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Electronic Intifafa Blogs

No hurricane aid if you boycott Israel, says Texas city
Video: Soldiers shoot Palestinian running across a road
How the EU mocks the victims of Israel's crimes
The racist worldview of Arthur Balfour
Colonialism links catastrophes in Puerto Rico and Gaza

Electronic Intifada

No hurricane aid if you boycott Israel, says Texas city
Video: Soldiers shoot Palestinian running across a road
How the EU mocks the victims of Israel's crimes
The racist worldview of Arthur Balfour
Colonialism links catastrophes in Puerto Rico and Gaza
Austria's neo-Nazis find friends in Israel
Much optimism, little confidence in Hamas-Fatah deal
Right-wing Israelis rampage through Jerusalem's Old City
14 Palestinians arrested by Israel every night
HeidelbergCement's transparent excuses for complicity in Israel's crimes


Israeli military disrupts life of ~6,500 Palestinians in Kafr a-Dik for 40 days
Najah al-Katnani, 55, a mother of nine from Gaza City, describes being cut off from her family in the West Bank
Israeli soldiers carry out puzzling actions in a Hebron home, August 2017
Communities facing expulsion: The Khan al-Ahmar area
Jerusalem Municipality destroys the home of two families in East Jerusalem

Michael Oren

Israeli minister Michael Oren slams Iran nuclear deal, says clauses not stringent enough - Livemint
Does Disruption Violate Free Speech? - The Chronicle of Higher Education
Eli Valley lost work at Jewish paper for savage cartoons of Foxman ... - Mondoweiss
Israeli leader at odds with security team over Iran deal - Canton Daily Ledger
New York Times Pulls Out All the Stops to Push Iran Deal - Algemeiner (blog)


$50000 payments help grieving Gaza families end blood feuds - SFGate
US firm to build solar plants in blackout-plagued Gaza - Reuters
Colonialism links catastrophes in Puerto Rico and Gaza - The Electronic Intifada (blog)
US firm to build solar plants in Gaza - Middle East Monitor (blog)
How art is blooming amid the Gaza wasteland - The Guardian
Israel Delays Five Cancer Patients In Gaza From Receiving Medical Treatment - The Media Line
British MPs urge UK government to take action on Gaza – Middle ... - Middle East Monitor
Israeli forces shoot, injure Palestinian teen sailing off Gaza coast - Ma'an News Agency (press release)
Gaza Instagram stars want world to get the picture - The Hindu
Showdown looms between Hamas and Gaza Salafis - The Electronic Intifada (blog)
The Jobless Youth Of Gaza Have Lost Faith In Everyone - Worldcrunch
Video: Women's baseball in Gaza - The Electronic Intifada (blog)
Gaza: Children suffer from war trauma three years on -
Israel strikes Hamas post after Gaza rocket fire - Eyewitness News
Gaza-based band 'Maimas' sings for freedom - Mondoweiss

Gaza Fence Shooting

Israel Retaliates after Rocket Fire from Gaza
Inside ‘the pit’: Commander offers rare peek into IDF nerve center
Las Vegas, Catalonia, Puerto Rico: Your Wednesday Briefing
Palestinians injured by IDF in Gaza shooting
Israeli killed in shooting attack at Gaza fence


Palestinian steps toward reconciliation met with Israeli intransigence and incitement
Pesspotimistic reflections from besieged Gaza
Who can save Israel now? Labor leader emulates Netanyahu
Video: Gaza taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to Palestinian reconciliation
‘Follow the Women’ bike tour visits Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon
‘Balfour’s Legacy: Confronting the Consequences’ to be held in Harvard Square
Eli Valley lost work at Jewish paper for savage cartoons of Foxman and Dershowitz (but only the Israeli press cares)
The real reasons Trump is quitting Unesco
Balfour at 100: A legacy of racism and propaganda
Susan Rice calls ‘BS’ on AIPAC — but she pandered to the lobby when she was in power

Jerusalem Post - Front Page

8 Egyptian police killed in north Sinai attack
Hamas holds rally in Gaza to celebrate terrorist ramming that killed 4 Israelis
IDF names victims of Jerusalem terror attack
The last ‘true gentleman’
Who was the perpetrator of the Jerusalem terror attack?
Jerusalem ramming attack: Four killed as truck rams into IDF soldiers
MKs: Palestinian Authority education system incitement inflamed the terrorist
Cabinet decides not to decide on Tel Aviv Shabbat bylaw
Report: Top Israeli newspaper publisher central figure in Netanyahu probe
Working feverishly together to aid the wounded soldiers
IDF: 41 soldier deaths in 2016
‘Online conversion’ fulfills dreams but controversy shrouds the process
Employment continues to be main struggle for immigrants, poll finds
Syrian opposition figures to make rare public appearance in Israel
Former Iranian president Rafsanjani dies of heart attack
A radically changed global landscape presents opportunities and risks
Environment Ministry calls on Israel cities to ban polluting vehicles
European tastes in Tel Aviv
Music: Out of the darkness
A Swiss bank guard’s quest to obtain justice for the Jewish people
#metoo in Israel
Jewish history and Netanyahu's Bible circle
1917 and the Battle of Beersheba
Peace is not a staying option
Now what?
What A Visit Down Memory Lane Told Me About Trump
Framing the world
Creativity, 24/7
Fighting back

Aid Worker Daily

TU Delft – Ambulance Drone
The Telegraph – Ebola outbreak: On the frontline of the fight against the epidemic in Liberia
NYTimes – Aboard a Cargo Colossus
BOATLIFT – An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience
TOHL – Helicopter-Borne Pipe Laying System Has Humanitarian Applications


Pakistan welcomes reconciliation between Hamas, Fatah: Maleeha Lodhi - The Nation
Hamas and Fatah's Step Forward Takes Palestine a Step Back - Foreign Affairs
Fatah, Hamas to discuss security in Gaza under unity deal - Reuters
Palestinian Rivals Fatah, Hamas Sign Reconciliation Accord - U.S. News & World Report
Israel lists conditions to negotiate with Fatah-Hamas unity government - Jewish Journal


Senior Hamas delegation arrives in Tehran for talks - The Times of Israel
Israel says no talks if Hamas in Palestinian government - Washington Post
Hamas Supporter to Receive Award From Harvard Student Group - Algemeiner
Netanyahu: Israel Won't Negotiate With Hamas-Backed PA – The ... - Forward
Senior official urges Israelis to carry more guns following Fatah ... - +972 Magazine

Your Middle East - News

Trump says will not move US embassy to Jerusalem for now
Israel to ease holiday restrictions for Palestinians
Israel denies Turkish claim of involvement in Kurd vote
Iran puts economic squeeze on Iraqi Kurds
Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive in historic decision

Your Middle East - Opinion

Fears of popular revolts bring Israel and Arabs together
Beirut Pride: No. They are not killing homosexuals in Beirut.
The post-2011 Arab World: Change is the name of the game
What’s missing in the teaching of Islam
A fish vendor’s death almost triggered a Moroccan Spring

Your Middle East - Special Reports

100 years of Middle East history, part 2
100 years of Middle East history, part 4
Middle East bucks the trend on military spending
Biography: Naguib Mahfouz
Persian Gulf travel hub: a sustainable plan?

Your Middle East - Columns

15 Arabic books to read (in English) in 2017
6 Arab-German authors from a growing scene
11 (translated) Arabic books to read with teens
What’s new in Arabic comics (VIDEO)
A brief history of Arabic literature in China


New Texts Out Now: Dalia F. Fahmy and Daanish Faruqi, eds. Egypt and the Contradictions of Liberalism: Illiberal Intelligentsia and the Future of Egyptian Democracy
Last Week on Jadaliyya (October 9-15)
Egypt Media Roundup (October 16)
The Legacy of 1960s and 1970s Arab American Activism
Appropriating Women's Rights in Tunisia
Vox Populi Roundup (September/October)
Queer Arab Joy in Anya Kneez: A Film Review


Netanyahu lobbies world powers to stem Iraqi Kurd setbacks - Reuters
Israel's centrist leaders vie to replace Netanyahu – by taking his side - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
After Obama, Israel's Netanyahu relishing in Trump love fest - Washington Post
Netanyahu on Israel's prophetic mission -
Netanyahu and Putin Discuss Iran Nuclear Program, Syria in Phone Call - Haaretz


Tyler Morning Telegraph - Palestine police arrest woman selling ... - Tyler Morning Telegraph
EXCLUSIVE: 'Display of prejudice': Police spark a diplomatic incident after using the Palestinian 'symbol of ... - Daily Mail
Expansion of Gaza fishing zone 'pointless PR stunt' -
A mum said her child wanted to know why Palestine was not included on a children's map she bought from a low cost ... - Lancashire Telegraph
Israel will not negotiate with Palestinian unity government if Hamas is involved - The Guardian


Israel appears to be listening to Trump and making a move that could destroy peace talks - Business Insider
Israel approves plans for thousands of new settlement units in the West Bank - Washington Post
Amnesty urges UK to ban Israeli settlement produce - Middle East Monitor (blog)
Palestinian gunman kills three at Israeli settlement - Financial Times
Netanyahu: Jordan Valley will always remain a part of Israel - Haaretz - Haaretz

Israel Censorship

Censorship battle and an antisemitic charge cause anger - The Guardian
UK university censors title of Holocaust survivor's speech criticising Israel - The Guardian
No hurricane aid if you boycott Israel, says Texas city - The Electronic Intifada (blog)
A 'deeply disappointing' act of censorship has just taken place in ... - The Canary
How anti-Zionists fueled a far-right victory | Jewish Telegraphic Agency - Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Occupied Palestine

Hamas: US is partner to Israeli crimes in Gaza
Police rescue unemployed Hebron man who tried to hang himself – Video
#Palestine | News & Headlines – Sept 2, 2014
#GazaUnderAttack | Man and 9 year old Child, Die Of Wounds Suffered During Israel’s War On Gaza
Hannibal Directive Focus of War Crimes Inquiry ~ by @Richards1052
#PalestineUnderAttack | Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian structures in West Bank
How is @ladygaga going to play for these little Israeli monsters?
#GazaUnderAttack | Did Israel commit war crimes in Rafah?
Press TV talks to British MP @GeorgeGalloway after assault – Video
#Palestine | News & Headlines – Sept 1, 2014
Israeli attacks demolish historical sites in Gaza Strip – Video
Egypt slams Israel plan to seize Palestinian land
UK government condemns Israel land grab – Video
Abbas: Palestinians were asked to annex parts of Sinai
Wounded Gazans struggle to find treatment after war
Hamas: PA should pave the way for opening Gaza borders
Israeli forces shoot, critically injure Jerusalem teen
Lieberman continues incitement campaign against Arab Israelis
Haneyya: Egypt should urge Israel to abide by ceasefire agreement
Tension running high in Occupied Jerusalem as health status of Palestinian child (shot in head) worsens
Israeli fire on Rafah raises war crimes claim – Video
Israel seizes PA tax revenues, official says
Watch: US broadcaster Mike Malloy wipes the floor with Israel apologists
#PalestineUnderAttack | First Scientific Studies Highlight Environmental Catastrophe due to Israeli Occupation
Lawyer: 2 minors being held in Israeli prison beaten with rifles

Middle East Research and Information Project

Refugees or Migrants?
Fifty Years of Occupation
Lessons Learned (and Ignored)
The Travel Ban and Iranian-Americans
Fear and Loathing in Turkey

Middle East Eye

Kurdish fight for women's rights faces challenges in Syria
Lebanese woman on a mission to show 'real face' of Tripoli
Yemeni youth minister calls for school closure to send children to the front
At least 52 Egyptian police officers killed in shoot-out
Passports for sale: How storm-hit Caribbean islands court Arab investors
Giving a voice to the voiceless: The 'invisible' victims of Islamophobia
Egypt frees Irish citizen held for four years for 'terrorism'
Russian air strikes in east Syria kill at least 16 civilians
'Bigotry seems emboldened': George W Bush rebukes Trump
Israeli police arrest 120 ultra-Orthodox Jews protesting army draft
Cut funding to Syria rebels, says former British envoy to Damascus
Political football: Egypt's World Cup win bittersweet for jailed super-fans
Uproar as Turkey arrests top civil society figure
Kurds protest against Iraqi 'invaders' as thousands flee Kirkuk
Tehran to boost missile programme despite US pressure: IRG
Hamas rejects US demands to disarm and recognise Israel
US and Russia set for UN showdown over Syria sarin gas inquiry
From Damascus, Iran vows to confront Israel
Turkey frees 7,500 illegally hunted frogs into river
Who wins from casting Hezbollah as a new terror bogeyman?
Thomson Reuters World-Check is a 'witch-hunt' and it's time to shut it down
Alive and kicking: Sirte rebuilds from the ruins of war with IS
Britain broke its promise to the Palestinian people - on Balfour's centenary it should make amends
Iraqi army says it has achieved goals in Kirkuk operation
US judge blocks Trump's third travel ban