free food packets kills 10 at Bangladesh prayer meeting
Germany ties Iraq aid to peaceful resolution of conflict with Kurds
Turkey has released German journalist Tolu: Germany
Nigerian oil union begins nationwide strike
Islamic State claims attack on spy agency center in Afghan capital
Turkey issues warrants for 106 ‘matchmakers’ in cleric’s network
Palestinians may seek U.N. Assembly support if U.S. vetoes Jerusalem resolution: envoy
Kremlin says U.S. tip-off about planned attack ‘saved many lives’
Russia’s Lavrov and Iran’s Zarif discuss nuclear issue by phone: Russia
Germany expects close relationship with new Austrian government
China defends trade with U.S. as Trump set to brand it a competitor
Myanmar government says case against Reuters journalists can proceed
Explainer: Myanmar wields colonial-era law against Reuters journalists
Somali security forces arrest ex-minister, kill five bodyguards in raid
Belgian trial of Paris attack suspect postponed to February 5
Germany’s SPD warn Merkel: Our members need to be convinced
India ruling party pulls ahead in election in Modi state after tight race
Voting to elect president of South Africa’s ANC closes: delegate
Lebanon detains suspect in murder of British embassy worker -source
Yemen air strike kills eight women, two children, say residents
U.S. citizen recaptured after Bali jail break
China air force drills in Sea of Japan and again around Taiwan
Philippine Congress backs body cameras for police in bloody war on drugs
Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza after Palestinian rocket attacks
India’s muted response to Trump’s Jerusalem move stokes Arab unease
OAS says Honduran presidential election should be redone
Gunmen seize building in Afghan capital, firing on security forces
Peru VP says committed to governing if president ousted
Moscow says U.S. and North Korea should start a dialogue: RIA
Remains of exiled Italian king return to Italy
Australia’s embattled Turnbull seen weighing cabinet reshuffle to exploit poll win
At least 61 dead after days of violence in Ethiopia’s Oromiya region
Philippines says Maoist rebels attacked soldiers on typhoon relief duty
Landslides kill 26 in storm-hit Philippine province: local officials
Trump to say in security speech that China is competitor: officials
Honduran helicopter crash kills six, including president’s sister
Paraguay senator with dictatorship ties to run for president
Billionaire Pinera recaptures Chile presidency with resounding win
U.S. helped thwart major attack in St. Petersburg: U.S., Russia say
Hoping to extend maritime reach, China lavishes aid on Pakistan town
UK’s May to pitch status quo Brexit transition to parliament
U.N.’s Zeid toughens warning of ‘genocide’ in Myanmar
South Africa’s ANC votes to elect leader to replace scandal-ridden Zuma
Gunmen assassinate mayor of Libya’s biggest port city
Four dead in ambush of World Food Programme convoy in Nigeria
Chilean conservative Pinera seen winning presidency: media forecast
Macron sees February end to fight against Islamic State in Syria
Nuclear, renewables to help French CO2 reduction goals, Macron says

Watching America

United Front on Jerusalem Issue for the Sake of Peace
A Look at Trump’s Jerusalem Rationale and its Consequences

The Intercept

J20 Defendants Await Verdict in First Test of Government Attempt to Criminalize Protest Group as a Whole
Governo, imprensa e empresariado intensificam pressão pela reforma da previdência
Former Nixon White House Counsel: Trump Might Have Obstructed Justice to Prevent Russia Investigation
Assad Agreed to Local Cease-Fires in Syria — But War Crimes Worsen in Eastern Ghouta
Hard Times in Trump Country
Doug Jones’s Victory in Alabama Has Democrats Optimistic About the South
Killing Net Neutrality Has Brought On a New Call for Public Broadband
Charles Barkley Got It Right: Democrats Need to Respect the Black Voters Putting Them in Power
Longe dos holofotes, Alckmin aprova congelamento de gastos para São Paulo
That Net Neutrality Op-ed in the Wall Street Journal Was Written By a Comcast Attorney
Metadata Shows Bermuda Lobbyist Had Hand in Think Tank Letter Supporting Bermuda Loophole
Hundreds of Travelers Had Their Global Entry Airport Privileges Revoked — Lawyers Say It’s Another Muslim Ban
Tax Bill Will Lead to More Automation, Executives Boast to Wall Street Investors
Cultivo da maconha para uso medicinal vira projeto de lei no Senado
By Excluding Palestinian Voices From Jerusalem Debate, Cable News Avoided Addressing Israeli Rights Abuses
Yemenis Reflect on Former Leader Saleh’s Death: “Everything That Happened in Yemen Was Always About Him”
Fearing 2018 Democratic Wave, Right-Wing Lobbyists Are Mobilizing Against a $15 Minimum Wage Push
Trump-Connected Firm Helped Sow Chaos in Kenyan Election, Report Says
GOP Tax Plan Could Devastate Puerto Rico’s Manufacturing Sector With One Line
As Trump Blocks Refugees, Africans Fleeing Violence Make the Treacherous Trip to the U.S. Through Mexico

Political Violence @ a Glance

Prestige, Dignity, and Job Security: How Army Integration Promotes Peace
Students, School Selection, and Social Science.
An Amnesty Deal for Mexico’s Drug Cartels?
What We Know about Militant Groups as Political Parties
Societal Factors behind the Explosive Growth of Salafi Jihadist Groups
What the FARC’s Facts Mean for Reintegration
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The Contradictory Progress of Gender Representation in Kenya
Charismatic Megafauna in Conflict Studies, or Why WWII is the Giant Panda of the Conflict/Security Field
Are Micro Level Studies Important for Our Understanding of Civil War, Irregular Warfare, and Political Violence?
Omelets? OMLT: Observer, Mentor, Liaison Teams.


2017 Cookbook Roundup: Pie and Whiskey, Craft Coffee, Dinner in an Instant
Roy Moore's Horse-Riding Skills Top This Week's Internet News Roundup
Jeep's New 2018 Wrangler Is Exactly What the Off-Roading Fans Ordered
Secret Link Uncovered Between Pure Math and Physics
Space Photos of the Week: Where Stars Go to Live and Die
Who Wants a Pet Direwolf? Perhaps a Passenger Pigeon?
Facebook Squashes 19-Year-Old Bug, and More Security News This Week
Artificial Intelligence Is Killing the Uncanny Valley and Our Grasp on Reality
Google Glass, Oculus, HoloLens: The Race for Augmented Reality Glasses Starts Now
The iPhone Is Still Bigger than Donald Trump
Amazon's Alexa Wants You to Talk to Your Ads
How to Be a Television Futurist in Four Simple Steps
Bitcoin and Blockchain Will Reveal What They're Actually Good For in 2018
Secrecy Is Dead. Here's What Happens Next.
Silicon Valley Techies Still Think They're the Good Guys. They're Not.
Koch Brothers Are Cities' New Obstacle to Building Broadband
New Evidence Could Blow Open the Uber/Waymo Self-Driving Lawsuit
Gadget Lab Podcast: Our Favorite Gadgets From 2017
MobileCoin: A New Cryptocurrency From Signal Creator Moxie Marlinspike
Silicon Valley's Immortalists Will Help Us All Stay Healthy

Corp Watch

Drone, Inc. - Acknowledgements
Drone, Inc. - Index
Drone, Inc. - Whistleblowers
Drone, Inc. - DOT&E
Drone, Inc. - NEXT STEPS
Drone, Inc. - CONCLUSION: The Failure of Remote Control
Drone, Inc. - L. No Bid Deals & Revolving Doors
Drone, Inc. - K. Embedded in the Kill Chain
Drone, Inc. - J. Distributed Common Ground System
Drone, Inc. - I. Social Network Analysis
Drone, Inc. - H. Cross Sensor Cueing
Drone, Inc. - G. Geolocation
Drone, Inc. - F. Ground Moving Target Indicator
Drone, Inc. - SOFTWARE: Algorithms 101

Economic Voice

UK car sales see sharp drop in October as both consumers and businesses cut back
Smaller Lifetime Care Awards Means Accident Victims Need to Take More Investment Risk
Hammond’s reported pension tax relief cut is ‘fundamentally flawed’
Cable: FCA report confirms RBS took small businesses to the brink
Economic Diary for Week Commencing 23rd October 2017
Spain and Catalonia’s constitutional crisis is an “alarm call” for investors
46.2% of Toys and Games Will be Sold Online by 2022
Savers missing out on almost £4 billion amid high inflation and low interest rates
Chinese growth shrugs off headwinds
Police and prison officers will be hundreds of pounds a year worse off by 2022, TUC analysis reveals
More Self-Harm than Self-Help? How business people can survive today's guru industry
Monarch’s collapse is a red flag for pension savers

Tom Dispatch

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Trump the Flamethrower
Tomgram: Nick Turse, A Wider World of War
Tomgram: Ann Jones, Out With Monstrous Men
Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, A Country Addicted to War
Tomgram: Todd Miller, The Market in Walls Is Growing in a Warming World
Tomgram: John Feffer, Drowning Liberalism in the Bathtub
Tomgram: Erin Thompson, Curating Guantanamo
Tomgram: Engelhardt, A President Made for a Zombie Apocalypse Media World
Tomgram: Rajan Menon, How Trump Will Betray His Base
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Putting the "War" in the "War on Terror"
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, The Annals of Rehabilitation
Tomgram: Michael Klare, Normalizing Nukes
Tomgram: Robert Lipsyte, Beating Back the Bad Boys
Tomgram: William Hartung, How to Wield Influence and Sell Weaponry in Washington
Tomgram: Alfred W. McCoy, Washington's Drug of Choice in the War on Terror
Tomgram: Subhankar Banerjee, The Destruction of a Vast Transnational Nursery?
Tomgram: Nomi Prins, You, Sir, Are No Alexander Hamilton
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, War Making in the Age of the Imperial Presidency
Tomgram: Eduardo Galeano, Monster Wanted
Tomgram: Engelhardt, Doing Bin Laden's Bidding
Tomgram: Nick Turse, A Red Scare in the Gray Zone
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Take Your (Tiny) Fingers Off the Button
Tomgram: John Feffer, The Real Disuniting of America
Tomgram: Erik Edstrom, Teaching Revisionist History 101 at West Point
Tomgram: Robert Lipsyte, Trump Tackles the NFL


Why Inequality Predicts Homicide Rates Better Than Any Other Variable
How Hayek’s Evolutionary Theory Disproves His Politics
Economists Are Obsessed with “Job Creation.” How About Less Work?
How Market Competition Really Works
Most ‘Wealth’ Isn’t the Result of Hard Work. It Has Been Accumulated by Being Idle and Unproductive.
Post-Capitalist Entrepreneurship: Basic Income, Blockchain Cities, and Local Currencies
If You Look Behind Neoliberal Economists, You’ll Discover the Rich: How Economic Theories Serve Big Business
Tim O’Reilly: It’s Time to Rewrite the Rules of Our Economy
Yes, Economics Has a Problem with Women
Ralph Nader: How CEO Stock Buybacks Parasitize the Economy
What Will Replace Outdated Left and Right Economic Thinking? The Commons Paradigm.
Insanely Concentrated Wealth Is Strangling Our Prosperity
How the Economics Profession Is Coming to Terms with Its Role in the Great Financial Crisis
When Wall Street Owns Main Street — Literally
People Don’t Actually Want Equality. They Want Fairness.
Free Marketeers Defense of CEO Pay and a Rigged System is a Disservice to Free Markets
What Peter the Great Discovered in Amsterdam: Inclusivity Creates Wealth
How to Use Fiscal and Monetary Policy to Make Us Rich Again
The Economics of Team Success, or How to Waste Money on Big-Name Stars in Pro Football
Why a Consumption Tax May not Make any Sense at All

Robert Reich

The Triumph of the Oligarchs
A Guide to Why the Trump-Republican Tax Plan is a Disgrace (for When you Confront Your Republican Uncle Bob During the Holidays)
The Meaning of Doug Jones’s Upset Victory
Why Making American Corporations More Competitive Doesn’t Help Most Americans
The True Path to Prosperity
Fools or Knaves?
The New Poll Tax Hundreds of thousands of Americans are being...
The Backlash Against the Bullies
Patriotism, Taxes, and Trump
A YEAR WITHOUT A PRESIDENTIt seems like forever,
Trump’s Most Damning Legacy
The Huge Tax Heist
How to End Crony Capitalism
Why We Must All Fight
Is Trump Unraveling?

Naked Capitalism

Links 12/18/17
EU’s Michel Barnier Clears Throat to Tell the UK It Won’t Get a Special Deal…After God Knows How Many EU Leaders Have Already Said That
Corporatizatizing The All-Administrative University
Judge Sides with Big Oil in Maine Pipeline Case
Rotten Eggs: USDA Reverses Organic Animal Welfare Policy
Links 12/17/17
The Fight for Net Neutrality Isn’t Over
Links 12/16/17
Matt Bruenig: What Actually Happened in Alabama?
The EPA Tries to Turn a Blind Eye to Carbon Emissions. The Courts Can Stop It.

New Economic Perspectives

Millennial Agenda― (and how to pay for it!)
Children’s Health Insurance Program to Expire Under GOP Tax Bill
Trump’s Coup on Consumer Protection
Monetary Mental Illness
Trump’s CFPB Pick Will Likely Spell Bad News for Consumers
Fragmented Health System Paves Way for CVS-Aetna Merger
Wouldn’t it be great if America had a fiat-money system?
Pollution Kills 9 Million People a Year
Wall Street Wins as Senate Blocks Consumer Protection Rule
Trump’s Would-Be Drug Czar Helped the Drug Profiteers

Baseline Scenario

Tax Rates and Entrepreneurship
A New Economic Vision, in 27 Words
The Importance of Fairness: A New Economic Vision for the Democratic Party
Economism and Arbitration Clauses
How Markets Work
Fees Add Up
Soak the Poor, Feed the Rich
Review Copies of Economism
Why Is Connecticut Giving Its Employees’ Money to the Asset Management Industry?
The Right to Have Rights
Economism and Economics
Economism and the Law
Economism and Health Care
Conflicts and Corruption
Economism Typo Contest

Corporate Crime Reporter

EPI Report Estimates Wage Theft Robs Workers of $50 Billion a Year
Caterpillar Unit Pleads Guilty to Dumping Parts in Ocean After Performing Improper Railcar Repairs
Katrice Bridges Copeland on the Yates Memo and Corporate Crime
Violation Tracker Adds More Than 1,000 U.S. Attorney Case Records With More than $18 Billion in Fines and Settlements
Netcracker Sweet Non Prosecution Agreement
Seyfarth Shaw Partner David Bizar on the Battle over the CFPB
SEC Awards $4.1 Million to Company Insider for Whistleblower Tip
Judge Rips Aegerion Corporate Crime Settlement Sends Case to Trial
Roberta Walburn on Miles Lord the Maverick Judge Who Brought Corporate America to Justice
Debevoise Partner Kara Brockmeyer on FCPA Enforcement

Informed Comment

The Mideast has a Militia Problem: Does Iraq’s Ayatollah Sistani Have the Answer?
The GOP Tax Plan Will Complete the Destruction of America’s Middle Class Wealth
Why Arabs And Muslims Aren’t Exotic: The Grip of Orientalism (Video)
Our Pyromaniac President in a Flammable World
Turkey to defy Trump, open Embassy to Palestine in E. Jerusalem
Puerto Rico: On top of Everything Else, GOP Tax Bill is Racist
Solar & Wind: How free electricity would change the world (Economist Video)
Iraq: Parliament Rejects Marriage for 8-Year-Old Girls

Ben Bernanke @ Brookings

Temporary price-level targeting: An alternative framework for monetary policy
When growth is not enough
Some reflections on Japanese monetary policy
The zero lower bound on interest rates: How should the Fed respond?
How big a problem is the zero lower bound on interest rates?
Why Dodd-Frank’s orderly liquidation authority should be preserved
Shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet
The Fed and fiscal policy
Federal Reserve economic projections: What are they good for?
Sebastian Mallaby’s biography of Alan Greenspan

The Automatic Earth

Debt Rattle December 18 2017
Debt Rattle December 17 2017
The Greek Fraud Reads Like a Crime Novel
Debt Rattle December 16 2017
Debt Rattle December 15 2017
Debt Rattle December 14 2017
Debt Rattle December 13 2017
Bitcoin Doesn’t Exist – The Full Story
Debt Rattle December 12 2017
Debt Rattle December 11 2017

One America News

U.S. taxpayers rush to claim deductions under threat from tax bill
Thai beer magnate extends SE Asia push with $4.8 billion Sabeco deal
Thales’ 4.8 billion-euro bid for Gemalto gets thumbs up from investors
German Vonovia climbs property ladder with $6.1 billion Buwog deal
Protests muted this time as Austria’s far right joins government
An update on winners and losers on the U.S. tax scorecard
South Africa ANC vote too close to call, markets on edge
Germany ties Iraq aid to peaceful resolution of conflict with Kurds
Danish central bank head issues stark warning on ‘deadly’ bitcoin
Nigerian oil union begins nationwide strike

NY Times

Trump National Security Strategy Sees U.S. Confronting China and Russia
U.K.’s Next Brexit Agony: What Sort of Trade Deal?
Toronto Buzzes With Talk of Billionaire Couple’s Suspicious Death
British Embassy Worker in Beirut Found Strangled
Honduran President Declared Winner, but O.A.S. Calls for New Election
Artist Who Filmed Beijing Crackdown Is Missing, Friends Say
Sebastián Piñera Wins Chile’s Presidential Election
World’s Most Expensive Home? Another Bauble for a Saudi Prince
American Who Escaped Crowded Bali Prison Is Recaptured
Turkey Plans Embassy in East Jerusalem, Erdogan Says
Tropical Storm Kills 30, and Nearly 90,000 Flee to Shelters in Philippines
C.I.A. Helped Thwart Terrorist Attack in Russia, Kremlin Says
Disputes Delay Vote on African National Congress Leader
Beirut Journal: Lebanon’s Palestinian Refugees Resist from the Sidelines
Deadly Taliban Attacks on NATO Convoy and Police in Afghanistan
Australia Diary: A Trip, And a Life, Interrupted
Catalan Separatists Want Independence. Who Else?
La maison la plus chère du monde? Simple babiole pour un prince saoudien
Un château digne d’un prince héritier
Pakistan Church Attacked by 2 Suicide Bombers
Australian Tried to Sell Missile Parts for North Korea, Police Say
The Composer Who Owns Christmas
European Far-Right Leaders, Meeting to Condemn the E.U., Are Greeted With Boos
Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program
Argentina Fires Head of Navy After Submarine Disappearance
Rahul Gandhi Takes Leadership of Indian Opposition Party
In Iran Sanctions Case, a Clash Over Turkish Banker’s Role
Jacob Zuma Prepares to Depart a Diminished A.N.C.
Police Investigate ‘Suspicious’ Death of Prominent Toronto Couple
Rajoy Hopes to Return Catalonia to ‘Normality’ With an Abnormal Election
A Chateau Fit for a Crown Prince
Exodus of Foreign Workers Leaves British Employers in the Lurch
In Italy, #MeToo Is More Like ‘Meh’
Beyond Boko Haram’s Reach, Love and Feminism Flourish
Dutch Court Sentences Ethiopian to Life in Prison for War Crimes
Judge in Sanctions Case Dismisses a ‘Conspiracy Theory’
Mexico Strengthens Military’s Role in Drug War, Outraging Critics
Peru’s President Faces Possible Ouster in Corruption Scandal
Former Interpol Chief Says Argentina Bungled Investigation of ’94 Attack
U.N. Condemns Executions of 38 Prisoners in Iraq
Republican Party, Ajit Pai, North Korea: Your Friday Evening Briefing
A Return to Haiti, and Broadway via Edmonton: The Canada Letter
The Saturday Profile: 11 Powerful Women We Met Around the World in 2017
Weeks After Mugabe Fell, Zimbabwe Remains in the Army’s Grip
Tillerson, in Apparent U-Turn, Says North Korea Must ‘Earn’ Its Way to Talks
At E.U. Meeting, a Hobbled Merkel and a Stalled Agenda


Myanmar government says case against Reuters journalists can proceed
U.S. citizen recaptured after Bali jail break
Gunmen seize building in Afghan capital, firing on security forces
Palestinians may seek U.N. Assembly support if U.S. vetoes Jerusalem resolution: envoy
India's muted response to Trump's Jerusalem move stokes Arab unease
South Africa ANC vote too close to call, markets on edge
Kremlin says U.S. tip-off about planned attack 'saved many lives'
Islamic State claims attack on spy agency center in Afghan capital
Germany's SPD warn Merkel: Our members need to be convinced
Russia's Lavrov and Iran's Zarif discuss nuclear issue by phone: Russia

Wall Street Journal

India's Ruling Party Wins State Election, but Rival Makes Gains
Sebastián Piñera Wins Presidential Election in Chile
Honduran Court Declares President as Winner of Disputed Election
Nine Killed in Suicide Bombing at Pakistan Church
Alleged North Korea Missile Broker Arrested in Australia
Japan Tiptoes Out of Radical Experiment in Monetary Policy
Cloud Hangs Over African National Congress Vote After Disqualifications
Deaths of Apotex Founder, Wife Being Investigated as Homicides
Putin Thanks Trump for Intelligence About Planned Terror Attack
Italian King's Remains Return to Italy Amid Controversy
How the EU Survived the Populist Wave in 2017

Multinational - BRICS Post

China: Successful test flight of second C919
South African Revenue Service expect turnaround in tax collections
Boom in Southeast Asia e-commerce predicted
Putin in quick trip to Egypt, Syria
Black Friday more popular in South Africa than Cyber Monday
Erdogan, Putin concerned about Mideast stability
South African final demand surges 3.6% in Q3
Children’s progress in South Africa stalled – report
Russia hosts Eurasian SCO meeting
China accuses US of unfair anti-dumping measures

Europe - BBC

Ikea's tax affairs to be investigated by the EU
Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport power cut strands thousands
Bitcoin trading starts on the huge CME exchange
Austria coalition with far-right Freedom Party sworn in
Barry Sherman: Murder unit to probe Canadian mystery deaths
Russia inquiry: Trump denies he plans to fire Robert Mueller
Dozens die in clash between Ethiopian Somalis and Oromos
Chile election: Conservative Piñera elected president
Libyan port city mayor abducted and killed
South Africa's ANC party leadership vote: Counting under way
Indonesia recaptures US citizen after Bali prison break
Bangladesh funeral stampede leaves several dead
Funicular railway: Switzerland launches world's steepest service
Delight as power restored in Atlanta
François Gabart gets a hero's welcome after breaking sailing record
Why this US woman is backing minority gun clubs
Taking two million photos of Obama
King Michael: Romania bids farewell to former monarch
Australia's first same sex wedding takes place
China hails 'first Antarctica flight' for its tourists
Jay-Z brings cancer survivor on stage
Ukraine to broadcast to Crimean Tatars
Gambia denies hosting Russian imperial revival bid
Japan enforces new road rules for 'Mario Kart' drivers
France's new export
Capturing East Harlem
Billionaire returns
Water wars
IMAX boss' warning
Inspired by comics

Libyan Express

Armed group attack intelligence training center in Kabul
Tunisia, Egypt and Algeria support Libyan Political Agreement
Mayor of Misurata assassinated
14018 registered to vote in future elections
Libya strongman Haftar says UN-led political agreement expired, giving his army the go-ahead to end crisis
Argentina fires head of its navy over submarine disappearance
Libya’s Prime Minister to visit Algeria to review the country’s political crisis
Protests in Algeria over Tamazight language
Libyan municipality starts public campaign for election registration
Libyan navy rescues 262 illegal immigrants


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UK to send millions in emergency aid to Yemen and demand access from Saudi - The Independent
Power: Trump wrong to continue supporting Saudi-led coalition in Yemen - The Hill (blog)
"Kuwait By Your Side" .. Two years of continuous aid for Yemen - Kuwait News Agency
Yemen: Al-Islah Party's leader survives assassination - Middle East Monitor
Yemenis Reflect on Former Leader Saleh's Death: “Everything That Happened in Yemen Was Always About Him” - The Intercept
Yemen crisis: Saleh family members arrive in Aden after fleeing ... - The National
Iran supplied Yemen rebels with ballistic missile - US - BBC News
Statement by humanitarian organizations in Yemen on allegations of corruption and bias in the provision of relief ... - ReliefWeb
US to present evidence Iran is providing missiles to Yemen rebels - CNN
Yemen News Agency (SABA - Yemen News Agency

North America - CSM-World

How Iran, the Mideast's new superpower, is expanding its footprint across the region – and what it means
South Africa's ruling party to choose new leader
Britain and EU leaders enter second stage of Brexit talks
While world watches North Korea, China builds in the South China Sea
In Romania, royal funeral prompts regrets
In Malaysia, religious concerns stall child-bride reform
Kremlin's four-hour presser leaves key question unanswered: after Putin, what next?
In post-election limbo, Hondurans foresee next challenge: rebuilding trust
Venezuelans facing currency crisis turn to bitcoin to survive
New Polish prime minister meets with EU leaders, aims to solidify ties
China willing to work with South Korea to maintain peace on Korean peninsula
Graceless: Women warned off politics in Zimbabwe
US cities dedicate resources to international negotiations on migrants and refugees
Palestinian president calls for US to leave peace negotiations
This woman’s approach to mentoring in San Jose won a prize
Brexit: Could Britain change its mind?
Russian Olympic Committee pledges support for athletes
Jerusalem: Exhausted and adrift, Palestinians offer muted response to Trump
French rock star played on American persona
Putin declares victory against 'terrorists' in Syria

927 Mag

Gaza and Sderot are extras in the government’s horror show
Bibi says Iran will soon have 100 nuclear bombs. Well, where are they?
Court says Palestinian poet won’t be released from house arrest
In Gaza, Israel is shooting fish in a barrel
Some things should be broken, not fixed
WATCH: Israeli troops stop Palestinian would-be suicide bomber
Roger Waters backs film on legacy of the Nakba
Following pressure, Israeli university cuts short exhibit on home demolitions
WATCH: Israeli troops taking away 7 and 8-year-old Palestinian boys
The new ‘choice’ for asylum seekers: Deportation or prison

United Nations Security Council Documents

S/RES/2392 (2017)

BLS - Latest numbers

Major Economic Indicators Latest Numbers


The Republican Tax Plan (2): The debate rumbles on
Inclusive Europe: a journey towards integration
South Korea needs to watch the BOJ rather than the Fed
Brexit, phase two (and beyond): The future of the EU-UK relationship
The challenge of fostering financial inclusion of refugees
Support for intra-EU mobility of people is on the rise
Latest data shows developing trends in the European Central Bank’s refinancing operations
The DSGE Model Quarrel (Again)
Sovereign Concentration Charges are the Key to Completing Europe’s Banking Union
Network Sharing and 5G in Europe: The Potential Benefits of Using SDN or NFV

Un Security Council

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UN Security Council to weigh resolution on Jerusalem -
Dutch UN security council efforts to focus on preventing conflict -
UN Security Council mulls resolution to rescind US Jerusalem recognition - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
UN Security Council to Vote on Jerusalem Resolution - The Jewish Press -
UN Security Council to vote Monday on draft rejecting US decision on Jerusalem - The News International
Nikki Haley accuses Iran of violating UN Security Council resolution - CBS News
Dangerous rhetoric, overconfidence, increase risk of conflict on Korean Peninsula, UN chief warns - UN News Centre
UN Security Council warns on South Sudan peace efforts - ABC News
Tillerson, UN Security Council to Discuss North Korea - Voice of America
US and North Korea trade angry recriminations at UN Security Council meeting - euronews

Hillary Clinton

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Don't overthink Hillary Clinton's loss. She was attacked relentlessly, and it worked - Los Angeles Times
An SNL cast member got a Hillary Clinton tattoo on his leg. She says she's 'honored.' - Washington Post
From Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris to 10,000 teenage girls ... - Los Angeles Times
Hillary Clinton is still explaining her presidential loss. Here's what she told Ellen DeGeneres. -
Hillary Clinton wraps up book tour - The Hill (blog)
FBI officials' text message about Hillary Clinton said to be a cover story for romantic affair - Washington Post
Gregg Jarrett: Did the FBI and the Justice Department, plot to clear Hillary Clinton, bring down Trump? - Fox News
Hillary Clinton Says GOP Tax Plan Will "Hurt So Many People" - Hollywood Reporter
Hillary Clinton talks Chardonnay and collusion at sold-out Seattle event - Seattle Times
Hillary Clinton says Doug Jones' win is a 'turning point' - AOL


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US Army Study Finds Flaws With Military's Pivotal Assault on Mosul - Wall Street Journal
After Fall of ISIS, Iraq's Second-Largest City Picks Up the Pieces - New York Times
Three policemen killed in shootout with Islamic State in Mosul - Iraqi News
“Mosul Eye,” the Stealth Historian of ISIS Atrocities, Steps Out of the Shadows - Vanity Fair
Civilian victims of US coalition airstrike in Iraq dig up graves in desperate bid for compensation - Los Angeles Times
Traumatized And Vulnerable To Abuse, Orphans From Mosul Are 'Living In Another World' - NPR
Utilize eradication of ISIL from Iraq as opportunity to stabilize nation - The Japan News
For AP reporters, revealing the 'Mosul Eye' was a lesson in journalistic persistence - Poynter (blog)
The identity of Mosul Eye, the stealth historian of ISIS atrocities, is revealed - Poynter (blog)
In Mosul, ISIS' youngest recruits still face brutality and an uncertain future - PBS NewsHour


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KRG FM receives Turkey's new Consul to Erbil - Rudaw - Rudaw
Iraq president calls for direct talks between Baghdad and Erbil - The National
Iraqi VP Nujaifi: Baghdad and Erbil to hold talks soon - Rudaw
Global Migration Film Festival kicks off in Erbil - Rudaw
Students in Erbil march against Iraqi PM's Peshmerga omission - Rudaw
Head of New Generation meets Ammar al-Hakim, US Consul General to Erbil - NRT
Erbil: Deploying Federal Forces in Disputed Areas Is not a Victory - Asharq Al-awsat English
VIDEO: Erbil's center for blind, visually impaired persons calls for support - Kurdistan24
PM Abadi: Baghdad ready for conditional dialogue with Erbil - Rudaw
Report: Iraq blocked German FM diplomatic visit to Erbil - Rudaw


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SARC delivers new aid convoy to locals in Raqqa - Mehr News Agency - English Version
Defector says thousands of Islamic State fighters left Raqqa in secret ... - Reuters
Internal Security Forces Assume Responsibility for Raqqa Neighborhoods - Department of Defense
With Raqqa fight over, 400 US Marines leaving Syria - ABC News
US-backed Forces Deny They Allowed IS Fighters to Evacuate Raqqa - Voice of America
US Made Secret Deal With ISIS to Let Thousands of Fighters Flee Raqqa to Battle Assad in Syria, Former Ally Says - Newsweek
Now ISIS killers hide deadly explosives inside innocent-looking teddy bears, dolls and carpets - The Sun
Ridding Raqqa of ISIS Costed Extraordinarily Too Much in Lives and Resources - Syrian Network For Human Rights (press release) (blog)
'Tens of Thousands' of Unexploded IEDs Remain in Raqqa - Voice of America
Syria service for British fighters Jac Holmes and Oliver Hall - BBC News


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