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New Politics

The Campus Antifascist Network’s United Front Against Fascism
Why should we care about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?
Standing Up for Palestine: BDS More than Ever!
Punitive Neoliberalism in Puerto Rico
Is Change Possible in Mexico?
The House Resolution on Yemen is a Stinker
A New Green Uniform for Latin America's Armies?
Comfort With Misogyny? Neoliberal Feminism, Reality TV Shows and Politics
How will labor look after the Janus case is decided?
Whither Catalonia? An interview with Josep María Antentas

On Labor

Today’s News & Commentary — December 15, 2017
Today’s News & Commentary — December 14, 2017
Today’s News and Commentary — December 13, 2017
Janus Amicus Brief: Charles Fried & Robert Post
Work-Related Distortions in the Proposed Tax Bills: Understanding the Policy Conversations (Part 2 of 2)

Michael Hudson

Fictitious Economy
Trump’s Tax Tricks
Change: One Day
Dad’s Many Proverbs
Harper’s Slow Crash
A Single Enemy
Vancouver’s Internal Contradictions
BC Pipeline Poll

Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Radio, Week of December 11, 201
The U.S. Supported Anti-Black Forces in Libya
Puerto Rico Crippled Before Hurricane Hit
Slavery In Libya A Surprise? You Weren't Reading Black Agenda Report
Cooperation Jackson's Kali Akuno: Elections Don’t Necessarily Change a Damn Thing

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

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Iowa Caucuses: Cruz Edges Trump and Rubio; Clinton and Sanders in Dead Heat
Construction Spending Anemic Despite Warm Weather; Where to From Here?
China Manufacturing Prices Decline 18th Month; China Hoping to Avoid Hard Landing
Economists in Fantasyland: Economists See 20% Chance of Recession That's at Least 20% Likely Already Here
Poll Shows Nearly 40% of Germans Want Merkel to Resign
Bank of Japan Adopts Negative Interest Rates: Surprise, Surprise We Lied Again; Meaning of "Now"
Shocking Crash: Durable Goods Orders Plunge 5.1%, Shipments Drop 2.2%, Huge Negative Revisions; Recession Here?
Chicago Board of Education Yanks $875 Million Bond Sale Over 7.75% Yield; Five Questions for Chicago
New Home Sales Surge but Prices Down Sharply; Prices Have Room to Fall; Is Everybody In?
French Taxi Drivers Burn Tires Block Airports in Mass 24-Hour Strike; 20% of French Flights Cancelled
Retail Sales vs. Consumer Confidence; Unwarranted Fed Faith in Wrong Surveys
Dallas Fed Region Activity Plunges to Lowest Reading Since 2009; Production Collapsed

Crooks and Liars

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Dion Lunadon
Sen. John Cornyn: Trump Firing Mueller Would Be 'A Mistake'
Fox News Runs Claim That FBI Mounting Anti-Trump 'Coup'
CNN's Stelter Takes Apart The Dangerous Fox, GOP, Trump 'Feedback Loop'
Malcolm Nance: Trump Authoritarian Plan Is To 'Pit Police Against Federal Law Enforcement'

Eugene Robinson

Eugene Robinson Live (Dec. 12)
What if Mueller catches Trump — and it isn’t enough?
What is Trump so desperate to cover up?
Eugene Robinson Live (Nov. 28)
Congress must investigate Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct


Justice Department Has No Idea If Their Alternatives To Incarceration Work
Elevating Lesser-Known Voices: Support Shadowproof’s Podcasts
Young Turks Reporter Fired Over Sexual Allegations Sues Huffington Post For Defamation
Whitewashing Bush And Obama’s Anti-Muslim Policies To Attack Trump
Unauthorized Disclosure—Episode 40: Every Day Is Training Day For The Rapture

The Hill-Blogs

This week: Congress braces for tax and spending showdown
Week ahead in tech: Net neutrality fight heads to the courts
Week ahead: GOP poised to repeal ObamaCare mandate
Lebron James dons white and black 'equality' shoes in DC
Trump Jr. shares picture of him and Cruz with Obama cookie

The Plum Line

Open Thread
Trump is still listening to Bannon. Here’s how this could badly damage the GOP.


Trump says he won’t fire Mueller, as campaign to discredit Russia probe heats up
National security strategy plan paints China, Russia as U.S. competitors
Public media has been plagued by sexual misconduct accusations, but donations keep flowing
Trump and Moore aren't the only ones to blame for how some perceive 'evangelicals'
McCain, battling brain cancer, leaves Washington for Christmas break before contentious vote on tax bill
Trump criticizes how Mueller obtained transition emails, says no plans to fire special counsel
‘My people were very upset about it’: Trump on transition team emails
Should wanting to see the Supreme Court require nights on the sidewalk?
Rep. Ruben Kihuen won't seek reelection amid sexual harassment allegations
How the oldest Senate ever is taking a toll on the business of Washington
President Trump claims the FBI is tainted and its reputation in tatters. This graph shows he’s wrong.
Judge signals release of ex-Trump chair Paul Manafort to Fla. home under curfew and GPS monitoring

WaPo-Federal Eye

Trump labor adviser’s plan for cutting federal compensation, potentially even paid holidays
Federal report finds regression for black managers in financial services industry
Open season for feds closes Monday. It’s not too late to consider health plans.
Despite Trump, federal employee morale improves under Trump
Mostly white male tech sector needs government help on diversity

WaPo-The Fix

Public media has been plagued by sexual misconduct accusations, but donations keep flowing
Trump and Moore aren’t the only ones to blame for how some perceive ‘evangelicals’
Donald Trump Jr. had a point about net neutrality. Then he took it too far.
With Omarosa’s exit, the Trump White House doesn’t have any black senior advisers
Five years after Sandy Hook, the legislative landscape on guns is . . . confusing


National security strategy plan paints China, Russia as U.S. competitors
Trump’s push to fill courts with conservative judges hits first speed bump
Trump to MS13: ’We will throw you the hell out of the country’
A new sisterhood of Trump’s accusers pushes for action
Trump pledges to cut regulations down to 1960 levels — but that may be impossible
Trump says he 'blew our target out of the water’ on deregulation
‘I would have won Alabama’: Trump spreads blame for Moore’s loss

WSJ-Corruption Currents

Amazon’s Tax Dispute May Be Destined for the Supreme Court
Post-Disaster, PG&E Turns to Tech
DOJ Declines to Prosecute DynCorp Over FCPA Allegations
Judge Needs More Time to Weigh SAC Settlement
Former U.S. Security Czar Launches U.K. Cybersecurity Group

WSJ-Private Equity

A Fond Farewell and Look Back at Eight Years
Committed: North Carolina Seeks Wider Berth for Alternatives Portfolio
The Morning Leverage: Brazos Sheds Apparel Brand Southern Tide
PE-Backed Imaging Advantage to Build X-Ray Reading Machine
The Morning Leverage: EIG Global Energy Caught by Breitburn’s Liquidity Woes

Zero Hedge

Japan's Exports Boom But Inflation Refuses To Follow The Script
The View From 2017's Bridge: What Clive Hale Learned This Year
Austria: New Government To Resist "Islamization"
Greece Is The Patsy For Europe's Failure (And The Ordeal Is Far From Over)
Poland's New PM Wants To "Make Europe Christian Again"

Matty Iglesias

Our Corporate Tax System Is a Mess. Republicans Might Just Make It Worse.
Right Before Harvey, Trump Nixed a Rule Designed to Protect Cities From Flood Risks
The U.S. Might Not Have Enough Construction Workers to Rebuild Houston After Harvey
The Housing Industry Still Hasn’t Realized It’s Building Too Many Homes for Rich People
Letting People Buy In to Medicaid Is the Hot New Democratic Health Care Idea

This Cant Be Happening

Net Neutrality Has Been Ended by the Trump FCC, But You Can Help Combat the Dangerous Impact For Sites Like This
The Shadow of Smuts on Trump's Jerusalem Declaration
Sad Truth
Comparing Medical Care in Britain and the US
No President Should Have the Authority to Launch Nuclear Weapons


There and elsehere
Cinema Guantánamo
Cosmopolitican, or cosmetics as police regime
A country torn: the Cicero March, 1966
Five questions with Jerome Rothenberg
Mr. Kristof and his hugs
Gotta have a code
Five questions with Elaine Equi

Gunpowder and Lead

New Optics Technology for Firearms: New Models & Tech
The Keys to Picking a Great Rifle Scope
The Best Ways To Keep Your Firearms & Shooting Gear Safe


Treat yourself with these 8 holiday deals
"You Died"
The CDC is why you and your loved ones aren't dead. Trump just banned them from using the phrase "science-based."
Cities want to opportunistically lay fiber lines during big digs, but Koch dark money is trying to stop them
Rogue One is a movie about internet freedom
A deep dive into the race to preserve our digital heritage
Documenting the laughable lies the FCC told at the hearing where it killed Net Neutrality
After priest/child rape scandal, Australian Archbishop says he'll ask the Pope to allow priests to have sex
UPS loses man's inheritance check of nearly $700,000, offers $32 compensation
Watch: Cyclist finds nearly dead puppy, works frantically to bring it back to life
Even when a Chicago cop is convicted of wrongdoing, a secret appeals court usually overturns it
Watch: Trump judicial nominee can't answer a single question properly at hearing
Leaked Mormon Church booklet for leaders claims masturbation turns you gay
Off-the-wall Harry Potter chapter created using predictive text
Nativity cow in second bid for freedom


Normalizing Trump: An incredibly brief explainer
Why the White House daily briefing is in such trouble.
“The Trump White House has turned into a kind of playground for the press.”
A few notes on unbuilding a key part of the presidency
Live: a list of my top problems in pressthink

Possible Futures

An African Lysistrata in Togo
Did the June 23 Movement Change Senegal?
The Coming Elections in Zimbabwe: Hysterical Headlines and Happy Losers
Democracy in Mali: A True Festival of Robbers
American Ethnologist on Occupy

Tackle Tax Havens

Where’s the organised civil society pushback on big finance and monopolies?
Treasure Islands, relaunched for Truxit

Opinio Juris

One Step Forward for International Criminal Law; One Step Backwards for Jurisdiction
ASP Adopts the Aggression Amendments by Consensus
The Opt-Out Camp Possibly Folds — Clearing Way for Aggression?
Against (False) Consensus — the ASP and the Aggression Amendments
Cyber Operations and GCII Article 18’s “End of Engagements” Clause
A Vile and Shameless Attack on Golriz Ghahraman
An Utterly Damning Report on Moreno-Ocampo
Cyber POWS and the Second Geneva Convention


Robert Wilmers, longtime M&T chairman and CEO, dies at 83
Customers may actually lose uninsured deposits in latest failure
JPM leadership change, Trump's Wells tweet and more: Top stories of the week
Some bitcoin investors can’t resist the urge to splurge
The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
Bank M&A likely to hasten after solid 2017
Challenger faces challenges; creating 'business technologists’
Housing finance needs fixing, but it doesn’t need Fannie or Freddie
Bryn Mawr in Pa. taps acquired bank's CEO to lead its banking division
Another warning on bitcoin; Quantum leap
SouthCrest in Ga. to report 4Q loss after closing branch, operations center
Meet the new risks, same as the old risks: Trump's FSOC shares many Obama-era fears

Public Intelligence Blog

Yoda: Millenials Want a Third Party in US
Mongoose: Wireless = Massive Health Risk
#UNRIG Mobilize Network Now Open for Registration
#UNRIG: Reflections of a Citizen From Maine
Robert Steele: Zionism in America – Seven Strikes and Counting…


Video Won Through FOIA Shows AG Sessions Spar with DOJ Interns Over Marijuana, Gun Control: FRINFORMSUM 12/14/2017
FOIA’s Foreseeable Harm Standard Tested in Court: FRINFORMSUM 12/7/2017
FOIA Shows Texas Border Wall Could Bisect Retirement Community, Wildlife Preserves: FRINFORMSUM 11/16/2017
FBI Consults Public Affairs Office, Not Advisory Board, for Removing Public Info from Website: FRINFORMSUM 11/9/2017
DOJ OIP Head Implies New FOIA Portal will be “Better than the Letter of the Law”: FRINFORMSUM 10/26/2017

The Grist

The EPA tries to turn a blind eye to carbon emissions. The courts can stop it.
The EPA hired a ‘war room’-style media monitoring company.
Fracking harms the health of babies, study shows
One-third of forests aren’t growing back after wildfires.
2 independent studies say climate change worsened Hurricane Harvey’s rains.
Here’s a $17 billion blueprint for how to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electric grid.
How should communities cope with the end of coal? Advice from the frontlines.
Meat taxes are totally going to be a thing — someday.
Trump’s EPA eases off on the whole “environmental protection” thing.
Northern Alaska is warming so fast, it’s faking out computers.
Is Ryan Zinke pretending to be Christian Grey?
The first wintertime megafire in California history is here
Inmates are risking their lives to fight California’s raging fires.
New York City’s watchdog sets her sights on climate change
Southern California is burning, and so is Rupert Murdoch’s house.

Political Violence

Prestige, Dignity, and Job Security: How Army Integration Promotes Peace
An Amnesty Deal for Mexico’s Drug Cartels?
Societal Factors behind the Explosive Growth of Salafi Jihadist Groups
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: The Contradictory Progress of Gender Representation in Kenya
Are Micro Level Studies Important for Our Understanding of Civil War, Irregular Warfare, and Political Violence?

Treasure Islands

An award
The one and only Chris Simpson
If you’re in Dublin on 23 September 2016 . . .
My Vanity Fair article on Donald Trump
The Panama papers are not about tax


At Tufts on Thursday, in D.C. on Friday
Lethal Autonomous Weapons and the Occupy Book Club
Op-ed in the NY Times
On Open Source with Max Tegmark
Gaydar algorithms and ethics

Dr Housing Bubble

GOP tax plan will be a bad hombre for the California housing market:  National Association of Realtors warns that prices can fall by 8 to 12 percent if tax plan is approved.
Smallest home in Los Angeles:  264 square foot studio selling for $550,000 highlights collective insanity.
San Francisco housing still in manic phase:  Dump that is “uninhabitable” with fire damage has pending offer at $1.4 million.


The GOP Tax Bill Disses the Working Class
Hope Lives: Pressing Collins and Corker and Flake on Tax Bill
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin's Forked Tongue on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
The Tax-Cut Framework Won't Create Jobs and Digs the Inequality Ditch even Deeper
Right Wing Propaganda Tank IPI Likes the Trump Tax-Cuts-for-the-Rich "framework"

Foreclosure Nation

Budget Cuts Are Making Us Sick
Wrongful Foreclosure Settlements Anger Homeowners
Foreclosure Settlement: Nationwide Crime Scene
Senate “Whale” Report Reveals JP Morgan as a Lying, Scheming Rogue Trader
Wells Fargo Fabricated and Altered Mortgage Documents on a Mass Basis – Whistleblower

Credit Slips

Aurelius v. The Control Board: What is Going On? (Part II)
Aurelius v. Puerto Rico's Control Board: What's the Game?
Alter Ego and Alter Id, Venezuela Edition
Legal Malarkey from the White House about the CFPB Putsch
Regulatory SPAM

Jared Bernstein

Jobs report: Another strong month as payrolls settle into solid trend, but wage growth still underwhelms
The return of the musical interlude
Yet more on the terrible tax plan…
Danica Roem points the way forward
Data note for figure in tweet

The Big Picture

The biggest Brexit boon for Germany? Migration
Transcript: MiB interview with Jeff Sherman, Doubleline
Interview: James Simons
10 Weekend Reads
Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 12.15.17

The Reformed Broker

East of Eden
Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
Welfare for the Wealthy
A Year for the Books
LinkedIn’s Top Finance Voices of 2017

A Dash of Insight

Stock Exchange: How To Trade With More Perspective
Weighing the Week Ahead: Plenty of Cross-Winds for Santa
Weighing the Week Ahead: A Strong Outlook Gets Even Stronger
Weighing the Week Ahead: What are the Chances for Tax Cuts?
Thanksgiving Inspiration for Investors: A Powerful Message

Lawyers Guns and Money

Enjoy Responsibly
Don Choad on the Road
The Wages of Ethnic Cleansing
But his emails

Steven Keen - Debt Watch

Australia’s Economy is a House of Cards
Brexit debate in London May 31st
What if my analysis is used for evil purposes?
Support me on Patreon
Teaching Economics the Pluralist Way


Children, time allocation, and consumption insurance
Potential economic and social effects of driverless cars
Growth of multi-authored journal articles in economics
Labour clauses in trade agreements promote Southern exports to the North
Industry growth through spinoffs and start-ups

Dining With Al-Qaeda

Turkey and a Region in Crisis
Waking Up to the Brussels Bombs
A Farewell to Istanbul
The Turk Does Exist – and With a Many-Faceted Identity Too
The zig-zagging rise of the Kurds

Economists View

Paul Krugman: Republicans Despise the Working Class
Links for 12-13-17
Expect the Fed to Stand By Its 2018 Outlook
Exploring the Job Ladder to High-Productivity Firms
Links for 12-08-17
Paul Krugman: Republicans Are Coming for Your Benefits
Links for 12-04-17

Ed Dolan

Hayek, Knowledge, and Carbon Taxes: Markets Without Prices or Prices Without Markets?
Inaction on Healthcare Prices is the Fatal Flaw that Dooms the ACHA to Failure
Will Ryancare Prevent a Healthcare Death Spiral?
Questions for GOP Healthcare Reformers
CNN’s Sanders-Cruz Healthcare Debate: A Scorecard

Ian Welsh

The Torture Culture
US Electoral Predictions for 2018 and Beyond
On Franken’s Resignation
What the Republican Tax Bill Portends for the Future
What Different Types of Meditation Do

War on the Rocks

What a Lawmaker’s Downfall Reveals About Australian Attitudes on China
The Ties that Bind: Families, Clans, and Hizballah’s Military Effectiveness
Invisible Doomsday Machines: The Challenge of Clandestine Capabilities and Deterrence
A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Bombshell Gift Guide
The Next Military-Industrial Complex, Part II: Global Business and National Security
Jerusalem, In Search of an Honest Broker
A Changing World Order Vindicates an Australian Iconoclast
Terrorism Before and During the War on Terror: A Look at the Numbers 
In Afghanistan, Today’s Pro-Government Militias Could Be Tomorrow’s Insurgents
From Security to Reconciliation: How Nigeria Can Win Its Bloody War With Boko Haram
Whose Rules, What Rules? A Contest for Order in the Asia-Pacific
Baby Steps in the Snow: Getting the Marine Corps Cold-Weather Ready in Norway
Quad 2.0’s Challenges for India: A Delicate Balancing Act
Why the Army Needs a Futures Command
Playing Zone Defense: Niger and the Risk Versus Reward of Remote Operations
What an Empty Sri Lankan Airport Shows About the India-China Rivalry
Thucydides and the Long War Problem
Hedging Our Bets: Reviving Defense Industrial Surge Capacity
What a Year of Track II Discussions Says About the Future of U.S.-Pakistan Relations
Bridge to Fiasco: How Language Imprisons American Strategy
Alexander Haig, the Problem of Character, and the Danger of History by Analogy
Australia Contemplates America’s Shifting Role in Asia
OA-X Strikes Back: Eight Myths on Light Attack
Enough with Political Endorsements from Retired Military Officers
A Nuclear Reckoning: Senators Ponder the President’s Power to Launch Armageddon
Congress Asked for an Assessment of the War on Al-Qaeda. Here’s What We Told Them
The Adventures of Intel in Trumpland
China’s Honeymoon with Trump Will Soon Come to an End
Buggy Whips and Segways: Historical Misinnovation in National Security and Intelligence Technology
Crisis in Foggy Bottom: What Rex Tillerson Can Really Learn From Alexander Haig
Nuclear Stability, Conventional Instability: North Korea and the Lessons from Pakistan
Don’t Believe the NDAA Hype: Congressional Appropriations Will Determine Defense Spending Levels
The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the ‘Quad’
Bombshell: Burn Before Pleading
Trump’s ‘Indo-Pacific Dream’ Stumbles – But China Alone Won’t Fill the Void
America’s Vital Interests in Georgia: The Case for Engagement
Shining More Light Every Day on Russia’s Political Interference
For Raqqa to Heal, Prioritize Demining
With U.S. Strategy on the Rocks, We Are Supporting Fresh Perspectives in Foreign Policy
Getting ‘Cyber’ Right for the Department of Defense
Storming Rome with Mike Duncan
Something’s Wrong in the Surface Fleet and We Aren’t Talking About It
Van Jackson Talks Nuclear Tensions on the Korean Peninsula
In Praise of NATO’s Dysfunctional, Bureaucratic Tedium
Trump in Tokyo: U.S.-Japan Security Ties Confront Tough Challenges
Hitting Erdoğan Where It Hurts, Not Where It Helps
What We Learned from the Navy’s Collision Inquiries
The War on Terrorism as Imperial Policing
Bombshell: The Fallout’s Gonna Kill You
The Center Cannot Hold: Continuity and Change in Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy

DSA - Democratic Left

DSA Convention Adopts National Political Priorities
How to Sustain the Resistance to Trump and Win
Gun Violence is a Global Commodity
DSA Joins Defend DACA National Campaigns
Drain the Swamp: Defeat the Trump/Republican Tax Cuts
The Barbarism is Here
Trump-GOP Tax Proposal
A Statement for Veterans Day
Police are the Problem, Not the Solution
Teachers’ Unions Defend Public Education