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The Foreign Desk

U.S. judge lifts stay on second Arkansas execution
U.S. submarine makes South Korea port call, North remains defiant
Venezuela death toll rises as unrest enters fourth week
Chile rocked by 6.9-magnitude quake; no major damage reported
Senate gives limited resources to Russia election-meddling probe
China says fewer graft suspects fleeing as controls stepped up
Trump’s push to fund wall may be delayed as government shutdown looms
Hollande urges French to reject Le Pen in presidential run-off vote
Senate confirms Trump’s agriculture secretary
Obama makes no mention of Trump in first major post-presidential appearance
Spy agencies from ‘Five eyes’ gather in New Zealand: PM, sources
Students sue UC Berkeley over canceled Ann Coulter speech
State Department website posts article on Trump’s Florida resort
Radioactive material stolen in Mexico, search on: officials
Scots don’t want another independence vote: Kantar poll
Netanyahu will skip talks if German minister meets left-wing group: Israeli official
FCC chairman expected to unveil strategy to reverse net neutrality: sources
U.S. sanctions hundreds of employees of Syrian research center
Trump-backed Navy expansion would boost costs some $400 billion over 30 years: study
Sudan accuses South Sudan president of meeting rebels
Up in Smoke: Marijuana activists cuffed after lighting up at U.S. Capitol
Former Haiti coup leader pleads guilty in U.S. drug case
EU executive urges change of tack in relations with Turkey
Trump tax push raises questions about scope of his ‘reform’
Gulf states must donate to avert famine in Yemen: U.N.
Top U.S. officials to testify in Trump-Russia probe reboot
Trump urges U.N. reform to make U.S. investment worthwhile
Le Pen’s run-off campaign targets far left and right
War crimes court unseals arrest warrant for Gaddafi aide
U.N. ‘horrified’ by video showing killing of experts in Congo
Iranian court rejects final appeal of jailed British-Iranian charity worker
Tesla’s big Model 3 bet rides on risky assembly line strategy
Becton Dickinson to acquire Bard for $24 billion
Luxury shoe brands Jimmy Choo and Bally put up for sale
Irish court to consider Brexit reversibility case on May 31
Dolls, teddy bears return to eastern Mosul after Islamic State
UK election cuts time for Brexit talks, key EU lawmaker says
Afghan defense chief quits over attack; U.S. warns of ‘another tough year’
Top U.S. general in Afghanistan sees Russia sending weapons to Taliban
Russian state news organization criticizes Reuters article about Kremlin-backed meddling in U.S. election
Russia hacked Danish defense for two years, minister tells newspaper
At least 16 drown as migrant boat sinks off Greece’s Lesbos
UK Conservatives pledge energy price cap, hitting utility shares
Aid funds to stop famine in Nigeria’s northeast may dry up by June: United Nations
China clamps down on excess steel as Japan decries Trump ‘protectionism’
As war wrecks ancient Iraq, Erbil works to rebuild citadel
Serbia’s police arrest 16 customs officers for tax evasion
Kenya arrests suspects in shooting of conservationist
Maoist rebels kill 24 police in central India
Number of migrant criminal suspects in Germany surged in 2016

Watching America

The Syria Attack Signals a Change in the Direction of the US Administration
New Energy Policy in the US

The Intercept

Medical Director in Arkansas Could Lose License for Acquiring Execution Drug
Republican Candidate Opposed to Gun Registry Made Millions With Company Slated to Build Gun Registry
Trump’s New State Department Spokesperson Spread Anti-Muslim Hate as Fox News Anchor
Marine Le Pen no segundo turno é o que acontece quando se estende a mão ao racismo
Stop Using, Right Now. It Sold Your Data to Uber.
Grileiros comandam avanço da fronteira agropecuária sobre a floresta
Marine Le Pen Is What Happens When You Try to Meet Racism in the Middle
Why Soviet Weather Was Secret, a Critical Gap in Korea, and Other NSA Newsletter Tales
NSA Kept Watch Over Democratic and Republican Conventions, Snowden Documents Reveal
NSA Blimp Spied in the United States
Japan Made Secret Deals With the NSA That Expanded Global Surveillance
Macron-Le Pen: a Fight for the French Presidency and the Definition of Patriotism
“Fear City” Explores How Donald Trump Exploited the New York Debt Crisis to Boost His Own Fortune
Why They March: “Science and Scientists Are Now Under Attack”
At Border Security Expo, Officials Dismiss Trump’s Wall: “I’ve Got 200-Foot Bluffs on My Border”
Portland Executive Covertly Donates $1 Million to Inauguration After Being Shamed Over Trump Support
Border Agency Under Investigation for Trying to Unmask Anonymous Twitter Account
Cybersecurity for the People: How to Protect Your Privacy at a Protest
Trump Administration Ramps Up Threat to Prosecute Immigrant Parents
Trump Hopes Paris Attack Boosts Le Pen, One Day After Obama Calls Macron

Political Violence @ a Glance

Weekly Links
Trauma and Conflict Studies
In Memoriam: Will Moore
What Crime Data from Sweden Can – and Cannot – Tell Us
Public Intellectuals, International Security, and Trump
Weekly Links
Local Problems, Local Solutions: Domestic Human Rights Institutions and Torture
Can Asylum Seekers be Deterred?
Weekly Links
Could Trump Unify Korea?

Corp Watch

Bangladeshi Government Cracks Down On Garment Workers Sweatshop Wage Protests
Takata Fined $1 Billion For Hiding Information on Exploding Car Airbags
Publish, Punish, and Pardon: Nine National Security Changes Obama Should Make Before He Leaves Office
Billionaires & Big Business Line Up To Help U.S. President Elect-Donald Trump
Goodhope Asia Accused Of Land Grabbing In West Papua For Palm Oil
Robertson Winery Accused Of Slavery-Like Practices In South Africa
Eli Lilly Raised U.S. Prices Of Diabetes Drug 700 Percent Over 20 Years
Swiss Bank UBS May Be Suspended From Doing Business In Hong Kong
AT&T Developed Secret Program To Help U.S. Police Mine Client Phone Records
Native Tribes Protest Energy Transfer Partners North Dakota Oil Pipeline
Coke and McDonalds Host Carnival of Junk Food Marketing At Rio Olympics
Six Novartis Executives Charged In Illegal Drug Rebate Scheme In South Korea
General Atomics Funded U.S. Think Tank That Promoted Increased Drone Exports
Cyrela, Rio Olympic Construction Contractor, Accused Of Mistreating Workers
Broadspectrum 'Violating' Human Rights At Australian Offshore Detention Centers

Economic Voice

“Leaver” consumer confidence down slightly after Article 50 triggered
Should healthcare professionals breach confidentiality when a patient is unfit to drive?
Friends Who Sweat Together Stay Together
Updated mortality projections show life expectancy falling again
Very low frequency electromagnetic field exposure linked to motor neurone disease
Every £1 spent on public health in UK saves average of £14
New sentence for ‘Marine A’ a victory for justice says UKIP's Mike Hookem
The UK’s potential trillion euro counter-claim against the EU
Households could be left with just £50,000 to see them through retirement
Investor Confidence Rises in March by 4.2 points to 95.4
UK Triggers Article 50 – Investment Company Managers Comment
Legislation not the answer on parental leave says UKIP

Tom Dispatch

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Chameleon Presidency
Tomgram: Michael Klare, Do African Famines Presage Global Climate-Change Catastrophe?
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Remind Us How This Ends...
Tomgram: Ira Chernus, Love Trumps Domination (Without the Combover)
Tomgram: William Astore, From Deterrence to Doomsday?
Tomgram: Mattea Kramer, Road Rules, or Rediscovering My Country from Cuban Soil
Tomgram: Dahr Jamail, Alaska in the Crosshairs
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Believe the Autocrat
Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Teflon Wars
Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Would-Be Strongmen Worldwide
Tomgram: Rajan Menon, Making America Insecure Again
Tomgram: John Dower, Body Count for the American Century
Tomgram: Jon Else, Eyes on the Prize 2017
Best of TomDispatch: Engelhardt, The 16th Anniversary of American Cowardice
Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, Words Not to Die For
Tomgram: Engelhardt, Walled In
Tomgram: Michael Klare, Winning World War II in the Twenty-First Century
Tomgram: John Feffer, Next Stop: The Deconstruction Zone
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Surging to Failure
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, War Without End
Tomgram: William Hartung, The Generals vs. the Ideologues or the Generals and the Ideologues?
Tomgram: Karen Greenberg, The Forever Prisoners of Guantanamo
Tomgram: William Astore, In Afghanistan, America's Biggest Foe Is Self-Deception
Tomgram: Engelhardt, A Trumpian Snapshot of America
Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, At the Altar of American Greatness


Freedom, Prosperity, and Big Government
How Ideologues Use Grade-School Economics to Distort Minimum Wage Debates
Why Society’s Biggest Freeloaders Are at the Top
Como as Cooperativas Estão Direcionando a Nova Economia
A Extrema Desigualdade Não é Dirigida Pelo Mérito Mas Pela Busca De Renda E Pela Sorte
Economist Josh Ryan-Collins: How Land Disappeared from Economic Theory
Economistas devem parar de defender a pseudo-ciência de Milton Friedman
A Economia Tradicional Não é Capaz de Ajudar. Precisamos Repensar o Crescimento e o Capitalismo
How Low-Paying Jobs and Weak Safety Nets Reduce Innovation and Productivity
The Conversation About Basic Income is a Mess. Here’s How to Make Sense of It.
Economist Dierdre McCloskey Pushes False Math About Inequality
How Common Ownership is One Route to Social Transformation
This New Social Security System Solves the Problem of the Gig Economy
The Ideology of Exponential Growth Devours and Corrupts
Por que o Capitalismo cria postos de trabalho sem sentido
The Trump Presidency: An Embarrassment for Those Who Believe in the Market
Neoliberalism Was Supposed to Make Us Richer: Three Reasons Why It Didn’t
How Accounting Smoke and Mirrors Makes Corporate Profits — and Rich People’s Income — Invisible
How a Ruthless Network of Super-Rich Ideologues Killed Choice and Destroyed People’s Faith in Politics
Joseph Stiglitz afirma que a Economia Tradicional Está Errada

Robert Reich

First 100 Days: Trump and the Degradation of the Presidency
Free Speech (Update)
The Only Real “Centrist” Agenda
The Trump Doctrine
The World According to Trump
Update for Trump Voters
THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUMPONOMICSWhen Donald Trump spoke at Boeing’s...
Bannon, Kushner, and Trump’s Upside-Down Populism
4 (And maybe 5) Grounds to Impeach TrumpBy my count, there are...
TRUMP’S INCREDIBLY DUMB BET ON COALWhen Donald Trump was running...
Trump’s Fog Machine
Trump’s Business of Government
No, Paul, It Wasn’t Because of “Growing Pains”
The Crisis of Governance
My Visit to Trump’s Washington
An Orgy of Unnecessary Cruelty
Trump’s War on the Truth Tellers

Naked Capitalism

2:00PM Water Cooler 4/23/2017
Trump and Congress Use Congressional Review Act to Roll Back 14 ‘Midnight’ Rules; More to Follow?
Newspaper Owned By Fracking Billionaire Leaks Memo Calling Pipeline Opponents Potential “Terrorists”
Links 4/24/17
Democrat Disunity: Hypocritical Media Attacks on Sanders
Former Workers at Elon Musk’s SolarCity Allege Employment Abuses, Improper Installations
Please Come to Our Washington DC Area Meetup This Friday, April 28
Trump DOJ to Continue FCPA Focus: More Smoke and Mirrors?
Links 4/23/17
Michael Klare: Climate Change as Genocide: Inaction Equals Annihilation

Project Syndicate

Who Is Marine Le Pen?
Liberalism in the Trenches
How to Renegotiate NAFTA
New Life for the SDR?
The Coming Technology Policy Debate
Macron’s Mission
The Limits of Economic Optimism
Trump’s Quixotic Energy Policy
Development Beyond the Numbers
Who Owns History?
A Practical Agenda for Revolutionary Times
A Bridge to Universal Education
The “New” Trump’s Lopsided Foreign Policy
The G20’s Time for Climate Leadership
Trump’s War Policy in Syria
Will Economic Illiteracy Trigger a Trade War?
Trump’s Dangerous Blank Check
The Low Cost of Ending Poverty
Theresa May Rolls the Electoral Dice
Enlisting Women in Africa’s Health Fight

New Economic Perspectives

April 13, 2017 Wells Fargo’s Board Investigation of Itself Amounts to a Farce
Dodd-Frank Was Designed to Fail – and Trump Will Make it Worse
Ecuadorians Reject Neoliberalism in Presidential Race
President of Richmond Fed Leaks Insider Information and Goes Free
Inequality Update: Who Gains When Income Grows?
Reality Virus Infects Kansas Legislators, Brownback Immune
Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp?
February Job Growth Barely Made Dent in Record Low Labor Force Participation
Trump’s 2005 Tax Forms: ‘Like Going to Dinner And Being Served Pictures of Food’
The 2016 Nobel Prizes in Economics Go to those Who Pushed Criminogenic Policies

Baseline Scenario

Soak the Poor, Feed the Rich
Review Copies of Economism
Why Is Connecticut Giving Its Employees’ Money to the Asset Management Industry?
The Right to Have Rights
Economism and Economics
Economism and the Law
Economism and Health Care
Conflicts and Corruption
Economism Typo Contest
Economism and the Future of the Democratic Party
A Change Is in the Air
The Curse of Credentialism
Larry Kudlow and Economics in the Trump Administration
How Not to Invest
Jeb Hensarling and the Allure of Economism

Corporate Crime Reporter

William Hanagami on Insurance False Claims
Harbert Management to Pay $40 Million to Settle New York Tax Whistleblower Tax Case
Chickenshit Club Out July 11
Hogan Lovells Partner James McGovern on FCPA Corporate Crime and the Revolving Door
Groups File Lawsuit Against Monsanto Over Misleading Labeling of Roundup
Steven Brill on Johnson & Johnson America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker
Sheelah Kolhatkar and the Case Against Steve Cohen and SAC Capital
No Coins to Pay One Dollar Toll on Dulles Toll Road Leads to Six Dollar Penalty
Experian To Pay $3 Million Fine Neither Admit Nor Deny CFPB Charges
Guidepost Solutions Chair Bart Schwartz on Corporate Monitors

Informed Comment

For First Time, a US President backs a Fascist France
Trump’s Hunger Games are Deadly Serious
UK: Labour’s Corbyn Says Could Halt Syria Airstrikes If Elected
Trump’s Warmongering on Steroids: But who Supplied the Steroids
As Scientists March, Will Trump give away US Science Lead to China?
How Trump put the Foxes in charge of the Hen House at Education, Health, Justice
Taliban Attackers Kill at Least 140 Soldiers at Afghan Base: Officials
Is there such a thing as a ‘Muslim vote’ in France?

Ben Bernanke @ Brookings

The zero lower bound on interest rates: How should the Fed respond?
How big a problem is the zero lower bound on interest rates?
Why Dodd-Frank’s orderly liquidation authority should be preserved
Shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet
The Fed and fiscal policy
Federal Reserve economic projections: What are they good for?
Sebastian Mallaby’s biography of Alan Greenspan
Are Americans better off than they were a decade or two ago?
The latest from the Bank of Japan
Modifying the Fed’s policy framework: Does a higher inflation target beat negative interest rates?

The Automatic Earth

Debt Rattle April 24 2017
Surplus or Stimulus
Debt Rattle April 23 2017
Debt Rattle April 22 2017
You Are Not An Investor
Debt Rattle April 21 2017
Debt Rattle April 20 2017
Debt Rattle April 19 2017
Debt Rattle April 18 2017
Debt Rattle April 17 2017

One America News

Looming risks subdue Asia stock investors after stellar quarter
Thousands stage ANZAC Day memorials in Australia, New Zealand and Thailand
Arkansas carries out first double execution in U.S. since 2000
Ahead of NAFTA talks, U.S. sets 20 percent duties on Canadian softwood lumber
Asia stocks rise, euro steady as relief from French vote buoys sentiment
Highlights: The Trump presidency on April 24 at 10:02 p.m. EDT
BOJ’s Iwata says conducting simulation on exit strategy from stimulus
BOJ’s Iwata says conducting simulation on exit strategy from stimulus
U.S. submarine makes South Korea port call, North remains defiant

NY Times

Le Pen Calls Parties in France ‘Completely Rotten’ as They Unite to Fend Her Off
News Analysis: As North Korea Speeds Its Nuclear Program, U.S. Fears Time Will Run Out
Charge Rodrigo Duterte With Mass Murder, Lawyer Tells The Hague
Venezuela Opposition Aims to Keep Protests Peaceful, but Violence Erupts
Russian Hackers Who Targeted Clinton Appear to Attack France’s Macron
Marine Le Pen, New Orleans, Arkansas: Your Monday Evening Briefing
Denmark Says ‘Key Elements’ of Russian Government Hacked Defense Ministry
25 Police Officers in India Are Killed in Ambush by Maoist Rebels
Asia and Australia Edition: France, North Korea, Trump’s 100 Days: Your Morning Briefing
U.N. Documents Syrian War Crimes, but Prosecution Moves Slowly
News Analysis: After French Vote, Mainstream Europe Breathes a Sigh of Relief
Lafarge Scandal Points to Difficulty of Operating in War Zones
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on Syrian Government Workers After Sarin Attack
People Are Seeing U.F.O.s Everywhere, and This Book Proves It
At Hungary’s Soros-Backed University, Scholars Feel a Chill
Palermo Journal: 500 Years After Expulsion, Sicily’s Jews Reclaim a Lost History
One 12-Year-Old’s 800-Mile Drive Across Australia
Genocide’s Legacy: A Museum in a Khmer Rouge Prison
2 Top Afghanistan Military Officials Resign After Taliban Attack
French Markets Surge as Euro Withstands Attack From the Right
China’s Leader Urges Restraint on North Korea in Call With Trump
Europe Edition: France, Ukraine, Uber: Your Monday Briefing


U.S. submarine makes South Korea port call, North remains defiant
Hollande urges French to reject Le Pen in presidential run-off vote
Chile rocked by 6.9-magnitude quake; no major damage reported
Venezuela death toll rises as unrest enters fourth week
U.S. sanctions hundreds of employees of Syrian research center
Spy agencies from 'Five eyes' gather in New Zealand: PM, sources
Scots don't want another independence vote: Kantar poll
China says fewer graft suspects fleeing as controls stepped up
Netanyahu will skip talks if German minister meets left-wing group: Israeli official
Top U.S. general in Afghanistan sees Russia sending weapons to Taliban

Wall Street Journal

French Vote Fuels Hopes for Growth
U.S. to Slap Canada's Lumber Producers With a 20% Import Tariff
China's Xi Urges Trump to Be Cautious Over North Korea
U.S. Sanctions Syrians in Chemical Weapons Program
U.S. Suspects Russia Supplying Small Arms to Taliban in Afghanistan
Indonesia President, in Interview, Calls for End to Identity Politics
'Apartheid Without the Racism': How China Keeps Rural Folks Down
Saudi Arabia Reinstates Perks for State Employees as Finances Improve
Trump Presses U.N. on North Korea
Crime in Germany Tied to Migrants Jumped Last Year
Israel Charges 18-Year-Old Accused of Threats Against Jewish Centers

Multinational - BRICS Post

China to overhaul economic laws
After Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” order, IMF drops anti-protectionism pledge
Pharma, energy cooperation to be announced during Abe’s Russia trip
Analysis: Trump ups pressure on Iran
China, Iran to ink commercial contracts to redesign nuclear reactor
BRICS to focus on joint skills training plan
Russia delivers 4.8 tonnes of aid to Aleppo
IMF raises Brazil 2018 growth forecast
28 heads of state, leaders to attend Belt & Road summit in Beijing
China, US probe range of options on N Korea

Europe - BBC

France elections: Le Pen steps aside as National Front leader
North Korea nuclear: White House calls Senate to briefing
Arkansas prepares for first US double execution in 17 years
Huge robbery sparks gun battles in Paraguay and Brazil
US imposes 'sweeping' Syria sanctions over 'chemical' attack
Elton John suffered 'deadly bacterial infection' on tour
US-Israeli man, 18, in court over threats against Jewish centres
Ontario to try giving poor a basic income
Venezuela protest death toll rises in renewed violence
US embassy 'promotes Trump's Florida resort'
Arrests over shooting of Kuki Gallmann at Kenya conservation park
Serena Williams calls Ilie Nastase comments 'racist' and backs investigation
Syria refugee children 'bitten by rats' in camps
Trump calls record-breaking astronaut Peggy Whitson
The land that used to belong to so-called Islamic State
Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg on grief: ‘It does get better’
Obama at Chicago youth event: 'I'm old'
French election: Voters take yellow chair challenge
US girl, 4, survives fall from bus
Munch inspired by 'screaming clouds'
Astronaut Peggy Whitson breaks US record
Man lived above Japanese toilet for three years
Political party helps Georgians dodge the draft
New Zealand earthquake gives unexpected benefit
On the chin
Here we go again
Quake overturns tradition
'You're hired Happy'

Libyan Express

Flying car makes its first test successfully preparing the world for new breakthrough
Tripoli hosts university-organised book gallery
Libyan Prime Minster Al-Sirraj to meet US President in June, reports
Fayez Al-Serraj meets with Head of Gas and Fuel Crisis Commission
Israel conducts airstrikes on pro-Syrian government armed groups in Quneitra province
Barcelona secures late win over Real Madrid in La Liga’s classico
CBL governor said will do his best to fight “war on Libyan currency”
Over 100 persons killed in Taliban attack on Afghan soldiers location
Girl hangs herself dead as mysterious suicides sweep eastern Libya
Tunisia remains reluctant to take women and children of IS militants back home


Gulf States Must Donate to Avert Famine in Yemen: U.N. - U.S. News & World Report
Yemen: A #breadmarch to save al-Hodeida port - The New Arab
Pentagon Spokesman Updates Iraq, Syria, Yemen Operations - Department of Defense
UNDP calls for increased support for resilience in Yemen - UNDP
Building Resilient Rural Livelihoods Is Key to Helping Yemen - The Wire
20 soldiers killed or injured in Yemen - Sky News - Sky News Australia
Will Riyadh's new DC ambassador draw US deeper into Yemen war? - Al-Monitor
Yemen Nutrition Cluster Bulletin, Issue 1, Jan-Mar, 2017 - ReliefWeb
Yemen: Conflict has catastrophic consequences for health care - Reliefweb
Race against time to save millions of lives in Yemen - UNICEF (press release)

North America - CSM-World

Venezuelans stage sit-in on roads to protest government
India's rescued bonded laborers rebuild lives in 'dream homes'
For Turkey's Erdoğan, new powers present fresh challenges
Now on the threshold of the French presidency, who is Marine Le Pen?
Iraq's Kurds restore ancient sites, envision a tourist-friendly future
Torture by Afghan security forces still widespread, says UN
Le Pen, Macron advance to runoff in French election
London library makes denying the Holocaust a little harder
Is the tumult of France's presidential race a sign of longing for lost grandeur?
Ahmadinejad disqualified from Iranian presidential election
In Balkans, a fragile order grows brittle, threatening stability
ISIS claims responsibility for shooting of Paris officer
Is anyone mightier than Le Pen?
Shooting incident rattles Paris as election nears
As deportees return home, Mexico City warms up its welcome
Pence tours Indonesian mosque, praises moderate Islam, and calls for ‘fairer trade’
With nuclear deal holding, Iran and China sign reactor redesign contract
The twin goals behind North Korea's resolve on nuclear weapons
Moscow plans to give people new apartments, but is there a catch?
International pressure on its side, Venezuelan opposition to march for state elections

927 Mag

Teaching about the Holocaust in an Arab-Jewish school
Settler attack showcases impunity of Jewish extremists
Wave of settler violence hits Palestinian villages in West Bank
Autonomy for Palestinians in Israel is as relevant as ever
For settlers, there’s no reason not to break the law
Remembering the history Israel swept aside in 1948
WATCH: Masked settlers attack left-wing activists in Jordan Valley
PHOTOS: When you could ride a train from Gaza City to Tel Aviv
How the hunger strike could bring Palestinian prisoners back to the fore
WATCH: This is what a stop-and-frisk in East Jerusalem looks like

United Nations Security Council Documents


Combating Terrorism Center Sentinel

The Islamic State Threat to Germany: Evidence from the Investigations
The Polarizing Effect of Islamic State Aggression on the Global Jihadist Movement
The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons: A Profile of the Arm’s-Length Proxy of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party
The Enduring Influence of Anwar al-Awlaki in the Age of the Islamic State
A View from the CT Foxhole: Hazim Fouad and Behnam Said, Analysts at the Bremen and Hamburg Verfassungsschutz
Deciphering Competition Between al-Qa`ida and the Islamic State
July 2016
Former Downing Scholar to receive 2016 Nininger Award
Der Spiegel report features CTC analysis
CTC Class of ’71 Fellow published in Washington Post

BLS - Latest numbers

Major Economic Indicators Latest Numbers


The decline of the labour share of income
Tackling Europe’s crisis legacy: a comprehensive strategy for bad loans and debt restructuring
Regional and global financial safety nets: the recent European experience and its implications for regional cooperation in Asia
Labour mobility in Europe
Trump’s U-turn on trade with China is good news, but the EU should not be complacent
Building a more resilient and inclusive global economy
Global decarbonisation: a wake-up call for the Middle East and North Africa
The political economy of Middle East and North Africa oil exporters in times of global decarbonisation
From start-up to scale-up: examining public policies for the financing of high-growth ventures
Interdependence in difficult times

Un Security Council

President Trump to host unusual meeting with UN Security Council - CNBC
Donald Trump tells U.N. Security Council nations to get 'busy ... - Washington Times
Trump calls for UN Security Council to ready new sanctions on North Korea - Yahoo7 News
Trump holds unusual meeting with UN Security Council amid mounting tensions over North Korea - World Tribune
Trump calls for new U.N. sanctions against North Korea - Thomson Reuters Foundation
Security Council Diplomats to Have Lunch With Trump - The New ... - New York Times
Open Letter to the UN Security Council on Peacekeeping in Mali ... - ReliefWeb
Trump blames UN Security Council for failing to respond to Syrian chemical attack - Daily Sabah
UN Security Council condemns North Korean missile launch - CNN
Shearer to address UN Security Council on Anzac Day -

Hillary Clinton

New York Times Updates Its 2015 Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation Story - Mother Jones
Was Hillary Clinton's Assistant J.W. McGill Found Dead? -
Why Hillary Clinton Really Lost - Consortium News
Hillary Clinton Staffers Considered Campaign Slogan 'Because It's Her Turn' - Breitbart News
Hillary Clinton as the Straw of Hope for Texas Democrats - Texas Monthly (blog)
CIA director Mike Pompeo repeatedly cited WikiLeaks to attack Clinton during campaign - CNN
How Bad Was Hillary Clinton's Campaign? - Mother Jones
New Poll: If Hillary Faced Trump Again Today, She Would Still Lose - Fox News Insider
Shattered: New Book Brutalizes Hillary Clinton's Campaign - AL DIA News
Hillary Clinton makes surprise appearance at New York film panel - Reuters


Dodging rubble is one thing — in Mosul, cyclists contend with mortars and gunfire too - Los Angeles Times
Rescuing the Last Two Animals at the Mosul Zoo - The New Yorker - The New Yorker
Hundreds Of Iraqis Flee Heavy Fighting In Mosul | The Huffington Post - Huffington Post
Volunteers search rubble to save Mosul university - Daily Mail
The frontlines of Mosul - Reuters
WHO deploys additional ambulances as trauma needs in west Mosul escalate - Reliefweb
In Video: Iraqi Air Force takes out ISIS tanker near Mosul - AMN Al-Masdar News (registration)
Erbil, Iraq is only an hour from ISIS stronghold of Mosul - -
In photos: Remnants of Badush Prison in Mosul - Iraqi News
Coalition airstrike kills 11 Daesh militants in Mosul - Anadolu Agency


As War Wrecks Ancient Iraq, Erbil Works to Rebuild Citadel - U.S. News & World Report
Senior Sadr delegation in Erbil to meet with President Barzani, - Rudaw
Erbil funds Kirkuk as Baghdad fails: Governor - Iraqi News
Ruling Shiite alliance warns Erbil: 'Drawing borders with blood' - Rudaw
Erbil, Baghdad locked in tussle over vacant ministerial posts - Rudaw
In Fiercely Contested Iraq, Erbil Offers a Model of Stability - National Review
Eleven people injured as El Clasico celebrations spill onto street - NRT
Ankara and Tehran threatened Erbil over Kirkuk's Kurdistan flag, - Rudaw
Washington seeks continued coordination with Erbil: US delegation - Iraqi News
PUK, KDP to meet with foreign consulates in Erbil to discuss Kurdish referundum - Rudaw


Pitched Battles in Syria Reported Near IS Raqqa Stronghold - Voice of America
UN 'deeply concerned' over safety of 400000 civilians fleeing US-led coalition airstrikes in Raqqa - RT
A coherent approach to Raqqa - Foreign Policy (blog)
US Coalition destroys every bridge inside northern Raqqa town - AMN Al-Masdar News (registration)
US-backed Syrian forces set sights on valley north of Raqqa - Fox News
YPG Press Office founder killed by landmine near Raqqa - ARA News - ARA News
US military spokesman says siege of Raqqa coming - Military Times - Military Times
Raqqa offensive will be delayed if cooperation with YPG continues: Turkish defense minister - Hurriyet Daily News
Spokesman: Counter-ISIS Forces Make Gains in Raqqa, Mosul - Department of Defense
Syrians Risk All in Flight From Raqqa - U.S. News & World Report


Gulf States Must Donate to Avert Famine in Yemen: U.N. - U.S. News & World Report
Yemen: A #breadmarch to save al-Hodeida port - The New Arab
Pentagon Spokesman Updates Iraq, Syria, Yemen Operations - Department of Defense
UNDP calls for increased support for resilience in Yemen - UNDP
Building Resilient Rural Livelihoods Is Key to Helping Yemen - The Wire
20 soldiers killed or injured in Yemen - Sky News - Sky News Australia
Will Riyadh's new DC ambassador draw US deeper into Yemen war? - Al-Monitor
Yemen Nutrition Cluster Bulletin, Issue 1, Jan-Mar, 2017 - ReliefWeb
Yemen: Conflict has catastrophic consequences for health care - Reliefweb
Race against time to save millions of lives in Yemen - UNICEF (press release)


Pentagon Warns Ships as Pirates Again Prowl Waters Off Somalia - New York Times
US Offers Training as Somalia Fights for Security - Voice of America
Somalia: Response to Acute Watery Diarrhoea (AWD)/Cholera Outbreaks Emergency Plan of Action DREF Operation ... - ReliefWeb
Roadside bomb in Somalia kills 8 soldiers, police say - Washington Post
Somalia Executes 4 Linked to 2016 Baidoa Blasts - Voice of America
WHO conducts joint mission to Baidoa to review cholera support - ReliefWeb
Target Somalia: The new scramble for Africa? - BBC News - BBC News
Crewman injured as tanker fired on off Somalia | TradeWinds - TradeWinds (subscription)
Somalia: Drought Response - Situation Report No. 5 (as of 23 April 2017) - ReliefWeb
UK announces new support for security reform in Somalia - Reliefweb