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The Foreign Desk

Turkey formally arrests newspaper staff over suspected coup links: paper
UK police arrest two more in hunt for suicide bomber’s network
Two men killed in Portland after trying to stop anti-Muslim rant: police
South Korea’s anti-piracy unit searches for Mongolian ship off Somalia
Chinese jets intercept U.S surveillance plane: U.S. officials
Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails end hunger strike: Prisons Service
Iraqi forces launch operation to seize last Islamic State enclave in Mosul
Malaysian police arrests six Islamic State suspects
Top China official says Hong Kong’s autonomy is not a license to challenge Beijing
Dozens dead in Afghanistan violence as Ramadan begins
Philippines’ Duterte jokes about rape amid concern over martial law abuses
Exclusive: Tillerson declines to host Ramadan event at State Department
Taiwan tells China don’t use ‘black box’ hearing against detained activist
Beijing appoints Cai Qi as party chief: state media
Exclusive: Trump son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy – sources
Texas governor draws criticism for joke about shooting journalists
Iraqi forces call on civilians to flee Mosul’s Islamic State-held Old City
Philippine president urges IS-linked rebels to halt siege, start talks
Under state pressure, Venezuela TV limits live coverage of protests
Senate intelligence panel requests Trump campaign documents: Washington Post
Egypt launches air raids on Libya after Christians killed
Panama to tighten immigration policy for Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua
Exclusive: Fidelity may back climate resolutions, a milestone for activists
Fierce clashes as rival factions battle in Libyan capital
Five decapitated bodies found in Mexico’s Veracruz state
G7 leaders turn gaze to Africa, climate harmony elusive
Merkel pushes back against renewed Trump criticism of surplus
Tunisia confiscates property of businessmen arrested for graft
In shakeup, Trump to set up ‘war room’ to repel attacks over Russia probe
Migrants who clung to boat rescued off Libya, seven bodies found: officials
Clashes after activist interrupts sermon in north Moroccan town
Oil prices rebound; dollar firms as sterling drops
Suicide bomber wounds several Lebanese soldiers in north: security sources
Kuwaiti envoy meets Qatar’s emir amid Gulf dispute
New French government resists pressure for minister to step down
U.S., Japan agree to enhance North Korea sanctions: White House
UK police say they’ve arrested some key players behind Manchester bombing
Allies of Brazil’s Temer prepare for ‘the day after’
Boehner: Trump has been ‘complete disaster’
UK police make 11th arrest over Manchester bomb attack
Hillary Clinton attacks proposed Trump budget cuts as ‘cruelty’
Britain’s May gets support from G7 on fight against terrorism
U.S. to carry out first ICBM intercept test
Trump travel ban fight heads toward Supreme Court showdown
Thousands in Britain honor two mothers killed in Manchester attack
Tunisia beach attack trial opens under tight security
Some investors bet Brazil has further room to fall
Brazil police killing of 10 Amazon region land activists under probe
G7 leaders must not waver on Russia sanctions, says EU’s Tusk
Republican wins Montana special election despite assault charge

Watching America

Trump’s Tour
Trump Just Picked a Side in Islam’s Sectarian War. This Ends Badly.
Russiagate: What If It Really Is a Witch Hunt?
Trump and the Pope – Two Leaders Worlds Apart

The Intercept

$25 Million Oil Tanker Gifted to Erdogan’s Family Is Just One of Many Revelations in the Malta Files
A conveniente ausência de Henrique Meirelles na delação da JBS
In Montana Race, Rob Quist Had To Fight Off Both the Republicans and the GOP-Aligned Local Media
Russia Is on TV, but Health Care Was the Central Issue in Montana’s Election
Caos generalizado transforma escândalos em notícias de pé de página
Senators From Both Parties Blast “Outrageous” Trump Call Praising Duterte for Anti-Drug Killing Spree
Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Theorist Trained Senior U.S. Marshal, National Guard Members, Documents Show
Join The Intercept in Documenting the Conflicts of Interest of Hundreds of Trump Appointees
A Chain of Corporate Newspapers Could Make the Difference in Montana’s Special Election
Governo que pedia unificação nacional é responsável agora por um país em chamas
Reações ao atentado após show de Ariana Grande mostram como antimuçulmanos são “idiotas úteis” para o ISIS
Veja todos os nomes relacionados ao Brasil no Malta Files
Ricardo Saud, “homem da mala” da Friboi, registrou empresa de jogo do bicho em Malta
Cortes em verba hospitalar e demolições na cracolândia mostram o que Doria entende por saúde pública
DEA Lied to Congress About Deadly Raid That Killed Four Hondurans, Government Report Says
Lindsey Graham on Trump Ally Rodrigo Duterte: “This Is Not a Guy We Want to Empower”
Reactions to Manchester Bombing Show How Anti-Muslim Bigots Are “Useful Idiots” for ISIS
Donald Trump’s Pick for EPA Enforcement Office Was a Lobbyist for Superfund Polluters
Intercepted Podcast: Donald Trump and His League of Extraordinary Despots
Read the Full Transcript of Trump’s Call With Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

Political Violence @ a Glance

Why Terrorist Actors Cooperate
“Hacking” for Successful Peace Implementation in Colombia (Part 1)
The Future of War is in Cities – the Study of War Should Follow Suit
Weekly Links
Do Realists Need to Check Their Idealism?
Weekly Links
Sanctions: The Unintended Consequences
What Will Taught Us About Refugees and Forced Migrants
Weekly Links
Protect the People to Protect the Peace


War Machine Is Your Sneak Peek at Netflix’s Blockbuster Future
Google’s AlphaGo Trounces Humans—But It Also Gives Them a Boost
Assistants, Please
Obesity Surgery May Work by Remaking Your Gut Microbiome
Where—and When—You’ll Find America’s Worst Traffic This Memorial Day Weekend
9 Essential Summer Reads—From Sci-Fi to Philosophical Superheroes
Eerie Photos Capture Fear and Paranoia in Washington DC
For Modern Astronomers, It’s Learn to Code or Get Left Behind
Minutiae: The Curious App That Captures Your Unfiltered Life
This Entrepreneur A/B Tested Her Clothes to Combat Sexism

Corp Watch

Bangladeshi Government Cracks Down On Garment Workers Sweatshop Wage Protests
Takata Fined $1 Billion For Hiding Information on Exploding Car Airbags
Publish, Punish, and Pardon: Nine National Security Changes Obama Should Make Before He Leaves Office
Billionaires & Big Business Line Up To Help U.S. President Elect-Donald Trump
Goodhope Asia Accused Of Land Grabbing In West Papua For Palm Oil
Robertson Winery Accused Of Slavery-Like Practices In South Africa
Eli Lilly Raised U.S. Prices Of Diabetes Drug 700 Percent Over 20 Years
Swiss Bank UBS May Be Suspended From Doing Business In Hong Kong
AT&T Developed Secret Program To Help U.S. Police Mine Client Phone Records
Native Tribes Protest Energy Transfer Partners North Dakota Oil Pipeline
Coke and McDonalds Host Carnival of Junk Food Marketing At Rio Olympics
Six Novartis Executives Charged In Illegal Drug Rebate Scheme In South Korea
General Atomics Funded U.S. Think Tank That Promoted Increased Drone Exports
Cyrela, Rio Olympic Construction Contractor, Accused Of Mistreating Workers
Broadspectrum 'Violating' Human Rights At Australian Offshore Detention Centers

Economic Voice

Labour pledges more funding to grassroots football on FA Cup final day
Five Tips for introducing Strengths-based ways of working in your organization
Number of Households in England to increase 20% by 2039
Restaurant Group shares surge despite falling sales
Brexit fears linked to the rise in protected trust deeds
Tory plans for post Brexit fisheries : “Future of fisheries is processing, not trawling"!
Looking for love? It’s all in the smile!
Cost Pressures Strengthening Across the Service Sector – CBI
Jeremy Corbyn: My commitment to our country
UK GDP Growth Revised Down to 0.2% for Q1 2017
Mortgage Lending up 4% on Last Year
Love Ssega Releases Video For 'Hot Electrolytes'

Tom Dispatch

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Those Who Do Not Remember History...
Tomgram: Mattea Kramer, Hit Him Where It Hurts
Best of TomDispatch: Graduation Day With Howard Zinn
Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, The Human Price of Trump's Wars
Tomgram: David Vine, Trumping Democracy in America's Empire of Bases
Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Globalization of Misery
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, America's Wars and the "More" Strategy
Tomgram: William Hartung, Ignoring the Costs of War
Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, What Obsessing About You-Know-Who Causes Us To Miss
Tomgram: John Dower, Terror Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Tomgram: Nomi Prins, All in the Family Trump
Tomgram: Nick Turse, The U.S. Military Moves Deeper into Africa
Tomgram: Aviva Chomsky, The Criminalization of Immigrants From Clinton to Trump
Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Chameleon Presidency
Tomgram: Michael Klare, Do African Famines Presage Global Climate-Change Catastrophe?
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Remind Us How This Ends...
Tomgram: Ira Chernus, Love Trumps Domination (Without the Combover)
Tomgram: William Astore, From Deterrence to Doomsday?
Tomgram: Mattea Kramer, Road Rules, or Rediscovering My Country from Cuban Soil
Tomgram: Dahr Jamail, Alaska in the Crosshairs
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Believe the Autocrat
Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Teflon Wars
Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, Would-Be Strongmen Worldwide
Tomgram: Rajan Menon, Making America Insecure Again
Tomgram: John Dower, Body Count for the American Century


Inequality is Fracturing American Democracy and Killing Prosperity
Is Big Government Bad for Freedom, Civil Society, and Happiness?
Why Economists Have to Embrace Complexity to Avoid Disaster
Hayek Meets Information Theory. And Fails.
The Future of Work, Robotization, and Capitalism’s Ability to Generate Useless Jobs
How to Resolve Fights over Reclining Airplane Seats: Use Behavioral Economics
Seven Ways to Transform 21st-Century Economics — and Economists
Quality of Government, Not Size, Is the Key to Freedom and Prosperity
Building the Public Goods of the Twenty-First Century
America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People
The Fading American Dream: Declining Mobility and Increasing Inequality
They Go Together: Freedom, Prosperity, and Big Government
How Ideologues Use Grade-School Economics to Distort Minimum Wage Debates
Why Society’s Biggest Freeloaders Are at the Top
Como as Cooperativas Estão Direcionando a Nova Economia
A Extrema Desigualdade Não é Dirigida Pelo Mérito Mas Pela Busca De Renda E Pela Sorte
Economist Josh Ryan-Collins: How Land Disappeared from Economic Theory
Economistas devem parar de defender a pseudo-ciência de Milton Friedman
A Economia Tradicional Não é Capaz de Ajudar. Precisamos Repensar o Crescimento e o Capitalismo
How Low-Paying Jobs and Weak Safety Nets Reduce Innovation and Productivity

Robert Reich

Making America Meaner
Senate Republicans are Screwed on Trumpcare and They Know It.
Trump’s Cruel and Deviant Budget
Europe’s View of Trump
The End of Trump
Are There 22 Patriotic House Republicans?
The Moral Travesty of Trumpcare
Nos félicitations, Macron
The Attack on Western Democracy
The Moral Travesty of Trumpcare
TRUMP’S UNNECESSARY CRUELTYThe theme that unites all of Trump’s...
Trump’s Banksters and the Rollback of Dodd-FrankDonald Trump has...
The Authoritarian President
Trump’s Unconstitutional Assault on the Judiciary
5 Reasons Why Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut is Appallingly Dumb
First 100 Days: Trump and the Degradation of the Presidency
Free Speech (Update)
The Only Real “Centrist” Agenda
The Trump Doctrine

Naked Capitalism

Why Withdrawal or “Tiny” Living Isn’t a Solution to Sustainability
The New New Deal
2:00PM Water Cooler 5/26/2017
Europe’s Faustian Bargain with Big Finance
Links 5/26/17
The White House Flouts Ethics Rules
Down the Memory Hole: Living in Trump’s United States of Amnesia
2:00PM Water Cooler 5/25/2017
Dumb Things Politicians Say About Health Care Policy
Links 5/25/17

Project Syndicate

The Promise of China’s Pearl River Delta
Too Many Health Clinics Hurt Developing Countries
Donald Trump’s Flying Circus
Democracy Trumps Terrorism
The Hunger Bonds
The Shrinking of the Presidency
Manchester’s Bright Future
Rethinking the Next China
Confronting Europe’s Illiberals
Iran’s Long Economic Journey
The TPP’s Second Act
China’s Imperial Overreach
Maintaining Growth in a Fast-Aging Asia
Awakening from the Trump Nightmare
The Six-Day War at 50
Understanding Today’s Stagnation
What NATO Needs from Trump
How Macron Can Unite Europe
The Iranian Opportunity
The Rouhani Factor

New Economic Perspectives

Announcing the First International Conference on Modern Monetary Theory 
Lawyer with Responsibility for Mortgage Crisis Appointed to Take Care of Mortgage Banks
The Living New Deal
April 13, 2017 Wells Fargo’s Board Investigation of Itself Amounts to a Farce
Dodd-Frank Was Designed to Fail – and Trump Will Make it Worse
Ecuadorians Reject Neoliberalism in Presidential Race
President of Richmond Fed Leaks Insider Information and Goes Free
Inequality Update: Who Gains When Income Grows?
Reality Virus Infects Kansas Legislators, Brownback Immune
Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp?

Baseline Scenario

How Markets Work
Fees Add Up
Soak the Poor, Feed the Rich
Review Copies of Economism
Why Is Connecticut Giving Its Employees’ Money to the Asset Management Industry?
The Right to Have Rights
Economism and Economics
Economism and the Law
Economism and Health Care
Conflicts and Corruption
Economism Typo Contest
Economism and the Future of the Democratic Party
A Change Is in the Air
The Curse of Credentialism
Larry Kudlow and Economics in the Trump Administration

Corporate Crime Reporter

Marianne Karth and the Battle for Strong Truck Underride Guards
Corporate Crime Experts Rip Citigroup Non Prosecution Agreement
Justice Department Compliance Counsel Hui Chen Goes After Donald Trump
Ronald Burdge on United Airlines and the Downside of Secret Settlements
Bumble Bee to Plead Guilty to Price Fixing Pay $25 Million Criminal Fine
Urska Velikonja on SEC Enforcement
Crimes of the Powerful Conference Set for Osgoode Hall Law School May 25 and 26
Verity Winship on Denials and Admissions in SEC Civil Enforcement
Former SEC FCPA Enforcement Chief Kara Novaco Brockmeyer to Debevoise
Nader Questions Secrecy of United Airlines Settlement with Man Dragged Off Plane

Informed Comment

Top 5 Questions about Kushner’s back channel to Moscow
Retraining Workers for Climate Action: How the Light Gets In
Roger Ailes: The Man Who Destroyed the News
Comeygate: How Orwell can Explain why Trump keeps Changing his Story
Only Putin is happy with Trump’s NATO Bull-in-China-Shop Catastrophe
Thousands protest against Trump in ‘hellhole’ Brussels
Iran: Does the Rouhani Win Matter for Human Rights?
What Iranian women want: rights, jobs and a seat at the table

Ben Bernanke @ Brookings

Some reflections on Japanese monetary policy
The zero lower bound on interest rates: How should the Fed respond?
How big a problem is the zero lower bound on interest rates?
Why Dodd-Frank’s orderly liquidation authority should be preserved
Shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet
The Fed and fiscal policy
Federal Reserve economic projections: What are they good for?
Sebastian Mallaby’s biography of Alan Greenspan
Are Americans better off than they were a decade or two ago?
The latest from the Bank of Japan

The Automatic Earth

Debt Rattle May 27 2017
Debt Rattle May 26 2017
Debt Rattle May 25 2017
Debt Rattle May 24 2017
Debt Rattle May 23 2017
Debt Rattle May 22 2017
Debt Rattle May 21 2017
Debt Rattle May 20 2017
Debt Rattle May 19 2017
The Automatic Earth Primer Guide 2017

One America News

Brad Pitt, Courtney Love among mourners at Chris Cornell funeral
Turkey formally arrests newspaper staff over suspected coup links: paper
UK police arrest two more in hunt for suicide bomber’s network
Chinese jets intercept U.S surveillance plane: U.S. officials
Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails end hunger strike: Prisons Service
Iraqi forces launch operation to seize last Islamic State enclave in Mosul
Top China official says Hong Kong’s autonomy is not a license to challenge Beijing
Top China official says Hong Kong’s autonomy is not a license to challenge Beijing

NY Times

Their Government in Chaos, Brazilians Fear the Joke Is on Them
At His Own Wake, Celebrating Life and the Gift of Death
Gunmen in Egypt Force Coptic Christian Pilgrims From Buses and Kill 28
U.N. Offers Regret but No Compensation for Kosovo Poisoning Victims
Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter, Dies at 89
Mild in Mideast, Trump Is All Elbows in a Europe Eager to Jab Back
U.S. Quietly Lifts Limit on Number of Refugees Allowed In
Manchester, Hillary Clinton, Paris Agreement: Your Evening Briefing
A Russian Businessman’s Road From Siberia to Success
Why Spend $110 Million on a Basquiat? ‘I Decided to Go for It,’ Japanese Billionaire Explains
Canada Today: End-of-Life Stories
World Leaders Increase Pressure on Trump to Stay in the Paris Accord
During Ramadan, Home Cooks Shine
The Saturday Profile: From Heavy Metal Frontman to Taiwan’s Parliament
Trump Says NATO Allies Don’t Pay Their Share. Is That True?
Candidate’s Call to Save ‘Canadian Values’? Un-Canadian, Critics Say
Journalist’s Footage Shows Iraqi Forces Torturing Civilians, ABC Report Says
Taliban Kill at Least 15 at Afghan Army Outpost in Kandahar
Katie Hopkins, Conservative Provocateur, to Leave Radio Show After Tweet
Iraqi Forces in Mosul Plan ISIS Assault, but Fight Could Be Long
Britain Says It Has ‘Large Part’ of Manchester Bomber’s Network
Ultranationalist Monks in Myanmar, Facing Crackdown, Say They’re Unrepentant
New Emoji is a Meaningful Symbol for Indigenous Australians
IHT Retrospective Blog: 1967: U.S. War Toll Sets a Record
News Analysis: In Indonesia and Philippines, Militants Find a Common Bond: ISIS
Philippines Strains to Clear ISIS-Inspired Militants From Southern City


UK police arrest two more in hunt for suicide bomber's network
Iraqi forces launch operation to seize last Islamic State enclave in Mosul
Dozens dead in Afghanistan violence as Ramadan begins
Turkey formally arrests newspaper staff over suspected coup links: paper
Philippines' Duterte jokes about rape amid concern over martial law abuses
Palestinian inmates in Israeli jails end hunger strike: Prisons Service
Malaysian police arrests six Islamic State suspects
Top China official says Hong Kong's autonomy is not a license to challenge Beijing
South Korea's anti-piracy unit searches for Mongolian ship off Somalia
Chinese jets intercept U.S surveillance plane: U.S. officials

Wall Street Journal

Egypt Strikes Libya After Gunmen Attack Christians
Trump Shows Two Negotiating Styles on Trip Overseas
Manchester Suicide Bomber Likely Built Bomb Himself, Official Says
Haley Tries to Thread a Needle in Survey of Refugee Camps
Turkey's Opposition Seeks Way to Win Against Erdogan
May Loses Ground in U.K. Poll After Manchester Attack
Are We Now Ready for Ebola?
China Exerts More Control Over Its Currency With Tweak to Yuan Fix
U.S. Plans Missile Defense Test Amid Concern Over North Korea
Philippines Says Foreign Fighters Have Joined Militant Group
Beijing Protests U.S. Patrol in South China Sea

Multinational - BRICS Post

Chinese FM meets top Russian leaders in Moscow
China’s markets shrug off Moody’s downgrade
South Korea’s Moon appoints security advisors
China, Russia to build wide-body jets
Manchester blast: 19 dead, scores injured
Russian Premier to meet Erdogan in Istanbul
Will South Africa’s downgraded status pull the region down?
Tillerson, Yang speak after China-ASEAN agreement on South China Sea
Brazil: Currency, markets plunge amid Temer corruption allegations
Russia, Italy to boost energy ties: Putin after talks with Italian PM

Europe - BBC

Kushner 'discussed secret line to Moscow' - US media reports
Palestinians in Israeli jails end 40-day hunger strike
Chris Cornell: Friends and family at Soundgarden singer's funeral
Egypt hits 'jihadist camps' after attack on Coptic Christians
Trump foreign tour: G7 leaders turn attention to Africa
Genene Jones, former Texas nurse, charged again with baby murder
Foreign fighters 'among Philippines militants'
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter's national security adviser, dies at 89
Wisconsin sheriff accused of 'ordering staff to harass man'
Libya turmoil: Rival armed groups clash in capital, Tripoli
Teacher disciplined over 'most likely to become a terrorist' award
Legal victory for Kenya hunter-gatherers
Clinton makes digs at Trump
Exams in Ramadan: What should I eat?
Can fish skin help treat burns?
ICYMI: Did you miss any of these stories?
How Balenciaga shaped modern fashion
Inside the Philippines' 'baby factory'
Fighting deadly Siberian wildfires from the sky
Germany's Wacken hard rock festival gets beer pipeline
Net neutrality: 'Dead people' signing FCC consultation
Afghan star burns controversial dress
Russian explorers find 'swamp' of Soviet money
French Polynesia yacht wreck leads to drug problem
Rehab for jihadists
Going off-grid
The British (pitch) Invasion
'Fast Eddie'
Lamb and cheese
'How can I trust her?'
Schapelle saga
Shifting tongues
'Saint of soccer'
Paradise in the Med
Africa's week in pictures: 19 - 25 May 2017
Not a calamity

Libyan Express

At least 20 killed, 50 injured so far in ongoing deadly clashes in Libya’s capital
Heavy clashes sweep through Libya’s capital, Tripoli
Libya remains exempted from OPEC oil cuts deal
Spanish navy frigate rescues 282 migrants off Libya’s coast
Libyan Football Federation: Libyan Football League to kick off August 18
Kik to create its own digital currency, CEO says
Presidential Council condemns airstrikes on Jufra
OPEC extends cuts on oil production to March 2018
US-led coalition airstrike kills 16 civilians in Raqqa suburbs, Syria
Manchester United wins Europa League after winning 2-0 over Ajax


Girls are increasingly being married off in war-torn Yemen - Washington Post
Yemen: Ramadan an Opportunity for Detainees - Human Rights Watch
Will President Trump Help Save Yemen? - The New York Times - New York Times
Navy SEALs Kill 7 Militants in Yemen Raid but Suffer Injuries - New York Times
US ground forces in action in Yemen - Press TV
UAE supports Yemen's electricity with additional 100MW -
Rebel shelling kills three journalists in Yemen - The National
U.N. Wants Investigation Into Attack on Yemen Envoy's Convoy - U.S. News & World Report
Oman flies 'missing' Australian out of Yemen: ministry -
WHO sends massive aid delivery to cholera-hit Yemen - Anadolu Agency

North America - CSM-World

Iraqis demand compensation from US for bombing that killed more than 100 civilians
Campaigning resumes in Britain after Manchester attack
Militants attack bus of Coptic Christians in Egypt
Chechnya's anti-gay pogrom: Too much even for the Kremlin?
Paradise found
US patrol sends signal to Beijing's claims in South China Sea – but how strong?
Russian opposition leader finds new platform on YouTube
Philippine forces launch attacks against ISIS-linked militants in Marawi
'Important items' uncovered in Manchester investigation as British officials decry US leaks
Rouhani's election victory in Iran was dramatic, but how deep did it go?
How a forlorn playground became one of America’s most innovative public spaces
Violence heats up in Central African Republic
NATO hopes to impress Trump with new headquarters and defense policies
ISIS-linked militants lay siege to city in southern Philippines, Duterte declares martial law
Following Manchester bombing, soldiers deployed across UK
As crisis intensifies, Venezuelans look beyond Chavísmo's sharp divides
Manchester attack: explaining terrorism to children
In Jordanian city hit by ISIS, old lessons on Christian-Muslim coexistence
As Taiwan debates gay marriage, advocates eye influence abroad
Manchester attack: three questions to consider

927 Mag

The Israeli Left must show up to protest 50 years of occupation
WATCH: Palestinians mark Nakba on both sides of Green Line
A Palestinian’s first-class seat next to Naftali Bennett
Israeli army jails conscientious objector for fourth time
Israeli cops assault American Jewish activists in Jerusalem Day protest
Jerusalem Day: W. J’lm businesses shutter in solidarity with Palestinians
Palestinian cars torched in ‘price tag’ attack in northern Israel
Fighting media silence on the Palestinian hunger strike
Diaspora Jews must place our bodies on the line
What can Trump really do in the face of a 50-year occupation?

United Nations Security Council Documents


Combating Terrorism Center Sentinel

The Islamic State Threat to Germany: Evidence from the Investigations
The Polarizing Effect of Islamic State Aggression on the Global Jihadist Movement
The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons: A Profile of the Arm’s-Length Proxy of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party
The Enduring Influence of Anwar al-Awlaki in the Age of the Islamic State
A View from the CT Foxhole: Hazim Fouad and Behnam Said, Analysts at the Bremen and Hamburg Verfassungsschutz
Deciphering Competition Between al-Qa`ida and the Islamic State
July 2016
Former Downing Scholar to receive 2016 Nininger Award
Der Spiegel report features CTC analysis
CTC Class of ’71 Fellow published in Washington Post

BLS - Latest numbers

Major Economic Indicators Latest Numbers


Bruegel annual report 2016
Les banques européennes se retirent-elles de la scène internationale?
Standing on the shoulders of distant giants
Debt relief or a fourth financial assistance programme for Greece?
Dial N for NAIRU, or not?
What could a euro-area finance minister mean?
UK economic performance post-Brexit
China cannot finance the Belt and Road alone
China’s rising leverage is a growing risk
What’s next for France and Europe?

Un Security Council

UN Security Council must act to end man-made humanitarian crisis ... - ReliefWeb
Bolivia's Sacha Llorenti "Ready" to Assume UN Security Council Presidency - teleSUR English
The Latest: UN Security Council condemns Egypt bus attack - Hawaii News Now
UN Security Council weighs new sanctions on North Korea - Washington Post
Top UN official in South Sudan urges Security Council to advance 'common strategy' on political process - UN News Centre
Security Council Meets Over Killing of 2 UN Experts in Congo - New York Times
UN Security Council condemns military escalation in southern Libya ... - Xinhua
UN chief, Security Council strongly condemn terrorist attack on Manchester concert - UN News Centre
Security Council strongly condemns ballistic missile test by DPR Korea - UN News Centre
Briefing to the UN Security Council by SRSG for Iraq Ján Kubiš, 22 ... - Reliefweb

Hillary Clinton

5 things we learned about Hillary Clinton from the New York magazine profile - CNN
Watch Live: Hillary Clinton delivers commencement speech at Wellesley College - Los Angeles Times
Suit against Hillary Clinton over Benghazi deaths and emails is dismissed - Politico (blog)
Manchester, Hillary Clinton, Paris Agreement: Your Evening Briefing - New York Times
Hillary Clinton Supporters Filed a Complaint Against Bernie Sanders—And Lost - Newsweek
Hillary Clinton's entitlement doomed her campaign, 'Shattered' co ... - Fox Business
In commencement address, Hillary Clinton remembers fallout from Nixon, makes subtle jab at President Trump - Los Angeles Times
Here's What Hillary Clinton Thought About James Comey's Firing - HuffPost
Hillary Clinton Has A New Excuse For Why She Lost - The Daily Caller
As Clinton emerges from the woods, what will her role be? - ABC News


Aid groups warn of chaos after Mosul civilians told to flee - Washington Post
Iraqis Demand 'Justice' After US Probe Into Mosul Strike - U.S. News & World Report
Mosul on My Mind - LobeLog
Pentagon Reveals Results Of Probe Into Deadly Mosul Airstrike - NPR
Exclusive: Inside the battle for Mosul, chaos on the ground - FRANCE 24
Manchester, Greg Gianforte, Mosul: Your Thursday Evening Briefing - New York Times
Iraq: DTM West Mosul Displacement Overview (as of 25 May 2017) - ReliefWeb
Battle for Mosul: IS 'using chemical weapons' - BBC News
UN envoy: Liberation of Mosul 'imminent,' IS days numbered - Fox News
Battle To Wrest ISIS From Iraqi City Of Mosul Enters More Intense Phase - NPR


First Hijabi fashion show in Erbil on eve of Ramadan - Rudaw
In Erbil: Enthusiasts enjoy affiliated soccer's return to Iraq - Rudaw
IN-PICTURE: University of Kurdistan-Hawler held international 'academic' conference in Erbil - Kurdistan24
PM Barzani: Baghdad-Erbil relations akin to landlord and tenant, neither party likes it - Rudaw
Mosul imports vegetables from Erbil but sells for less - Rudaw
Erbil hosts exhibition for manufacturing industries in Kurdistan - Rudaw
Erbil tourism exhibition hosts over 200 companies - Rudaw
Kurdish official warns against Iraqi army indoctrinated to consider Erbil a threat - Rudaw
10 Things That Caught My Eye This Week - National Review
Travel news: New Rotana opens in Erbil, Iraq; Japan developments and more - The National


SDF give ISIS in Raqqa to end of May to surrender - Rudaw - Rudaw
Syria war: Air strike near Raqqa 'kills 16 civilians' - BBC News
Syrian Force Urges Raqqa Jihadists to Surrender by End-May - U.S. News & World Report
We are Rushing Raqqa - Lawfare (blog)
Huge ISIL convoy en route to Raqqa eliminated by Syrian military: video - AMN Al-Masdar News (registration)
Is Trump Looking for a Flashy Victory Over ISIS in Raqqa? - Newsweek
What Does the Fall of Mosul and Raqqa Mean For ISIS? - Wall Street Journal (subscription)
US-Backed Syrian Forces Await Weapons for Summer Assault on Raqqa - U.S. News & World Report
US increases use of deconfliction hotline with Russia amid pending operation to liberate Raqqa - Military Times
Thousands of civilians already fleeing IS-held Raqqa city as US ... - Syria Direct


Girls are increasingly being married off in war-torn Yemen - Washington Post
Yemen: Ramadan an Opportunity for Detainees - Human Rights Watch
Will President Trump Help Save Yemen? - The New York Times - New York Times
Navy SEALs Kill 7 Militants in Yemen Raid but Suffer Injuries - New York Times
US ground forces in action in Yemen - Press TV
UAE supports Yemen's electricity with additional 100MW -
Rebel shelling kills three journalists in Yemen - The National
U.N. Wants Investigation Into Attack on Yemen Envoy's Convoy - U.S. News & World Report
Oman flies 'missing' Australian out of Yemen: ministry -
WHO sends massive aid delivery to cholera-hit Yemen - Anadolu Agency


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