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The Foreign Desk

Wild partying German policemen dismissed from G20 security team
Republican leaders in fierce push for Senate healthcare vote
Russia brands U.S. warning to Syria over chemical weapons ‘unacceptable’
Iran’s Zarif: ‘regrettable’ that U.S. Supreme Court revived U.S. travel ban
Philippine leader appears in public as rumors of health woes swirl
Germany urges all sides in Qatar crisis to talk, avoid escalation
Chinese Nobel rights activist Liu Xiaobo’s cancer beyond surgery: wife
French parliament opens in test for Macron’s many novice lawmakers
Pakistan rejects U.S. sanctions against Kashmir militant
U.N. rights boss: Trump breaking torture taboo, global laws threatened
Cyprus talks are best, but not last, chance to end dispute: U.N.
Sudan hopes U.S. travel ban won’t affect sanctions lifting: official
Once on the outside, conservative Koch network warms to Trump
Russia starts cleaning up Cold War-era nuclear waste
China passes tough new intelligence law
Iraqi forces set sight on Old City riverside, PM sees Mosul victory soon
Hong Kong wealth gap at its widest in decades as handover anniversary nears
Ninety-five buildings fail safety tests after London fire: PM
U.S. to list China among worst human trafficking offenders: sources
EU fines Google record $2.7 billion in first antitrust case
Court confirms Dutch U.N. peace-keepers partly liable for Srebrenica massacre
Image of the United States has plunged under Trump, survey shows
China, Kyrgyzstan border forces hold exercises to stop arms smuggling
Germany and France to lead post-Brexit EU in further integration
Child, 5, named as youngest victim of London tower block fire
UK’s May strikes $1.3 billion deal with Northern Irish party to prop up government
Kiev car bomb kills colonel in Ukrainian military intelligence
Two decades after handover, scant love for China among Hong Kong youth
Queen and royals good value for money at 65 pence per Briton, Buckingham Palace says
Mongolia’s presidential election forced into a second round
Citi says May’s premiership is not sustainable, UK to have another election within a year
Scotland’s Sturgeon to make a statement on ‘way forward’ after election result
In disaster’s wake, BP doubles down on deepwater despite surging shale
Explosion heard from ship off the coast of Somalia, official says
Hostages in Philippines siege forced to fight, loot, become sex slaves: army
Supreme Court breathes new life into Trump’s travel ban
Charter, Comcast explore wireless partnership with Sprint: sources
Republican healthcare bill imperiled with 22 million seen losing insurance
U.S. eyes arms for YPG fighters in Syria even after Raqqa’s fall
Swiss call time out in push on EU ties as Brexit talks begin
Trump son-in-law Kushner hires prominent trial lawyer: NYT
Troops in Myanmar’s Rakhine on high alert after killings of Rohingya
South Korea’s Moon makes second justice minister pick after first falls foul
China accuses Indian border guards of crossing into its territory
British Columbia’s NDP introduces motion to topple provincial government
Trump urges India’s Modi to fix deficit, but stresses strong ties
Brazil’s President Michel Temer charged with taking bribes
With housing blocks failing safety checks, UK’s May calls for more tests
Trump high court pick Gorsuch shows conservative credentials
Google, Microsoft among companies urging court to back gay workers

Watching America

Beating on a Wall: US Policy To Control Iraq-Syria Border Is Doomed to Failure
Return to the Past

The Intercept

Crivella renova contrato com agência citada na Lava Jato
New U.K. Government Held Together by Fear — of a Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn
OAS Head Pledges Martyrdom For Venezuela, With a Touch of Hypocrisy
Ralph Nader: The Democrats Are Unable to Defend the U.S. from the “Most Vicious” Republican Party in History
Desprestígio e vexames marcam turnê europeia de Temer
Flimsy Evidence and Fringe Sources Land People on Secretive Banking Watchlist
A justiça que serve a Abdelmassih e Andrea Neves é cega para os presos “comuns”
California Gov. Jerry Brown Thinks Single Payer Can’t Work. Watch Presidential Candidate Jerry Brown Disagree.
Prominent Democratic Fundraisers Realign to Lobby for Trump’s Agenda
The Pentagon Says One Civilian Died in Drone Strike on Syrian Mosque. Witnesses Say It Killed Dozens.
State Election Boss Learned Russia Hacking Details From News Report, Not the Feds
Sen. Warner Wants Russia Hacking Info Public but Pushes Prosecution for Alleged Leaker Who Revealed It
Crivella tira R$ 22 mi de conservação para publicidade e, após enchente, diz: Rio passou no teste
Jared Kushner’s Pursuit of Middle East Peace Looks a Lot Like Total Surrender to Israel
Dakota Access-Style Policing Moves to Pennsylvania’s Mariner East 2 Pipeline
O destino adiado de Aécio e os sinais do grande acordo nacional
As Standing Rock Camps Cleared Out, TigerSwan Expanded Surveillance to Array of Progressive Causes
Theresa May quer lutar contra a islamofobia no Reino Unido? Você está de brincadeira…
Intercepted Podcast: Dispatch from the Dirtbag Left
Texas Couple Exonerated 25 Years After Being Convicted of Lurid Crimes That Never Happened

Political Violence @ a Glance

Weekly Links
Authority and Contestation inside Rebel Groups: Insights from Myanmar
Trump’s Emerging Policy on Countering Violent Extremism
Weekly Links
The (Overblown) Concerns Linking Foreign Fighters, Civil Wars, and Terrorist Campaigns
Security Dilemmas, Elite Manipulation, and US Politics Today
Weekly Links
Making Sense of Recent Mutinies in Côte d’Ivoire
Understanding New Patterns of Violence in Colombia
Women and Power After War

Corp Watch

Bangladeshi Government Cracks Down On Garment Workers Sweatshop Wage Protests
Takata Fined $1 Billion For Hiding Information on Exploding Car Airbags
Publish, Punish, and Pardon: Nine National Security Changes Obama Should Make Before He Leaves Office
Billionaires & Big Business Line Up To Help U.S. President Elect-Donald Trump
Goodhope Asia Accused Of Land Grabbing In West Papua For Palm Oil
Robertson Winery Accused Of Slavery-Like Practices In South Africa
Eli Lilly Raised U.S. Prices Of Diabetes Drug 700 Percent Over 20 Years
Swiss Bank UBS May Be Suspended From Doing Business In Hong Kong
AT&T Developed Secret Program To Help U.S. Police Mine Client Phone Records
Native Tribes Protest Energy Transfer Partners North Dakota Oil Pipeline
Coke and McDonalds Host Carnival of Junk Food Marketing At Rio Olympics
Six Novartis Executives Charged In Illegal Drug Rebate Scheme In South Korea
General Atomics Funded U.S. Think Tank That Promoted Increased Drone Exports
Cyrela, Rio Olympic Construction Contractor, Accused Of Mistreating Workers
Broadspectrum 'Violating' Human Rights At Australian Offshore Detention Centers

Economic Voice

Personal investors’ confidence badly dented by General Election
Start of Summer Sees Modest Retail Sales Growth – CBI
Retail sales sluggish and further challenges ahead
Consumers remain cautious in their spending
Things looking encouraging on the other side of the lens for Photo-Me International
London heads new Savills Investment Management index ranking Europe’s top cities
Third of AAT members call for substantial increase in VAT threshold
What Kind of Train Traveller are You?
Boosting your online sales
Genesis Technical Systems joins the Broadband Forum
Google Hummingbird – What Should You Change About Your SEO Strategy?
Homeit, a new integrated property access technology

Tom Dispatch

Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, All War All the Time, or War American-Style
Tomgram: Nick Turse, The Commandos of Everywhere
Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, "There Will Be Hell to Pay"
Tomgram: William Hartung, Trump's Love Affair With the Saudis
Tomgram: Ira Chernus, The Summer of Love and the Winter of National Insecurity
Tomgram: Karen Greenberg, A Planet's Future Threatened by the Fate of Its Children
Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Making of a Pariah Nation
Tomgram: Michael Klare, "The Battle Lines of the Future"
Tomgram: Nomi Prins, In Washington, Is the Glass(-Steagall) Half Empty or Half Full?
Tomgram: William Astore, Back in the USSR
Tomgram: Rajan Menon, What Would War Mean in Korea?
Tomgram: John Feffer, Trump, China, and the Unsettled Future of Asia
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, Beating the War Drums... Again
Tomgram: Engelhardt, Thank You, Donald
Tomgram: Rebecca Gordon, Those Who Do Not Remember History...
Tomgram: Mattea Kramer, Hit Him Where It Hurts
Best of TomDispatch: Graduation Day With Howard Zinn
Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, The Human Price of Trump's Wars
Tomgram: David Vine, Trumping Democracy in America's Empire of Bases
Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Globalization of Misery
Tomgram: Danny Sjursen, America's Wars and the "More" Strategy
Tomgram: William Hartung, Ignoring the Costs of War
Tomgram: Andrew Bacevich, What Obsessing About You-Know-Who Causes Us To Miss
Tomgram: John Dower, Terror Is in the Eye of the Beholder
Tomgram: Nomi Prins, All in the Family Trump


Richard Florida: It’s Not (Just) the Working Class. It’s the Service Class.
The Amazing Arab Scholar Who Beat Adam Smith by Half a Millennium
The Myth of the Prosperity Generating Free Market Has Been Dispelled. It’s Time for a New New Deal.
Inequality is Fracturing American Democracy and Killing Prosperity
Is Big Government Bad for Freedom, Civil Society, and Happiness?
Why Economists Have to Embrace Complexity to Avoid Disaster
Hayek Meets Information Theory. And Fails.
The Future of Work, Robotization, and Capitalism’s Ability to Generate Useless Jobs
How to Resolve Fights over Reclining Airplane Seats: Use Behavioral Economics
Seven Ways to Transform 21st-Century Economics — and Economists
Quality of Government, Not Size, Is the Key to Freedom and Prosperity
Building the Public Goods of the Twenty-First Century
America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People
The Fading American Dream: Declining Mobility and Increasing Inequality
They Go Together: Freedom, Prosperity, and Big Government
How Ideologues Use Grade-School Economics to Distort Minimum Wage Debates
Why Society’s Biggest Freeloaders Are at the Top
Como as Cooperativas Estão Direcionando a Nova Economia
A Extrema Desigualdade Não é Dirigida Pelo Mérito Mas Pela Busca De Renda E Pela Sorte
Economist Josh Ryan-Collins: How Land Disappeared from Economic Theory

Robert Reich

The Secret Healthcare Bill
The Secret Republican Plan to Unravel Medicaid
THE CASE FOR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICEObstruction of justice was...
Talking With My Friend About Trump
Government By and For Trump
Trump’s Infrastructure Scam
Impeach Him Now
The Real Leaky Problem
The World According to Trump
The Art of the Trump-Putin Deal
7 Reasons Why Trump’s Corporate Tax Cut is Completely NutsDonald...
Trump’s Rollback of Civil Rights
How Not to Balance the Budget on the Backs of the Poor
Making America Meaner
Senate Republicans are Screwed on Trumpcare and They Know It.
Trump’s Cruel and Deviant Budget
Europe’s View of Trump
The End of Trump
Are There 22 Patriotic House Republicans?
The Moral Travesty of Trumpcare

Naked Capitalism

Links 6/27/17
US Copyright Office Wimps Out on Right to Repair
A Tangled Tale of Bank Liquidation in Venice
Norman Solomon: Is ‘Russiagate’ Collapsing as a Political Strategy?
Bill Black: Bank Whistleblowers United Makes Its Latest Lemon Award – to the UK
Lone Star State Readers! Hope to See You at Our Dallas Meetup Tonight, Tuesday June 27!
2:00PM Water Cooler 6/26/2017
The Senate Health Care Bill (the BCRA) and Its Appeal to Voters
Links 6/26/17
Lee Camp: Here’s Why There Is No Legitimate Healthcare Debate In This Country

Project Syndicate

A Future for Western Sahara
Europe’s Gradualist Fallacy
Dishonoring Uganda’s Refugees
Supporting the Developing World’s Health Innovators
Poland’s Immoral Refugee Policy
Reimagining Palestine
Another Lesson from Japan
Saudi Arabia’s Game of Thrones
We’ll Always Need Paris
The Underside of Uber
Revisiting the Global Order
Economics in Transition
Trump’s Sugar Swamp
Donald Trump’s Trade-Knowledge Deficit
Trump’s Unraveling Korea Policy
Trump’s Trade Illogic
Reinventing the French People
The Retreat of the Renminbi
The EU’s Mafia State
The Russian-Roulette Presidency

New Economic Perspectives

Those to Blame for the Grenfell Fire Victims Include Tony Blair
BWU Makes Its Latest Lemon Award to the UK
Barclays and Its Executives Are Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Fraud
Roll-Back of Financial Regulations Has Nothing to do with Complexity or Boosting the Economy
People of Integrity Won’t Work for President Trump
Money and Banking—Part 18 (B): Overview of the Financial System: A World of Promises
Money and Banking—Part 18 (A): Overview of the Financial System: A World of Promises
FBI Investigations Are Conducted at the Discretion of its Director
Announcing the First International Conference on Modern Monetary Theory 
Lawyer with Responsibility for Mortgage Crisis Appointed to Take Care of Mortgage Banks

Baseline Scenario

The Importance of Fairness: A New Economic Vision for the Democratic Party
Economism and Arbitration Clauses
How Markets Work
Fees Add Up
Soak the Poor, Feed the Rich
Review Copies of Economism
Why Is Connecticut Giving Its Employees’ Money to the Asset Management Industry?
The Right to Have Rights
Economism and Economics
Economism and the Law
Economism and Health Care
Conflicts and Corruption
Economism Typo Contest
Economism and the Future of the Democratic Party
A Change Is in the Air

Corporate Crime Reporter

NYU Law Professor Jennifer Arlen on Turning Corporate Criminals into Corporate Cops
Linde To Pay $11.2 Million Gets FCPA Declination
Ralph Nader Calls on Trial Lawyers to Open Up Annual Meeting
The Conservative Case Against the House Medical Malpractice Bill
New Report Documents History of Women’s Exposure to Dangerous Drugs and Devices
New Corporate Crime Database Up and Running
Daniel Heyman on Getting Arrested for Asking Tom Price a Question
Christopher Wray Firmly Embedded in Corporate Crime Bar
Corporate Criminal Prosecutions and the CEO
Richard Master and the Conservative Case for Single Payer

Informed Comment

Trump’s Escalations of War in Syria—Sleepwalking into a Global Confrontation
Rate of Sea Level Rise increasing, As Greenland Melts
Trump accuses Syria of Planning Gas attack as Haley attacks Russia, Iran
Trump Son-In-Law did not declare $285m Loan from Deutsche Bank
America’s Special Ops Perpetual World War
Turkey’s Erdogan: Saudi demand he close Qatar base is ‘Disrespectful’
Trump’s Folly: Oil is a Worthless Commodity and Saudi’s Crown Prince Knows It
The World Is Burning (Stop burning Fossil Fuels, Stupid!)

Ben Bernanke @ Brookings

When growth is not enough
Some reflections on Japanese monetary policy
The zero lower bound on interest rates: How should the Fed respond?
How big a problem is the zero lower bound on interest rates?
Why Dodd-Frank’s orderly liquidation authority should be preserved
Shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet
The Fed and fiscal policy
Federal Reserve economic projections: What are they good for?
Sebastian Mallaby’s biography of Alan Greenspan
Are Americans better off than they were a decade or two ago?

The Automatic Earth

Debt Rattle June 27 2017
The Dynamics of Depletion
Debt Rattle June 26 2017
Debt Rattle June 25 2017
Debt Rattle June 24 2017
Debt Rattle June 23 2017
Debt Rattle June 22 2017
Debt Rattle June 21 2017
Debt Rattle June 20 2017
Debt Rattle June 19 2017

One America News

Hostages in Philippine town forced to fight, loot, become sex slaves: army
With Alphabet, Google faces a daunting challenge: organizing itself
Germany moves to crack down on vehicle emissions
Sprint jumps on wireless partnership talks with Charter, Comcast
Iran’s Zarif: ‘regrettable’ that U.S. Supreme Court revived U.S. travel ban
Germany urges all sides in Qatar crisis to talk, avoid escalation
Philippine leader appears in public as rumors of health woes swirl
Euro surges nearly 1 percent after Draghi comments, dollar slips
Oil prices up on weaker dollar, but supply glut caps gain
Cyprus talks are best, but not last, chance to end dispute: U.N.

NY Times

‘Panic Killed Those People’: Portugal Buries Wildfire Victims
The Interpreter: Canada’s Secret to Resisting the West’s Populist Wave
Trump Meets India’s Leader, a Fellow Nationalist Battling China for His Favor
Australia Through American Eyes
U.K. Calls for Major Inquiry Into Cladding After Deadly Tower Fire
Syria Denies Planning Another Chemical Attack
Liu Xiaobo’s Fate Is a Grim Reflection of His Cause
Google Fined $2.7 Billion in E.U. Antitrust Ruling
Tycoon’s Claims Reverberate in China Despite Censorship and Thin Evidence
Europe Edition: Donald Trump, Theresa May, Angela Merkel: Your Tuesday Briefing
The Breakdown: Australia, Diverse and Graying. Also: Johnny Depp, and a Controversial Push to Decrypt
U.N. Brought Cholera to Haiti. Now It Is Fumbling Effort to Atone.
President Michel Temer of Brazil Is Charged With Corruption
Few Overseas Have Faith in Trump’s Leadership, Survey Finds
How I Got the Shot: To Photograph a Galápagos Tortoise, Get Out of the Race
Supreme Court, Senate, Narendra Modi: Your Monday Evening Briefing
President Erdogan of Turkey Recovers From Minor Health Scare
Asia and Australia Edition: Narendra Modi, Travel Ban, Liu Xiaobo: Your Morning Briefing
Exhumation of Salvador Dalí’s Body Ordered in Paternity Case
Global Health: U.S. Malaria Donations Saved Almost 2 Million African Children
Effects of Takata Bankruptcy to Extend Far and Wide
Google Said to Face $1.2 Billion Antitrust Fine, but Battle With Europe Looms
Products at Center of London Fire Faced Tougher Rules in U.S.
In U.K., All 75 Buildings Tested So Far for Fire Safety Have Failed
Pakistan’s Leader Orders Inquiry as Fuel Tanker Death Toll Reaches 157
Coober Pedy Journal: A Quest to Save Baby Kangaroos on a Lonely Australian Highway


Russia brands U.S. warning to Syria over chemical weapons 'unacceptable'
Kiev car bomb kills colonel in Ukrainian military intelligence
Iraqi forces set sight on Old City riverside, PM sees Mosul victory soon
Hostages in Philippines siege forced to fight, loot, become sex slaves: army
Iran's Zarif: 'regrettable' that U.S. Supreme Court revived U.S. travel ban
French parliament opens in test for Macron's many novice lawmakers
Hong Kong wealth gap at its widest in decades as handover anniversary nears
Germany and France to lead post-Brexit EU in further integration
Image of the United States has plunged under Trump, survey shows
Germany urges all sides in Qatar crisis to talk, avoid escalation

Wall Street Journal

U.S. Sees Signs Syria Is Prepping Another Chemical Attack
Hostage to China's Insecurity---Its Markets
North Korea Compares Trump to Hitler
Brazil President Temer Is Charged With Corruption
European Cities Are Just Saying 'No' to Scandal-Tinged Diesel Vehicles
Trump, Modi Move to Bridge Divisions
May Clinches Deal With Northern Irish Party to Support Minority Government
Exiled by War, Syrians in Turkey Take Cruise Down Memory Lane
Germany Warns Turks on Security Officers
U.S. Ramps Up Lumber Trade Spat With Canada
Liu Xiaobo Released From Chinese Prison Following Cancer Diagnosis

Multinational - BRICS Post

Want “fair” trading ties with India: Trump tells Modi
Modi to meet Trump at White House
SA current account deficit widens to 2.1% of GDP
Australia suspends operations over Syria amid Russia-US row
US set to deploy additional troops to Afghanistan
China calls for BRICS to unite closely
Russia investigating whether ISIL leader killed in air raid
Sanctions are a double-edged sword: Putin
China: Forum urges greater BRICS cooperation
Qatar FM to meet Lavrov in Moscow

Europe - BBC

Google hit with record $2.7bn EU fine
US warns Syria over 'potential' plan for chemical attack
Former FN supporter on trial for smuggling Iranian lover to UK
World food security risks growing, Chatham House says
Brazil's Michel Temer charged with corruption
Liu Xiaobo: China tells US not to interfere over jailed dissident
Syria war: Air strike on IS prison in Mayadin 'kills dozens'
Senate healthcare bill leaves 22m more without cover, CBO says
Three CNN journalists resign after Trump aide article removed
Nigerian university builds trench to stop Boko Haram attacks
Philippines to make enthusiastic singing of national anthem mandatory
Germany: Merkel paves way for gay marriage vote
Crowd catches girl after ride fall
£100m from West to clean up Russian nuclear base
Blue shark spotted on holiday resort in Majorca
The robot that can pick up virtually any object
'UK would support US over chemical attacks'
Spain wildfires threaten Doñana nature reserve
The moment Colombia passenger boat sank
Nitcharee Peneakchanasak: Amputee wins 'best job in Thailand'
Johnny Depp may face perjury charges, Australia's deputy PM warns
Algerians champion traditional dress for Eid al-Fitr
Nigerian president's Eid speech in Hausa criticised
Russians build three-car fidget spinner
Democracy 'infection'
Reality check
Blood brothers
'I'm not a bad guy'
In pictures
Quitting while they're ahead

Libyan Express

Ukrainian colonel killed in car bomb attack in Kiev
Libyan young man sets himself on fire at Martyrs Square (Video inside)
Israel strikes Hamas locations in Gaza after rocket fire
Syria preparing for another chemical attack, White House says
Irish ship saves 712 immigrants off Libyan coast
Saudi Arabia detains two Libyan military officials doing Umrah in Mecca.
27 towers evacuated in England after failure in fire alarm tests
Syrian dissident denied asylum in US for allegedly holding meeting for terror-linked groups
Qatar rejects list of conditions by boycotting countries
Syrian government frees over 670 prisoners before Eid


Yemen: Welcome to Hell - U.S. News & World Report
UAE military buildup draws scrutiny after Yemen allegations - Washington Post
Michael McKean: Yemen - a war that's slipped under the radar - The Scotsman
Yemen Now Faces 'The Worst Cholera Outbreak In The World,' UN Says - NPR
The World's Original Coffee Makers Are Back—and Charging $240 a Pound - Bloomberg
Meet The Woman Who Is Yemen's Unstoppable Scientist | Here & Now - Here And Now
Torture alleged in US search for al-Qaida in Yemen - PBS NewsHour
The Danger of Yemen's Secret Prisons - The Atlantic
Yemen official says disappointed by U.S. Supreme court decision on ... - Reuters
Despite serious injuries, they want to fight for Yemen -

North America - CSM-World

Can a divided Cyprus finally be unified? Peace summit begins this week
Portugal's forest fires, though never before as deadly, are all too familiar
Coal mining rises again in China, US, and India after a 2016 drop
In South Sudan, preparing young generation for young country's future
Prime minister May strikes deal with Northern Ireland for a stronger government
A former exec at Trader Joe’s grows another kind of grocery store
Turkey to keep Qatar military base despite Arab nations' demands
London police intensify investigation around Grenfell fire, with possible manslaughter charges
An offer Finns can't refuse? Helsinki woos car owners to give up their autos.
Ramadan? There's an app for that.
North Korea denies cruel treatment of Otto Warmbier, says it is 'biggest victim'
Out of work? How volunteering can open doors.
Poverty-free China by 2020? Beijing says it's possible – but steepest climb ahead
ISIS destroys Mosul mosque, thought to be act of desperation
After London fire, hundreds of tower blocks tested for flammable cladding
Church of England 'colluded' to hide sex abuse, archbishop says
Her recycling project faced long odds in Lebanon. Still, she persisted.
Queen’s Speech outlines Brexit policies, backed by May’s commitment to listen
Moves against Polish museum and Hungarian university stir fears of censorship
Euroscepticism waning, EU wants to be seen as a solution, says EU’s Tusk

927 Mag

I was taught to hate Palestinians — until I met one
U.S. Jews can’t expect Israel to be liberal only where they want it to
Former soldiers to Israeli gov’t: Investigate us for occupation abuses
After Ramadan, back to your regularly scheduled occupation
This summer’s wave of protests gives us reason to be optimistic
Dear Arab men, it’s time to build a new kind of masculinity
Justice minister’s attacks on Breaking the Silence may just backfire
Want to end the occupation? Start talking to settlers and Mizrahim
One of Israel’s most painful chapters comes to life in Jerusalem
Mexico used Israeli software to spy on journalists, activists

United Nations Security Council Documents

S/RES/2360 (2017)

BLS - Latest numbers

Major Economic Indicators Latest Numbers


A tangled tale of bank liquidation in Venice
The US 100% renewables dispute
Nord Stream 2 means gains for Germany but pain for Europe
Raising the inflation target: a question of robustness
Can EU actors keep using common law after Brexit?
The size and location of Europe’s defence industry
Exiting the European Union Committee
Combating inequalities as a lever to boost job creation and growth
Lights on, Africa! Europe must coordinate support for electrification
Brexit and the future of the Irish border

Un Security Council

Donald Trump supports India's permanent membership of UN Security Council - Firstpost
In Haiti, Security Council spotlights opportunities for country's reform towards stability and development - UN News Centre
Israel flouting UN Security Council settlement demand: UN envoy - Reuters
Africa steps up momentum in calling for UN Security Council reform ... - Xinhua
UN Security Council Welcomes Deployment of New Counterterrorism Force in Africa - New York Times
Taoiseach calls for seat on UN Security Council - Newstalk 106-108 fm
Haiti - UN : Security Council highlights development prospects for Haiti -
UN Security Council expands sanctions against North Korea - CNN
US calls on UN Security Council to denounce Hamas - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
UN Security Council Urges Peaceful Settlement in Yemen - Voice of America

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Delivers Speech Tuesday at Chicago Conference - NBC Chicago (blog)
Why President Trump Can't Get Hillary Clinton Out of His Head - Daily Beast
Trump Says Obama Colluded and Obstructed Over Russia to Help Hillary Clinton - Newsweek
Trump: Hillary Clinton colluded with Democrats to defeat Bernie Sanders - The Hill
Where Would We Be Politically If Hillary Clinton Had Won? - NYMag - New York Magazine
Hillary Clinton: GOP is 'death party' if health care bill passes - CNN
Colbert: The Only One Who Damaged Hillary's Campaign More Than Putin 'Was Hillary Clinton' - Mediaite
Nancy Pelosi: 'If Hillary Clinton had won, I might have gone home' - Washington Examiner
US citizens should thank Russia for unveiling the 'true Hillary Clinton' -
Rush Limbaugh: What If Obama Didn't Stop The Russians Because He Didn't Want Hillary To Win? - RealClearPolitics


IS counterattacks in retaken parts of Mosul stall Iraq push - ABC News
Satellite Images Reveal Mosul's Cultural Destruction - National Geographic
ISIS commanders are killed when one of the group's suicide bombers blows himself up at a meeting, following the ... - Daily Mail
Buried in Old Mosul - Voice of America
Journalist Dies of Wounds From Blast in Iraq's Mosul - New York Times
After Mosul is liberated, where will ISIL go? - The National
After Mosul: The Iraqi towns still under IS control - BBC News - BBC News
Iconic mosque where ISIS leader declared caliphate destroyed - CBS News
Civilians flee 'final battle for Mosul' | Euronews - euronews
Reporters Without Borders: Third TV Journalist Dead in Mosul ... - Broadcasting & Cable


Kurdistan WATCH: Erbil launches City Tour Bus, attracts crowd - Kurdistan24
No International Support for Kurdistani Referendum? No Problem, Says Erbil - Foreign Policy (blog)
Iranian handicraft exhibition opens in Erbil's downtown market - Rudaw
Refugee children in Erbil reflect on their reality at UN art event - Rudaw
In ISIS' Shadow, LGBT Kurds Take A Stand - HuffPost
Iraqi delegation under Allawi to visit Erbil about Kurdish referendum plan - Rudaw
Kurdistan Christian girl kidnapped by IS reunited with family in Erbil - Kurdistan24
Erbil health department says child not dead from Mosul camp food poisoning - Rudaw
Nine religions break bread around one table in Erbil mosque - Rudaw
Kurdistan Erbil Governor reveals investigation result of 825 IDP's food poisoning - Kurdistan24


Raqqa: Secret video shows ISIS losing chokehold on its 'capital' - CNN International
Mattis: After Raqqa, the Syrian battlefield will only get more complicated - Washington Post
Raqqa: The desperate fight for Islamic State group's 'capital' - BBC News
Amnesty for militants in Syria's Raqqa aims to promote stability ... - Reuters
The US Is Destroying Raqqa in Order to Save It, and Civilians Be Damned - Daily Beast
The Guardian view on the fall of Raqqa: the deadliest phase - The Guardian
Turkish military buildup in northern Syria threatens Raqqa operation - Military Times
Iftar for the homesick: Remembering Ramadan in Raqqa -
'Staggering' loss of civilian life from US-led airstrikes in Raqqa, says UN - The Guardian
Syria war: Polio paralyses 17 children in Mayadin and Raqqa - BBC News


Yemen: Welcome to Hell - U.S. News & World Report
UAE military buildup draws scrutiny after Yemen allegations - Washington Post
Michael McKean: Yemen - a war that's slipped under the radar - The Scotsman
Yemen Now Faces 'The Worst Cholera Outbreak In The World,' UN Says - NPR
The World's Original Coffee Makers Are Back—and Charging $240 a Pound - Bloomberg
Meet The Woman Who Is Yemen's Unstoppable Scientist | Here & Now - Here And Now
Torture alleged in US search for al-Qaida in Yemen - PBS NewsHour
The Danger of Yemen's Secret Prisons - The Atlantic
Yemen official says disappointed by U.S. Supreme court decision on ... - Reuters
Despite serious injuries, they want to fight for Yemen -


Explosion heard in waters off Somalia -
Libya, Sudan, Somalia hard hit as US top court partially lifts Trump's travel ban - africanews
Photos Of Somalia: Surviving In One Of The World's Driest Places ... - NPR
Somalia: Soldier Who Shot Minister Sentenced to Death | - TIME
7 Dead in Suicide Blast at Police Station in Somalia Capital - U.S. News & World Report
US soon to have permanent diplomatic presence in Somalia - The ... - Washington Post
Somali President Calls For united Somalia - Mareeg Media
Somali survivors tell of restaurant siege by rebels; 31 dead - ABC News
Shabab Fighters Kill Dozens, Including Children, in Somalia - New York Times
US Strikes Shabab, Likely a First Since Trump Relaxed Rules for Somalia - New York Times