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New Politics

The Misrule of Global Capitalism: Book Review
Trump’s Nuclear Threats Against North Korea and Iran Pose Existential Crisis for Humanity
Puerto Rico: Belonging To, But Not Part Of
No Trump, No War, No Way!
Racist Societal Views of The Black Male Body
Why we need labor unions and why they need critical friends
Why Socialists Shouldn’t Believe In Human Nature
From Russia With Love: Lenin's Letter to American Workers
The End of Islamic Liberalism?

On Labor

Daily News & Commentary – October 19, 2017
Daily News & Commentary—October 18, 2017
Daily News & Commentary—October 17, 2017
Today’s News & Commentary — October 16, 2017
Weekend News & Commentary — October 14-15, 2017

Michael Hudson

What Tax Plan?
Richard Wolff interviews
Stock on Trumponomics
The Sins of Junk Economics
Cancel Odious Greek Debts
Are Students a Class?
Another Housing Bubble?
Jargon, Junk Reviewed
Review of Steve Keen’s “Can we void another financial crisis?”

Black Agenda Report

Democrats Deploy #BlackLivesMatter Brand For 2018 Elections- The Electoral Justice Project
Black Misleadership Class Specializes in Groveling
Afro-Colombians Defend Collective Land Rights
Russiagate: The Lie Implodes
Malcolm X and Liberation Theology

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

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Iowa Caucuses: Cruz Edges Trump and Rubio; Clinton and Sanders in Dead Heat
Construction Spending Anemic Despite Warm Weather; Where to From Here?
China Manufacturing Prices Decline 18th Month; China Hoping to Avoid Hard Landing
Economists in Fantasyland: Economists See 20% Chance of Recession That's at Least 20% Likely Already Here
Poll Shows Nearly 40% of Germans Want Merkel to Resign
Bank of Japan Adopts Negative Interest Rates: Surprise, Surprise We Lied Again; Meaning of "Now"
Shocking Crash: Durable Goods Orders Plunge 5.1%, Shipments Drop 2.2%, Huge Negative Revisions; Recession Here?
Chicago Board of Education Yanks $875 Million Bond Sale Over 7.75% Yield; Five Questions for Chicago
New Home Sales Surge but Prices Down Sharply; Prices Have Room to Fall; Is Everybody In?
French Taxi Drivers Burn Tires Block Airports in Mass 24-Hour Strike; 20% of French Flights Cancelled
Retail Sales vs. Consumer Confidence; Unwarranted Fed Faith in Wrong Surveys
Dallas Fed Region Activity Plunges to Lowest Reading Since 2009; Production Collapsed

Crooks and Liars

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Neil Young
'Nothing Will Make Them Feel Better:' Brian Kilmeade Shrugs Off Trump's Insensitivity
Video Of Rep. Wilson's FBI Building Dedication Proves Gen. Kelly Lied
'It's Bad Form!' Fox News' Chris Wallace Chastises Colleagues For Attacking The Press
Trump Is Trying To Outsmart Mueller With US Attorney Appointments

Eugene Robinson

Trump’s mindless cruelty to a soldier’s widow speaks to the core of his character
An abusive creep’s defense
Eugene Robinson Live (Oct. 10)
Loyalty to Trump isn’t enough
The carnage will continue


Trump Is Taking Advantage Of The Fact That Obamacare Was Made To Be Broken
Logging Company’s Attack On Environmental Activist Groups Dismissed By Federal Court
Government May ‘Seize’ Citizens’ Fingerprints To Unlock Apple Devices, Federal Court Rules
Supreme Court Rules Against Private Prison Corporations’ Push For Secrecy
Protest Song Of The Week: ‘Black Is’ by The Last Poets

The Hill-Blogs

Ohio State denies request to have Richard Spencer speak on campus
Niger attack a ‘massive intelligence failure’: report
Financial industry worried GOP tax plan will change 401(k)s
Soldier's body found almost a mile from scene of Niger ambush: report
GOP eyes move to lower premiums right before 2018 elections

The Plum Line

Happy Hour Roundup
John Kelly’s defense of Trump was absurd. And he surely knows it.


Video shows Kelly made inaccurate claims about lawmaker in feud over Trump’s condolence call
The White House’s ‘highly inappropriate’ response to a fact-check reveals an authoritarian mindset
Republicans are celebrating tax cuts that are still a long way from becoming reality
White House pushing for new concessions in bipartisan health bill, including retroactive mandate relief
White House press secretary: It's ‘highly inappropriate’ to question a 4-star Marine general
Wilson says Kelly ‘lied’ about her 2015 comments. Now there's video from the event.
Former presidents break tradition in denouncing Trump-era politics
Democrats reject proposal to force Bernie Sanders to join the party
Who's leading the Democratic Party?
Sen. Cantwell introduces amendment to block drilling in Arctic refuge
Trump misrepresents British crime statistics by blaming 'Islamic terror,' U.K. critics say

WaPo-Federal Eye

Hardly any federal employees are fired for poor performance. That could be a good sign, report says.
Q&A for federal workers: Timing retirement
Federal employees more positive about working for Uncle Sam
Internal political turmoil hits largest federal union as Trump, GOP target government workers
House set to back broader Thrift Savings Plan withdrawal options

WaPo-The Fix

The White House’s ‘highly inappropriate’ response to a fact-check reveals an authoritarian mindset
Republicans are celebrating tax cuts that are still a long way from becoming reality
Accusations of racism and grandstanding fly between Wilson and Kelly, overtaking big questions about Niger attack
What John Kelly got wrong about Rep. Frederica Wilson and the Johnson family
John Kelly’s fiery defense of Trump’s shot at Obama and Gold Star phone call, annotated


Many Trump voters who got hurricane relief in Texas aren’t sure Puerto Ricans should
Accusations of racism and grandstanding fly between Wilson and Kelly, overtaking big questions about Niger attack
How Trump is grappling with Bannon's war on the GOP establishment
Trump's unmoored week shows just how aimless he is
Fallen soldier's mother: 'Trump did disrespect my son'
Twelve days of silence, then a swipe at Obama: How Trump handled four dead soldiers
A timeline of Mitch McConnell’s rough past few months
Trump says other countries were 'nervous' at the beginning of his term

WSJ-Corruption Currents

Many U.S. Businesses in China Cite Data Theft
SAC Capital Advisors Trader Charged With Fraud
TeliaSonera Could Face Fines in Uzbekistan Bribery Case
Minnesota Tech Firm Opens FCPA Probe
Retired Major General Calls for ‘Safety Belt’ Campaign on Cybersecurity


Goldman Sachs CEO Subtweets London After Frankfurt Visit

WSJ-Private Equity

In China, Firms Face Competition as Tech Businesses Target Health Care
The Morning Leverage: Facing Competition in China as Tech Companies Join Health-Care Fray
The Morning Leverage: Battery to Buy Check Image Software Company
The Morning Leverage: Castle Harlan Closes the Book on Baker & Taylor With Follett Sale
The Morning Leverage: Brookfield Raises at Least $3.38B for Restructuring Fund

Zero Hedge

Mapping What Every State In America Is Best At
"Tired Mountain Syndrome" - North Korea's Nuclear Test Site Is Headed For A Deadly Collapse
Bank Of America: "This Could Send The Nasdaq To 10,000"
Kyle Bass: "Today's Market Resembles The 1987 Debacle On Steroids"
The Next Generation Of Currency Wars: Private Vs State-backed Crypto

Matty Iglesias

Harvey Is an Equal-Opportunity Disaster. The Poor Won’t Be Left Behind Until the Recovery.
Flashback: 20 Texas GOP Representatives and Both Senators Voted Against the Sandy Relief Act
What Happened to the Two Reservoirs That Were Supposed to Protect Downtown Houston?
The Last Place in America Without an Obamacare Insurer Lined Up for Next Year Just Got One
Amazon’s Hit Clothing Brand for Kids Is a Crime Against Taste and Childhood

This Cant Be Happening

Forced Anthem Adherence Antithetical To Justice
Mandalay Bay: Top O' The World, Ma! (PART ONE)
Our Culture of Violence is a Result of Americans (So Far) Not Having to Face Reality
Buying Homeland Insecurity
"Why are we in Vietnam?" (or any damn place for that matter), revisited


‘One night I got in jail for picking flowers’
Map-memory, 10 May 1948
Repeating faces
Towards a ‘moral’ assassination model
Gills, gills, gills
Mr. Kristof and his others

Gunpowder and Lead

The AR-15 Bullet Ban is off the menu, for now….
New Firearms Tech Gear to Get You Fired Up in 2015
The Most Popular Firearms Vault Models in 2015


Take a look at the Gonzo Gizmo author's favorite tools
There's nothing like relaxing at home with your dog
Another truck rips its roof off on the infamous 11foot8bridge
Viral Chinese mobile game requires players to "applaud" a speech by President Xi Jinping
Plants are monsters
Quaker Apples & Cinnamon has "35% less sugar" because they've cut the portion size by 35%, while the price remains 100%
Apple brought back Braun design, but Google is bringing back Olivetti
Garfield cartoonist denies Jon drinks a cup of dog semen in comic strip
Nearly impossible to destroy large dog chew toy
This emergency radio and flashlight combo makes a good addition to an emergency kit
Organized Hawaiian SPAM thievery
Federal judge: pardon sets Joe Arpaio free, but he's still guilty
Why race is not a thing, according to genetics
The Best Towel for Crying Into
The Mexican town where 75% of residents manufacture fireworks


Normalizing Trump: An incredibly brief explainer
Why the White House daily briefing is in such trouble.
“The Trump White House has turned into a kind of playground for the press.”
A few notes on unbuilding a key part of the presidency
Live: a list of my top problems in pressthink

Possible Futures

The Return of the Opposition in Gabon
Democracy and Change: What are the Prospects for an “African Spring?”
A Vision and a Program for the American Left: A Conversation with Roberto Mangabeira Unger on the Situation, the Task, and the Remaking of the Democratic Party
Rediscovering Politics
Occupy’s Expressive Impulse

Tackle Tax Havens

An award
The one and only Chris Simpson
If you’re in Dublin on 23 September 2016 . . .

Opinio Juris

Events and Announcements: October 8, 2017
Apparently Perfidy Is Not Prohibited in 2256
The Kampala Amendments on the Crime of Aggression Before Activation: Evaluating the Legal Framework of a Political Compromise (Part 1)
The Law Applied by the UN Syria Commission to the Al-Jinah Strike is Correct – And Reflects US Doctrine: A Reply to LTC Reeves and Narramore
A Farewell Note from Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni
If President Trump Ends the Iran Deal, Can He Trigger the Security Council Snapback?
UK-Saudi Arabia Arms Trade before the High Court: Questions following the Judgment


How humans and technology can coexist in asset and wealth management
Customer communications 2.0: best practices to retain today's Digital Customer
A CFPB policy everybody seems to like (really)
Buying season ahead? Banks increasingly talk up M&A
Microinvestor steps into neobanking clique
An important milestone reached at Citizens Financial
Customers Bank takes second shot at spinning off mobile bank unit
Deposits, loans on rise at Associated Banc-Corp
Iberiabank to buy Gibraltar Private Bank in Fla. for $223 million
U.S. has too many banks: BB&T's Kelly King
AI insights, board progress and the dearth of male allies
Sallie Mae works to head off threat of refi lenders
GAO ruling puts leveraged lending guidance in GOP crosshairs

Public Intelligence Blog

Review: Trump and the Resurrection of America: Leading America’s Second Revolution
Catherine Austin Fitts with Alex Jones: Missing $21 Trillion — the Real Fight Between Donald Trump & the Deep State
Steven Aftergood: CRS on US [Subsidized] Arms Sales to Middle East
Kosmos: Life within the Cosmic Ecology
Robert Steele: Under Massive Denial of Service Attack — Donations Sought


ICE FOIA Library Still Down: FRINFORMSUM 10/12/2017
FOIA Shows Immigration Judges Reassigned to Border Lack Work While Backlog Grows at Home: FRINFORMSUM 9/28/2017
FOIA Request Helps Show What Steps NGA Taking to Reduce Overclassification: FRINFORMSUM 9/14/2017
Will ‘Still Interested’ Letters Surge as End of FY 2017 Approaches? FRINFORMSUM 8/31/2017
The Fifty-Year Rule: Its Use and Misuse

When the Crisis Hits the Fan

Public Pickups Review
Evil Angel Review

The Grist

After decades of trying, petro-companies are one step closer to drilling in the Arctic Refuge.
One month later, most of Puerto Rico is still utterly destroyed.
Old reefs hold the tale of past sea-level rise, and … it’s dramatic.
New Mexico: OK, fine, we’ll put science back in science standards.
A town hit hard by Hurricane Harvey may never fully recover.
Nearly half of the country thinks Donald Trump is handling hurricane season well.
Trump abandons Obama-era plan to help climate refugees
A judge lets pipeline protesters mount an unusual defense.
6 threats to the Arctic Refuge
Ophelia is the strongest storm to hit Ireland in at least 50 years.
The sun keeps turning an apocalyptic shade of red. Here’s why.
Smoke from California’s raging wildfires spreads a public health emergency across the Bay
Trump’s new environmental nominee says carbon dioxide isn’t a pollutant.
The first ‘negative emissions’ carbon-capture plant is up and running.
Puerto Ricans might be drinking Superfund-polluted water, the EPA says.

Political Violence

Advantages of a Civilian Mission: Keeping the Peace in Ukraine
Can Civilian Nonviolent Action Deter Massacres?
Climate Change and the Syrian Civil War
From Stability to Charlottesville: What To Look For in the German Elections
Rohingya “terrorists” and the hierarchies of legitimate resistance in Myanmar

Treasure Islands

Where’s the organised civil society pushback on big finance and monopolies?
Treasure Islands, relaunched for Truxit
Top tax expert calls for Big 4 accounting firms to be broken up. Me too
Pre-Brexit has already handed the City of London four big victories
Five myths about tax havens


Essays: Futurism and Equifax
Upcoming events (and recent podcasts)!
The Gallons of Milk Theory of Weight Loss
Learning to eat again
Disarm White Supremacy

Dr Housing Bubble

San Francisco housing still in manic phase:  Dump that is “uninhabitable” with fire damage has pending offer at $1.4 million.
California Dreaming – More than a third of California households have virtually no savings.


Treasury Secretary Mnuchin's Forked Tongue on Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
The Tax-Cut Framework Won't Create Jobs and Digs the Inequality Ditch even Deeper
Right Wing Propaganda Tank IPI Likes the Trump Tax-Cuts-for-the-Rich "framework"
Trump's "Give the Rich a Break" Tax Plan
Trump Administration Plays Havoc with Education--and your tax dollars

Foreclosure Nation

Obama Names Melvin Watt to Head Federal Housing Finance Agency
Mortgages in the Era of Mass Terror
City Initiates Mediation and Prevention Plan Demand from Banks Before Foreclosure Starts
Occupy offshoot forgives $1 million in random people’s debt
Warren Flushes Out Treasury and DOJ Covering for Wall St Banks – HSBC

Credit Slips

Variation in Boilerplate: What Does it Mean?
Catalonian Bonds, Anyone?
Rights of Secured Creditors in Chapter 11: New Paper
Deus Ex Trumpina
Lessons for the #BankBlack Movement from Mehrsa Baradaran's New Book

Jared Bernstein

A must listen-to podcast from steel country
Trump’s two-step: Health care and fiscal sabotage
Data note re WaPo wage story
Thanks to Harvey and Irma, payrolls fell last month, but underlying job market remains strong

The Big Picture

10 Weekend Reads
The Cognitive Dissonance is Strong in This One
10 Friday AM Reads
Did Treasury Debt Markets Anticipate the Persistent Decline in Long-Term Interest Rates?
EBI East Conference is Only 2 Weeks Away!

The Reformed Broker

Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
An Evening in Wonderland
Clips From Today’s Halftime Report
Just own the damn robots.

A Dash of Insight

Stock Exchange: Are Momentum Trades Better Than Dip Buying?
What Investors (and Their Advisors) Can Learn from Monty Hall
Stock Exchange: 3,811 US Stocks, How Do You Pick Yours?
Stock Exchange: Are You Patient or Complacent?
Stock Exchange: Climbing the Wall of Worry

Lawyers Guns and Money

Today Among the Adults In the White House Who Will Constrain Trump
Trump’s War on Women
Tolkien’s Map
Interrogating ethnography
True Facts

Steven Keen - Debt Watch

Brexit debate in London May 31st
What if my analysis is used for evil purposes?
Support me on Patreon
Teaching Economics the Pluralist Way
My Speech at Occupy Sydney Five Years Ago


Consumption-boosting effects of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics
On city size and economic growth
Brexit: The economics of international disintegration
Central bank evolution and innovation
Making globalisation more inclusive

Dining With Al-Qaeda

Turkey’s post-coup funk reaches far and wide
Davos for Beginners
The Turkish Tortoise and the Middle Eastern Hares
A Dutch bride’s journey from the Rhine to the Euphrates
With the Yezidis during the 2003 Iraq war

Economists View

Incoming Data Supportive of December Rate Hike
Monetary Policy in a New Era (Video) - Ben Bernanke
Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy Conference (Video): Blanchard and Summers
Is The Fed Setting Itself Up To Fail In The Next Recession?
Paul Krugman: Let Them Eat Paper Towels
Rethinking Macroeconomic Policy
Fed Watch: Kevin Warsh, Very Serious Person
Paul Krugman: Virginia Is for Haters
Links for 10-09-17
Paul Krugman: Will Trump Trumpify the Fed?

Ed Dolan

Hayek, Knowledge, and Carbon Taxes: Markets Without Prices or Prices Without Markets?
Inaction on Healthcare Prices is the Fatal Flaw that Dooms the ACHA to Failure
Will Ryancare Prevent a Healthcare Death Spiral?
Questions for GOP Healthcare Reformers
CNN’s Sanders-Cruz Healthcare Debate: A Scorecard

Ian Welsh

Fundraiser Reaches $7,000 Mark, Almost Over
How Our Everyday Life Creates Our Character and Our Destiny
Could Obama have fixed the economy?
Corbyn Wants to Destroy the Current Economic System
Is There Going to be an Iraqi-Kurdish War?

War on the Rocks

Transparency About the Costs of War Won’t Change Americans’ Minds
A New Strategy for Deterrence and Rollback with North Korea
Bombshell: Me Too and the Gimme Gimmes
Through a Periscope Darkly: The Nuclear Undersea Competition in Southern Asia Is Just Beginning
Bolts from the Blue, Monsters Under the Bed, and the Pursuit of Absolute Security
Deadly Overconfidence: Trump Thinks Missile Defenses Work Against North Korea, and That Should Scare You
Defeat as Victory? How the Islamic State Will Rely on Hijrah to Claim a Win
The Section T Canard: The Drive for Decertification and ‘Bomb Iran’ Redux
A Vicious Entanglement, Part V: The Body Count Myth
What’s Really Behind Tom Cotton’s Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Deal
The Growing Danger of a U.S. Nuclear First Strike on North Korea
Nobody Loves Deterrence, But We’ll Keep Doing It Anyway
The Rorschach Test of New Nuclear Powers: Analogies for North Korean Command and Control
It’s Time for Special Operations to Dump ‘Unconventional Warfare’
The Missing Middle: Defense Financing for Middle-Income Democracies
Bombshell: We Got This, Rexy
More Than Paper: How Nuclear Ban-Treaty Advocates Can Really Advance Disarmament
The Middle Eastern Roots of Nuclear Alarmism Over North Korea
Rules for Getting Defense Strategy Right
North Korea Benefits From Nuclear Weapons. Get Used to It.
Not-So-Soft Power: Russia’s Military Police in Syria
China’s Foreign Influence Offensive in the Pacific
Why The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Will Worsen Tensions in Southern Asia
Russian Active Measures in Germany and the United States: Analog Lessons From the Cold War
Open Your Eyes and See the 21st Century MAGTF
The Class of 1967 Comes to Terms With the Vietnam War
The President and Nuclear Weapons Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Trump Having the Bomb
The Myth of Russia’s Lowered Nuclear Threshold
The French Turn to Armed Drones
History’s Model General? Reflections on the Life and Times of Belisarius
What a 1963 Novel Tells Us About the French Army, Mission Command, and the Romance of the Indochina War
Bombshell: How I Learned to Start Worrying…
Why Damage Limitation Isn’t the Answer to the North Korean Threat
Northern Syria’s Anti-Islamic State Coalition Has an Arab Problem
Facts About the Vietnam War, Part V: Bad Strategy, Bad Leadership Doomed South Vietnam as Much as the Curtailing of U.S. Aid
Command and Control in North Korea: What a Nuclear Launch Might Look Like
The 350-Ship Fantasy: It’s Time for the Navy to Think Radically About a Smaller Fleet
A Fleet to Do What?
Facts About the Vietnam War, Part III: Peace Marchers Didn’t Turn U.S. Policy Around
Chinese Bomber Flights Around Taiwan: For What Purpose?
How to Step Up NATO’s Fight Against Terrorism
Reverse the Tide: A Forward-Stationed Army is Better for America
Self-Defense and Strategic Direction in the Skies Over Syria
Facts About the Vietnam War, Part I: They Didn’t Fight with One Hand Tied Behind Their Backs
Decoupling is Back in Asia: A 1960s Playbook Won’t Solve These Problems
Will Pakistan and the U.S. Make a Deal?
How Surprising Is North Korea’s Nuclear Success? Picking Up Where Proliferation Theories Leave Off
Awaiting the New Defense Strategy
Will the Army’s New Advisory Brigades Get Manning and Intel Right?
Of Hats, Jackets, and Turkish Politics

DSA - Democratic Left

Closing the Exit for Capital
The Pullman National Monument and Public Memory
Drain the Swamp: Defeat the Trump Tax Cuts
Every Day Is Labor Day for DSA
Social Democracy Is Good. But Not Good Enough.
The Genius of Bernie’s Gradualism
Still Inching Toward a Democratic Left
Statement Condemning HR 620 and Supporting the Disability Integration Act
DSA Priorities Resolution 2017
Making the Unions Strong