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Democracy - A Journal of Ideas

A Venezuela of the North?
When Everyone Has Health Care
Racism Didn’t Stop at Jim Crow
At the Mercy of the Tech Gods
The Age of Arthur


Genocide in Iraq: When Local Sunni Became ISIS and Slaughtered Their Neighbors
The Addict in All of Us: Dr. Gabor Maté on the Problem We All Live With
This Is How Legal Cannabis Is Improving Public Health
Who Profits From the Opioid Crisis? Meet the Secretive Sackler Family Making Billions From OxyContin
Leaked Memo: Trump Administration Wants to Slash Birth Control, Promote Fertility Awareness
Sexual Harassment Prevention Used to Target Abuses of Power Like Harvey Weinstein—What Changed?
Paul Krugman: Is Trump About to Tank the U.S. Economy?
Extreme Redistricting Sets the Stage for a Huge Republican Stranglehold Victory in the House in 2018
A Texas City Will Only Give Out Hurricane Harvey Relief to Residents Who Swear Not to Boycott Israel
Does John Kelly Have Even an Ounce of Shame?
Lupita Nyong'o Pens Powerful Op-Ed Detailing Her Sexual Assault at the Hands of Harvey Weinstein
Rachel Maddow Reveals the Sickening Reason Trump Hasn't Talked About the U.S. Soldiers Killed in Niger


Emmanuel Macron’s Assault on French Democracy
Why Trump Won Rural America
Booked: The Revenge of the Ruling Class, with Corey Robin
Belabored Podcast #136: Countdown to Janus, with Andy Stettner
[EVENT | October 10] The Politics of Opera, with Mitchell Cohen


Geostorm, a disaster movie about a weather apocalypse, somehow manages to be unbelievably boring
The 13 best movies in theaters right now
4 political stories that actually mattered this week
Candy corn: Halloween’s most contentious sweet, explained
Sarah Sanders: It’s “highly inappropriate” to question John Kelly — because he’s a general
Republicans have picked a huge environmental fight in their push for tax reform
An Indiana county just halted a lifesaving needle exchange program, citing the Bible
The raging controversy over Trump and the families of fallen soldiers, explained
I’m a therapist. Here’s the line I draw when treating men with unhealthy sexual habits.
“Our democracy is at stake”: Obama delivers his first post-presidency campaign speech
39 water terms, mapped
Lupita Nyong’o joins the 50 women accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment
The 4 steps Republicans have to take to pass tax reform
Hollywood wants to erase Harvey Weinstein’s legacy. But if it wants to evolve, it can’t.
Trump’s economists say a corporate tax cut will raise wages by $4,000. It doesn’t add up.

Common Dreams

#JusticeForJane: Abortion Rights Activists Rally as US Govt Holds Teen 'Hostage'
Taking 9 Million Lives Per Year, Pollution Bigger Killer Than War, Tobacco, and Various Diseases Combined
Full Moon Protest for Trump as Lone Wolf Demonstrator Targets Presidential Motorcade
'Hypocritical BS': Critics Slam Establishment's Applause for 'War Criminal' George W. Bush
Ahead of Senate Vote, Warren Lists Everything Wrong With GOP's 'Garbage' Budget
'People Are Dying' But Trump Gives Himself Perfect '10' for Puerto Rico Response
Billionaire Donor Tom Steyer Urges Local and State Leaders to Speak Out on Trump Impeachment
'Ecological Armageddon': Warnings From Scientists as Flying Insects Disappear
Sent to Destroy Sanders' Case for Democratic Socialism, Danish Right-Winger Bolsters It
In Letter, Female Lawmakers Challenge Culture of Sexual Harassment in California Politics
Warnings of 'Big Pharma Coup' as Trump Considers Drug Exec. for Health Secretary
As Trump Denies 17-Year-Old Abortion Access, Court Battle Exposes Broader Problem
Mother of Fallen Soldier Confirms Account of Call from 'Cold-Hearted' Trump
Ahead of #NoMuslimBanEver March, Federal Judges Block Trump's Latest Travel Ban
Carnage in Somalia Was 'Revenge' for Children Killed in US Raid: Report
Victory for 'Valve Turners' as Judge Allows 'Necessity Defense' for Climate Trial
As Trump Critics Demand Diplomacy, North Korea Warns Nuclear War Could Be Imminent
Federal Court Dismisses RICO and Defamation Lawsuit Against Greenpeace
'Low As It Gets,' Says NBA Coach in Searing Takedown of 'Soulless Coward' Trump
Trump Revives Notorious GOP Dog Whistle in Call for 'Welfare Reform'
For Abandoning Climate Accord, Pope Swipes Trump on World Food Day
'Wake-Up Call for Progressives' as Far Right Surges in Austrian Elections
As Hopes for Trump Impeachment Persist, New Warnings of a President Pence
'Robin Hood in Reverse': Sanders Blasts GOP Budget Ahead of Key Senate Vote
Death Toll Climbs to 276 From 'Revolting Attack' in Mogadishu

Democracy Now

Dave Zirin & Jules Boykoff on the 2016 Rio Olympics & Brazil’s Collapsing Political System
Peace Activist and Holocaust Survivor Hedy Epstein Dies at 91
WATCH: Amy Goodman on MetroFocus (PBS)
Breaking Free: A Rising Tide of Climate Resistance
WATCH: Amy Goodman on CSPAN's Washington Journal

Defense One (Raytheon)

The Bloody End of the Islamic State's Utopian Dream
Trump’s Iran Strategy Is No Strategy At All
Under a B-52 with Gen. Goldfein; 11% cut to USAF budget request?; New Mideast arms-export numbers, and more…
Turkish troops are fighting Kurds in Iraq; ISIS media ops wither; Here’s how GMD-vs.-ICBM might go; China is quietly reshaping the world; and just a bit more...
America Has Become Dispensable in Iraq
Military mishaps are declining, despite rough summer; How 4 Green Berets took out Kony’s army; Doing donuts in Raqqa; China’s Xi crows about ‘new era’; and just a bit more….
How US Special Operators Helped Take Down Joseph Kony’s Army With Tailored Messages
Raqqa falls; Baghdad takes Kirkuk from Kurds; US attacks ISIS in Yemen; Puerto Rican baby born on Navy ship; and just a bit more...
How the US Air Force Made Its ISR Network Cheaper to Run and Easier to Upgrade
Donald Trump, Dealbreaker
Trump Administration Gambles On Iran Nuclear Deal
US troops join Afghan battalions; Trump rolling out new Iran strategy; NATO’s 2% benchmark is about 98% misleading; Only 1 in 10 Puerto Ricans has electricity; and just a bit more...

The Exiled

Russia Blog #7: When Mother Jones Was Investigated For Spreading “Kremlin Disinformation”
Russia Blog #5: Afghanistan Syndrome
Russia Blog, Day 3: About That Credit Suisse Russia Inequality Report


Trump Misleads on Insurer Profits
Ralph Northam’s ‘Sell Out’ Stretch
Trump Misleads on High U.S. Drug Costs
Video: FactChecking Virginia Race
San Juan Mayor Wasn’t Impeached

the Grio

Video debunks Kelly’s claim about Frederica Wilson amid ongoing battle
Chance The Rapper shares tearfully adorable moment with daughter
Mona Scott-Young reportedly wants Hazel-E off show over anti-gay comments
Are we witnessing the end of the Republican Party?
Donald Trump releases ‘Stand for the National Anthem’ petition
Taraji P. Henson is terrifying in new Tyler Perry film ‘Acrimony’
Texas congresswoman says women have responsibility to prevent sexual abuse
Protester hugs Nazi in viral video: ‘Why do you hate me?’
Hazel-E apologizes for saying gays should burn in hell, claims misunderstanding
8 year old’s murder a reminder there’s no safe haven LGBTQ people
NFL star Chris Long donates salary for education equality
Sophie Okonedo didn’t get role because she wasn’t ‘f**kable enough’
Kerry Washington says she hopes to inspire her kids with natural hair
Obama letters from 1980s to former girlfriend go public
‘LHHH’ star Hazel-E tells gays to ‘burn in hell,’ shames dark-skinned women
Eric Holder tells Trump to ‘stop the damn lying’ in defense of Obama
Michelle Williams talks depression while in Destiny’s Child, suicidal thoughts
Intestinal disorder left Mychael Knight in frail shape before his death
Alt-right student charged with hate crime for death of Black Army lieutenant
Black women shouldn’t have to choose between race and gender
Azealia Banks tells RZA to continue ‘sucking Russell Crowe’s d**k’
Three killed in ‘targeted’ Maryland park shooting, suspect at large
School board member resigns after calling Black members ‘darkies’
Diana Ross to perform, be honored at American Music Awards
David A. Thomas couldn’t afford to attend Morehouse, now he’s president
Isaiah Washington on women wearing weaves: ‘Is it worth it emotionally?’
Gordon Hayward suffers horrid leg injury during Celtics game
Trump tells pregnant Army widow husband knew ‘what he signed up for’
Mary J. Blige graces ‘Essence’ cover, talks new Oscar-buzzing role
You don’t have to shed your Blackness in order to be enlightened
Tamar Braxton extends olive branch to Adrienne Bailon: ‘I miss you’
Report: Toni Braxton and Birdman secretly get married
Families in desperate search for missing after Somalia terror bombing
North Korea says nuclear war ‘may break out any moment’
Google honors Selena’s life and career with doodle
Tamar Braxton, husband selling LA mansion amid financial strain
Florida declares state of emergency ahead of white nationalist speech

The Nation

Abolish the Drug Enforcement Agency
Senate Republicans Are Trying to Give the 1 Percent a $1.9 Trillion Tax Break
The Prosecution of Inauguration-Day Protesters Is a Threat to Dissent
The GOP Tax Plan Fails the Children
Sexual Assault When You’re on the Margins: Can We All Say #MeToo?
Colin Kaepernick Was Mocked and Threatened for Taking a Knee. He’s Also Winning.
Turning Broadband Access Into a Social Movement
Hollywood People on Harvey Weinstein
Roasted Veggies
MAGA Youth
How Much Time Could Women Reclaim If They Didn’t Have to Deal With Men’s Bullshit?
The Virginia Governor’s Race Is a High-Stakes Test for Trump
No Sanctuary in Fire-Stricken California’s Immigrant Communities
Have 20 Years of NATO Expansion Made Anyone Safer?
What’s Even Scarier Than Donald Trump?
Trump Sides With Big Agriculture Over Family Farmers
Sex and Power Digest
Prosecutors Are Banding Together to Prevent Criminal-Justice Reform
How the Swindlers of Silicon Valley Avoid Paying Taxes
With Trump’s Latest Muslim Ban Blocked, Take Action to Defeat It for Good
Sure, Bob Corker Stood Up to Trump, but That Doesn’t Excuse His Record
David Petraeus Tells Us How the War in Afghanistan Will End
Have You Ever Had to Work When You Were Sick?
A Month Is a Very Long Time in Trump’s America
The 2017 Hurricanes Didn’t Just Hit Puerto Rico—They Hit the Caribbean

Open Democracy

Call for submissions: Listening to Libya - Intervention and its aftermath
Babiš’ Czech Republic: too thin a gruel?
FP October 20
After Raqqa: what will it take to get to peace in Syria?
Harvey Weinstein: Italian media coverage of the scandal has been predictably outrageous

Raw Story

Race, lies, and videotape: John Kelly’s attack on Rep. Frederica Wilson is an attack on democracy itself
Steve Bannon expands his target list into North Carolina GOP primaries — and Karl Rove is furious
Trump’s nominees are already working despite not being confirmed by the senate — and it might be illegal
Mexico jumps into battle over Texas ‘sanctuary city’ law
James Carville poses the single geography question that exposes White House defensiveness on Niger
Even conservative Erick Erickson is calling on Gen. Kelly to man up and apologize to Rep. Frederica Wilson
White House staffers knew Trump didn’t contact ‘virtually every’ Gold Star family — and scrambled to fix it
Watch Tucker Carlson go down in flames trying to explain why the birther movement wasn’t racist
‘We can’t function on hypocrisy’: Colonel knocks Trump after CNN unearths claim he built the Vietnam Memorial
Jack Kingston blames Trump’s cruelty on NYC: He’s ‘from the streets of Queens — Americans knew what they were getting’
‘What real journalism looks like’: Orlando Sentinel exposes Florida’s $1 billion school voucher scam
Here are all the Republican and Democrats who laid into Trump saying all the things you wish you could say
US appeals court blocks immigrant teen’s bid to obtain abortion — but still leaves an option open
Judge orders Vegas hotel to preserve all surveillance videos and gambling records in shooter investigation
WATCH: Jake Tapper uses Trump’s own tweets to disprove Sanders’ ‘shocking’ claim press can’t criticize Kelly

Real Clear Politics

Republicans Ready to Move on a Tax Plan Few Have Seen
Donald Trump's Low-Road Presidency
The Return of Obama
John Kelly and the Language of the Military Coup
Failed 2020 Census Looms as Funding, Preparations Stall
Migration: The Straw That's Breaking Europe's Back
Why I'm Siding w/Frederica Wilson Over Kelly & Trump
The Fusion Collusion
Democrats Yelp as Trump Upholds Constitution
Add Tax Reform to Trump's List of Accomplishments
What We Can Learn From World War II
Billionaires Can't Fix Media's Broken Business Model
The Genius & Stupidity of Silicon Valley
Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein
The Self-Dealing Presidency of Donald Trump
George Soros Needs America's Help

In These Times

Trump’s Heritage Foundation Speech Is a Sign of the Coming All-Out War Within the Right
In CNN’s Tax Debate, Bernie Sanders Showed How Democrats Can Win with Socialism
An Exhibit on Japanese Internment Shows How Far We Haven’t Come
Why Democrats and Movements Need Each Other
From “Me Too” to “All of Us”: Organizing to End Sexual Violence, Without Prisons
In Myanmar, “Anti-Terrorism” Is Cover for Ethnic Cleansing
Our Revolution Somerville’s Campaign to Separate the Progressives from the Poseurs
Birmingham’s New Mayor Randall Woodfin on How to Win the Political Revolution Down South
Rahm Emanuel Wants $95 Million for a New Police Facility. Chicago Activists Have Other Ideas.
Hurricane Relief, in the Spirit of Ella Baker
How Private Equity Killed Toys “R” Us
Yanis Varoufakis: Confessions of a Troika Dropout
Puerto Rico Is a Symptom of America’s Rotting Democracy
Racist Blowback Against Colin Kaepernick Isn’t Just About Him: It’s Aimed at Black Resistance Itself
Muslim Ban 3.0 Is Here. And So Is the Anti-Racist Resistance.

Counter Punch

Is the Phoenix Rising From the Ashes in Syria?
On Ramstein Air Base
Washington’s War on Russia
The Future of Cuba
If We’re Going to Defend Social Security We Need to Understand It
He Died for Anarchy
Neglected Tropical Diseases
Algerian Desperation
Desert Pilgrimage to the Cradle of the Bomb
Decolonizing Bolivia’s History of Indigenous Resistance
Obama’s Attack on Privacy
David Hicks and the Death of a Legal System
Gay Sweatshop Days
Opera at the Mall
The Birth of the Cyber Left
Oil War in the Americas
Time to Honor Lucy Parsons for Black History Month
The Mirror of Vietnam
The Gusts of Globalization
The Destruction of Syria’s Cultural Heritage
Lost in Space With Christopher Nolan
Does GOP Win Mean War With Iran?
Obama’s Sleepwalk Toward War

Electronic Privacy Information Center

Report: Body Cameras Failed to Improve Police Behavior
EPIC, Coalition Call for Public Hearings on Surveillance Reform Proposals
EPIC Urges Congress, GSA to Suspend Collection of State Voter Data
EU Approves Data Transfer Arrangement, But Seeks Stronger U.S. Privacy Protections
In Senate Testimony, EPIC Calls for Reform of Credit Reporting Industry
Consumer Groups Ask Safety Commission to Recall Google Home
EPIC's Rotenberg to Testify in Senate on Equifax Breach
EPIC, Open Government Groups Call for Release of Trump's Tax Returns


Welcome to ProPublica Illinois
How the CIA Staged Sham Academic Conferences to Thwart Iran’s Nuclear Program
Electionland Wins Online Journalism Award
The Breakthrough: How a Reporter Uncovered Widespread Russian Meddling — In the Olympics
Who’s Really in Charge of the Voting Fraud Commission?
Join ProPublica’s New Project to Work With Local Newsrooms
ProPublica is Hiring a Senior Editor to Lead our New Regional Reporting Project
Chamber of Secrets: Teaching a Machine What Congress Cares About
Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. Were Close to Being Charged With Felony Fraud
State Audit Slams New York’s Oversight of Nurses

Defense Tech

Boeing Bets on Autonomous Flight with Back-to-Back Deals for Drone-Makers
Marines Sent Team to Middle East to Test Cyber Vulnerabilities
Scaled Composites Unveils Its Latest Experimental Aircraft
GD Parks New Stryker with 30mm Cannon at AUSA
Next Army Combat Vehicle May Feature Active Protection, Laser Weapons
Bell Tilt-Rotor Makes First Ground Test in Bid for Army Contract
New Grunt-Invented Kit Could Help Prepare Marine Corps For War
Cockpit Episodes Continue After Navy T-45s Resume Training Flights
Inside ‘Ripper Lab,’ Marines 3D-Print Drones That Can Support Combat
Drone Hits US Army Helo over NYC: Report

Crooks and Liars

C&L's Late Nite Music Club With Neil Young
'Nothing Will Make Them Feel Better:' Brian Kilmeade Shrugs Off Trump's Insensitivity
Video Of Rep. Wilson's FBI Building Dedication Proves Gen. Kelly Lied
'It's Bad Form!' Fox News' Chris Wallace Chastises Colleagues For Attacking The Press
Trump Is Trying To Outsmart Mueller With US Attorney Appointments

American Banker-Regulation and Reform

Converting leads to customers in a digital world
Bitcoin breaks $6K, hits new high
Equifax restoring The Work Number portal with beefed-up security
Mortgage deduction alternative emerges in tax reform talks
Synchrony allays fears about rising credit losses
SunTrust overcomes mortgage slowdown with strong consumer loan growth
Jamie Dimon is right about cryptocurrencies
PayPal’s friendly quarter; Dangerous bubbles
People's United reports higher profit that reflects recent acquisitions
‘Before hitting the panic button…’: Comments of the week
Amazon’s grocery expansion a threat to CRE, banks fear
Automation is leveling the commercial lending playing field

American Scholar

Beyond Statistics
Ruth Robinson
Blue Moons and Buttermilk Skies
Bible Nation: The United States of Hobby Lobby
Borders, Real and Artificial
Yes, But
Triumph of the Underdog


Defending Seattle’s Democracy Voucher Program
Voting Rights at the Supreme Court: Demos's Naila Awan on Husted v. APRI
U.S. Wealth Inequality Is Extreme and Republican Tax Plans Would Make It Worse
Heather & Garry on Upstanders Season 2
A Racist’s Rehabilitation

Rolling Stone - Politics

The Trump Administration Is Trying to Block an Abortion for an Undocumented Teen
Republicans Are Unsure What Trump Wants on Health Care
Bipartisan Deal Could Protect Obamacare for Next Two Years
Trump's Wrecking Ball Aims at Iran Accord
Congress Members Call Out Trump for 'Lamentable' Puerto Rico Tweets
Scott Pruitt Can't Stop the Death of Big Coal
Despite Bump Stocks Debate, This Week Saw Little Progress on Guns
DA Who Dropped Fraud Case Against Trump Kids Did Opposite With Immigrant Family
Why This Senator Has Hope for Tackling Gun Violence – Even After Sandy Hook
Just After Las Vegas, Republicans Are Voting to Restrict ... Abortion

Corporate Europe Observatory

Welcome to JEFTA!
Monsanto Papers hearing at EU Parliament to lift lid on flawed EU pesticide approval process
Open doors for forces of finance
Brexit bonanza: Lawyers encouraging corporations to sue UK & EU member states
Dodgy Deals


Vision is the next big challenge for chips
Elephone S8 hands-on: A solid, no-nonsense phone for business use
Hackers race to use Flash exploit before vulnerable systems are patched
​Russia experiments with using blockchain tech for land registry
Scientists built this Raspberry Pi-powered, 3D-printed robot-lab to study flies
My week with Harman Kardon's Cortana-powered Invoke speaker
Mac OSX Trojan malware spread via compromised software downloads
Ubuntu 17.10: Hands-on with Artful Aardvark
This robot-run 3D printing farm is the future of light manufacturing
Interim CIO jobs: The advantages - and disadvantages


Bill Maher: If Russia is Going to Keep Attacking America, Then We ‘Should Fight Back’
Bakari Sellers, Ed Martin Battle Over Trump’s Feud with Rep. Wilson: ‘Tell Me Her Lie!’
Senate Investigators Reportedly Spoke With Russians at Don Jr. Trump Tower Meeting
Sanders Clarifies: John Kelly Can Be Questioned But People Shouldn’t Be ‘Impugning His Credibility’
Ari Melber Addressees Gen. Kelly: ‘You Will Be Debated, You Will Be Questioned’
Sharpton: I Disagreed a Lot With George W. Bush, But He Never ‘Got in the Gutter’
How to Watch Yankees-Astros Baseball ALCS Game 6 Live Stream Online
Rep. Frederica Wilson: ‘The White House Itself Is Full of White Supremacists’
Tapper Calls Out Sarah Sanders: ‘One of The Most Shocking Things I’ve Ever Heard From That Podium’
Rick Wilson Goes Off on Ben Ferguson in Heated Clash Over Trump: You’re ‘Defending the Indefensible!’

Pando Daily

Erin Levine’s five empowering little words: “I’ll see you in court”
The Four-Day Twitter Week
Another VC quarter that makes no economic sense thanks to robots, Softbank, and the pursuit of masculinity through valuation
You don’t get to be "shocked"
Beyond the Series B, Episode Three: The Great Rivalries of Silicon Valley