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The Foreign Desk

Critics urge WHO to reverse ‘wrong’ choice of Mugabe as goodwill envoy
German police detain suspect in Munich knife attack
Gunmen kill 8 niger gendarmes, wound several, near Mali border
India cenbank says linking national ID number to bank accounts mandatory
Kremlin says Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria in phone call
Czech voters expected to hand power to billionaire businessman Babis
Spanish government meets to impose direct rule in rebel Catalonia
Israel says will intensify response to Syrian fire
Suicide bombers attack two Afghan mosques, at least 72 dead
Death toll from Egypt gun battle rises to 52 killed: sources
China says no excuses for foreign officials meeting Dalai Lama
Iraqi forces complete Kirkuk province takeover after clashes with Kurds
Three dead, search on for others after landslide at Malaysia construction site
Qantas flight to San Francisco turns back after ‘technical issue’
Thousands rally for gay marriage before Australian postal vote closes
Thailand rehearses lavish $90 million funeral for late king
Strong typhoon nears southern Japan the day before election
Trump expected to pressure China’s Xi to rein in North Korea: officials
Fighting in southern Philippine city may end imminently – military
Missing Argentine protester’s body identified days before election
Rockets strike downtown Kabul, no casualties reported
Graft probe into Mexico president’s ally poses tricky challenge ahead of elections
Researchers raise doubts over cause of Chilean poet Neruda’s death
Peru Congress passes bill to legalize medical marijuana
Venezuela Maduro warns of repeat elections in states won by opposition
Matchmaker Merkel seeks awkward three-way embrace
Turkish hunger striker released for remainder of trial
Canada’s Liberals look to economy to guide them past ethics scandal
U.S. must step up support for operation against West Africa militants: France
At least 30 police die in clash in Egypt’s Western desert: security sources
Brazil government to rework controversial slavery decree
Death toll from Somalia bombings rises to 358
At least two dead in bombing on Mogadishu outskirts
Britain’s May wins Brexit reprieve, faces tough weeks ahead
Canada granting asylum to U.S. border crossers at higher rates: data
Iranian commander issued stark warning to Iraqi Kurds over Kirkuk
Go-go going as Chinese women fuel Thai tourism boom
Spain plans new elections in Catalonia to end independence bid: opposition
France gets serious over sexual harassment after Weinstein scandal: minister
Czechs vote for new parliament, wealthy businessman seen as likely next PM
Brazil’s Temer says pension reform might not pass this year
Official candidate seen ahead in Buenos Aires Senate race: poll
U.S. says 24 people harmed from recent ‘attacks’ in Cuba
Lebanese court issues death sentence over 1982 Gemayel assassination
Having nuclear weapons ‘matter of life and death’ for North Korea: agency
Iran’s Guards flex muscle in Middle East despite Trump warning
U.S. House to vote on non-nuclear Iran sanctions next week
Zuma spokesman dismisses reports South African deputy president may be sacked
Malawi arrests 140 in clampdown after ‘vampirism’ killings
Death of a blogger casts shadow over murky Malta

Watching America

What if Trump Puts ‘America First’ on His Asia Trip?
The Biggest Lie of 2017: Trump Takes Credit for Islamic State ‘Giving Up’

The Intercept

John Kelly’s Lies About Frederica Wilson Are Part of a Pattern of Not Believing Black Women
E se a recuperação de Porto Rico fosse planejada pelos porto-riquenhos?
Let’s Compare John Kelly’s Lie About Rep. Frederica Wilson With Reality
Police Reportedly Claim a Brooklyn Teen Consented to Sex in Custody. That’s Impossible.
Bank Downgrades Chipotle, Complaining It Pays Workers Too Much. Chipotle Says That’s Bunk.
Governo finge esquecer retrocessos ambientais e comemora 16% de queda no desmatamento da Amazônia
Democratic Party Drama Puts Deputy Chair Keith Ellison in a Tough Spot
How Russian Firm Might Have Siphoned Tools From the NSA
Sob aplausos do mercado financeiro, empresários já lucram com reforma do ensino médio
Imagine a Puerto Rico Recovery Designed by Puerto Ricans
In New Ruling, Federal Judge Refuses to Erase Joe Arpaio’s Conviction
To Get Hurricane Rebuilding Money in Texas, Contractors Must Promise They Won’t Boycott Israel
Gilmar Mendes não é um escravo, diz Gilmar Mendes
Yemenis Thought They’d Won the Visa Lottery. Then Came Trump’s Muslim Ban.
Condenado por exploração sexual de meninas é primeiro da fila para voltar à Câmara dos Deputados
“The Florida Project” Offers a Rare Glimpse of Poverty on the Edge of Paradise
Truck Driver Pleads Guilty in Deadliest Immigrant-Smuggling Incident in More Than a Decade
A German Intelligence Agent Was at the Scene of a Neo-Nazi Murder. He Can’t Explain Why.
Children Are Dying at Alarming Rates in Foster Care, and Nobody Is Bothering to Investigate
Portaria do governo federal é tiro de misericórdia no combate ao trabalho escravo

Political Violence @ a Glance

Who Counts as Radical? Conceptions of Terrorism/Extremism as a Racial Contract
Advantages of a Civilian Mission: Keeping the Peace in Ukraine
When The Classics of Civ Mil Are Overcome By Events
Can Civilian Nonviolent Action Deter Massacres?
Going Stag: How Brideprice Influences Participation in Violent Conflict
Climate Change and the Syrian Civil War
Silent Guns: Examining the Two-Year Absence of Coups in Africa
From Stability to Charlottesville: What To Look For in the German Elections
Mao, Gandhi, and the Choice Between Violent and Nonviolent Action
Rohingya “terrorists” and the hierarchies of legitimate resistance in Myanmar


The Reaper Botnet Could Be Worse Than the Internet-Shaking Mirai Ever Was
Gadget Lab Podcast: New Alexa Speakers From Sonos and Ultimate Ears
Stranger Things Season 2: Q&A With Creators Matt and Ross Duffer
5 Fun Weekend Tech Deals For Gamers, Spotlight Enthusiasts
The Fervor Around Blockchains Explained in Two Minutes
The History of the Slinky
Schuberth C4 Modular Motorcycle Helmet: It Hushes the Hubbub of the Morning Commute
How on Earth Does Aquaman Fly in the *Justice League* Trailer?
How to Make Self-Driving Cars See the World Like Humans, and Other News From the Week in Cars
'A Mortician's Tale' Review: This Might Be the First Game to Really Understand Death
Review: Acer Chromebook 15 CB515-1HT-P39B
Equifax Deserves the Corporate Death Penalty
Honeywell Starts Testing Its Windowless War Truck
Verizon's Long-Shot Bet to Disrupt Google and Facebook
Can We Still Rely On Science Done By Sexual Harassers?
Cutting Carbs Won't Save You From Cancer
Airbus' A330-900neo Takes Off for the Very First Time
Cryptojacking Lets Strangers Mine Cryptocurrency With Your Browser
How Social Media Endangers Knowledge
Congress's New Bill Can't Eliminate Russian Influence Online

Corp Watch

Drone, Inc. - Acknowledgements
Drone, Inc. - Index
Drone, Inc. - Whistleblowers
Drone, Inc. - DOT&E
Drone, Inc. - NEXT STEPS
Drone, Inc. - CONCLUSION: The Failure of Remote Control
Drone, Inc. - L. No Bid Deals & Revolving Doors
Drone, Inc. - K. Embedded in the Kill Chain
Drone, Inc. - J. Distributed Common Ground System
Drone, Inc. - I. Social Network Analysis
Drone, Inc. - H. Cross Sensor Cueing
Drone, Inc. - G. Geolocation
Drone, Inc. - F. Ground Moving Target Indicator
Drone, Inc. - SOFTWARE: Algorithms 101

Economic Voice

Economic Diary for Week Commencing 23rd October 2017
Spain and Catalonia’s constitutional crisis is an “alarm call” for investors
46.2% of Toys and Games Will be Sold Online by 2022
Savers missing out on almost £4 billion amid high inflation and low interest rates
Chinese growth shrugs off headwinds
Police and prison officers will be hundreds of pounds a year worse off by 2022, TUC analysis reveals
More Self-Harm than Self-Help? How business people can survive today's guru industry
Monarch’s collapse is a red flag for pension savers
SONIA reform to be implemented on 23 April 2018
How can Britain meet demand for property?
The UK’s least healthy family restaurants revealed
Time to Grow Our Way Out of Austerity Says the CBI

Tom Dispatch

Tomgram: Robert Lipsyte, Trump Tackles the NFL
Tomgram: Engelhardt, Nixon's Children
Tomgram: Karen Greenberg, Gitmo's Living Legacy in the Trump Era
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Embracing Our Inner Empire
Tomgram: William Hartung, How the Military-Industrial Complex Preys on the Troops
Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, How We Learned Not To Care About America's Wars
Tomgram: Nick Turse, A Disappearance, a Body, and What It Takes to Make the News
Tomgram: Noam Chomsky and David Barsamian, A World in Peril
Tomgram: Mattea Kramer, When a Voice Tells You You'll Never Be Enough
Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, The Global War of 2030
Tomgram: Nomi Prins, In Donald Trump's Washington, The House Always Wins
Tomgram: Engelhardt, Tweeting While the Planet Burns
Tomgram: Ann Jones, When Will They Ever Learn?
Tomgram: Michael Klare, The New Face of "War" at Home
Tomgram: Ariel Dorfman, A Tale of Two Donalds
Tomgram: William Astore, The Superpower That Fought Itself -- And Lost
Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, How the Pentagon Snatched Innovation From the Jaws of Defeat
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Whose Side Are You On?
Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Last Men Standing
Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, The CIA and Me
Tomgram: John Feffer, Avoiding War with Pyongyang
Tomgram: Engelhardt, Welcome to the Post-American World
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Is Anything the Moral Equivalent of War?
Tomgram: Nick Turse, Counting Coups
Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, The Great Hysteria


Tim O’Reilly: It’s Time to Rewrite the Rules of Our Economy
Yes, Economics Has a Problem with Women
Ralph Nader: How CEO Stock Buybacks Parasitize the Economy
What Will Replace Outdated Left and Right Economic Thinking? The Commons Paradigm.
Insanely Concentrated Wealth Is Strangling Our Prosperity
Economyths: The Five Stages of Economic Grief
When Wall Street Owns Main Street — Literally
People Don’t Actually Want Equality. They Want Fairness.
Free Marketeers Defense of CEO Pay and a Rigged System is a Disservice to Free Markets
What Peter the Great Discovered in Amsterdam: Inclusivity Creates Wealth
How to Use Fiscal and Monetary Policy to Make Us Rich Again
The Economics of Team Success, or How to Waste Money on Big-Name Stars in Pro Football
Why a Consumption Tax May not Make any Sense at All
How the Postal System and the Printing Press Transformed European Markets
Bribery, Cooperation, and the Evolution of Prosocial Institutions
Two Big Questions About the Job Guarantee: God, Devil, and the Details
How Economics Can Free Itself from Religious Dogmatism
Where Do Pro-Social Institutions Come From?
What Economics Models Really Say
It Takes a Theory to Beat a Theory: The Adaptive Markets Hypothesis

Robert Reich

Why We Must All Fight
Is Trump Unraveling?
Trump and Weinstein
WHY WE NEED SANCTUARY STATESCalifornia lawmakers have just...
Memo to Tillerson about the Moron
The Growing Irrelevance of President Trump
 Six Reasons Why American Corporations Shouldn’t Get a Tax...
How to Make the Electoral College IrrelevantWe must make sure...
Why We Must Raise Taxes on Corporations and the Wealthy, Not Lower Them
The Growing Danger of Dynastic Wealth
Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about the Trump-Republican Tax Plan
It’s Now Time for Medicare for All
TRUMP’S OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICESteve Bannon recently called...
Trump’s Policy Catastrophe
Google, Trump, and the Arrogance of Power
Why CEOs are Turning on Trump
When Big Money Buys Off Criticism of Big Money

Naked Capitalism

Links 10/21/17
Worst Health Care Revolving Door Case So Far, Version 2.0? – From President of Lilly USA to US Secretary of Health and Human Services?
Enlightenment Then, Enlightenment Now
Reminder: NYC Meetup Next Tuesday, October 24; Philadelphia Meetup Friday November 2
2:00PM Water Cooler 10/20/2017
Can Manipulating the Prices of ObamaCare’s “Silver” Plans Prevent Trump’s CSR Cuts from Having Any Impact?
Sloppy Journalism about “Fully Autonomous” (Except Not) Robot Cars on (Some of) Manhattan’s Streets
Links 10/20/17
Brexit: The Economics of International Disintegration
India’s Demonetization Experiment Fails to Demonetize: Cash Comes Full Circle

New Economic Perspectives

Solving the Political Problem
Money and Banking Post 21: The Interest Rate
Senator Warren: Equifax Profits from Data Hack While Consumers Pay the Price
The Great Italian Experiment (part 2)
Cheap Sexism and Intellectual Dishonesty about Marriage
The Poorest Tax Payers to Pay the Most Under Trump Plan
The Job Guarantee Should Unite Anyone Interested in Strengthening Families
Hy Minsky, Low Finance: Modern Money, Civil Rights, and Consumer Debt
Jared Bernstein Shows the Costs of Not Understanding Sovereign Currencies
Italy’s Great Experiment

Baseline Scenario

Tax Rates and Entrepreneurship
A New Economic Vision, in 27 Words
The Importance of Fairness: A New Economic Vision for the Democratic Party
Economism and Arbitration Clauses
How Markets Work
Fees Add Up
Soak the Poor, Feed the Rich
Review Copies of Economism
Why Is Connecticut Giving Its Employees’ Money to the Asset Management Industry?
The Right to Have Rights
Economism and Economics
Economism and the Law
Economism and Health Care
Conflicts and Corruption
Economism Typo Contest

Corporate Crime Reporter

MoloLamken Partner Steven Molo on Practicing Corporate Crime Law from Both Sides of the Aisle
SEC Charges Rio Tinto with Fraud
Debate Heats Up Over Use of Deferred Prosecution Agreements Instead of Guilty Pleas to Settle Corporate Crime Cases
FCPA and OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Conference at NYU School of Law November 9
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer Visits Ralph Nader Tort Museum in Winsted Connecticut
SEC $1 Million Whistleblower Award
Michael Volkov on the Outsourcing of Corporate Crime Cases the Kiss of Death and the Justice Department’s Darkest Hour
Michael Pertschuk on When The Senate Worked for Us — The Invisible Role of Staffers in Countering Corporate Lobbies
Ralph Nader Calls for End to In-Game Ads During Baseball Game Radio Broadcasts
Ian Binnie on the Corporate Crimes Principles and Bridging the Impunity Gap

Informed Comment

Last counties in Kirkuk fall to Iraqi Gov’t as Sistani calls for protection of Kurdish Citizens
Iran Deal: 67% of US Citizens Don’t Want to Pull Out
Warm waters melting Antarctic ice shelves for 1st time in 7,000 years
Like his hero Trump, John Kelly falsely smears Critics
George W. Bush & GOP lack standing to bash Trump for Racism
Are China and N. Korea biggest Winners from Trump dissing Iran Deal?
Why is Saudi Arabia suddenly so paranoid?
Kirkuk Kurds Anguished about Future of Province

Ben Bernanke @ Brookings

Temporary price-level targeting: An alternative framework for monetary policy
When growth is not enough
Some reflections on Japanese monetary policy
The zero lower bound on interest rates: How should the Fed respond?
How big a problem is the zero lower bound on interest rates?
Why Dodd-Frank’s orderly liquidation authority should be preserved
Shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet
The Fed and fiscal policy
Federal Reserve economic projections: What are they good for?
Sebastian Mallaby’s biography of Alan Greenspan

The Automatic Earth

Debt Rattle October 21 2017
Debt Rattle October 20 2017
Debt Rattle October 19 2017
Ray Dalio’s Shorting The Entire EU
Debt Rattle October 18 2017
Debt Rattle October 17 2017
Globalization is Poverty
Debt Rattle October 16 2017
Debt Rattle October 15 2017
Debt Rattle October 14 2017

One America News

Choice of Mugabe as goodwill WHO envoy shocks, baffles
German police detain suspect in Munich knife attack
India cenbank says linking national ID number to bank accounts mandatory
Czech voters expected to hand power to billionaire businessman Babis
Kremlin says Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria in phone call
Spanish government meets to impose direct rule in rebel Catalonia
Suicide bombers attack two Afghan mosques, at least 72 dead
China still on track to hit growth target despite winter smog war: state planner
China says no excuses for foreign officials meeting Dalai Lama
China says will guide private capital into higher growth areas

NY Times

Barcelona: A Global City in the Eye of a Separatist Storm
Article 155: The ‘Nuclear Option’ That Could Let Spain Seize Catalonia
In Russia, a Bribery Case Lifts the Veil on Kremlin Intrigue
In China’s Coal Capital, Xi Jinping’s Dream Remains Elusive
U.S.-Turkey Visa Standoff Disrupts Business and Tourism
South Korea Will Resume Reactor Work, Defying Nuclear Opponents
Suspecting Russian Meddling in ‘Brexit’ Vote, Lawmaker Seeks Inquiry
This Is What Victory Over ISIS Looks Like
The Interpreter: Myanmar, Once a Hope for Democracy, Is Now a Study in How It Fails
The Look: Traveling Across Japan
Memoir of Growing Up Fat Forces France to Look in the Mirror
Japan Ranks Low in Female Lawmakers. An Election Won’t Change That.
Conflicting Accounts in Niger Ambush Are Subject of Pentagon Investigation
Malta in an Uproar Over Killing of an Investigative Journalist
Canada Letter: Wolves in Captivity and Gord Downie’s Last Album
China Wrongly Detained 3 Human Rights Activists, U.N. Experts Say
John Kelly, Puerto Rico, Catalonia: Your Evening Briefing
Spain’s Opposition Backs Effort to Suspend Catalan Autonomy
ISIS Claims Attack on Shiite Mosque in Kabul That Killed at Least 32
Russia-U.S. Diplomatic Dispute Could Endanger Syria Investigation
Theresa May Wants Brexit Trade Talks. The E.U. Wants More Money.
The Saturday Profile: Selling the Porsche to Promote Iranian Art
Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Sudden Star, Gets Set to Govern
Power, Corruption and Murder Roil Little Guyana
Food Inequality in Venezuela: Dining Out
Australia Mourns the End of Its Car Manufacturing Industry
Ousted Chinese Official Is Accused of Plotting Against Communist Party
China’s Party Congress Brings Crackdown on Critics, Nightclubs and Airbnb
Europe Edition: Catalonia, Brexit, Harvey Weinstein: Your Friday Briefing
Japan’s Young Workers Get a Lift, and Its Leaders Profit
As ISIS’ Role in Syria Wanes, Other Conflicts Take the Stage
Body Found in Argentine River Shakes Up Election
John Kelly, George Bush, Quentin Tarantino: Your Thursday Evening Briefing
Canada Welcomed Refugees, but Now Struggles With Backlog
U.S. Works to Keep Palestinians’ Talks on Track to Aid Peace
Asia and Australia Edition: Xi Jinping, Catalonia, Islamic State: Your Friday Briefing
Key ISIS Operative in Philippines ‘Taken’ in Gunfight, President Says
Burqa Bans: Which Countries Outlaw Face Coverings?
Sevastopol Journal: Crimean Winemakers Look to Shed the Rot Gut Label
Japanese Carmakers Call Kobe Steel’s Products Safe Despite Scandal
Food Inequality in Venezuela: Children in Crisis
Afghan Army Unit Nearly Wiped Out as New Taliban Tactic Takes Toll
Nawaz Sharif, Ousted Pakistani Leader, Is Indicted in Corruption Case
Spain Sets Stage to Take Control of Catalonia in Independence Fight
China’s Reform Hopefuls Watch for Names. Only One May Matter.
New Zealand to Be Led by Jacinda Ardern, 37, Returning Left to Power
Europe Edition: Donald Trump, Catalonia, Nxivm: Your Thursday Briefing


Trump expected to pressure China's Xi to rein in North Korea: officials
Spanish government meets to impose direct rule in rebel Catalonia
Knife-wielding man wounds five people in Munich
Iraqi forces complete Kirkuk province takeover after clashes with Kurds
Having nuclear weapons 'matter of life and death' for North Korea: agency
Raqqa to be part of 'federal Syria', U.S.-backed militia says
Venezuela Maduro warns of repeat elections in states won by opposition
Kremlin says Putin, Erdogan discuss Syria in phone call
India cenbank says linking national ID number to bank accounts mandatory
Israel says will intensify response to Syrian fire

Wall Street Journal

Three Wise Men: Xi Seeks to Join Mao and Deng in China's 'Holy Scripture'
Catalonia Crisis Tests Spanish Premier's Patient Approach
U.S. Presses Pakistan to Combat Militants
As Islamic State Loses Ground in Syria, Its Affiliate Strikes in Egypt
Japan's Abe Parlays North Korea Threat Into an Advantage
A Russian Ghost Submarine, Its U.S. Pursuers and a Deadly New Cold War
Inside Puerto Rico's Struggle to Recover a Month After Hurricane
The World's Next Environmental Disaster
Kurds Turn Their Anger Against U.S.
Czechs Set to Abandon Establishment Parties in Election

Multinational - BRICS Post

China’s economy grew 6.8% in the 3rd quarter
Russia increases pressure on North Korea
Russia: Islamic State routed in Syria
BRICS urged to boost parliamentary cooperation
Xi reaches out to non-Communist entities in China
China, US in dispute over S China Sea ‘incursion’
Xi: Campaign against poverty is ‘toughest battle’
N Korea defiant in face of US threats, UN sanctions
Decline in Brazil’s inflation rate nears bottom
India and EU to jointly combat terrorism

Europe - BBC

Spain expected to impose Catalonia direct rule
Man arrested after knife attack in Munich
Mugabe named as goodwill ambassador by WHO
Missing California hikers died in apparent murder-suicide
Brazil police arrests 108 in major anti-paedophilia operation
Afghan suicide mosque attacks kill scores of worshippers
Pablo Neruda 'did not die of cancer', say experts
Militants kill Egyptian security forces in desert shoot out
Mogadishu truck bombing death toll jumps to 358
Czech election: Billionaire Andrej Babis poised to win
Paul Ryan roasts Trump at charity dinner
Putin weighs in on Trump's performance as US president
Why did a black man hug a neo-Nazi skinhead?
Ballet hoping to help heal Charleston's wounds
The woman without legs who became an equestrian champion
India's first complete transgender couple are hoping to marry
The battle against deadly snakebites in Nigeria
Players ‘applaud’ Xi Jinping in Tencent game
Trump's Renoir painting not real, says museum
New Zealand town funds its own petrol station
Japanese zoo mourns anime-loving celebrity penguin
Icelandic Pirate Party MP forced to wear eyepatch
Hostages no more
The spacecraft graveyard
Driven out
What golden age?
Positive noises
Data break

Libyan Express

UNDP: Basic services are essential to stabilising Libya
Number of migrants entering Italy via Libya dropped sharply
Iraqi court orders arrest of Kurdistan vice president
Kuwaiti Parliament Speaker slams Israel as killers of children, kicks its delegate out of IPU
Holland, S.Korea, and Hungary reopen embassies in Libya’s capital
Saif Gaddafi in good conditions and working in politics with decisions makers, Gaddafi’s lawyer stated
Trump travel ban on Libya and other countries blocked by Judge
Fuel smuggling net from Libya to Europe arrested by Italian police
UNHCR: Over 20.500 migrants are detained in Libya
Human rights activist submits bulky complaint to US government against Libyan strongman Haftar


Close schools and send our children to war, urges Yemeni minister ... - The Guardian
'UAE on the verge of splitting Yemen in two' -
It's time for the world to stop ignoring Yemen -
Education of 4.5M children in Yemen threatened by ongoing conflict ... - ABC News
Drone strike kills six al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen - Jamaica Observer
Yemen praises Washington's new anti-Iran strategy -
UN urges Yemen war rivals to consider schools safe zones | Yemen ... -
Houthis demand ousted President Saleh be hanged at 'Gate of Yemen' - Al-Arabiya
How Yemen's Cholera Outbreak Became the Fastest Growing in Modern History - FRONTLINE
First US airstrike targeting ISIS in Yemen kills dozens - CNNPolitics - CNN

North America - CSM-World

Trump's Afghan policy causing a rethink on both sides in conflict
France reevaluates its culture of romance in wake of allegations against Weinstein
In Turkish move into Syria, a sign of how Russia is shaping the country
Moscow gets a much needed facelift. But is it worth the cost?
Xi proclaims party 'leader of all' in renewed vision for China and beyond
Where conflict once reigned in Colombia, coffee beans now grow
Freed from ISIS takeover Filipinos return to reclaim their city
EU leaders to reaffirm support for Iran nuclear deal even as US reconsiders
Spain poised to use constitutional powers to bring Catalonia back under control
As drug war's toll grows in the Philippines, so does church's pushback
As jobs, workers return to Spain and Portugal, so does a sense of self-worth
President Xi opens China's congress with wide-ranging speech
Merkel attempts to unite Germany through multi-party coalition
Despite potential trade sanctions, Kurds continue with exports
After brutal Syrian war, how ready is region to do business with Assad?
UN urges family planning assistance for the world's poorest women
Amazon, Facebook, and others see opportunity in Mexico City
US-backed forces chase ISIS militants from Raqqa after three horrific years
When violence closes schools, Afghan girls are the most vulnerable
Chinese commentators tackle the challenge of translating American football

927 Mag

Settler violence on the rise as olive harvest begins in West Bank
Senior official urges Israelis to carry more guns following Fatah-Hamas accord
Why do the U.S. and EU still let Israel sell arms to Burma?
‘A legal shield for the Palestine movement in the U.S.’
The Netanyahu government went off the rails this weekend
Sorry Ben Gurion, Israeli court says ‘Hebrew Labor’ is illegal
Conscientious objector sentenced to 10 days behind bars
Netanyahu compares human rights groups to Russian election interference
Palestinian reconciliation could work this time. Israel must support it
The slow death of Israeli citizenship

United Nations Security Council Documents


BLS - Latest numbers

Major Economic Indicators Latest Numbers


We need a broader, greener EU-Turkey energy partnership
Revision of the Posted Workers Directive misses the point
Spotting excessive regional house price growth and what to do about it
An irrational choice: behavioural economist wins Nobel Prize
On the cost of gun ownership
An update: sovereign bond holdings in the euro area – the impact of quantitative easing
India’s trade ties with the UK and EU
Catalonia and the Spanish banking system
Long-term growth potential, or dead in the long run?
What has driven the votes for Germany’s right-wing Alternative für Deutschland?

Un Security Council

Will the UN Security Council ever be reformed? | Asia | DW | 20.10 ... - Deutsche Welle
On Iran, US asks UN Security Council: 'Where's the outrage?' - Reuters
Haley tells UN Security Council to follow Trump on Iran - CNN
Iraq: Security Council voices concern over reported violence in Kirkuk - UN News Centre
UN strongly condemns terrorist attacks across Afghanistan - UN News Centre
Having nuclear weapons 'matter of life and death' for North Korea - Worcester Telegram
Nikki Haley Tells UN Security Council: Iran's Playing You - Townhall
Security Council condemns attack on UN mission base in DR Congo - UN News Centre
United Nations News Centre - Leaders 'not interested' in finding ... - UN News Centre
Libya: Security Council endorses UN plan on restarting political process - UN News Centre

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Used This Trick To Try Skipping Donald Trump's Inauguration - HuffPost
Hillary Clinton to receive first Wonder Woman award from the ... - Los Angeles Times
Making sense of Russia, uranium and Hillary Clinton - Washington Post
Hillary Clinton, Shadow President - Newsweek - Newsweek
Hillary Clinton tried to use a very relatable trick to skip Trump's inauguration, but alas, it didn't work - Mashable
Hillary Clinton's Loss in Wisconsin and Voter Suppression - Esquire -
Hillary Clinton condemns Donald Trump's 'dangerous' Twitter tirades while attacking President as 'creep' - The Independent
Hillary Clinton: 'I'm not going to run again,' but will continue to call out Trump - CNBC
Hillary Clinton can't be appalled by Harvey Weinstein without being appalled by her husband - The Boston Globe
Hillary Clinton to come to NJ to campaign for Murphy - News 12 New Jersey


Iraq's lost generation: 'I have forgotten what happiness is' - The Guardian
Mosul: “Most civilians still need humanitarian assistance” - Reliefweb
“The Toughest Battle I've Ever Covered”: A Q&A With “Mosul” - PBS - FRONTLINE
WATCH: “There's an ISIS Fighter in This House” - FRONTLINE
Iraq ousted ISIS, but 'Mosul can never be the same' - CNN - - CNN
As life returns to Mosul, businesses thrive - CNN - - CNN
Iraqi forces take control of town in Mosul - APA
Iraqi forces advance to retake Kurdish-held territory near Mosul - Financial Times
Digging Up the Dead: Probing the Ruins of Mosul - The New York ... - New York Times
After airstrikes, a girl faces an uncertain future in Mosul - Los Angeles Times


Report: Altun Kupri town seized from Kurdish Peshmerga | Iraq ... -
'Years of effort lost in 40 minutes': Kurds who fled Kirkuk still in shock - CNN
Every nation needs a capital: how Erbil turned itself Kurdish - The Guardian
After 6000 Years of Human Habitation, One Family and Lots of Mice - New York Times
Kurdish MP dies in car accident on Erbil-Kirkuk highway - Rudaw
Russian diplomatic mission will not withdraw from Erbil, says Consul - Rudaw
Peshmerga withdraw from Makhmour, Gwer towns south of Erbil - Kurdistan24
Erbil: Walking Tour of the Cultural History of the Lower City - Kurdistan24
Baghdad Stops Flights to Erbil, Kurds Talk 'Unilateral' Independence - Foreign Policy (blog)
Erbil-Baghdad: Coalition says Iraq shifts troops west of Kirkuk to Anbar - Rudaw


Devastation in Raqqa raises questions about cost of victory - Seattle Times
The Islamic State Is Gone. But Raqqa Lies in Pieces - TIME
After Victory in Raqqa - Wall Street Journal
Heartbroken Raqqa residents return to city in ruins - The Times of Israel
Inside Islamic State's 'prison of death' in fallen Raqqa - Sky News - Sky News
Syria: Update on situation and humanitarian needs after Raqqa ... - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International
How Other Terrorist Organizations Could Benefit From ISIS' Loss Of Raqqa - NPR
Site of IS beheadings in Raqqa seized by Kurdish-led force - ABC News
Raqqa, China, Los Angeles Dodgers: Your Wednesday Briefing - New York Times
After Raqqa: what will it take to get to peace in Syria? - Open Democracy


Close schools and send our children to war, urges Yemeni minister ... - The Guardian
'UAE on the verge of splitting Yemen in two' -
It's time for the world to stop ignoring Yemen -
Education of 4.5M children in Yemen threatened by ongoing conflict ... - ABC News
Drone strike kills six al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen - Jamaica Observer
Yemen praises Washington's new anti-Iran strategy -
UN urges Yemen war rivals to consider schools safe zones | Yemen ... -
Houthis demand ousted President Saleh be hanged at 'Gate of Yemen' - Al-Arabiya
How Yemen's Cholera Outbreak Became the Fastest Growing in Modern History - FRONTLINE
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