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New Politics

Union Democracy and Organizing Teachers in Charter Schools
The Popular Front: the Deadest of Dead-End Strategies
The French Election
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance condemns Trump's Paris Agreement withdrawal
Logic of the Bomb
The FBI Takes Charge: The Establishment May be Done with Trump
Standing in Solidarity with Sarah Chambers
May Day: Born in the USA
The Democrats Delivered One Thing in the Past 100 Days: Disappointment
Reports on the Resistance: Tax Day Protests

On Labor

Seattle and the Economics of Minimum Wage
Weekend News & Commentary — June 24-25, 2017
Guest Post: Why UBI Proponents Should Support Labor Law Reform
You Call That a Hearing?
Uber Adds a Tip Option

Michael Hudson

The Sins of Junk Economics
Cancel Odious Greek Debts
Are Students a Class?
Another Housing Bubble?
Jargon, Junk Reviewed
Review of Steve Keen’s “Can we void another financial crisis?”
Let’s Run Government for Business
Democrats “Kompromat”
Emptying Out Economies
The Democracy Collaborative

Black Agenda Report

Freedom Rider: UNAC Brings Power to the People
Capitalism Kills, Socialism Heals
Mayor-elect Lumumba: Jackson “to be the Most Radical City on the Planet”
Black Agenda Radio for Week of June 19, 2017
Democrats Spread Confusion in Black America
Don’t Get Paranoid About Infiltrators
Ethiopia: Collective Punishment by Internet Clampdown

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

Mish Moved Off Blogger to MishTalk.Com - For Email Alerts Please Sign Up Again on MishTalk!
Iowa Caucuses: Cruz Edges Trump and Rubio; Clinton and Sanders in Dead Heat
Construction Spending Anemic Despite Warm Weather; Where to From Here?
China Manufacturing Prices Decline 18th Month; China Hoping to Avoid Hard Landing
Economists in Fantasyland: Economists See 20% Chance of Recession That's at Least 20% Likely Already Here
Poll Shows Nearly 40% of Germans Want Merkel to Resign
Bank of Japan Adopts Negative Interest Rates: Surprise, Surprise We Lied Again; Meaning of "Now"
Shocking Crash: Durable Goods Orders Plunge 5.1%, Shipments Drop 2.2%, Huge Negative Revisions; Recession Here?
Chicago Board of Education Yanks $875 Million Bond Sale Over 7.75% Yield; Five Questions for Chicago
New Home Sales Surge but Prices Down Sharply; Prices Have Room to Fall; Is Everybody In?
French Taxi Drivers Burn Tires Block Airports in Mass 24-Hour Strike; 20% of French Flights Cancelled
Retail Sales vs. Consumer Confidence; Unwarranted Fed Faith in Wrong Surveys
Dallas Fed Region Activity Plunges to Lowest Reading Since 2009; Production Collapsed

Crooks and Liars

Mike's Blog Round Up
Open Thread - Mitch 'The Turtle' McConnell Interviewed On Trumpcare?
C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Queens Of The Stone Age
MSNBC's Katy Tur: 'Does Anything [Trump] Says Matter? I Think The Answer Is No'
AHCA Is About A Mean Ideology. Tax Cuts Are A Bonus.

Eugene Robinson

Is the GOP trying to repeal and replace itself?
Eugene Robinson Live (June 20)
The acquittal in Philando Castile’s killing makes clear that black lives still do not matter
Eugene Robinson Live (June 13)
To know where the Russia probe is headed, pay attention to the topics Comey avoided


Senate Trumpcare Bill Shows GOP Thinks Working Poor Should Struggle More For Health Care
What If Jon Ossoff Campaigned On Message For Medicare For All?
ICE Raids Against Iraqi Catholics Present Existential Problem For Refugees
Supreme Court Immunizes High-Ranking Officials From Lawsuits For Rights Violations
Chelsea Manning’s Persevering Spirit Shines In Interview For ABC’s ‘Nightline’

The Hill-Blogs

UN rights chief warns of Trump's 'persistent flirtation' with torture
Warren: Dems should campaign on single-payer healthcare plan
North Korea compares 'America first' policy to 'Nazism in the 21st century'
Congressional Black Caucus has a duty to meet with President Trump
Pediatricians’ group ‘deeply alarmed’ at EPA’s pesticide decision

The Plum Line

Will the GOP’s awful health bill pass? Here’s what you need to know.
Sunday Open Thread


Senate GOP health-care bill appears in deeper trouble following new CBO report
Too many Americans know too little about the Constitution. Here's how you can fix that.
No, the government did not pay for GOP leader Mitch McConnell's polio care. Charity did.
Half of Trump’s major federal agencies still only have one Senate-confirmed appointee
Q & A for federal workers: Early outs and buyouts
The Trump-McConnell bond is being tested. So is the GOP agenda.
This is why so many Republicans are ready to buck public opinion on health care
Cory Booker stages sit-in over health-care bill
White House says Syria's Assad preparing another chemical attack, warns of 'heavy' penalty
House Ethics Committee is reviewing allegations against three Democrats
Kushner adds defense attorney Abbe Lowell to Russia-investigation legal team
Senate leaders try to bolster GOP health-care bill with incentive for consumers to stay insured

WaPo-Federal Eye

Q & A for federal workers: Early outs and buyouts
Democrats hit feds’ long-term care issues and Trump’s planned retirement cuts
Law makes VA treat some family caregivers better than others
Will VA chief be voice of reason on climate change and medical marijuana in Trump administration?
VA in ‘critical condition, requires intensive care,’ but improving, says boss

WaPo-The Fix

No, the government did not pay for GOP leader Mitch McConnell’s polio care. Charity did.
Half of Trump’s major federal agencies still only have one Senate-confirmed appointee
The Senate’s health-care bill is going to be a politically difficult sell, in four charts
Sean Spicer just undercut his own rationale for off-camera briefings
Trump’s big travel ban win? Let’s not get carried away.


Trump greets Modi at White House
Trump, Conway say Obama failed to act on Russian meddling
Trump to Obama on Russia, basically: 'I know I am, but what are you?'
Sean Spicer banned TV cameras. Again. So we annotated his briefing. Again.
Trump accuses Mueller of bias in Russia probe
‘I feel like we sort of choked’: The Obama administration's tough choices about Russian election interference
An inside listen into Obama's struggle to punish Russia for Putin's election assault
The emerging timeline of Obama and Russia that is giving Democrats heartburn

WSJ-Corruption Currents

Many U.S. Businesses in China Cite Data Theft
SAC Capital Advisors Trader Charged With Fraud
TeliaSonera Could Face Fines in Uzbekistan Bribery Case
Minnesota Tech Firm Opens FCPA Probe
Retired Major General Calls for ‘Safety Belt’ Campaign on Cybersecurity


WSJ City: Activist Targets Nestlé, Co-op Bank Ends Sale Plan, Italy's €17 Billion Bank Bailout

WSJ-Private Equity

A Fond Farewell and Look Back at Eight Years
Committed: North Carolina Seeks Wider Berth for Alternatives Portfolio
The Morning Leverage: Brazos Sheds Apparel Brand Southern Tide
PE-Backed Imaging Advantage to Build X-Ray Reading Machine
The Morning Leverage: EIG Global Energy Caught by Breitburn’s Liquidity Woes

Zero Hedge

Syria Denies Plans For A Chemical Attack As Russia Accuses US Of "Provocation"
Bernie Sanders Dodges Questions About FBI Probe
Frontrunning: June 27
"Hawkish Shock" From Draghi, PBOC Intervention Fail To Move Futures As Attention Turns To Yellen
Euro Surges, Bunds Tumble On Unexpectedly Hawkish Draghi Comments

Matty Iglesias

The Latest CBO Report Shows Republicans Are Incapable of Crafting a Humane Health Care Bill
Michael Bloomberg’s $200 Million Gift to Cities Won’t Solve Their Big Problems. Could It Solve Some Small Ones?
Travis Kalanick’s Loyalists Are Petitioning Uber to Let Him Return
The Klondike Kickback: How the Senate Health Care Bill Screws Blue States on Medicaid While Sparing Alaska
Details of the Senate Health Care Bill Just Leaked. Prepare to Be Appalled.

This Cant Be Happening

We Need a Mass Movement to Demand Radical Progressive Change
Guns and Religion in a Small Town on Memorial Day
Socialist Labour Party Candidate Jeremy Corbyn Closes 20% Poll Gap to Deny Tories a Parliament Majority
My Vietnam War, 50 Years Later (Part One)
Upsurge in Sexual Assaults Slash the Soul of South Africa


There and elsehere
Cinema Guantánamo
Cosmopolitican, or cosmetics as police regime
A country torn: the Cicero March, 1966
Five questions with Jerome Rothenberg
Mr. Kristof and his hugs
Gotta have a code
Five questions with Elaine Equi

Gunpowder and Lead

New Optics Technology for Firearms: New Models & Tech
The Keys to Picking a Great Rifle Scope
The Best Ways To Keep Your Firearms & Shooting Gear Safe


Become a polyglot in your spare time with uTalk
Here’s how the 1980s got its colorful look
Tattoo artists snark on celebrity tattoos
Ozzy Osbourne's favorite metal albums
Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki's favorite books for young people
Scientists discover transparent frog
Nintendo's SNES Classic will cost $80, comes with 21 games
Watch a freak wave launch a body boarder 20 feet into the air
Joni Mitchell sings “Both Sides Now” on the Mama Cass TV Show (1969)
Still my favorite way to smash garlic into little juicy bits
Twist off your zip ties, don't cut them
Watch: Hangry drivers have standoff and block everyone else in Taco Bell drive-thru
Watch: Teenage girl falls out of ride at Six Flags, drops into crowd
Revealing an old carnival scam called "pricking the garter"
Leaked transcript: US soldier and security advisor aghast at Trump's reckless Syrian strike


“The Trump White House has turned into a kind of playground for the press.”
A few notes on unbuilding a key part of the presidency
Live: a list of my top problems in pressthink
Plagiarism charges against Monica Crowley put her publishing house on stage
Winter is coming: prospects for the American press under Trump

Possible Futures

An African Lysistrata in Togo
Did the June 23 Movement Change Senegal?
The Coming Elections in Zimbabwe: Hysterical Headlines and Happy Losers
Democracy in Mali: A True Festival of Robbers
American Ethnologist on Occupy

Tackle Tax Havens

Where’s the organised civil society pushback on big finance and monopolies?
Treasure Islands, relaunched for Truxit

National Interest

On Russian meddling, Obama choked when the chips were down
Democrats in crisis: Nancy Pelosi has gotta go
Trumpcare in the dark: Secrecy is the new norm
Another day in Trumplandia: A fake-news blogger is tapped for the federal bench
Jeff Sessions shuts down in open session

Opinio Juris

The ICC Appelas Chamber Was Not Wrong (But Could Have Been More Right) in Ntaganda
No Justice for Sri Lankan Male Survivors
The Downing of the Syrian Fighter Jet and Collective Self-Defence
Comparing U.S. Strategies in Constructing Cybernorms with China
Emailing Does Not Pass the Kiobel Test: US Court Dismisses ATS Case Against Anti-Gay Pastor
Actually, President Trump CAN Unilaterally Withdraw the U.S. From NATO
Sound and Fury on the Paris Agreement – But Does It Signify Anything?
An Alternative Justification for Israel’s Attacks on Hezbollah in Syria


Happy 50th birthday, ATM; Cryptocurrency bloodbath
Death hoax involving Ethereum creator sparks panic cryptocurrency sell-off
Potomac Bancshares hires former Cardinal exec as its CEO
Wells is last big bank standing in overdraft litigation
Triumph in Texas bulks up in Colo. with branch buy
Meridian to bolster Boston-area network with Meetinghouse acquisition
Banks and Thrifts with the Largest Portfolios of First Mortgages
When banks offered prepaid cards — to call Grandma
National Bank Holdings to boost operations in Colo., Kan. with latest deal
Overheard at Digital Banking 2017
Acting OCC chief is no benchwarmer
Standout startups from N.Y. fintech boot camp class of '17

Public Intelligence Blog

Gareth Porter: How USA Armed Terrorists in Syria
Andrew Kreig: Deep State Killed JFK — The Reasons….
The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World
TRANCE Formation of America: True Life Story of a Mind Control Slave
Owl: Crowds on Demand — Fake Protesters for Dollars


State’s FOIA Shop Faces Uncertain Future: FRINFORMSUM 6/22/2017
Nixon’s Nuclear Specter Receives Award from the U.S. Military History Group
DOD Tries to Revive Bad FOIA Exemption: FRINFORMSUM 6/15/2017
Now is the Time for Archivist of the US to Call the Torture Report a Federal Record
Nuclear Intelligence via Three Martinis

When the Crisis Hits the Fan

Freaks Of Cock Review
Real Slut Party Review

The Grist

I’m surrounded by people. Why do I feel so alone?
Okja promises gorgeous scenery, gruesome animal slaughter, and a whole lotta tears.
It’s ‘Energy Week.’ Here’s how Trump could convince America to care.
California is playing defense under Trump
Al Franken had to explain the scientific method to Rick Perry.
We broke down Trump’s baffling speech on the ‘solar wall.’
Just as John Oliver predicted, a coal tycoon is suing him.
Scott Pruitt’s successor is wasting no time suing to stop climate action
The Great Lakes are already grimy. Trump wants to zero out cleanup funding.
Researchers are figuring out how to generate solar energy from paint
EPA employees speak out about the agency’s problems under Trump.
Watch John Oliver call BS on Trump’s promises to coal miners.
The unsustainable whiteness of green
Great Plains wildfires used to be rare. Not anymore.
Can Angela Merkel hold the Paris Agreement together? The pope hopes so.

Political Violence

Weekly Links
Trump’s Emerging Policy on Countering Violent Extremism
The (Overblown) Concerns Linking Foreign Fighters, Civil Wars, and Terrorist Campaigns
Weekly Links
Understanding New Patterns of Violence in Colombia

Treasure Islands

An award
The one and only Chris Simpson
If you’re in Dublin on 23 September 2016 . . .
My Vanity Fair article on Donald Trump
The Panama papers are not about tax


Random thoughts on hotels
In Dublin with Wolfie!
What’s Wrong With Letting Tech Run Our Schools
Stacks Project Hoodies For Sale!
What If Robots Did the Hiring at Fox News?

Dr Housing Bubble

San Francisco and tech driven housing mania: The median home in San Francisco reaches a new high of $1.5 million.
Who needs a loan to buy a home? Loan originations are down to a three year low.
The housing bubble must go on: 5,497,000 properties are still underwater. Number of equity rich properties grows as well.


Trump Administration Plays Havoc with Education--and your tax dollars
Women's March : we march for America's future
Democratic states that invest have better economies, better quality of life, better infrastructure than red states
Senate Ron Wyden's Proposal on Roth IRAs
Chamber of Commerce Sues Treasury on Inversion Regs

Foreclosure Nation

Budget Cuts Are Making Us Sick
Wrongful Foreclosure Settlements Anger Homeowners
Foreclosure Settlement: Nationwide Crime Scene
Senate “Whale” Report Reveals JP Morgan as a Lying, Scheming Rogue Trader
Wells Fargo Fabricated and Altered Mortgage Documents on a Mass Basis – Whistleblower

Credit Slips

New HMDA Regs Require Banks to Collect Lots of Data...That They Already Have
Plain Meaning Rolls On in Gorsuch's First [Credit Related] Opinion
The Chimerical Medicare Bar on Bankruptcy Jurisdiction
Puerto Rico Bankruptcy: More on Audio
Kindred Nursing Centers--More on Arbitration and State Contract Law

Jared Bernstein

Links: Recession risks; the really, really bad Senate GOP health plan; see ya later…
Is the Fed fighting an old war?
One more point about the KS legislature’s KO (Kansas Override) of supply-side tax cuts
This word “deregulation.” I don’t think it does what you think it does.
Politically motivated attacks on the CBO from team Trump?! I’m shocked…

The Big Picture

Seattle’s Minimum Wage Experience 2015-16
Investors, Still Their Own Worst Enemy
10 Monday AM Reads
Munger: The Psychology of Human Misjudgement
10 Sunday Reads

The Reformed Broker

Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
Charlie Munger: How We Fool Ourselves
Hot Links: Surrender
Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
Hot Links: Game Changer

Business Recorder

Eid ul Fitr to be celebrated with religious fervour
Muslims in Asia pray for peace as Ramadan holy month ends
Motorcycling: Rossi wins Dutch MotoGP Grand Prix
May ouster would be ‘catastrophic’ for Brexit talks: minister
China urges Afghans, Pakistan to form crisis-management mechanism

A Dash of Insight

Stock Exchange: Are Traders Joining the Yield Chase?
Weighing the Week Ahead: Is the Housing Rally Over?
Weighing the Week Ahead: Is it Time for New Leadership?
Weighing the Week Ahead: Is the Bond Market Sending a Message for Stocks?
Stock Exchange: How to Deal with a Losing Trade

Lawyers Guns and Money

There Can Never Be Peak Cillizza, But…
What do Charles and David Koch want?
Comment System Transitions
Sotomayor: One of Obama’s Best Lgacies

Steven Keen - Debt Watch

Shutting down membership
Freezing site/Moving to Patreon & Profstevekeen
Can we avoid another financial crisis?
Infrastructure conference in Westminster Tuesday 24th
Prof. Steve Keen on private debt and his solution people’s QE


Unemployment insurance and reservation wages
Acquiring bank networks
'Magical' warfare technologies and the persistence of false beliefs
Shedding (night-time) light on the local resource curse
Introducing VoxDev

Dining With Al-Qaeda

Turkey and a Region in Crisis
Waking Up to the Brussels Bombs
A Farewell to Istanbul
The Turk Does Exist – and With a Many-Faceted Identity Too
The zig-zagging rise of the Kurds

Economists View

Links for 06-27-17
Will Macron’s Marchers take power?
Links for 06-26-17
Links for 06-25-17
In Long Run, There’s No Such Thing as an Einstein Investor
Fed's Labor Market Forecasts Don't Make Sense
Does the Fed Have a Financial Stability Mandate?
Links for 06-21-17
New Evidence for a Lower New Normal in Interest Rates
Trump’s Apprenticeships are Based upon a Problem That Doesn’t Exist
Links for 06-19-17
Janet Yellen Is Her Own Best Successor
Links for 06-15-17
Links for 06-14-17
Links for 06-13-17

Ed Dolan

Hayek, Knowledge, and Carbon Taxes: Markets Without Prices or Prices Without Markets?
Inaction on Healthcare Prices is the Fatal Flaw that Dooms the ACHA to Failure
Will Ryancare Prevent a Healthcare Death Spiral?
Questions for GOP Healthcare Reformers
CNN’s Sanders-Cruz Healthcare Debate: A Scorecard

Ian Welsh

The Fall of the USSR
You Can’t Stay in the EU or Single Market And Be For Labour’s Manifesto
The Sort of Behaviour That Gets You A Robespierre
Is Impeaching Trump A Good Idea?
The Hung UK Parliament

War on the Rocks

Don’t Believe the Hype About European Defense
A Military Assessment of the Islamic State’s Evolving Theory of Victory
Attack! The Renaissance of the Air Force Tribe
Washington Might Feel the Chill of a More United European Defense
Pakistan’s Anxieties are Incurable, So Stop Trying to Cure Them
Multi-Domain Battle: AirLand Battle, Once More, with Feeling
The Toxic Movement That Brought Terror to London Bridge
What’s in a Name? The Genius of Eisenhower
Moscow’s Assaults on American Democracy Began 80 Years Ago
What We Saw in War Machine
The Trouble with Tanf: Tactics Driving Strategy in Syria
The Roots of a Failing War Against Extremism, At Home and Abroad
Maj. Smith Goes to Washington: In Defense of Citizen-Soldiers in Congress
Bombshell: Soon, and For the Rest of Your Life
A Wrong Turn in Indonesia? Asia is Watching
Remembering Manuel Noriega and His Capture
How the International System Shapes the Character of War: Order, Geography, and Networks
The Future of War is Fast Approaching in the Pacific: Are the U.S. Military Services Ready?
Iran’s Growing Casualty Count in Yemen
Is Trump’s 350-Ship Navy on the Rocks? The Politics, Promise, and Peril of Shipbuilding
Clearing the Air on Transatlantic Burden-Sharing, Part 2: You Gotta Give (Inputs) to Get (Outputs)
Cyber Officials Need Help, But Are Experts Up to the Task?
Memorial Day: An Intensely Personal and National Holiday
Field of Dreams: A Farm-League Approach to OA-X
What to Expect at Today’s NATO Leaders Meeting
Bombshell: Drink to the Foam
Getting the Pentagon’s Next National Defense Strategy Right
The Risk of Nuclear Catastrophe Under Trump
Abandon the 2 Percent Obsession: A New Rating for Pulling Your Weight in NATO
How to Get Away with Mass Murder: Denying Mass Atrocities in Sri Lanka and Syria
Iran is Holding Presidential Elections: Here are Four Things to Know
The Cyber Workforce Gap: A National Security Liability?
Is American Internationalism Dead? Reading the National Mood in the Age of Trump
Back to First Principles: Four Fundamental Questions about Afghanistan
No Retreat: The American Legacy in Afghanistan Does Not Have to Be Defeat
Congress Needs to Stand Up and Reclaim its Authorities on Making War
The Ten Main Defense Challenges Facing Macron’s France
Mini-Hizballahs, Revolutionary Guard Knock-Offs, and the Future of Iran’s Militant Proxies in Iraq
Hiring (Again!): We Need a Managing Editor for War on the Rocks
Lee’s Lieutenants: Leadership Lessons from the Civil War for the Battlefield and the Boardroom
You Get Deterrence, and You Get Deterrence, Everybody Gets Deterrence!
Charting the Future of the Modern Caliphate
Trump’s Next Task: Learning the Limits of Military Power
How to Spend It: Three Simple Suggestions to Increase German Military Spending
Echoes of the Past: Syria, Chemical Weapons, and Civilian Targeting
Missing the Point on Iran’s Ballistic Missiles
Much Ado About Montenegro
Read Any Good Books Lately? Adm. Jim Stavridis (ret.) Has Some Suggestions
In His Own Words: Vladimir Putin’s Foreign Policy Analyzed
Tackling the MS-13 Problem: A New Designation for a Hybrid Threat?

DSA - Democratic Left

Texas Showdown - SB 4
Net Neutrality Is Essential to Online Democracy
Whither the Rainbow? A Golden Opportunity, 1986: DSA Debates Its Role in Electoral Challenges
Reading "Politics in a Time of Crisis" - A View from the Left
The Fight for Sanctuary in Los Angeles: A Revolutionary Demand
Books by DSA Members
Lessons from the 1937 Republic Steel Memorial Day Massacre
#ForaTemer: Brazil’s Social Movements are On the Move
Gender and Sexuality in Iranian Politics
Attica and its Aftermath