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2016 - Campaign Finance

Finishing most expensive House race ever, Ossoff calls for campaign finance reform
Campaign finance investigation of Senate Elections Committee chair continues
Campaign Finance Violations Found In Flagstaff Mayor, Council Races
Letter: Campaign finance reform
Ossoff wants campaign finance reform after most expensive House race in history

2016 - Bernie Sanders

Feds looking into Bernie Sanders' wife over real estate deal
Sanders Deflects FOX Question on FBI Probe, Gives Health Care Criticism Instead
Watch Live: Sen. Bernie Sanders Press Conference At VT Health Center
Can We Talk About Bernie Sanders And His Wife Being Under FBI Investigation?
FBI investigating Bernie Sanders

Trade - Trade Promotion Authority

Make Trade Promotion Authority Into Jobs Promotion Authority
Trade Promotion Authority and Economic Freedom
Trade Promotion Authority: Myths & Facts
Hatch says trade promotion authority a necessity
Give Obama trade-promotion authority

Trade - Trans Pacific Partnership

Europe used to view the US positively — that's changed under Trump
The next chapter for the Trans-Pacific Partnership
It's Time to See Other People, Canada Tells US
U.S. Pacific Commander Harris expected to step down next year
Poll: Scant global confidence in Trump on foreign affairs

Trade - Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership

Why the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Is More Important Than TPP
Could Trump's Protectionism Spark a Trade War?
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): Pitfalls and Promises
EU in ‘intense phase’ of Japan trade talks, hopes for deal soon
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 101

Trade - Trade in Services Agreement

The Scariest Trade Deal Nobody's Talking About Just Suffered a Big Leak
The new kid on the block: The Trade in Services Agreement
The Trade in Services Agreement: Stealth Block to Monetary Reform
Wikileaks Analysis Article - Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - Financial Services Annex
TPP and TTIP are not dead: now they're called the Trade In Services Agreement

Misc - Kalifa Haftar

Haftar forces make gains in Libya's Benghazi -
Haftar accuses Qatar of supporting terrorism in Libya - Al-Arabiya
Russia Has a Major Stake in Libya's Uncertain Future - Newsweek
France Under Macron Still Indulges Egypt's Harsh Repression - Human Rights Watch
Russia's geopolitical PR campaign finds a perfect opening in North Africa - The Conversation UK

Misc - Capital Flight

Onu: Nigeria Spends over $6bn on Emoluments Annually
Qatar Issue May Affect China's Soft Power as Biggest Property Buyer
New charter could cause foreign capital flight - mines analyst
The mysterious (and continuing) fall in Saudi foreign reserves

Misc - Debt Ceiling

Republicans face first debt ceiling showdown in Trump era
New Poll Shows Americans Do Not Want the Debt Ceiling to Be Raised
As Debt Limit Looms, U.S. House Leaders Eye Bipartisan Deal
Trump should use the 100-year-old debt ceiling — to fix the debt ceiling
Trump White House divided over how to raise debt ceiling

Misc - Share Buybacks

Transactions in relation to share buyback program
Share buybacks less popular with Japanese companies
BAIOO Family Interactive : Next Day Disclosure Return-changes in issued share capital and/or share buybacks
Plus500 repurchases 11,858 ordinary shares, share buyback program continues
Stock Buybacks Are Plummeting. Should Investors Worry?

Misc - Exxon Mobil (climate change)

Qatar's emir meets Exxon Mobil Corp CEO, state news agency says
3 Reasons Exxon Mobil Corporation Is a Better Dividend Stock Than Eni SpA
What Guyana needs to know about ExxonMobil—Pt 4…ExxonMobil shows two faces to investors, partners
ExxonMobil (XOM): A High-Yield Dividend Aristocrat Trading Near a 52-Week Low
What’s ExxonMobil’s Future Growth Trajectory?

Misc - Vienna Talks on Syria

Syrian army declares city ceasefire as Russia, U.N. plan July peace talks
Syria conflict: Iran to attend talks in Vienna
Iran Attends Syria Peace Talks in Vienna
Syrian army declares city ceasefire as Russia, United Nations plan July peace talks

Portugal - Parliament

Parliament cyber attack: Up to 90 emails accounts compromised
Portugal airline chief complains of drone near-misses
Portugal brings 2nd wildfire under control after 64 died
British election shocker: PM loses majority in Parliament
Portugal move towards Confederations Cup semi-finals

Portugal - Austerity

Portugal’s prime minister meets apparently contradictory goals
Europe should follow Portugal's lead and ditch austerity -minister
Dozens die in Portugal’s worst-ever forest fire
Reading "Politics in a Time of Crisis"
Italian Banks: The First Domino Falls

Greece - Public Issue Polling

Political Barometer 154, March 2016 – SPECIAL ISSUE: Attitudes of the Greek public opinion towards Greek-Turkish relations
Political Barometer 151, December 2015 – SPECIAL ISSUE: Foreign Policy – Greece and the neighboring countries
Greek elections 9/2015 – LAE’s voter demographics
Greek elections 9/2015 – The River’s voter demographics
Greek elections 9/2015 – Golden Dawn’s voter demographics

Greece - SYRIZA

A Greek Tragedy: Talking Syriza and the Future of Europe with Yanis Varoufakis
Wide ND lead over SYRIZA party unchanged, according to latest poll; heated unofficial reax by govt
Analyzing the failures of Syriza
What Syriza wanted
The Greek Government Is Sabotaging Its People With a Water Privatization Scheme

Greece - Alexis Tsipras

Greece's Tsipras lays out prospect of bond market return
Tsipras Hopes Eurogroup's Decision on Bailout Payment to Help Greece Heal
Greek PM Tsipras Says Euro Zone Debt Deal Good Market Signal
Tsipras: Court decision not to extradite Turkish soldiers must be respected
Alexis Tsipras and Wolfgang Schäuble praise new Greece austerity deal

Greece - Yanis Varoufakis

How Two Years of Capital Controls Hurt Greek Trade
Europe’s Gradualist Fallacy
What Britain’s European Union negotiators can learn from the Greeks
Greece is not the place to be looking for lessons
Look back in anger

Greece - Euclid Tsakalotos

European shares rebound as financials rise, Greek deal helps
Greece gets enough to avoid bailout
Tsakalotos: Eurogroup Decision Provides Greater Clarity for Greeks, Markets
Report: Greek Ministers engage in charm offensive abroad after EU deal
Greek PM says French proposed mechanism can end debt talks impasse

Greece - Greek Parliament

Schaeuble Says He's Open to German Parliament Discussing Greek Deal
Greece: Garbage piles mount in capital as heatwave looms
Armenians of Cyprus seek an official community status, vote in Parliament
No full German parliament approval needed for Greek aid – Merkel ally
Greek municipal workers' strike hinders trash collection

Greece - Austerity

Garbage overflows on the streets of Athens in 94F heat as workers go on strike and clash with riot police over austerity cuts
Grenfell tower: The beginning of the end for the Tory austerity regime
The Grenville Phillips Column – Why is the Private Sector Recommending Austerity?
Egypt budget marks hike in social spending to ease pain of austerity
A case against austerity

Greece - Helenic Insider

“Apocalyptic scenes” in northern Greece as “economic migrants” fight with ‘refugees’ over who gets to head north to Germany
The glorious EU. Greek students now forced into prostitution to buy a cheese pie or sandwich
41 years! That’s how long Turkey has been illegally occupying Cyprus and violating its airspace
While Syria (not Syriza) steals news headlines…Greek farmers stage massive protest amid EU austerity
Unemployment continues to grow is an already dreadful jobs environment in Greece
Molotovs thrown at police in Athens, mark a bizarre Syriza sponsored protest against the austerity it will enforce [Video]
The EU’s next headache is coming not from Greece but Portugal, as pro EU gov falls
Greek government is seriously considering opening a safe passage for refugees in exchange for EU cash
Amazing Infograph shows massive flow of migrants into Europe. Standing tightly together, they fit on 8 football fields
EU predicts that 3 million more migrants could arrive in Europe by the end 2017
November hits Greece with a wave of planned strikes, protests and work stoppages
Greek PM Alexis Tsipras on the EU migrant crisis…”I feel shamed as a member of this European leadership”

Greece - Macropolis

Tsipras tries to resolve trash row as opposition goes on offensive
Compliance report looks at programme financing, arrears clearance and 2016 performance
Five-month budget primary surplus confirmed at 1.84 bln, beats target by 790 mln
Tsipras makes PASOK opening amid domestic troubles
European Commission's DSA reveals serious concerns over debt sustainability, need for relief
European Commission - Compliance Report of the Second Review
In the case of Greek debt, it's the "how" that's missing
Greeks underwhelmed by deal with lenders, stressing uphill task for Tsipras
Greek university system out of sync with economic reality, study finds
Travel receipts rise by 11.3 pct in April on back of higher arrivals
Foreign Policy

Greece - Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Receives Mine Permits for Lexington and Greenwood Process Plant Operations - Marketwired (press release)
What's Unfolding For Shares of Golden Dawn Minerals Inc. (TSXV:GOM) - Financial Newsweek
Golden Dawn and the Classics -
Golden Dawn Minerals Inc. (TSXV:GOM) Company Valuation & Investor Review - Ozark Times
Golden Dawn Announces LOI to Acquire the Copper-Gold Lone Star Property - Marketwired (press release)

Europe - European Parliament

Theresa May reveals she is 'in discussions' about addressing European Parliament over Brexit plans
European Parliament Resolution Calls on Turkey to Protect Cultural Heritage and Have Good Neighborly Relations with Armenia
European Parliament Member Urges Investigative Mechanism on Artsakh Border
The New ´Europe of Security´: Elements for a European White Paper on Security and Defence
European Parliament reactions: Brexit negotiations begin

Europe - Angela Merkel

Germany's Angela Merkel is softening her previous opposition toward same-sex marriage
Angela Merkel signals change in stance on gay marriage in Germany
Donald Trump, Theresa May, Angela Merkel: Your Tuesday Briefing
Germany: Merkel's challenger sees quick vote on gay marriage
Angela Merkel Has Opened The Door To Same-Sex Marriage In Germany

Europe - Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Greek stocks hit 2-year high after new deal
Tsipras Hopes Eurogroup's Decision on Bailout Payment to Help Greece Heal
Eurozone, IMF agree Greek bailout payment
Greek government praises deal with creditors
What Britain’s European Union negotiators can learn from the Greeks

Europe - Franois Hollande

Modi meets Trump with his usual greeting _ bear hugs
Francois Hollande and the Middle East: The controversial legacy of a 'normal' president
France has received its orders from the masters
France to make public spending cuts as 2017 deficit to exceed 3 percent: finance minister
French discount store Tati to be bought by rival Gifi

Europe - Wolfgang Schaeuble

Germany needs to maintain positive economic environment - Schaeuble
Schaeuble says British were 'deceived' in Brexit campaign
Britons were endlessly lied to during Brexit campaign: Schaeuble
Europe Must Do More to Defend Liberal World Order - Germany's Schaeuble
Schaeuble Warns US Pullback Could “End Our Liberal World Order”

Europe - Jean-Claude Juncker

Swiss Call Time Out in Push on EU Ties as Brexit Talks Begin
Brexit: Jean-Claude Juncker says he has no clear idea what UK wants as negotiations get underway
Theresa May promises EU citizens that ‘no one will have to leave’ after Brexit but Jean Claude Juncker brands her offer ‘insufficient’
Will Europe's Defense Momentum Lead to Anything?
May's offer on citizens' rights 'below expectations — EU's Tusk

Europe - Pierre Moscovici

Moscovici: Greece will need to legislate a few more fiscal measures
Brexit is lose-lose for all, but especially for Britain - EU's Moscovici
EU’s Moscovici Optimistic that ‘Fair Solution’ on Greek Debt Relief Can be Reached at Next Eurogroup Meeting
Italy shd cut debt - Moscovici (2)
Mature decision taken on Greece: Moscovici

Europe - Christine Lagarde

Greece unlocks fresh bail-out funds as Christine Lagarde brands debt deal 'second best solution'
Greece gets enough to avoid another bailout trauma
IMF Seeks Stronger Collaboration against Terrorism Financing
DLT less vulnerable to single point of failure, could prove resilient to cyberattacks: Christine Lagarde
IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde to Propose Approval in Principle of New Arrangement for Greece

Europe - Mario Draghi

Draghi: Considerable stimulus still needed despite recovery
Draghi optimism on inflation sends euro higher
ECB's Draghi opens door to monetary policy tweak
Euro, Bond Yields Move Higher After Draghi’s Speech
Draghi Defends ECB Stimulus Saying Jobs Matter Most for Equality

Europe - European Business

Rivalry, resilience and resistance: the new normal of a changed world
European Business Review Q&A Session
Macron had taken the wind out of his sails in his first EU Summit
Western Balkans holds breath for better air quality
A view from China on the future of innovation and education
Need to reform the European status quo
Lets use the new EUphoria to tackle Europes root problems
Sustainable Investment Forum: Financing Innovation for a Low Carbon Future
US Senate decision: cold war or export promotion?
Since Brexit vote, Europeans warm again to EU

Europe - eurozone

Italy's Latest Bank Bailout Has Created A Two-Speed Eurozone
Eurozone: Time to respond to central bank signals – BNPP
Eurozone Inflation Hopes Boost Euro Pound Exchange Rate Outlook
European banks deemed safest since height of eurozone debt crisis
ECB’s Draghi Hints At Possible Winding Down of Eurozone QE

Northern Ireland

Sinn Fein says Northern Ireland billion-pound windfall no guarantee of power-sharing deal
Nurse training fund cut in Northern Ireland is reversed
UK Conservatives, Northern Ireland party strike deal to back PM May
UK: Theresa May signs deal with Northern Ireland's DUP
Theresa May's Deal with the DUP Could Make a Bad Situation Worse in Northern Ireland

Spain - Mariano Rajoy

Lawmakers back Spanish PM Rajoy in no-confidence vote
Spanish Socialists crown new leader as clash with PM Rajoy looms
Spanish parliament debates no-confidence motion against PM Rajoy
Lawmakers back Spanish PM Rajoy in no-confidence vote

Spain - Podemos

Spain’s Podemos excludes media, including EL PAÍS, from press event
Podemos leads vote of no confidence against Rajoy's government
Spanish Socialists Crown New Leader as Clash With PM Rajoy Looms
Reading "Politics in a Time of Crisis"
Power in Podemos

Spain - Ciudadanos

Ciudadanos wants to regulate surrogacy – but with no payment to the woman carrying the baby
Lawmakers back Spanish PM Rajoy in no-confidence vote
Spanish Socialists Crown New Leader as Clash With PM Rajoy Looms
Punto de Vista: Human Rights in Cuba (Spanish)
Brent A. Wilkes

Spain - Euro Weekly

Brussels slaps Google with record fine
WATCH: Doñana fire now under control as police probe launched
Youth forces ambulance off-road in Malaga
“Grubby deal” agreed between Conservatives and DUP
Man attempts to choke a bus driver in Marbella

Spain - Catalan Independence

Catalonia’s Challenge to Spain
SPAIN IN CRISIS: Catalan independence vote REFUSED - but rebels to hold referendum anyway
catalan independence front broadens
Catalan chic: A guide to Girona and the Costa Brava
Five Variables of a Catalan Referendum on Independence

Italy - Beppo Grillo

M5S must work as team or be annihilated - Grillo
Center-right set to win top race in Italian mayoral runoffs
Italy's centre-right set to win mayoral vote run-offs - exit polls
Immigration Moves Front and Center in Italy’s Local Elections
Italians vote in mayoral run-off that may spur the centre-right

United Kingdom - TUSC

Question Time ‘evictee’ is hard-left Socialist accused of road rage incident
Once more on the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
Unions must build the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC)
It’s Up the Poll! 2015: The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and Tameside
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

United Kingdom - Labour Party

CPV delegation attends Mexican Labour Party’s congress
Corbyn's Bold, Listening Labour Is The Natural Party Of Business
Labour Party will 'try to force early UK election': Jeremy Corbyn
Labour Party sues INEC, LASIEC over non-use of card reader
Why the Rise of Corbyn's Labour Party Should Worry the West

United Kingdom - Brexit

Brexit One Year Later, in Five Charts (EWU)
All the rights EU citizens in the UK are set to lose after Brexit
Brexit Turns 1: Eurozone Markets Are Partying Hardier Than Brits
UK's New Financial Sector Minister Says Listening to Banks Ahead of Brexit
General Election 2017: The Brexit Election That Wasn’t

Colombia - Labor

Hatch lauds president's executive order to expand apprenticeships
Worker Rights And Wrongs: Fair Trade Zones And Labor In The Americas – Analysis
Labor shortage hits Sri Lanka's cinnamon industry
Dispatches from a Colombian Guerrilla Demobilization Camp
EMERGING MARKETS-Brazil real, stocks extend losses on labor reform hurdle

Special - Alien Tort Statute

Justices turn away appeal in Somali torture case
From the Bookshelves: David Nersessian, International Human Rights Litigation: A Guide for Judges
Alien Tort Statute Returns To Supreme Court
A history of the U.S. Alien Tort Statute

Special - Bankruptcy

Hahn & Hessen Selected as Counsel to Creditors' Committee in The Gymboree Corporation Bankruptcy Case
Takata Seeks U.S. Bankruptcy Protection After Air-Bag Recalls
Airbag maker Takata files for bankruptcy in Japan and US, seeking $1.6B aid from Key Safety Systems
Roiled by Airbag-Recall Crisis, Takata Files for Bankruptcy
Airbag maker Takata files for bankruptcy, says it will be bought for $1.6 billion

Special - Burundi

Burundi crisis continues to bite
Celebrating Burundi’s independence
Burundi: Senior UN official urges steps towards political dialogue amid ongoing fragility
Iowa City nurse wins award after she fled violence in Burundi
Rwanda says gunmen kill 1, injure 8 in attack near Burundi

Special - Iraq Oil Report

Mosul battle to end in days as troops advance in Old City – Iraqi general
After ISIS counterattack, Iraqi forces continue bloody offensive in Mosul
In Mosul, ghostly civilians emerge from Old City hell
Anbar’s Illusions: The Failure of Iraq’s Success Story
Kurds see chance to advance their cause in ruins of Islamic State

Special - Quantitative Easing

The Bank of England’s Plan for the UK after Brexit
Gold And Silver Rebound; Jim Rickards: Dollar May Become 'Local Currency Of The U.S.'
The End of Quantitative Easing: Fed Rate Hike Trumped by Selling Down Massive Balance Sheet
ECB not yet ready to buy Greek bonds, Draghi says
Quantitative easing going nowhere for now

Business - Financial Transaction Tax

Neeti Dewan Joins Ryan as Global Practice Leader of Transaction Tax Compliance
Obligation to Furnish Statement of Financial Transaction (SFT) or Reportable Account Under Provisions of Section 285BA of the Income Tax Act, 1961
A US Financial Transaction Tax
Time for a financial transactions tax
With one small tax, America could insure the next generation a brighter future

Business - Japan Economy

Scandal hits Japan’s special economic zones
Japanese leading economic index recorded a drop in April
Dollar drops against yen as Japan upgrades economy for first time since December
Suzuki Motor : Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing Receives Approval by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
EU-Japan FTA prompts fear of economic isolation

Business - China Economy

China's premier just offered a rare glimpse of the Chinese economy — here's what he didn't say
China’s Pension Gap Is Growing as Aging Becomes Economic Risk
China’s Premier, Li Keqiang, Praises Free Trade, in Contrast to Trump
China starts 'green finance' zones to improve environment
China lashing out at Crown is China’s problem, not Crown’s

Business - CRB Index

Fresh 52-Week Lows In Commodities
USDJPY: Looks To Recover Higher Nearer Term
Falling Commodity Prices Are a Big Reason Why Inflation Is So Low
ELAM: Summer doldrums hit oil
Bearish Leg Unfolds for Pound to Dollar Exchange Rate Suggests Technical Analysis

Business - Baltic Dry Index

Baltic Dry Index up to 884 points
Baltic Dry Index Turns Higher Following Surprising Boost to Capesize Rates
Massive Upside Ahead For Sino-Global Based On High Margins And Huge EPS Growth
Dry Bulk FFA market: Panamaxes hold the fort
Steel Yourself for Trump's Anti-Trade Moves

Business - Shipping Watch

Maersk's IT systems hit by major crash
Cosco Shipping secures financing for tanker vessels
China investing billions in African LNG projects
A new coat of paint is rocking the global shipping industry
Frontline abandons corporate acquisitions and bets on own fleet
Norwegian oil companies experiencing huge price decline since the new year
Maersk's customers can soon monitor reefer containers

Business - Shanghai Containerized Freight Index

Drewry’s World Container Index down by 0.5% on the week
Shanghai Containerized Freight Index Plunges to New Low
Shanghai Containerized Freight Index Totally Collapses, Top Carriers Wage Price War to Form Global Shipping Oligopoly
Drewry: World Container Index down 0.5%

Business - Industrial Materials Price Index

The industrial producer price index in Estonia continued to increase in May
Canadian Industrial Product Price Index Increases in March
Producer Prices for the Industrial Sector for May 2017
Energy and petroleum prices main reason for increase of industrial product price index in 2013
Industrial product and raw materials price indexes, April 2017

Business - Oil Export Ban

The Booming Texas Port at Center of US Oil Exports
Why the Wall Street Journal Is Wrong About the US Oil Export Boom
Trump to push U.S. oil, gas exports
As US debates oil export ban, questions over what’s actually banned
Welcome to the booming Texas port at the heart of U.S. oil exports

Business - ECRI

Connecticut Hospital Association Confronts Radiation Dosage
ECRI Institute's CapitalNavigator Helps Hospital Leaders Stretch Complex Medical Technology Budgets
Medical Mystery: An unexpected outcome from liposuction
The anti-racism commission publishes its annual report
Greek Professor Elected Vice-President of European Committee on Racism

Business - Financial Transparency Coalition

World gathers at UN, but stymies UN’s role in tax and transparency
Where should we make the rules? A look at how the UN can help tackle IFFs
Every government that’s supported a UN tax body, in one table
Panama Papers one year on: our favorite stories
Secret companies allow corrupt cash to flood the biggest real estate markets

Business - Corruption

What's next for Brazil's Temer following corruption charge?
Brazil's crisis deepens as president Michel Temer accused of corruption
Corruption Currents: U.K. AML Law to Reveal Scotland’s Beneficial Owners
Brazil's President Charged With Corruption
President Michel Temer of Brazil Is Charged With Corruption

Business - Subprime Lending

Why are subprime auto loans still a thing?
Does Anyone Remember How to Make a Subprime Mortgage?
Personal loans | view your loan options & apply now | Guaranteed credit cards

Business - JDSupra Business Advisor - Employment

Florida Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Law
Case Demonstrates Perils Of Refusing To Discuss Issues With Union
Workwise: Certain Earnings During Notice Period Not Considered Mitigation
Wisconsin Eliminates Permitting Requirements for 16- and 17-Year-Old Workers
The Baton Passes Back to the East Coast: Prior Salary Ban Passed in Delaware and Philadelphia Law Suit Challenging Prior Salary Ban Back On
Tesla’s CEO makes personal pledge for employee safety
Delaware Follows Trend of Banning Compensation History Inquiries in Effort to Reduce the Gender Pay Gap
Uber’s Former CEO and Current Chairman of the Board Sued Personally for Independent Contractor Misclassification – Is This an Effort to Circumvent Uber’s Arbitration Agreements?
Shifting Sands Continue to Undermine Traditional Definitions of Employment
Organizing Data Privacy Within A Company
The Supreme Court - June 23, 2017
Philadelphia Beefs Up Enforcement Powers Against Employers
The Dialogue: Sex Harassment in the Workplace — Still an Issue, but How Much?
New Transgender Identity and Expression Regulations (July 1, 2017)
Cook County Minimum Wage Regulations
Canada Launches Global Skills Strategy to Fast-Track Short-Term Entry of High-Skilled Workers
Delaware and Oregon Join the Movement Banning Employers from Making Salary History Inquiries
Background Checks by Province: What Employers Need to Know
Pitfalls a 401(k) Sponsor Can Avoid With Plan Providers
Seventh Circuit Limits Ability to Moot Claims of Class Representative in the Wake of Campbell-Ewald
RAMP Certification Requirements: Expanded Enforcement Looming
ERISA Plan Choice-of-Law Provisions: Dog Whisperer’s Disability Claim Reviewed Under Abuse of Discretion Standard of Review
OSHA Seeks Feedback on Proposal to Revoke Certain Provisions of Beryllium Rule Applicable to the Construction and Shipyard Sectors
Senate Republicans Release Bill to "Repeal and Replace" the Affordable Care Act
And on the Seventh Day, Let Them Rest… or Work—If They Want!

Business - JDSupra Business Advisor - Finance

Supreme Court Decides California Public Employees' Retirement System v. ANZ Securities, Inc., No. 16-373
House Approves Rollback of Post-Recession Financial Reforms
ABLE Accounts - Savings Tool for Special Needs Individuals
Recast EU Insolvency Regulation Comes Into Force
NYSE Withdraws Proposed Rule Allowing Listing Without an IPO
[Audio] This Week in FCPA-Episode 58, the Declination Edition
UK: FCA call for input on access to insurance
Bridging the Week - June 2017 #4
Will he or will he not issue the arbitration rule?
Your Daily Dose of Financial News
Spanish law endorses a new class of senior "non-preferred" debt instruments (or senior second ranking notes): the starting gun has been fired
Treasury Seeks to Reshape Financial Services Regulatory Regime
What is the Impact of the Financial Choice Act on Small Business? It Depends On Who You Ask.
Recast Insolvency Regulation
Investment Funds Update: Europe: Legal and regulatory updates for the funds industry from the key asset management centres and primary European fund domiciles - Issue 5, 2017: France
Proposed Rules Aimed at High-Risk Brokers Confirm FINRA Push for Firms to “Do Their Part”
Financial Services Quarterly Report - Second Quarter 2017: Increasing Focus on European ETFs
EU General Data Protection Regulation – a survival guide for private equity
[Video] Day 18 of One Month to Better Investigations and Report-Reporting Line Best Practices
The Financial Report, Volume 6, Number 12
HVCRE: Busting Myths
Corporate and Financial Weekly Digest - Volume XII, Issue 23
THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING—Second Circuit Holds that Contractual Consent Provisions Cannot be Revoked
Our Cuba Sanctions Predictions: How Did We Do?
[Video] Day 17 Of One Month To Better Investigations and Reporting-Whom To Suspend During an Internal Investigation and De-Confliction

Business - LIBOR

Bank Committee Selects Repo as Libor Alternative for Swaps - New York Times
Banks Pick New Reference Rate to Replace US Dollar Libor - Wall Street Journal (subscription)
Hunt for a Libor alternative - Seeking Alpha
UK Appeals Court To Hear Landmark RBS Libor Swaps Suit - Law360 (subscription)
Barclays, UBS, HSBC Agree To $36M Settlement In Libor Suit - Law360 (subscription)

Business - Volcker Rule

US Fed's Powell repeats that Fed is reassessing Volcker Rule implementation - ForexLive
Big banks' great day in Washington | Colorado Springs Gazette, News - Colorado Springs Gazette
5 ways the proposed changes to the Volcker Rule would affect Wall Street trading jobs - eFinancialCareers
Fed Gives Deutsche Bank, UBS Five-Year Breather On Illiquid Fund Volcker Compliance - Forbes
Treasury's framework to relax and "improve" the Volcker Rule: key recommended changes - JD Supra (press release)

Business - FCPA

FCPA Enforcement May Change Due to Supreme Court Ruling - Wall Street Journal (subscription) (blog)
Linde To Pay $11.2 Million Gets FCPA Declination - Corporate Crime Reporter
Learn from History or Repeat It: FCPA 2016 in Review - JD Supra (press release)
Linde FCPA probe ends in DoJ declination - Compliance Week (subscription) (blog)
Video- FCPA Pilot Program - Lexology (registration)

Business - Markit

US Flash PMI points to weak end to second quarter
Japan's manufacturers end second quarter on softer note
Growth in Asia regains momentum in May, but manufacturing struggles
Week ahead economic preview
Eurozone employment rises to record high as economic recovery gains strength
Week ahead economic preview
Asia sector PMI points to rising capex but also sluggish basic materials
UK surveys hint at business expansion amid signs of rising capex and solid hiring
Brexit-exposed sectors in Ireland see rebound in first half of 2017
Czech manufacturing sector performs strongly at the start of 2017

Business - Foreclosure News

Manhattan apartment once sold for $50.9 million heads to foreclosure auction - MarketWatch
Pros and cons of buying a house in foreclosure - Allentown Morning Call
Speed up the foreclosure process so real estate can rebound - Chicago Tribune
A Second, Even Bigger Foreclosure Reaches NYC Billionaires' Row ... - Bloomberg
Kolawole Aluko foreclosed Billionaires' Row penthouse | Daily Mail ... - Daily Mail

Business - Insider Trading

Swiss take action over insider trading, market manipulation - ABC News
Insider trading case against Atlanta KPMG senior partner to proceed - Atlanta Business Chronicle
Daily Reads: Secret Obamacare Repeal Ripe for Insider Trading; Torture and the War on Terror — Then and Now -
Former UBS compliance officer charged with insider trading - Financial Times
Target Of Medicare Insider Trading Case Boasted He Was ... - Kaiser Health News

Business - Collateral Transformation

The growing need for collateral management at buy-side banks -
At a time when cost efficiency has become the new world order and regulations are strangling firms, outsourcing ... - (subscription)
Examining the collateral and liquidity challenge: Derivatives in the insurance industry -
Brussels to consider derivative-clearing rule changes for pension funds -
A handy collateral deck - FT Alphaville
Euronext Targets Blocks Ahead of MiFID II - Markets Media (press release) (registration) (blog)
Buy-siders weigh virtues of P2P repo - (subscription)
United States: The Effects Of Trans-Atlantic Reform On Margin For Uncleared Swaps: Balancing The Risks And ... - Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
Keler Hungary to join Target2-Securities - Budapest Business Journal
Collateral shortfall: mountain or molehill? - FTSE Global Markets
Euronext Publishes First Quarter 2017 Results - Business Wire (press release)
Société Générale launches collateral management outsourcing solution - FTSE Global Markets
Collateral optimisation: Managing the cost, mobilisation and velocity of collateral - FTSE Global Markets
Is this the most simultaneously interesting and underpaid trading job in an investment bank? - eFinancialCareers
Collateral management: Defining effective client solutions - FTSE Global Markets

Business - KPMG

Morning Drive Players Prep KPMG Womens PGA Championship ... - Golf Channel
CEOs must pick teams with the right skill sets: KPMG India CEO ... - Forbes India
So Yeon Ryu wins in Arkansas; looks to carry momentum into the KPMG -
ESPN The Magazine EIC Alison Overholt Recalls Her KPMG Career ... - Adweek
Longtime KPMG Sponsor Phil Mickelson To Take Part In Skills ... - SportsBusiness Daily (subscription)

Business - Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing toolkit for developing nations' tax systems | Public ... - Public Finance International
Are online payday loans legal in nh ~ cash advance online ~ instant decision in 3 min - Los Angeles Independent
New rules to cut transfer pricing disputes - Economic Times
Updates on transfer pricing in Vietnam - Lexology (registration)
New 'toolkit' addresses lack of transfer pricing comparables - MNE Tax
Transfer-Pricing Informative Statement in Costa Rica - Lexology (registration)
ArcelorMittal's Bosnian unit in transfer pricing dispute with tax office - SeeNews
Prometeia ERMAS: The new face of Performance Management - Bobsguide (press release)
Tax officials preview coming OECD transfer pricing guidelines on financial transactions - MNE Tax
Malta Outlines Last Offer on Public Country-by-Country Reports - Bloomberg BNA
New decree a game changer for transfer pricing - Economy ... - Viet Nam News
Revised Transfer Pricing Safe Harbour Rules Bring Cheer - BloombergQuint
Strong transfer pricing policy ensures transparent intercompany dealings - The New Times
HMRC keeps “intense focus” on transfer pricing, says expert -
Chevron To Australian Court: Appeal Affects Disputes Worth Billions - Bloomberg BNA

Business - New York Federal Reserve

Special Report: How the Federal Reserve serves US foreign intelligence - Reuters
Big Banks Clear First Phase of Federal Reserve Stress Tests - New York Times
Markets Unfazed as Federal Reserve Nears Plan to Shed Bonds - New York Times
No, Fed Didn't Make a Mistake by Hiking Rates - Bloomberg
S&P 500, Dow Edge Up; Tech Weighs on Nasdaq - New York Times

Business - US Attorney - Southern District of New York

Next Stop for Preet Bharara, Fired Prosecutor? His Brother's Media Firm - New York Times
There's 'absolutely evidence' to begin obstruction of justice case on Trump: Bharara - ABC News
Nathan Order Adds to 'Mini-Tidal Wave' of Concern Over Warrants ... - New York Law Journal (registration)
Sunday on 'This Week': Preet Bharara, Alan Dershowitz, Sen. Mike Lee, and Sen. Joe Manchin - ABC News
Fired US attorney Preet Bharara attends the Comey hearing - USA TODAY

Business - Global Economic Growth

Global economic growth continues - Lewistown Sentinel
Global economic growth 'likely to disappoint' says top investor - What Investment
Asian stocks edge up on optimism over global growth; dollar soft - Hindu Business Line
Africa facing shortfall of 50 million jobs by 2040, report says - The Guardian
Quora: US Policies Are the Largest Obstacle in the Way of Global Economic Growth - Newsweek

Business - Protectionism

Europe and Japan Near Trade Deal as U.S. Takes Protectionist Path ... - New York Times
Could Trump's Protectionism Spark a Trade War? | The National ... - The National Interest Online
Trade And Protectionism Post Globalisation - Seeking Alpha
Crony capitalism masquerading as trade protectionism in the solar panel industry - Washington Examiner
Panel addresses softwood lumber trade - Daily Inter Lake

Business - Price Fixing

Germany overturns Bell price-fixing findings
South Africa: Fire Control Companies Fined for Price Fixing and Collusion
FTC punishes Japanese, German auto parts firms over price fixing
Cancer advocacy groups allege essential drug price-fixing
Competition Commission raids meat suppliers (for alleged price fixing)

Business - Earnings

Shares of Olive Garden parent pop on strong earnings beat
Corus Entertainment, Inc.B 2017 Q3 - Results - Earnings Call Slides
Anglo American Platinum Sees Lower 1st Half Earnings Due to Adverse Forex
BRIEF-Western Digital sees Q4 non-GAAP earnings per share of $2.85
US equity market rally hinges on earnings growth

Banks - Janet Yellen

A Key Speech From Janet Yellen Has Investors Paying Attention
Stocks, dollar ease ahead of Yellen and central bank speeches
Janet Yellen, and the Fed's inflation target, should both stay
Pound to Dollar: Carney and Yellen Go Head to Head
Dollar Off to Firm Start as Traders Position for Yellen

Banks - Stanley Fischer

Fed's Fischer Says House Prices 'High and Rising' Amid Low Rates
Fed's Fischer expresses caution about global housing markets
Asian stocks rise, oil languishes near 10-month low on glut fears
Mad Hawk Disease Strikes Federal Reserve
Gold hits 4-week low on firm dollar

Banks - Jerome Powell

Fed's Powell sees room to ease some U.S. banking rules
Powell suggests review of capital rule to boost central clearing
Is Huntington Bank healthy enough to weather a recession? Stress-test results are in
Fed’s stress tests raise concern over financial safety standard
Surprised by the Fed

Banks - Daniel Tarullo

Banking Stress Tests Less Stressful -- WSJ
Powell suggests review of capital rule to boost central clearing
Biggest Banks Clear Their First Hurdle in Fed’s Stress Tests
Wall Street betting on Treasury, not Congress, for regulatory rollback
Fed hikes key rate and unveils bond trimming plans

Banks - Lael Brainard

Fed's Bullard: Hold Off on Further Rate Hikes Until Inflation Rises
Fed's Mester Argues for Rate Hikes as Bullard Counsels Patience
Why the Fed Will Fail Once Again
Yellen's Fed looks past Washington's political turmoil
Mad Hawk Disease Strikes Federal Reserve

Banks - HSBC

HSBC Partners With AI Startup To Combat Money Laundering - Financial Advisor Magazine (registration)
HSBC money-laundering expert who died in London attack hailed a 'skateboard hero' for defending woman from knife ... - South China Morning Post
HSBC cash sweetener aims to entice staff to new Birmingham HQ ... - The Guardian
Bank of China Settles Italy Tax Dispute Over Cash Transfers - Bloomberg BNA
Fraud And Money Laundering Force Launched in Hong Kong -

Banks - JP Morgan

Dimon Says JPMorgan Headcount to Keep Rising Despite ... - Bloomberg
Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick spotted grabbing lunch and advice from JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon - CNBC
JPMorgan Turns Bullish on Future of Global Investment Banks - Bloomberg
Citi Taps Former Senior J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank Banker for ... - Wall Street Journal (subscription)
Chesapeake Energy (CHK) Presents at JPMorgan Energy Equity Investor Conference - Seeking Alpha

Banks - Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Just Revealed the Secret Force Powering the Bull Market in Stocks This Year -
Goldman Sachs' online lending business already hit the $1 billion ... - Business Insider
Bath Time: Agent Won't Take A “Bullet” For Trump; Goldman Sachs and Trump's BFF Saga - The Daily Caller
Goldman Sachs: Oil Crash Unlikely To Continue -
Goldman Sachs is reportedly dangling its elite partner title to lure new hires - CNBC

Banks - Citigroup

Citigroup: No Stress Ahead - Seeking Alpha
Citigroup Is Destined To Double - Seeking Alpha
Citigroup's Plan to Revive Its Lagging Stock - Wall Street Journal (subscription)
Citigroup Stock History: From Boom to Crisis and Back Again - Motley Fool

Banks - Bank of America

Bank Of America: Stuck? - Seeking Alpha
Bank of America Tops II's Emerging Market Research Ranking - Institutional Investor
Here's Why Bank of America Passed the Stress Test -- The Motley Fool - Motley Fool
The Future Of Technology According To Bank Of America's Chief Operations And Technology Officer - Forbes
Bank of America, Wells Fargo could weather another downturn, Fed says - Charlotte Observer

Banks - Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo faces its next big test on Wednesday - Charlotte Observer
Wells Fargo: Utilities Likely to Keep Lagging - Barron's - Barron's
$500 million Wells Fargo team moves to Raymond James - InvestmentNews
Supreme Court Leaves Standing Wells Fargo Win on Nevada Lien Law - Bloomberg BNA
Wells Fargo Agrees to Sell Commercial Insurance Business to USI Insurance Services - Business Wire (press release)

Banks - Bank of England

Pound dives against the euro after upbeat Mario Draghi speech at ECB Forum -
UK financial markets not expected to increase - Irish Examiner
Bank of England faces echoes of the 2007 crunch as Brits are back ... -
Maxed-out consumers of concern to Bank of England - The Guardian
Bank of England warns of repricing danger in commercial property - Property Week

Banks - Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank Ireland appoints Kevin Wall as chief executive - Irish Times
Ex-Barclays chief says banking could face its own 'Kodak moment'; urges banks to embrace fintech solutions - CNBC
Barclays spoke to regulators about bringing bitcoin 'into play' - CNBC
Barclays Bank stops Morpeth man accessing his newly-opened account - ChronicleLive
Barclays and Former Executives Charged in Qatar Fund-Raising - New York Times

Banks - Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is planning a Wall Street hiring drive - Business Insider
Stock, Bond Connects switching costs could be high, warns ... - South China Morning Post
AIG sets up blockchain policy for Standard Chartered - Financial Times - Financial Times
BusinessWorld | Standard Chartered wants to participate in ... - BusinessWorld Online Edition
A former MAS deputy director has just joined Standard Chartered in a global role - eFinancialCareers

Banks - Nomura

MSP hike higher than last year, but still modest: Nomura ... -
Nomura to Strengthen Monitoring of Internal Control System -
Knowling named CEO of Nomura equity execution unit - GlobalCapital
Nomura Wants to Charge Clients $134000 for Premium Research - Bloomberg
Nomura: Interesting Times And Interesting Price - Seeking Alpha

Banks - Deutsche Bank

Oil at $35 Is Tipping Point for High-Yield, Deutsche Bank Says - Bloomberg
Kushner firm's $285 million Deutsche Bank loan came just before Election Day - Washington Post
UBS was reportedly left out of Deutsche Bank rights issue after a dispute over poaching staff - Business Insider
Deutsche Bank loses investor services sales head - (subscription)
JPMorgan hires global custody lead from Deutsche Bank - Financial News (subscription)

Banks - Royal Bank of Scotland

Carney tells Lloyds, RBS and other banks to hold £11.4bn in case of credit card, car loan defaults - Proactive Investors UK
Judge expects update on Royal Bank of Scotland settlement negotiations - The Guardian
Royal Bank of Scotland faces another trial: Company alleges it was "scared" into buying interest rate swaps - City A.M.
Questor: buy RBS while no one else wants it – its first post-crisis dividend could surprise you -
Nantwich man scoops £5000 shopping spree in bank competition - Nantwich News

Banks - Bank of New York Mellon

Buy or Sell? What Analysts Recommends: The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BK), USG Corporation (USG) - StockNewsJournal
Today Analysts Focus on The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BK), WMIH Corp. (WMIH) - StockNewsJournal
BNY Mellon Wealth Management Names Brian O'Neil as New ... - Business Wire (press release)
BNY Mellon Announces Results of Its 2017 Annual Stress Test - PR Newswire (press release)
BJ's Restaurants, Inc. (BJRI) Shares Bought by Bank of New York Mellon Corp - The Cerbat Gem

Banks - State Street Bank

State Street Corporation (STT) Shares Bought by Utah Retirement Systems - BNB Daily (blog)
Divisa and Middle East: Head of Institutional Sales Hormoz Faryar ... - Finance Magnates
State Street Corporation (STT) Earns Neutral Rating from Bank of America Corporation - The Cerbat Gem
Analysts See $0.00 EPS for Akzo Nobel N.V. (ADR) (AKZOY), State ... - Key Gazette
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking Corp Decreases Stake in State Street Corporation (STT) - Sports Perspectives

Banks - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

China's ICBC says checks of loans to big acquirers are routine - Reuters
Bank of China, Tencent to Trial Blockchain in New Research Effort - CoinDesk
ICBC Says Loan Checks On Acquisitive Companies Are 'Normal' -
ASIA MARKETS: Hong Kong Market Slips As Developers, Small-Cap Stocks Retreat - Nikkei Asian Review
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (HKG:1398) Joins EBS Direct - Live Trading News

Banks - Banco Santander

Memo For Gretchen Morgenson - Banco Popular Suffered A Run, Not A Lack Of Capital - Forbes
Spanish Bank Santander Forges Ahead In Fintech With The Red Lyra Blockchain Network - Forbes
Banco Santander, S.A. (SAN) Given Average Rating of “Hold” by ... - The Cerbat Gem
Active Runner in Focus: Banco Santander SA (BNC.L) - Stock Rover
Banco Santander's Series 4 Preferred Securities Crosses Above 6.5 ... - Nasdaq

Banks - Mitsubishi UFJ Financial

Mitsubishi UFJ Said to Consider Shrinking Headcount by 10000 Over Decade - Bloomberg
Proficio Capital Partners LLC Has $102000 Position in Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc (MTU) - Sports Perspectives
Vietjet Inks Strategic Aircraft Financing Agreement with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group -
MUFG Selected 2016's Project Finance Lender of the Year By Power, Finance & Risk - PR Newswire (press release)
Japanese Market Rises - Markets Insider

Banks - Bundesbank

Bundesbank says private consumption important pillar of growth - ForexLive
Industry driving robust Q2 German expansion - Bundesbank - Reuters
Bundesbank's Weidmann warns of digital currency risks - Financial Times
Bundesbank boss warns on political pressure to keep QE -
Low profits a challenge for German banks, says Bundesbank's Dombret - Nikkei Asian Review

Banks - Societe Generale

Societe Generale to run its own Fintech Hackathon gig - Enterprise Innovation
Societe Generale Upgrades Diageo plc (DEO) to Buy, Potential To Be M&A Candidate -
Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Societe Generale choose IBM for trade finance blockchain - International Business Times UK
Merrion Fleet bought by vehicle leasing arm of Société Générale - Irish Times
Fitch Affirms Societe Generale SFH's OFH at 'AAA'; Outlook Stable - Reuters

Banks - Credit Suisse

China Stocks: Credit Suisse Says Be Cautious In Jittery Market - Barron's
Credit Suisse MD says jobs moving from NYC to Raleigh, NC on schedule - eFinancialCareers
Credit Suisse retains outperform on Bharat Financial as loan waiver a non-issue -
Credit Suisse Cuts Luxury Exposure on China Concerns - Barron's
Credit Suisse Takes the Crown in All-Asia Sales | Institutional Investor - Institutional Investor

Banks - UBS

UBS was reportedly left out of Deutsche Bank rights issue after a dispute over poaching staff - Business Insider
Iron ore price stable on China demand: UBS | SBS News - SBS
UBS: Aluminium supply restraints unlike coal - The Sydney Morning Herald
UBS reports millennials could be worth up to $24 trillion by 2020 - CNBC
China's bond market to surpass Japan as world's second largest in ... - CNBC

Banks - New Development Bank (BRICS)

BRICS Announce New Development Bank
Five questions for new BRICS development bank
BRICS New Development Bank Threatens Hegemony Of U.S. Dollar
New Development Bank prepares to expand membership
Meet the BRICS’ “New Development Bank”

Banks - Asian Bank

The Asian Development Bank – 50 years in Manila
Asian Development Bank (ADB) approves a USD 102 million (Rs 568.31 cr) loan to train 2 lakh youngsters in Odisha
IFR Asia Asian Development Bank Roundtable 2017: Mobilising Asian investors for sustainable development
Civic chief, Asian Development Bank officials
China-backed Asian infrastructure bank touts growth, sustainability

Banks - World Bank

World Bank Approves $300m Fund for Road Upgrades and Forest Protection in Vietnam
World Bank Clears $250 Million Loan to Train India’s Job Seekers
Myanmar, World Bank renews agreement for development aid worth US$1.2bn
‘FG seeks $5bn loan from World Bank to improve electricity’
Fresher Team Assistant Jobs - World Bank

Rent Seeking - SIFMA

How's Finra Doing? Industry Groups Let 'Er Rip - Financial Advisor Magazine (registration)
Charles Schwab Commits $1 Million to Advance Financial ... - Business Wire (press release)
SIFMA Statement On 'Move America Act Of 2017' - Exchange News Direct
Could A Robo Advisor Know A Client As Well As A Human? -
Fiduciary Rule On Pace For June, But Changes May Be Close - ValueWalk

Rent Seeking - FINRA

FINRA Releases New Guidance Regarding Social Media and Digital Communications - JD Supra (press release)
Finra awards $440000 in case against Ameriprise - InvestmentNews
Finra engages in rulemaking by enforcement: financial industry groups - InvestmentNews (blog)
How's Finra Doing? Industry Groups Let 'Er Rip - Financial Advisor Magazine (registration)
Finra CEO Robert Cook keeps low profile — for now - InvestmentNews

Miscellaneous - International Arms Sales

Senator Vows to Block U.S. Arms Sales Until Qatar Crisis Eased
Russia arms trade chief sees no big surge in arms sales
Decoding US policy on arms sales to Taiwan
Trumplomacy: Is there a Mideast strategy beyond arms sales?
China strongly opposes United States arms sales to Taiwan

Miscellaneous - Deepwater Horizon

Judge: No Retrial in Probate Case of Deepwater Horizon Survivor - Arkansas Business Online
Two UNO-led research projects receive grants from Deepwater ... - The Advocate
Donald Vidrine, BP rig supervisor on Deepwater Horizon, has died ... - Houston Business Journal
Donald Vidrine dies; BP supervisor on Deepwater Horizon rig was 69 - Newsday
UGA joins a consortium to research the impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill - Red and Black

Miscellaneous - Annie Doukan

Federal judge orders former state chemist Annie Dookhan to pay $2 million to wrongfully convicted man
Federal Judge Awards $2M In Dookhan Wrongful Conviction Case
Judge dismisses 7 convictions tied to ex-drug lab chemist

Miscellaneous - Sergeant Robert Bales

Staff Sgt. Robert Bales Came to Hate 'Everyone Who Isn't American' -
The life of a devil's advocate - Crosscut
US Identifies Army Sergeant in Killing of 16 in Afghanistan - New York Times
Report sheds new light on US soldier who murdered 16 Afghans - CBS News
Staff Sgt. Robert Bales was found liable in financial fraud - Washington Post

Miscellaneous - Shootings

Tow driver speaks out after shooting - WCVB Boston
Philando Castile's Mother Reaches $3 Million Settlement Over Police Shooting - NPR
Police: Deadly officer-involved shooting in Kent began as an attempted traffic stop - KOMO News
Suspects wanted in fatal Brooklyn gas station shooting of Queens man - New York Daily News
2 shooting incidents during fireworks in downtown Detroit - Fox 2 Detroit

Miscellaneous - Social Security

What same-sex couples should know about their Social Security benefits
Read This Before You Take Social Security Benefits
Panama’s Social Security Fund seeks to invest in solar
What to Consider Before Filing for Social Security Early
Inside Social Security: Administration’s top five new blog posts cover what matters

Miscellaneous - Social Security Works

The Overlooked Trumpcare Threat: A Medicare Time Bomb
Social Security Works Supports Prescription Drug Importation
Trump‘s Broken Social Security Promise
CBO Score Confirms that Trumpcare Would Be a Disaster for Seniors
Statement on Reports that Trump’s Budget Will Contain Cuts to Social Security & Medicaid

Reference - GovTrack

Senate Committee on Armed Services Meeting
House Committee on Veterans' Affairs: Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity Meeting
House Committee on Appropriations Meeting
House Committee on the Judiciary: Subcommittee on Regulatory Reform, Commercial and Antitrust Law Meeting
House Committee on Veterans' Affairs: Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations Meeting
House Committee on Natural Resources: Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources Meeting
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Meeting
Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Meeting
Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry Meeting
Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation Meeting