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CNBC Top News

After a wild week at the White House, weakened stock market hopes for no Fed bombshells
Trump tweets thanks to Steve Bannon for service and role in campaign against Clinton
'Bitcoin cash' soars to record high above $900 as 'mining' profits jump
Murdoch's son rebuking Trump may signal shift at News Corporation
This cop made a viral video of Syrian refugees playing in snow, and it kicked off a second career
Finnish police say arrested four other Moroccan men over links to stabbings
Spanish police searching for van driver in Barcelona attack
The American Greed Report: A baseball card could be worth a fortune—if you play your cards right
Cramer points to stocks that become money magnets during a correction
17 clever ways brands are cashing in on the eclipse
Market likes seeing Bannon go, but he's not the only problem
For those willing to relocate, these are the best (and worst) places to retire
Cramer finds a new way to look at 'broken stocks' in the throes of a sell-off
Cramer: This is the worst mistake you can make in a sell-off
Steve Bannon planning Breitbart News return after White House ouster


Spain was under threat long before attacks, experts say
Witness: Attack sent 'tidal wave' of people running from scene
More than 400 dead in Sierra Leone mudslides
First lady asks for diplomatic immunity
32 killed in bloody night for Duterte's war on drugs
'Law and order' with a wink and a nod is dangerous
Icahn steps down as adviser to President Trump
U.K. to food industry: Cut the calories in pizzas and burgers
How a foster dog inspired a sanctuary
Ready to trade up? Find out how much your home is worth
Getting ready to sell? Find out what your home is worth now

CSM-All Stories

Readers write: Prioritizing options, difference-makers
In cities that vote blue, no immunity from racism
'Quakeland' author Kathryn Miles on why there's a lot more shaky ground than we realize
Grenfell fire casts harsh light on London's dwindling low-income housing
The Great American Eclipse brings solar science to down to Earth
Why white nationalists chose Charlottesville
Campus police brace for potential violent protests as students return for fall classes
Erdogan urges German Turks to vote against major parties
Spanish police thwart second vehicle attack south of Barcelona
Facing elections in Venezuela’s new normal, opposition asks: Do we want in?
Driven from US shores, neo-Nazi website finds no haven in Russia either
In the heartland, a David and Goliath battle over a pipeline
How one town learned to live with venomous rattlesnakes
Forest rangers prepare for influx of eclipse watchers in US West
What's behind the dramatic spike in swearing in books?
More casualties in Philippines president's anti-drug, anti-crime campaign
Massive harvests of corn, soybeans pose storage problem in Brazil
Peal, repeal, rappel – and climbing down
Teachers build empathy, one book at a time
Why there's been a big drop in women coaches under Title IX


Readers write: Prioritizing options, difference-makers
A common thread in curbing racist expression
What can help marriage succeed?
Keep your attention on the light
Childlike resilience: Hope for the world's displaced youth
Readers write: Sexist memo at Google?
Being brave about the new world
Readers write: Nuclear options, heartbreaking but illuminating, adults’ guidance
To lessen violence
Who, really, are you?


Can do-good ethos survive public ownership? Etsy is a test.
Amazon ramps up research on pre-made meals, but will home cooks buy them?
Google VP rejects employee’s challenge to its diversity programs
Finally some good news for homeowners – but it's in jeopardy
Virtual watercooler: how employees tap into workplace culture from afar
Hot new job for middle-class students: manual labor
Netflix subscribers continue to grow, so why is the company borrowing to pay its bills?
Unions and lawmakers press Trump to protect workers in NAFTA talks
Male nurses? Female firefighters? Yes, as career boundaries erode.
When auto insurance becomes a social-justice question

The Economist

Internet firms face a global techlash
The rise of childlessness
New methods and technology can make elections fairer
Critics of oppressive governments often end up defamed
Aid brought Liberia back from the brink
Britain’s election is the latest occasion to bash pollsters
How Israel spots lone-wolf attackers
Bans help make torture less common
More women are being put behind bars. Fewer should be
Policymakers around the world are embracing behavioural science


Duke University Removes Robert E. Lee Statue From Chapel Entrance
Carbondale's 2-Time Eclipse Plans
UVA Student On The Community's Response
Kids Learn What It Takes To Be An Astronaut
What Trump's Increasing Isolation Could Mean For His Presidency
How To Buy A Goat When You're Really Poor? Join A 'Merry-Go-Round'
Tracing The Dark Origins Of Charlottesville's KKK


Bannon Returns to Breitbart, Vows to 'Crush the Opposition'
President Trump, First Lady Back out of Kennedy Honors
Darkness Falls: Everything You Need to Know About the Solar Eclipse
More Than 20,000 Expected to Protest Boston's 'Free Speech' Rally
Duke University Removes Robert E. Lee Statue
Charlottesville Mayor: Tear Down That Confederate Statue
How This Tiny Rural Town Is Bracing for an Eclipse Influx
Head Spinning? Who's In and Who's Out at the White House
Antifa: Meet the Fascist-Fighting Coalition Dubbed 'Alt-Left' by Trump


Should Army Bases Be Named for Confederate Generals?
Drone Used to Smuggle 13 Pounds of Meth From Mexico
Duke University Removes Robert E. Lee Statue
Football star with 33 offers - including all 8 Ivies - makes his pick
Campaign to Topple Confederate Statues Expands to Other Markers
Charlottesville Mayor: Tear Down That Confederate Statue
Mom of Charlottesville Victim Says She Won't Meet Trump
Denmark Charges Imam for Comparing Gays to Pedophiles
Meningitis B Killed Their Daughters. Now These Moms Have a Message
160 Years After Dred Scott Case, Its Author's Statue Is Removed
Did Marijuana Kill This Young Man?
Most Contact Lens Wearers Have Bad Habits - CDC
Darkness Falls: Everything You Need to Know About the Solar Eclipse

UPI-Top News

Va. Gov. McAuliffe: No protests at Lee monument in Richmond for now
Police in Finland classify fatal stabbings as act of terrorism
On This Day: Gorbachev removed in coup
300K petition drive blocks Missouri right-to-work legislation
Presidential arts committee resigns en masse after Charlottesville
National Guard activates cyber-security task force
Charlottesville mayor calls for removal of statue at heart of protests
Air Force stands up new Space Operations Directorate
Bannon out as White House chief strategist
U.S. military to buy counter-drone radars from RADA
Damen lays keel for Mexican naval ship
Royal Canadian Navy awards Thales support contract for up to 35 years


National Guard activates cyber-security task force
Air Force stands up new Space Operations Directorate
Damen lays keel for Mexican naval ship
Soft start for crude oil, but a ceiling appears in sight
Greenpeace activists arrested after Barents Sea protest
Efforts mount to expand U.S. offshore drilling
Permian basin production could accelerate
Floating solar power: new frontier for green-leaning water utilities
L3 receives contract for Kuwaiti KC-130J work
Lockheed Martin receives contract for Trident II nuclear missile
Balance apparent, but supply issues leave oil prices bruised
Gazprom's gas exports inch higher
Statoil to drill more in the North Sea


In wake of Charlottesville, Duke University removes Robert E. Lee statue after it was vandalized
Thousands expected at Boston 'free speech' rally and counter-protest
Here’s how you can get rid of fruit flies, and why scientists are so fond of them
After declining for several years, teen drug overdose deaths inched up in 2015
'Then they came for me': A Hitler supporter's haunting warning has a complicated history
Megachurch pastor resigns from Trump's evangelical council
Betsy Devos's comments on Charlottesville are a good starting point. Now it's time for action.
Trump gets rid of Stephen Bannon, a top proponent of his nationalist agenda
Carl Icahn quits role as ‘special adviser’ to Trump
U.S. Conference of Mayors condemns Trump, forms compact to fight racism


Gallup Vault: Americans Not Keen on A-Bomb During Korean War
U.S. Business Sectors Gain or Hold Steady in Public Esteem
Why Are Republicans Down on Higher Ed?
Warren's Image Remains Split as She Becomes Better Known

Yahoo Finance-Banking

Apple hid a job listing on its website that you need serious computer skills to find
One of the ugliest stores in retail is crushing its competition
Billionaire Carl Icahn is reportedly in 'legal jeopardy' for trying to influence Trump policy
Kevin Durant sparred with a former ESPN reporter who's become a vocal conservative over his decision to not visit the White House
More Americans are calling for Trump's impeachment than ever — here's how that would play out
Breitbart editor declares "#WAR" after Steve Bannon leaves White House
We did the math to see if it's worth buying a ticket for the $535 million Powerball jackpot
Stocks that become money magnets during a correction
This dad used to be a forklift driver—now his blog brings in $17 million a year
Christie Brinkley to sell $50 million worth of Hamptons real estate
Chipotle might axe one of its main menu items
Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet is last year's concept with a soft top
The US fired the first shot in a trade war with China
7 Laundry Detergents That Only Wash Money Down the Drain
Watch the Army test upgraded armor vehicles meant to counter increased Russian firepower
These states will have the best views of the solar eclipse
Jay Leno risks life and limb riding a motorcycle on a rac...
Merkel, called "traitor", defends refugee stance in rowdy east Germany
Conor McGregor is adhering to a Bruce Lee philosophy to convert to boxing and prepare for Floyd Mayweather
Suspect arrested in killing, wounding of Fla. officers
Prudential Said to Plot Escape From Fed's Oversight
How to photograph the solar eclipse without damaging your camera
Internet rights group slams Google and GoDaddy's 'dangerous' decision to ban a neo-Nazi site
America's CEOs realized the deals they'd cut with Trump aren't worth it — Detroit's experience shows us why
Trump's top advisers are reportedly 'despondent and numb' and unsure how his presidency will recover after Charlottesville

International Business News-World

Solar Eclipse Weather: What To Expect, Opportunity For Research
Beauty Queen Turned Cannabis Entrepreneur Launches Blockchain Startup
Scientists Could Send Drug-Resistant Bacteria Fake Messages To Stop Infection
AT&T-Time Warner Merger: Justice Department Not Stopping Acquisition
EFF Criticizes Tech Companies For Curbing Free Speech Of Hate Groups
Voter Registration Leak: 2 Million Chicagoans Have Information Expose
Motorola Patent Details Self-Healing Phone Case That Fixes Cracks
Solar Eclipse Glasses: How To Make Your Own Homemade Viewers
Apple's iOS 11 Has A New Security Feature That Disables Touch ID
Missouri High School To Track Students With Fingerprints, Biometrics
Ancient Ice Core Reveals CO2 Levels, Climate Of 2.7 Million Years Ago
Facebook Shut Down Anonymous Pro-Trump Employee Forum Over Harassment
Fossil Of 12,000-Year-Old Giant Sloth Discovered In Underwater Cave
Strange Storm-Chasing Autonomous Aircraft Collects Weather Data For NASA
Study: 1-In-3 Philadelphia Adults Used Opioids In The Past Year

International Business News-US

Cycling To Work Minimizes Risk Of Early Death, Research Shows
Bill Clinton Quotes:15 Sayings By Former President On His 71st Birthday
Wildfires On The Rise: Blame Humans More Than Climate Change
Uber Driver Allegedly Rapes Unconscious Woman After She Falls Asleep In Car
Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott Is Expecting Twins; See Daughter’s Adorable Reaction [VIDEO]
Wells Adams Addresses Rumors Claiming He Is The Next 'Bachelor'
‘Lethal Weapon’ Season 2 Spoilers: ‘Odd Couple’ Alum Thomas Lennon Returning
‘Lethal Weapon’ Season 2 Casts ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Star Adrian Pasdar [SPOILERS]
Leah Remini Doesn’t Think Tom Cruise Is A Good Person
6 Police Officers Shot in Different Incidents in Florida, Pennsylvania, 1 Dead
NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III: Matches, Predictions, Start Time Before WWE SummerSlam 2017
‘America’s Got Talent’ 12: Will Mandy Harvey, Johnny Manuel Head To Semifinals?
Who Is Maria Chappelle-Nadal? Missouri Senator Under Fire After Trump Assassination Post
‘Project Runway’ Season 16 Gains Respect For Introducing Models Of All Sizes
‘Modern Family’ Star Sarah Hyland Splits From ‘Shadowhunters’ Actor Dominic Sherwood

LA Times - National News

In January, President Trump vowed to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. It never happened
Boston braces for far-right demonstrators and large counter-protest
Steve Bannon out as Trump's chief strategist
All 17 on White House arts and humanities panel quit, following business CEOs out the door
For Jewish Americans, echoes of the Holocaust and anger over Trump's response to Charlottesville
This Confederate history activist condemns white supremacists but says Trump was right
Tensions grow inside ACLU over defending free-speech rights for the far right
With Trump and Congress increasingly at odds, hopes for Republican legislative agenda fade
Thousands march in Charlottesville against racism and violence
President Trump says the 'alt-left' was partly to blame for the violence at Charlottesville. Wait: What's the alt-left?
Trump's defense of a neo-Nazi rally crossed a line for many Republicans. What will they do about it?
Atty. Gen. Sessions again attacks Chicago and other 'sanctuary' cities
Photos: Charlottesville honors Heather Heyer at memorial service

LA Times - Business

Don't have a ticket to 'Hamilton' yet? It's going to cost you
There are established safeguards that can help ensure a board election is fair
Stocks fall further to end a rough week
California adds 82,600 jobs in July; unemployment rate ticks up to 4.8%
Eclipse prompts California power grid changes when solar energy supply dips
A raise erased by higher healthcare costs
Power grid operator offers alternatives to natural gas plant but at higher cost
Can white supremacist groups be blocked from raising money online? There's a campaign to try
Orange County employee pension fund alleges big banks are costing retirees money
EpiPen maker settles: It'll pay less than what it got by allegedly overcharging
How to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Talent — and cash
Wal-Mart is buying trendy e-commerce sites. The cool kids are not having it

LA Times - California Politics

'We are being tested,' Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells crowd in Glendale
Newport Beach voters on their reluctant Trump support: 'I plugged my nose and voted for him'
Donald Trump to testify in Trump University fraud lawsuit - after the election
Citing 'racism' and 'sexism,' Democrats plan protest at Donald Trump rally in Orange County
Doubts about bullet train rising in Southern California
Bad convictions have cost California millions of dollars, report says
Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris overwhelmingly wins state Democratic Party endorsement
Only one of California's pot legalization initiatives has the green that counts
Opposition campaign launched against Gavin Newsom's gun control initiative
Supreme Court speculation about Kamala Harris shadows Senate bid
California should help pay for earthquake early warnings, state lawmakers say
Brown defends delta tunnels as he rolls out tweaks to water plan
Opponents of California's aid-in-dying law come up short

San Francisco Chronicle

Virginia mayor demands swift removal of divisive symbols
Attack in Spain could have been more devastating
News of the day from across the nation, Aug. 18
How hate came to a progressive university town in Virginia
Pro-government assembly takes powers of Venezuelan congress
Clearing bombs and booby traps in Iraq will take decades
Chinese traders furious over North Korea crackdown

Miami Herald

Regalado calls special meeting on marina redevelopment. But will commissioners show?
ATM at Mt. Sinai Hospital linked to fraudulent charges but skimmer remains at large
If you were on a Trump council, what would you do? CEOs share their thoughts
Gov. Scott silent on what should happen with Confederate monument at Florida Capitol
Florida hunters bag 500 pythons in five months
In Venezuela power grab, Maduro’s ruling party takes remaining congressional functions
Train derails in northern India, killing at least 23
Little Havana’s small businesses are at risk of disappearing
An 18-year-old babysitter forced a 4-year-old boy to perform sex acts on her, police say
The past is still present in a changing Virginia
2 Pennsylvania troopers shot, suspect killed
The Latest: Missing imam in Spain thought to be key figure
After Charlottesville, students worry about safety on campus
Westminster College president steps down
Police: 1 killed, 4 injured in shooting by Cleveland bar

New York Post

Thousands of counter-protesters descend on Boston before ‘free speech’ rally
Amber Rose lets her hat do the talking
Tituss Burgess treats friends to ‘super fun’ dinner
Suspect in Florida cop killing charged with murder
Robert E. Lee statue removed at Duke
University duo charged with murder are extradited to Chicago
Desperate family swept away by floodwaters as bridge collapses
Manhunt widens for ringleader in Barcelona terror attack

Philadelphia Inquirer

A neo-Nazi's rage-fueled journey to Charlottesville
Preaching to both sides of religious aisle in Age of Trump
Cops: Activist who ran for Philly mayor in 2011 spray-painted Rizzo statue
Prosecutor in Penn State hazing case faces misconduct claims
Dead bodies and billions in tax dollars: The secret, profitable world of private prisons
Donald E. Smith, 89, Penn professor who loved India
Teen from Hatfield killed in fall at N.J. Hindu temple
Under settlement, PGW gas rates would go up 6.8 percent
Cherry Hill man is major distributor of white-supremacy music and merchandise
Murphy's camp says he's seeking $1.3B in new taxes, not $75B
As a North Philly neighborhood is reshaped, one man's story of being displaced
Philadelphia street has a Civil War-era link: Who was Roger Taney?
Attacker drives van into Barcelona crowd
Volunteers give time to beautify Camden neighborhood
After rejecting one deal, Philly principals have a tentative contract
2 Wharton students suspended, face trial in campus brawl
Father of Chester County road rage victim: "I just want justice"
Cory Booker: Remove all Confederate statues from U.S. Capitol
PATCO commuters face delays due to derailment
The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017 - The View From Space
Council OKs hiring of attorney to push for Allentown mayor's ouster

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Cleveland SWAT called to home where man is holding child
President Donald Trump to skip Kennedy Center arts awards
What's wrong with gerrymandering and how it can be fixed: Out of Line - Impact 2017 and Beyond
Matthew Perry, John Stamos top today's celebrity birthdays list (August 19, 2017)
Building Bridges with Books puts library in Glenville charter school (photos)
Ohio Senate should override Gov. Kasich's veto of transit/county funding fix: editorial
Cleveland police to host special phone bank to help solve crimes
State seeks bids for real-time access to medical marijuana facility cameras
Taylor Swift's social media accounts wiped clean, raising all sorts of speculation
Cuyahoga County's top judge, John J. Russo, and Prosecutor Michael O'Malley moving ahead on justice reform

Colorado Independent

Will the Colorado GOP block unaffiliated voters from its 2018 primaries? It seems unlikely but there’s a movement to do it
Denver Public Schools posts record gains on latest state tests
Colorado state test scores inch up, but wide socioeconomic gaps remain
The Home Front: The Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs cancels a white nationalist conference
Littwin: The Great Brander has now somehow latched onto America’s most despised brands

Denver Post

Rockies’ Field of Dreams program continues to influence youth, high school baseball across Colorado
Kasim Edebali’s unique career path prepared him for key training camp role with Broncos
Red Mountain home listed for $14.95 million comes with panoramic views, dazzling amenities
On a “rowdy day” of three town halls, Cory Gardner is shouted down by crowds across the Front Range
How a botched liposuction led to a lawsuit prompting questions about Colorado’s lack of oversight for plastic surgery centers

the Atlantic Wire

The 'Only' Profession to 'Celebrate What It Means to Live a Life'
Viola Davis's Urgent Call to 'Exhume the Ordinary'
Five Ways of Seeing Five Minutes of 'Real People' at the Oscars
The Shadow of Trump at the Oscars
Andy Warhol and Get Out: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing
The Atantic's Week in Culture
Why Are They 'Stars'?
My 2017 Oscar Predictions: A Lot of La La Land
I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore Is a Dark, Goofy Neo-Noir
On Denzel Washington's Enduring Stardom


5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Week
Taylor Swift Blacks Out All of Her Social Media and the Internet Is Melting
Lin-Manuel Miranda and James Corden Stripped Down on the Crosswalk to Do Their Best Hair
Tina Fey Returns to SNL With Her Own Charlottesville Coping Strategy: Sheet Cake
Jon Snow Pretending to Be a Dragon Is the Game of Thrones Outtake You Deserve

Corporate Europe

Big Business Britain: How corporate lobbyists are dominating meetings with trade ministers
Ombudsman turns up the heat on Commission over Special Advisers
Telefónica: the well-connected EU and Spanish lobbyist
Leaked industry slides reveal insights on the chemical industry’s lobbying strategy
Help us to roll back corporate power in Europe
Attac European Summer University (France)
Lobby tour: qui sont ceux qui s’opposent à la justice fiscale?
Publishers and EU states risk entrenching ‘book famine’ for visually impaired people

Vanity Fair

Supernova Natalia Vodianova Shows Us Her Naked Heart
How Amy Schumer Negotiated Herself a Multimillion-Dollar Raise
Why Seth Meyers Might Be the Real Heir to Jon Stewart
On the Road with Paul Theroux: Photographs and Words from His New Book
How to Get Donald Trump to Follow You on Twitter
Jennifer Lawrence Says a Donald Trump Presidency Would Be “The End of the World”
Sam Smith Wants You to Belt Out His Spectre Theme Song at Drunk Karaok
What the Michelin Stars Mean For You, Person Who Likes Food
Watch the Jennifer Lawrence Glower in the First Clip from Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 2
Bernie Sanders Almost Matches Hillary Clinton's Fund-Raising
Why Some of the World’s Most Famous Chefs Don’t Want a Michelin Star
Can Jack Dorsey be Steve Jobs?
Downton Abbey Just Spoiled a Major Last-Season Surprise
George Clooney Often “Feels Like an Idiot” When Talking to Wife Amal
Caitlyn Jenner Won't Be Charged For Fatal Malibu Car Crash
Emily Blunt Stole Her Most Vicious Devil Wears Prada Insult From an Awful Mom She Overheard
How James Badge Dale Got Away with Speaking “Gibberish” French to Be Cast in The Walk

Forbes - Most Popular

Five Things You Must Not Do During Totality At The Solar Eclipse
Apple Loop: iPhone 8 Prototype Leaks, Apple's Embarrassing Color, Solving Surprising iPhone Problem
How To Woo Millennials With Your Content Marketing
More Info On Microsoft's Xbox One X Coming Tomorrow, August 20
The Day The Lights Went Out At The White House

Forbes - Real Time

Luxury Brand Licensing: 5 Keys to Success Revealed In Critical Look At Tiffany-Coty's Fragrance Deal
Here Comes The Trade War - US To Investigate IP, China Won't Sit By
Inside Funko's Toy Wonderland
5 Funding Sources To Help Bootstrap Your Startup Right Now
Box Office: 'Annabelle: Creation' Drops 67%, Pushes 'Conjuring' Universe Over $1 Billion
Globetrotting Italian Architect Paola Navone's Cheerful Modern Designs Exalt Traditional Handcrafts
Ask Ethan: Do Black Holes Grow Faster Than They Evaporate?
UNICEF USAVoice: How UNICEF Is Getting Kids Back To School -- And Why It's So Important
How to Build a Reputation That Brings You Opportunity Every Day
How To Humanize Customer Service For B2B Organizations

Forbes - Business

Inside Funko's Toy Wonderland
Box Office: 'Annabelle: Creation' Drops 67%, Pushes 'Conjuring' Universe Over $1 Billion
The Jeff Bezos Of China Just Got $1.3 Billion Richer In A Day
British Pop Singer Dua Lipa Hits No. 1 For The First Time With 'New Rules'
Here's What These New 'Game Of Thrones' Images Tell Us About Episode 6
Week Ahead On Wall Street: Central Bankers Descend On Jackson Hole, Whole Foods Investors Vote On Amazon Deal
Solar Eclipse Will Cost Employers A Staggering Amount Of Money In Lost Productivity
Yes, You Should Put Water In Your Whiskey
Uber's Board Brawl Escalates After Kalanick Fires Back At Benchmark Fraud Accusations
As Pumpkin Spice Latte Season Looms, Even Some Starbucks Baristas Think It's Too Soon
Cannabis Industry Weekly Update 8/18/2017
Moldy Oldies: Toyota's Uncool App Gives Parents A Musical Defense Against Reckless Teenagers
What Can Economically Depressed Cities Learn From New York City's 1970s Immigrant Revitalization?
Conservative Media Welcomes Bannon Home, And Gears Up For 'War'
This Week In Credit Card News: Card Debt Is Rising; Buffet Investing More In Credit Card Industry

Kingston Whig Standard

Steve Bannon 'going to war' at Breitbart after Trump ousts White House Chief Strategist
Two local golfers make the cut
Kingston mayor not looking for provincial handouts
Kingston band The Wilderness finds a home
Heritage fund accepting grant requests
Rising stars take talent to CNE
Mahal making most of his rise to the top in WWE