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Democracy - A Journal of Ideas

Make Medicaid Federal
Tax Reform’s Higher Purpose
Seattle’s Creative Campaign Finance Reform
Tax Reform Must Raise More Revenue
Yes, We Need More Revenue


Trump Is Really Trying to Set the World on Fire
Jim Hightower: Scamazon—the Online Retail Giant Is One Big Swindle
Here's How Trump Is Pitting Local Police Against the FBI
This Is How to Invest Locally
Are You Suffering from Selfitis?
Do You Do These 5 Things With Your Cellphone That Health Officials Say You Shouldn’t?
The Fempire Strikes Back with #MeToo
Evangelical Leader Who Criticized Trump Is Swamped with Death Threats from the 'Christian Machine'
These Are Trump's 7 'Forbidden Words'
These Are the Best Pot Products in 2017
Uber Stole Trade Secrets, Bribed Foreign Officials and Spied on Rivals, Filing Says
Monsanto Giving Cash to Farmers Who Use Controversial Pesticide


Colin Kaepernick: Athlete of the Year
Nationalize the Networks
Fall 2017
The Rise of the Security State: From the Great War to Snowden
The Economy During Wartime


John Cornyn doesn’t have a good answer on tax bill loophole that means millions for Corker and Trump
The Exorcist’s second season was terrific. Let’s hope the Disney/Fox deal doesn’t kill it.
Two lawmakers won’t seek reelection following sexual misconduct allegations. But they’re still not resigning.
SNL closed out Trump’s first year with a rundown of everyone who got fired or quit
The Last Jedi is a magnificent next step for the Star Wars universe
Mario Batali’s sexual misconduct apology came with a cinnamon roll recipe
Vox Sentences: Don’t expect the Catholic Church to fix its sex abuse problem anytime soon
Twitter is days away from finally banning the Nazis. Yes, really.
The Republican tax bill that could actually become law, explained
The week in health care, explained
Republicans are on tilt with their super-unpopular tax bill
Marco Rubio got a last-minute tax deal — but the poorest Americans got left out
The diversity visa Donald Trump hates, explained
Russell Simmons starts a #NotMe hashtag to deny multiple accusations of rape and assault
President Trump won’t rule out pardoning Michael Flynn

Common Dreams

#CorkerKickBack Trends After Last-Minute Tax Giveaway Benefiting GOP Lawmakers Exposed
Claw Back GOP Tax Giveaway for Corporations If Dems Win Back Congress? Sanders Says: "Absolutely"
Donald J. Trump: The 'Least Popular First-Year President on Record'
Man With ALS Who Confronted Flake on Plane Has Just One Birthday Wish: 'A Massive Day of Action to Kill the #GOPTaxScam'
Trump Offers Latest Xenophobic Speech as FBI Trainees 'Applaud Wildly at Dear Leader'
Enraged Opponents Vow Nonviolent Resistance After Louisiana Pipeline Approved
'No More Climate Tweets': Zinke Scolds Head of National Park for Tweeting About Scientific Reality
'Hoo-Boy': Trump's Judicial Nominee Shows No Knowledge of Basic Legal Terms in Hearing
Nearly 20 State AGs to Sue FCC for Putting 'Corporate Profits Over Consumers'
Despite Active Efforts to Make Child-Rearing Less Affordable, Paul Ryan Urges Americans to Have More Babies
'This Is Not Over': Rubio Threat to Vote 'No' Raises Hopes for GOP Tax Scam Defeat
FCC Chair Ajit Pai 'Shows Just How Dumb He Thinks Americans Are' With Video Mocking Net Neutrality
Top .001% Making 636% More Since 1980, But GOP Tax Scam Will 'Turbocharge Inequality'
'Last Gasp of the Open Internet' as Web Defenders Mobilize Against FCC's Final Move to Kill Net Neutrality
'If This Bill Passes, People Will Die': Tax Scam Opponents Rally as GOP Aims for Final Vote Next Week
Report Links Trump's Anti-Press Rhetoric to Record Number of Jailed Journalists
USA Today's Whopper of an Editorial Beautifully Bashes "Uniquely Awful" Trump
'Huge Victory': Judge Drops Felony Riot Charges Against Six J20 Protesters
Advocates for Peace Applaud as Tillerson Drops Preconditions Demand for Direct Talks With North Korea
As Final Tax Scam Vote Looms, Demands for McConnell to Seat Doug Jones 'Immediately'
Warning Against Abdication of Duty, Senators Demand FCC Abandon Net Neutrality Vote
US Concern Over 'Pervasive' High-Level Corruption Surging Under Trump: Poll
After Demeaning Attack on Senate Colleague, Warren Calls Out Trump For 'Slut-Shaming'
Senator Leading #TrumpToo Call Won't Be Silenced By President's "Sexist Smear"
'This. Is. Big.': After Years of Pressure, World Bank to Drastically Curb Funding of Fossil Fuels

Democracy Now

An End to Impunity for Dictators—and Their Backers—Makes the World Safer
"I Want the World to Wake Up": Hiroshima Survivor Criticizes Obama for Pushing New Nuclear Weapons
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Takes High-School Detention to a New Level
LISTEN: Amy Goodman on NPR's Weekend Edition
Chomsky: Today's GOP is a Candidate for Most Dangerous Organization in Human History—Part 2

Defense One (Raytheon)

What Putin Really Wants
US shows ‘Iranian weapons found in Yemen’; China reinforces fake islands; Senator: 30% chance of N. Korean war; 3 things US troops need in Europe; and just a bit more...
Trump’s AF1 & F-35 tweets, one year on. Canada-Boeing feud deepens. Global arms sales rise, and more.
Will Ukraine Be Hit by Yet Another Holiday Power-Grid Hack?
Pentagon Delays Deadline For Military Suppliers to Meet Cybersecurity Rules
Five Ways the 2018 Defense Bill Will Change Pentagon IT
The Pentagon’s Next Terrorism Threat (and Solution): Kids
Allies Are Key, Says Trump’s National Security Strategy
The Contractor that Hired Russian Coders for a Pentagon Project Has Struck a Deal with Prosecutors
Global Conflicts to Watch in 2018
Assad set to rule at least 4 more years; Finally, a US ambassador tapped for Seoul; China runs ‘encircling drills’ around Taiwan; EU launches joint defense projects; and just a bit more...
China May Be Preparing Refugee Sites in Case of a Korean War
Pentagon Unleashes 1,200 Auditors for Unprecedented Financial Review

The Exiled

Russia Blog #7: When Mother Jones Was Investigated For Spreading “Kremlin Disinformation”
Russia Blog #5: Afghanistan Syndrome


Medicare, Cancer and the Tax Bill
Distorted NATO Funding Figure
Fake Report of Voter Fraud in Alabama
Mailbag: Alabama Senate Race, Uranium One Deal
False Stories About Roy Moore Accusers

The Nation

If Trump Fires Mueller, We Must Impeach
How Do Politicians Get Away With Cutting Taxes for the Rich?
Lil Peep’s Optimist Love Songs
Moore Is Less: Two Artists’ Responses
Gutting Net Neutrality Is the Trump Administration’s Most Brutal Blow to Democracy Yet
Donald Trump’s First Year Set a Record for Use of Special Operations Forces
Charles Barkley’s Politics Demand Criticism
Report from Alabama: ‘Doug Jones Is the Man We’ve Been Waiting For’
Lincoln, Midnight
Letters From the January 1-8, 2018, Issue
White Whale
From Paid Sick Leave to Municipal ID Cards: New York’s City Council Leaves an Impression
With Apologies to B.D.
Roy Moore Isn’t the Only One Who Thinks Dating Kids Is Fine
Black Voters, Mothers, and Millennials Carried Doug Jones to Victory
The Second Klan
On a Wave of Votes From Selma, and the Civil-Rights Heartlands of Alabama, Doug Jones Sweeps to Victory
An HIV-Positive Gay Asylum Seeker Staged a 7-Day Hunger Strike in an ICE Detention Facility
Amid the Clamor for War in Korea, Here Are Two Voices for Peace
Cornered and Facing ‘Existential’ Crisis, Will Trump Fire Mueller?
Democrats Have a Chance to Revive the Party. Will They Seize It?
The Plight of Male Chauvinists
Before RVW
These 2 NFL Players Stood Up for Palestine—and It Didn’t Kill Their Careers
Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch Have Set Our Future on Fire

Open Democracy

What became of Latvia’s left?
The left’s problem isn’t politics—it’s metaphysics
Conquering spaces of complicit amnesia in Jerusalem: portrait of two independent art institutions
The new Chilean political (contra) cycle
Dreaming of Somaliland

Raw Story

Prince Harry interviews Barack Obama, pair jokes around
Gene Simmons accused of sexual misconduct in lawsuit
LeBron James express continued displeasure with Donald Trump after Washington game
Trump will cite China and Russia as competitors in national security speech
Is Trump afraid of firing Mueller because it would interfere or obstruct the Russia probe?
Atlanta airport says power restored after major flight delays
Sarah Palin’s son Track arrested for assault and burglary: report
CDC chief tells staff ‘no banned words,’ while not refuting report
House Republicans refuse to continue Trump-Russia investigation
Barack Obama played Santa and delivered presents to delighted kids in Washington, DC
‘Nothing like this, or even close, has ever happened’: Atlanta Airport blackout is a chaotic mess
‘No excuse’: Ex-Obama transportation head calls Atlanta Airport blackout a ‘total and abject failure’
Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport hobbled by power outage
‘Nonsense on its face’: Conservative gets shut down hard for saying attacks on Mueller have merit
Ex-Bush adviser: GOP is spewing ‘B.S. and baloney’ about Mueller while doing Putin’s dirty work

Real Clear Politics

Trump Year One: Better Than Predicted
Just Say 'Yes' to Prosperity
Who Is Congress Really Serving?
How Obama Secretly Let Hezbollah Off the Hook
How Average Americans Benefit From GOP Tax Reform
Whatever Happened to 'The Inheritors'?
We Need a Conversation About Sex & Workplace
Trump & Allies Are Trying to Destroy Mueller
Trump's Security Strategy and the New Nuclear World
A War Trump Won
So Sorry, Trump's Not Dead Yet
The 18 Days That Haunt Trump's Presidency
Top Spook Looks Back on 2016
Tax Bill Helps Avg Americans & Small Biz Owners Like Me
Dems Should Be Heartbroken That Roy Moore Lost
Criminalizing Sexual Harassment Fosters Witch Hunts
Sessions Must Stop Misuse of Intel for Politics
In 'Darkest Hour,' Churchill Refuses to Bend the Knee
Despite Rubio's Win, Working American Lose Under GOP Tax Bill
Congressional Failure on CHIP Funding Is a Disgrace

In These Times

How the Disappearance of an Indigenous Activist Sparked an Uprising in Argentina
In Defense of Wildfire
The Self-Help Guru Who Shaped Trump’s Worldview
Berniecrats Score Another Major Win Against the Democratic Establishment
The Limits of the “Resistance” in Congress? Key Democrats Back Trump’s Disastrous Israel Policy.
Emmett Till’s Cousin on Why Mississippi’s Flag Is Still Racist
These Mainers Aren’t Ready To Give Up on Flipping Susan Collins’ Tax Vote
Exclusive Photos Contradict Coal CEO’s Claim He Had Nothing To Do with Rick Perry’s Coal Bailout
Why the Sanders-Warren Plan for Puerto Rico Is a Model for Climate Legislation
Worried About Russian Foreign Interference? Take a Look Into Saudi Arabia.
The GOP Tax Bill Is Basically Like Throwing Gasoline On The Dumpster Fire That Is the Climate Crisis
A Newly Elected Democratic Socialist On How to Win in Trump Country
Defending the Land, 50 Feet in the Air
The Tax Bill Battle Shows the Left Needs a “Single Payer of Fiscal Policy”
Viewing the USSR Through Red-Tinted Glasses

Counter Punch

Benghazi & Hillary: Missing the Real Story
Revenge of the Rainforest
Obama-Netanyahu Feud
The Struggle for Liberation in Haiti Today
Hope and Wonder Amidst the Misery
A Feminist, Radical Environmentalist and AWOL
In Hollywood and DC, Spectacle Triumphs Over Substance
UN Peace Coordinator in Palestine
Different Story, Same Futile War
The World We’re Leaving Our Children
The Absurdity Awareness Support Group
China’s One-Child Policy Run Amuck
Notes From India on the Future of the Everglades
Revising the Meaning of the Vietnam War
Philadelphia Passes Paid Sick-Leave Law
Suffocating Dissent
James Bond is Dead
A Grammy Star
Blood Meridian’s Judge Holden in the Age of American Exceptionalis
Israeli Ex-General Critical of Netanyahu’s Leadership
Cracks in the House of Saud
The Brave Souls of Palmyra

Electronic Privacy Information Center

EPIC FOIA: Justice Department Admits Algorithmic Sentencing Report Doesn't Exist
FAA Drone Registration Requirement Flies Again
Support for Bills Establishing Oversight of AI Grows in Congress
EPIC Urges Supreme Court to Preserve Wiretap Act Suppression Remedy
Senators Question Privacy and Safety of Facebook’s "Messenger Kids" App
Federal Student Aid Office Not Protecting Student Privacy, GAO Audit Finds
European Privacy Experts Call for New Review of EU-US Data Arrangement


Lobbying Registration Database
Molly Parker on Growing Up in Southern Illinois
Lawsuit Targets Berrios Over Unfair, Error-Riddled Assessments
Chicago Police Department Grievances
Want to Host a Community Discussion on Maternal Health? Our Event Toolkit Can Help.
We Are Hiring an Engagement Reporting Fellow for ProPublica’s Local Reporting Network
ProPublica Illinois Q&A: Meet Web Producer Vignesh Ramachandran
We Are Hiring a Documenting Hate Reporting Fellow
How to Save Money on Your Prescription Drugs
Here’s How to Find Out If Your Elected Officials Are Blocking Constituents on Facebook and Twitter

Defense Tech

We Moved!
Air Force Eyes Next-Gen Electronic Warfare
Life-Saving Hospital Ship Returns from Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief
The F-22 Mission in Afghanistan: Overkill or Realistic Training?
No, You Shouldn’t Buy Anti-Radiation Meds: Alaska Emergency Officials
All Navy Carriers to Deploy with Dive Chambers to Treat Sick Pilots
More Bombers Likely to Join Pressure Campaign Against North Korea: Goldfein
Space Corps Crashes to Earth in Negotiated Defense Bill
‘A Terrifying Experience’: Senator Discusses Navy Hypoxia Demo
Google Exec: China to Outpace US in Artificial Intelligence by 2025

Crooks and Liars

Open Thread - Merry Christmas, Republican Congress?
Trump Transition Wants Mueller To Return Emails -- But Promises To Give Them Back After 'Vetting'
WH Director Of Legislative Affairs Refuses To Say Trump Won't Fire Robert Mueller
MSNBC Guest Sarah Kendzior: 'Hysterical Is Just A Word People Use To Describe Women Who Speak A Plain Truth'
Mnuchin Laughably Says He 'Knows Nothing' About Banned Words At The CDC

American Banker-Regulation and Reform

Can this robo-advisor firm become the Amazon of financial services?
Mortgage lenders fear ‘train wreck’ logjam due to IRS issue
Can CFPB’s Mulvaney bring politicos to independent agency? Absolutely
Bridge Bancorp in N.Y. to add activist to board
Fed’s Quarles recuses himself from Wells-related actions
Bipartisan bill would allow more credit unions to add underserved areas
Square to small banks: Don't lump us in with Amazon and Facebook
Randolph Bancorp in Mass. to cut mortgage jobs
Preserving the GSEs is key to preserving affordability
Union-owned Amalgamated in N.Y. to buy San Francisco bank
'Choose the harder right over the easier wrong': Comments of the week
Ameris in Ga. freed from BSA-related consent order
Despite court win, OCC still faces legal 'landmine' over fintech charter

American Scholar

Who Says You Can’t Go Home?
Combs, Clippers, and Comraderie
And Be Careful, Darling
Funny Business
Sensibility and Sense
Home and Away


Demos Urges Congress to Reject Revised Conference Committee Tax Scam
Did Alabama Just Violate Federal Voting Law?
Major Step Forward for Fair Elections in Washington, DC
Coalition Releases Letter Calling on DC Council to Support Fair Elections Act of 2017
Why Brown University’s no-loans policy won’t make college more accessible

Rolling Stone - Politics

The Year of Being Completely Overwhelmed by Trump
Growing Number of Congress Members Call for Action Over Trump Assault Allegations
Women Showed Tremendous Courage in 2017 – Will It Make a Lasting Difference?
House Passes 'Compromise' Gun Bill That Would Allow Concealed Carry Across State Lines
Watch Al Franken Announce Resignation After Misconduct Allegations
Why Robert Mueller May Be Interested in Trump's Deutsche Bank Records
Dark Moment for America as Senate Passes Tax Bill in the Middle of the Night
Bill McKibben: Winning Slowly Is the Same as Losing
The Damage Trump Has Done
'They Don't Want Folks to Know What's in It': GOP Tries to Ram Through Tax Plan

Corporate Europe Observatory

Big Business Brexit: Corporate interests still dominate Brexit and trade lobbying
Corporate lobbying influence over the Council of the EU
Arms industry lobbying in Brussels
Gene Drive Files reveal covert lobbying tactics to influence UN expert group
Corporate interests still come first at UN climate talks


UK firms 'stockpile' Bitcoin to pay off ransomware hackers
Tech books for Christmas: Food for thought
NBN should pause fixed-wireless sales to fix congestion: Aussie Broadband
NCI scores Raijin replacement and aims for top 25 supercomputer
Optus signs managed services deal with Hoyts
Privacy-touting Mozilla caught shoving Mr Robot add-on into Firefox
Avaya emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Oracle acquiring Australian cloud company Aconex for AU$1.6b
The paradox of cloud data: it saves money, but can be costly, too
Uber says data breach compromised 380K users in Singapore


Trump Defends Alabama Senate Defeat: ‘I Said Gillespie and Moore Would Lose’
Pope Francis Condemns ‘Fake News’: Media Bias is a ‘Very Serious Sin’
French Soccer Star Antoine Griezmann Takes Down Blackface Photo After Serious Online Blowback
Jeanine Pirro Doubles Down FBI ‘Cleansing’: People Should Be Led Out ‘In Cuffs’
Chuck Todd: GOP’s Handed a Couple of Senate Seats to Democrats Thanks to Very Flawed Candidates
Doug Jones on Roy Moore Not Conceding Yet: ‘It’s Time to Move On’
Ex-Fox Newser Tamara Holder Fires Back at Murdoch: ‘Fox News Ruined People’s Lives’
Trump: Protesters Who Were Beaten Up By My Supporters Violated My Rights First
GOP Sen. Cornyn: ‘Would Be a Mistake’ for Trump to Fire Mueller
Fox News Slammed on Twitter for ‘A Coup in America?’ Chyron: ‘Incredibly Irresponsible’

Pando Daily

Sam Altman: I should have the freedom to say stupid shit, you should have the freedom to applaud
UPDATED: The “hater” is calling from inside the cap table
White men to women and minorities in tech: We (still) DGAF
Lyft is growing faster, improving its margins, gaining share and just added another $500 million to its round
He's back!