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New Politics

A Split at the Top: The Bourgeoisie Begins to Abandon Trump
How Did We Go from the Arab Spring and the Occupy Movement to the Destruction of the Syrian Revolution and the Global Rise of Racist Authoritarianism?
Reports on the Resistance: Demonstrations Across the Country in Solidarity with Charlottesville
DSA Convention: Mapping a Strategy, Avoiding Dead-Ends
The Founding Fathers: “Neoliberals” Avant le Mot
Successful Convention Moves DSA to Left
Bolsheviks and Beyond: Revisiting John Reed's "Ten Days that Shook the World"
The Crisis of the Latin American Left: A Marxist Account
The State of the Left in Latin America: Ecuador and Bolivia After the Pink Tide
Harvey, Klein, Smith, Foster: Militant Particularism and Ecosocialism

On Labor

Analyzing James Damore’s Employment-Related Claims against Google: Part One
Today’s News & Commentary — August 16, 2017
Chinese Translation of “After Work: Automation and Employment Law” Now Available
Weekend News & Commentary — August 12-13, 2017
Today’s News & Commentary — August 10, 2017

Michael Hudson

Stock on Trumponomics
The Sins of Junk Economics
Cancel Odious Greek Debts
Are Students a Class?
Another Housing Bubble?
Jargon, Junk Reviewed
Review of Steve Keen’s “Can we void another financial crisis?”
Let’s Run Government for Business
Democrats “Kompromat”
Emptying Out Economies

Black Agenda Report

Black Control of the Police is a Democratic Right
Flipping the Script on the NYPD
Mumia: Trump’s America Shows Its Nasty Butt
Lost Wages
U.S. Aims to Claim Venezuelan Oil

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

Goodbye Blogger, Hello WordPress: Mish's GlobalEconomicAnalysis has Moved to MishTalk.Com
"Blue Chip" Optimism vs. GDPNow 1.2% 2016 Initial Q1 Forecast; Strengths and Weaknesses of GDPNow
ISM Negative 4th Month, Employment Shows Significant Declines
Nate Silver's Continual Underestimation of Donald Trump's Chances
Lacy Hunt – "Inflation and 10-Year Treasury Yield Headed Lower"
BEA 4th Quarter GDP 1st Estimate 0.7%; Q&A: Why Did GDPNow Rise After Durable Goods? When are Construction Revisions Coming?
World's First Robot-Run Lettuce Farm to Produce 30,000 Heads Daily; Tipping Point for Workerless Agriculture
Fed "Workhorse" Model Says Odds of Recession in Next Year Only 3.56%; What are the Real Odds?
Oil Inventory Hits "Levels Not Seen in 80 Years"; Crude Jumps on News Russia May Cooperate with OPEC
Financial Engineering Chart of the Day: Fed Balance Sheet vs. S&P 500
How Healthy Is the Labor Market, Really?
"Temporary" Capital Controls Coming to China?

Crooks and Liars

Sarah Kendzior: Even With Bannon Gone, There Are Still Nazis In The White House
Mike's Blog Round Up
C&L's Friday Night Drive In: Grand Theft Auto (1977)
Trumper Bashes CNN For Airing Susan Bro's Words About Trump And Her Daughter
CNN Documents Trump's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Month

Eugene Robinson

Eugene Robinson Live (August 22)
Eugene Robinson Live (August 15)
Someone needs to distract Trump with a shiny object
Trump is delusional about his popularity
Ivanka Trump is part of the problem


Survivors Win Confidential Settlement In Lawsuit Against CIA Torture Psychologists
Virginia Police Were Not Outgunned In Charlottesville, Documents Suggest
The Neoliberal Record Of Kamala Harris: Reckon With It Instead Of Attacking Critics
Civil Immunity Bills From Republicans Encourage Violence Against Anti-Racist Protesters
Interview With Ken Klippenstein On His FOIA Plans For Shadowproof

The Hill-Blogs

After Charlottesville violence, Boston braces for demonstrations
Journalists in peril around the globe as US cedes leadership role
DeVos has the right idea for sparking America's next education revolution
America's weak cybersecurity puts our nation at risk of a modern 9/11
The far left turns its hate against cops and the 'Thin Blue Line'

The Plum Line

Open Thread
Steve Bannon is out. That’s good, but the problem is still Donald Trump.
Happy Hour Roundup


Trump, first lady to skip Kennedy Center Honors over concerns of ‘political distraction’
Trump says ‘decisions made’ on Afghanistan strategy
The crazy summer of Trump controversies that you’ve already forgotten
On Twitter, Trump thanks Bannon for his role in defeating ‘Crooked Hillary Clinton’
Steve Bannon may be out, but the ‘alt-right’ says their movement will continue
Phoenix officials worry Trump’s rally could spark tensions in the streets
Bannon’s next move: A return to Breitbart News, with more reach than ever
Why those Confederate soldier statues look a lot like their Union counterparts
In tragic first, Va. governor presides at funeral for man on his security detail
Why Trump may be the White House staffer least at risk from an angry Bannon
Stephen Bannon is out as White House chief strategist
Trump employee addresses race issues in convention speech

WaPo-Federal Eye

Rebel base names, statues disgrace U.S. military facilities and Congress
Chocolate chips for charity chucked from federal workplace
Veterans’ health-care gap creates ‘greater risk’ for opioid abuse
Trump nominee for OPM chief withdraws amid criticism from unions
EPA won’t be able to do the ‘right thing’ under Trump, says latest protesting official

WaPo-The Fix

The crazy summer of Trump controversies that you’ve already forgotten
And the award for most provocative Bannon headline goes to … HuffPost
Ousting Bannon is a risky move for Trump
Steve Bannon has a point: Charges of racism might not bring down Trump
A Nazi salute, KKK hoods and Trump: Magazine covers after Charlottesville are jarring


Bannon’s next move: A return to Breitbart News, with more reach than ever
Bannon's firing wasn't surprising, but it's still significant
Stephen Bannon is out as White House chief strategist
Trump promotes his Charlottesville winery
Trump embraces culture war with call to preserve Confederate statues
Robert Kuttner says he was 'stunned' as Bannon went 'on and on' in frank interview
NYU Law launches new center to help state AGs fight environmental rollbacks

WSJ-Corruption Currents

Amazon’s Tax Dispute May Be Destined for the Supreme Court
Post-Disaster, PG&E Turns to Tech
DOJ Declines to Prosecute DynCorp Over FCPA Allegations
Judge Needs More Time to Weigh SAC Settlement
Former U.S. Security Czar Launches U.K. Cybersecurity Group

WSJ-Private Equity

A Fond Farewell and Look Back at Eight Years
Committed: North Carolina Seeks Wider Berth for Alternatives Portfolio
The Morning Leverage: Brazos Sheds Apparel Brand Southern Tide
PE-Backed Imaging Advantage to Build X-Ray Reading Machine
The Morning Leverage: EIG Global Energy Caught by Breitburn’s Liquidity Woes

Zero Hedge

UK Opposition Leader Calls For "People's QE" - It's Venezuela With Tea & Cakes
Berlin Police Separate Hundreds Of Neo-Nazis, Opponents In Hess Tribute March
Bannon Speaks: "I'm Going To War For Trump"
Pat Buchanan Asks "In This Second American Civil War - Whose Side Are You On?"
Dilbert's Scott Adams Explains "How To Know You're In A Mass Hysteria Bubble"

Matty Iglesias

Steve Bannon May Be Leaving the White House, but His Worst Ideas Will Live On
This Startup Will Let You Go to the Movies Anytime for $10 a Month. It’s Probably Doomed.
CEOs Are Running Out of Reasons Not to Bail on Trump
Snapchat Is Doing Even Worse Than Everyone Thought
That Ridiculous San Francisco Craigslist Ad Is Actually a Sign of Progress

This Cant Be Happening

Justice Department's Dreamhost Subpoena Ramps Up the Police State!
This Is Not Fake News: President Trump Is A Bigot!
Writing in No-Man's-Land
Dali’s mustache revisited
Sy Hersh, Exposer of My Lai and Abu Ghraib, Strikes Again, Exposing US Lies About Alleged Assad Sarin Gas 'Attack'


There and elsehere
Cinema Guantánamo
Cosmopolitican, or cosmetics as police regime
A country torn: the Cicero March, 1966
Five questions with Jerome Rothenberg
Mr. Kristof and his hugs
Gotta have a code
Five questions with Elaine Equi

Gunpowder and Lead

New Optics Technology for Firearms: New Models & Tech
The Keys to Picking a Great Rifle Scope
The Best Ways To Keep Your Firearms & Shooting Gear Safe


Stop worrying: Pets aren't interested in staring into the sun
Carpet is disgusting
Boing Boing's oldest extant live page, an interview with John K. that just turned 22
Artist creates dollops of paint that are actually colored pencil illustrations
Bannon back at Breitbart after Trump White House ouster: 'I've got my hands back on my weapons'
Exhibition of Disney Imagineer Rolly Crump's work
Mike Pence wins the blunder games, at least in this photo
Living Tiny
Bird's eye view of a Lamborghini catching fire
Watch 1,069 robots simultaneously dance, setting world record
Durham protesters turn themselves in at police station after pulling down Confederate statue
Preserving electronics: vermin, leaky batteries, melting rubber, brittle plastics, dribbly capacitors, fungus and dust
Bannon Out of White House as Trump's Chief Strategist
Artist turns words into the things they describe
Trump's ghostwriter prediction: Trump is going to resign


Why the White House daily briefing is in such trouble.
“The Trump White House has turned into a kind of playground for the press.”
A few notes on unbuilding a key part of the presidency
Live: a list of my top problems in pressthink
Plagiarism charges against Monica Crowley put her publishing house on stage

Possible Futures

An African Lysistrata in Togo
Did the June 23 Movement Change Senegal?
The Coming Elections in Zimbabwe: Hysterical Headlines and Happy Losers
Democracy in Mali: A True Festival of Robbers
American Ethnologist on Occupy

Tackle Tax Havens

Where’s the organised civil society pushback on big finance and monopolies?
Treasure Islands, relaunched for Truxit

National Interest

Corker on Trump: 'He needs to take stock of who he is'
Five takeaways from the Confederate president
The blood on Trump's hands
Still waiting (natch) for Trump to tweet about the Minnesota mosque bombing
Jeff Flake rides 'the tranquilized elephant'

Opinio Juris

Saudi Arabia Threatens to Shoot Down a Qatari Airways Plane
This Is Why People Think the ICC Is Unfairly Targeting Africa
Open Consultation on UN GGE Recommendations on Responsible State Behavior in Cyberspace
The UK Is Preventing My Student from Attending Her Graduation
MH17 Downing Suspects to be Prosecuted Before Dutch Domestic Courts – An Obstacle or an Advantage for International Justice?
Comments on Atrocity Speech Law by Gregory Gordon
Comment on Atrocity Speech Law by Gregory Gordon
Symposium: Gregory Gordon’s “Atrocity Speech Law”


Credit unions with the largest portfolios of home equity loans
Wells Fargo arms branch workers with tablets instead of scripts
Digital currency exchange readies expansion into hot U.S. market
Timeless lessons from the first black woman to start a bank
Choke Point is officially over, Justice Department says
Last-minute regs may compound balance-sheet woes of Europe's banks
Social media: It’s not just for chasing consumers anymore
B of A settles mortgage case; unrewarding rewards?
Can Betsy Duke fix Wells?; JPM execs making noise
Behind a Georgia bank’s long and winding succession plan
Prudential is said to plot its escape from Fed oversight
Umpqua’s innovation arm signs two global partnerships

Public Intelligence Blog

#GoogleGestapo: The Censorship of Alt-Right Deepens — Time for a RICO Action Against Google Et Al
Berto Jongman: Parents Catch FBI Manipulating Mentally Ill Son Toward Being a Right-Wing Terrorist
Holocaust VI: The Killer Video, 271,301 Not 6 Million
Roger Stone Hosts Alex Jones – Interviews Michael Williams of Georgia
George Webb Leaves Jason Goodman in a State of Confusion (for his Own Protection)


FOIA Helps Show How Conservative TV Giant Could Find its Way Into 7 out of 10 Homes: FRINFORMSUM 8/17/2016
Federally-Funded Private Prisons Should be Subject to FOIA: FRINFORMSUM 8/10/2017
CBP Response to Travel Ban Under Renewed Scrutiny Thanks to FOIA Request: FRINFORMSUM 8/3/2017
CIA Overclassification Jeopardizes Hmong Veterans’ Fight for Military Burial
New Documents about 1953 Iran Coup Enliven Regime Change Debate

When the Crisis Hits the Fan

Freaks Of Cock Review
Real Slut Party Review

The Grist

Companies are turning ocean trash into running shoes and sunglasses
Minnesota report: Proposed tar sands oil pipeline would harm tribes.
Supervolcanoes: The secret to a battery-powered future?
California scientists are calling for the largest U.S. investment in climate research in years.
The world’s largest volcanic region was just discovered in Antarctica.
The European Union is considering an electric car mandate.
Meet July, the hottest month yet
The security firm that tracked DAPL opponents denies providing illegal services.
Stores waste tons of CO2 a day by blasting A/C with the doors open
Without air conditioning, America’s prisons can be unbearable — and sometimes deadly
We’re nearing peak hurricane season and New Orleans’ pumping system is “broken.”
Remember Flint? Bruno Mars surprised concertgoers with $1 million toward its recovery.
Damaged river ecosystems could use a whole lot more dead fish
An attempt to avert Trump’s interference in climate science might actually invite it
The Impossible Burger wouldn’t be possible without genetic engineering

Political Violence

The Legacy of Reconstruction and Occupation After the US Civil War
How Trump Can Back Up from North Korea Comments
Weekly Links
Inciting to Violence? Attributions for Political Violence have a Partisan Bent
Prospects for Peace in South Sudan

Treasure Islands

An award
The one and only Chris Simpson
If you’re in Dublin on 23 September 2016 . . .
My Vanity Fair article on Donald Trump
The Panama papers are not about tax


Biking and swimming and throwing away my scale
Math: Still Not Everywhere
Doing great!
Update: off pain meds!
Surgery tomorrow!

Dr Housing Bubble

Baby boomers are refusing to sell and will age like a fine wine in their homes.  The dominant force in the housing market.
California homeowners are getting older and taking homes into the grave.  Property turnover has fallen substantially since 2000.
Millennials have the lowest homeownership rate in Los Angeles:  Less than 18 percent of young adults own a home.   


Trump Administration Plays Havoc with Education--and your tax dollars
Women's March : we march for America's future
Democratic states that invest have better economies, better quality of life, better infrastructure than red states
Senate Ron Wyden's Proposal on Roth IRAs
Chamber of Commerce Sues Treasury on Inversion Regs

Foreclosure Nation

Budget Cuts Are Making Us Sick
Wrongful Foreclosure Settlements Anger Homeowners
Foreclosure Settlement: Nationwide Crime Scene
Senate “Whale” Report Reveals JP Morgan as a Lying, Scheming Rogue Trader
Wells Fargo Fabricated and Altered Mortgage Documents on a Mass Basis – Whistleblower

Credit Slips

Guess Who's Supporting Predatory Lending?
More on Personal Debt and Multilevel Marketing Companies
Venezuela Is Like ... (Part I)
Come Talk to the ABI Consumer Bankruptcy Commission at NABT
Gilbert Index Q&A

Jared Bernstein

Remember Tax “Reform” (i.e. cuts)?
An important fact check on manufacturing value-added and employment
Corp tax cuts and the middle class: they’re not that into each other
A taxing moment
Jobs day! More solid jobs gains…but wage growth still not responding

The Big Picture

10 Weekend Reads
“Markets Will Fluctuate”
EBI: Jim Ross of State Street Global Advisors
2017 Aston Martin DB11
The Milky Way

The Reformed Broker

“I’ve seen Raiders of the Lost Ark, and I wasn’t confused by it.”
Everyone Gets Arbed Eventually
Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
Yeah I said it…
Jim Ross of State Street Global Advisors Appearing at EBI Conference

A Dash of Insight

A Guide to Portfolio Diversification
The Unsolved Mystery of the Cramer Rant
Weighing the Week Ahead: Time to Raise Price Targets?
Ben Carlson Wins Silver Bullet: Great Article on Market Leaders

Lawyers Guns and Money

How Bannon Mattered
Abannondoned! I’ll believe it when I see it. Update + 1
Showing His Assange
“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” – Evelyn Hall
USS Fitzgerald

Steven Keen - Debt Watch

Brexit debate in London May 31st
What if my analysis is used for evil purposes?
Support me on Patreon
Teaching Economics the Pluralist Way
My Speech at Occupy Sydney Five Years Ago


Online exports and the wage gap
Missing growth
Why Trump’s protectionist trade agenda will fail
Don’t blame the global financial cycle
Migration and terror

Dining With Al-Qaeda

Turkey’s post-coup funk reaches far and wide
Davos for Beginners
The Turkish Tortoise and the Middle Eastern Hares
A Dutch bride’s journey from the Rhine to the Euphrates
With the Yezidis during the 2003 Iraq war

Economists View

Paul Krugman: Trump Makes Caligula Look Pretty Good
Fed Watch: Retail Sales, Dudley, Wages
Do Low Interest Rates Punish Savers?
Paul Krugman: When the President Is Un-American
Fed Watch: Don't Add To The Fire
Paul Krugman: The Axis of Climate Evil
Links for 08-09-17
A Malthus-Swan Model of Economic Growth
The Marriage of Psychology with Multiple Equilibria in Economics
Fed Watch: July Employment Recap
On the Formation of Capital and Wealth
Modeling Economic Systems as Locally-Constructive Sequential Games
Links for 08-05-17
How Air-Conditioning Conquered America (Even the Pacific Northwest)

Ed Dolan

Hayek, Knowledge, and Carbon Taxes: Markets Without Prices or Prices Without Markets?
Inaction on Healthcare Prices is the Fatal Flaw that Dooms the ACHA to Failure
Will Ryancare Prevent a Healthcare Death Spiral?
Questions for GOP Healthcare Reformers
CNN’s Sanders-Cruz Healthcare Debate: A Scorecard

Ian Welsh

Bannon Out
Lies, Damned Monopolies, and Sex Difference Statistics (UPDATED)
On Charlottesville: Why the Center Is Okay with Nazis but Hates the Left
“The Construction of Reality” Booklet Report
Book Review: Confucius and the Chinese Way, by H. G. Creel

War on the Rocks

Multi-Domain Battle: Tonight, Tomorrow, and the Future Fight
What I Saw in Charlottesville and What We All Lost
Hope and Hype: Advising Foreign Forces in the Middle of a Counterinsurgency Campaign
Ike’s Lament: In Search of a Revolution in Military Education
How Americans Feel About Going to (Nuclear) War
Our Big Texas Launch Party: UT and WOTR Join Forces
When Should the President Use Nuclear Weapons?
The Chain of Command Problem in Central and Eastern Europe
A Deadly Delusion: Were Syria’s Rebels Ever Going to Defeat the Jihadists?
Bombs over Pyongyang? The Window’s Already Closed
Training the Man on Horseback: The Connection Between U.S. Training and Military Coups
Deterring North Korea: The Next Nuclear-Tailoring Agenda
Can Georgia be a Useful American Ally?
Southern Asia’s Escalating Strategic Competition
Making Sense of Turkey’s Syria Strategy: A ‘Turkish Tragedy’ In the Making
Is Boris Johnson Steaming to the South China Sea? If So, Only Slowly
Five Lessons from Israel’s Wars in Gaza
North Korea and the ‘Blink’ of War
Dueling NGOs on the Seas: ‘What Ships Are For’
Trump and Covert Operations in Syria: A Not-So-Artful Deal?
Marine Corps Aviation: Let the “Guardian Angel” Be Your Moneyball and the VMUs Your Oakland A’s
The Nuclear Ban Treaty Is Way Off Target
Military Power is All About People: A Return to Personnel Policy
The National Security Act Turns 70
Russia’s New and Unrealistic Naval Doctrine
Strategic Outpost’s Second Annual Summer Vacation Reading List
The New Turkey: One Nation, Divisible, Under God
The Unvarnished Tyrant: American Soldiers and the Final Months of Saddam
China Sees the West Behind Liu Xiaobo
Strategic Guidance for Countering the Proliferation of Strategic Guidance
The Best Thing America Built In Iraq: Iraq’s Counter-Terrorism Service and the Long War Against Militancy
Cyber-Attacks: Who’s Keeping Score?
NATO’s Blind Spot: Getting to “Honest Defense”
The Nuclear Ban Treaty: How Did We Get Here, What Does it Mean for the United States?
Leave the Bureau of Consular Affairs in the State Department
Un-Discipline Yourself: Reflections on Ideas for a Disordered World
Adapting in Stride: Fighting Tomorrow’s Battle Today
Seapower, Seablindness, and National Security: A German Perspective
The Historical Resonance of Trump’s Speech in Poland
The Massive Protest Putting Turkey’s Erdogan on the Defensive
National Security, Texas-Style: War on the Rocks Teams Up with the University of Texas
The Risks and Rewards of Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War
Defense Problems as People Problems: Mattis’s Human Capital Challenge
Wonder and Worry in an Age of Distraction: Notes on American Exceptionalism for My Young Friends
A Cultural Failure: U.S. Special Operations in the Philippines and the Rise of the Islamic State
Two Asia Hands Clash Over the Future of U.S. Strategy in the Region
The Six Day War and the Nuclear Coup that Never Was
There is No Other Way with Pakistan
Don’t Believe the Hype About European Defense
A Military Assessment of the Islamic State’s Evolving Theory of Victory

DSA - Democratic Left

The “S” Word Lives
Member Reflections on Convention
Opinion: It’s Not About Bigotry On All Sides. It’s About White Supremacists
Assessing Leon Trotsky
Thank You for Not Killing Us
Member Opinion: A Polite Disagreement on Racial Politics
A Brief History of Democratic Socialists of America (1971-2017):
Social Movement Organizing and Electoral Struggles
Sanctuary: In a Great American and International Tradition
Beyond the Socialist International: Report-Back on the Acampamento Internacional